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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/10/19  (244)
I'm finally trying to read the entire King James Bible    01/15/19  (10)
Never tried to lose weight before. Have a few questions.    01/15/19  (5)
k00ky harbaugh overs qb1 scholarship to 7th grader    01/15/19  (2)
Top baby boy names of 2018 (Aiden #2, Beto #8, Mueller #15)    01/15/19  (1)
Looking to fix your back problems? Back Mechanic by Stuart McGill    01/15/19  (3)
One small case is reaping tons of referrals for me    01/15/19  (13)
Guess the state with 9 of the 10 biggest high school gyms in the country.    01/15/19  (27)
Rate this book review about Amazon by Mackenzie Bezos    01/15/19  (4)
CSLG just got me $10K for 1.5 year old case w/ no medical bills    01/15/19  (1)
Nightly Stoic 1/15/19    01/15/19  (1)
Fatal flaw in True Detective S03E01    01/15/19  (31)
TRUMP: "Lightweight" Kristen Gillibrand used to offer me bjs for campaign $    01/15/19  (98)
Only one poster, evan39, should self-promote their threads    01/15/19  (2)
Elizabeth Warren: Senator Gillibrand is a FUCKING SLUT    01/15/19  (83)
Rate this white girl w a big butt SFW    01/15/19  (30)
CSLG, I was just kidding about you having no soul    01/15/19  (2)
BAM! $1.455 Mill bros!    01/15/19  (37)
A nation ruled by girls that asked 4 extra homework and Tommy T types    01/15/19  (5)
'Ronald McDonald Hou$e' - money laundering front? elite pedo ring? u tell me    01/15/19  (2)
Remember Westworld? ljl    01/15/19  (18)
No Rowan, I said see the "Chicago BlackHAWKS."    01/15/19  (12)
IDEA: 500k+ EARNERS MEETUP    01/15/19  (1)
Booker T discovering Booker S's lifeless body neatly folded in closet    01/15/19  (9)
I come here for validation because I have no soul (CSLG)    01/15/19  (35)
What will the debate format be for 2020 Dem primaries?    01/15/19  (11)
CEO of crypto exchange rumored to be insolvent found dead on trip to India    01/15/19  (13)
Think I'm gonna go NOTV except for True Detective this month    01/15/19  (1)
explain how Ted Cruz came within 2 points of losing TX as an incumbent    01/15/19  (1)
Federal worker to comptroller: “no worries, maybe next month? Haha”    01/15/19  (3)
True Detective S4: two Indians and a Gook track WLMAS alts 24/7    01/15/19  (8)
What do you do when your butler gets out of line?    01/15/19  (2)
"pls see attached" "this time w/ atchmnt" "sry, this time" *noose*    01/15/19  (2)
Came in a girl, no BC, taking ?s    01/15/19  (19)
thunder, you listen to mckeweon today?    01/15/19  (1)
volvo > mercedes/bmw    01/15/19  (79)
Think I have sciatica pain. Holy fuck. What do I do?    01/15/19  (17)
do u guys think these girls are a healthy weight?    01/15/19  (15)
*something makes u use ur brain* "THE WENT COMPLETE SHITLIB" - Trumpmo    01/15/19  (1)
Test    01/15/19  (2)
I rarely find tall women attractive IRL    01/15/19  (123)
government shitdown    01/15/19  (4)
2.85M Soho RAT Box vs 2.8M MI Mansion w/ OBSERVATORY    01/15/19  (20)
Do all mid 40s people look like shit?    01/15/19  (8)
New xo crew: jersey guys with SUVs.    01/15/19  (19)
GS-15 shut down dude here, taking Qs    01/15/19  (16)
Can someone here please explain what's happening with BREXIT now?    01/15/19  (3)
B Kristol tweeted "does heaven have a wall" I'd like off this ride now please    01/15/19  (1)
bloodacre mocking ur rav4 while sitting in wendy's drive-thru    01/15/19  (3)
Non-Turds: How Many STATES OF INDIA Can You Name?    01/15/19  (38)
60% of women in 2018 weigh more than 100% of men in 1950    01/15/19  (10)
You’d be suprised how well you could do on your own    01/15/19  (8)
UKmos Who Is This WOC Labour Leader?    01/15/19  (7)
At gay sex clubs, some guys crawl around like a dog licking up cum off the floor    01/15/19  (83)
538 classifies Tulsi Gabbard as "oddball" candidate for POTUS    01/15/19  (2)
New here. First day. Why is this retarded lunatic pumo shitting up the board?    01/15/19  (11)
*spoons dogfood into twinks ass* "we're totally NORMAL & EQUAL"    01/15/19  (47)
Who was more to blame here?    01/15/19  (1)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the voice of of an ignorant “generation”    01/15/19  (15)
I want this Gillette crap off my tv    01/15/19  (1)
Have we allowed “women” to go too far?    01/15/19  (2)
This Russian is a sex coach who offers training sessions    01/15/19  (6)
What happened to Madeline Kahn?    01/15/19  (1)
For some reason I can’t take people with hyphenated names seriously    01/15/19  (4)
Woman banned from wal mart for drinking wine out of pringles can riding scooter    01/15/19  (18)
Purple haired fat prole dyke wearing pin "ask me about inclusive democracy"    01/15/19  (2)
Justice Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: "I'm still Ria from the Block!"    01/15/19  (7)
What happened to Madeleine McCann    01/15/19  (4)
*RBG using force lightening to harvest the youth from her clerks*    01/15/19  (6)
Average American woman is 5'4", 171 lbs., 39" waist    01/15/19  (10)
ITT: You RATE this photo of Jon Snow standing next to that tall chick from GOT    01/15/19  (8)
Uncircumcised cocks are gross.    01/15/19  (44)
Will Trump require insurance to cover boob jobs? Would be 180    01/15/19  (6)
Pope Francis: ‘Brexit will have a deal, Inshallah’    01/15/19  (1)
Found out gf fucks male pornstar on pornhub. Dealbreaker?    01/15/19  (5)
"Father the Sleeper has AWAKENED!" echoes across the National Mall as Melania    01/15/19  (2)
Ocasio destroys Scott Walker.    01/15/19  (41)
"spaceprawn! get warranty this time, in case kid arrive dead again!"    01/15/19  (6)
u: waiting for elevator, hear some1 rip ass. also u: doors open, kiev 8 steps ou    01/15/19  (1)
Why is a man named "Preet" allowed to chime in baout US policy?    01/15/19  (9)
what words do you use in place of "CR" and "flame" when talking to normies?    01/15/19  (10)
Is there a single smoking hot teen girl in the US whose fav band is Procol Harum    01/15/19  (2)
Holy shit at the Jayme Closs criminal complaint    01/15/19  (78)
pulled a muscle in my *left pec* and it feels like I'm having a heart attack    01/15/19  (23)
settled 2nd policy limits case for one client in past 6 months    01/15/19  (9)
On a remote Pacific island, the entire population descends from one Englishman    01/15/19  (19)
Pope Francis: "Jesus, if he even existed at all, was probably trans"    01/15/19  (2)
Worth watching S3 of True Detective so far?    01/15/19  (6)
"And Lord bless mommy, and daddy, and daddy's friend spaceprom"    01/15/19  (6)
i haven't had sex in months and can't remember what it's like    01/15/19  (2)
Not a politics guy but didn't Trump openly question/mock NATO as candidate?    01/15/19  (5)
Potentially Buying a Mountain/Sky Resort (CSLG)    01/15/19  (88)
why are japanese more "human" than other asians?    01/15/19  (6)
Updates ITT on my efforts to quit cheating on my Wife.    01/15/19  (34)
That space rock out beyond Pluto is a GOOFY-looking object    01/15/19  (5)
Rate this photo of MALK with former POTUS of Mexico    01/15/19  (3)
#DrumpfShutdown to blame for not stopping this brutal identity theft (LINK)    01/15/19  (5)
chilmata do you like Ronnie O'Sullivan    01/15/19  (3)
chandler, talk CSLG into hiring me    01/15/19  (42)
Getting really bad chest pains every time I rip my bong (chilmata)    01/15/19  (2)
3 students from same HS get perfect score on SAT (1 in million odds) guess race    01/15/19  (26)
Video of autistic chad - peep the comments LJL    01/15/19  (56)
Any evidence that "sucide prevention" BS actually works at all?    01/15/19  (8)
"spaceprawn! where son?" "it's space*porn*, sweetie. PORN"    01/15/19  (1)
Anyone live in their hometown?    01/15/19  (84)
35% of USMC infantry captains are Jewish; here's the Orthodox recruiter from    01/15/19  (4)
Black dude pwns sheboon who accuses him of white privilege    01/15/19  (4)
Explain this Wachtell associate's credentials - link    01/15/19  (17)
National Champion (by a blowout) ate fast food at WH. also Clemson was there    01/15/19  (12)
TT: rate this 24 y/o birdshit who killed guy who asked him to leash his dog    01/15/19  (9)
Florida girl cheats on SAT, defended by Trayvon Martin scam attorney Ben Crump    01/15/19  (65)
59% favor 70% on rich...u ready to suck AOC coont?    01/15/19  (3)
Found out gf follows male pornstar on ig. Dealbreaker?    01/15/19  (35)
Did your high school have a retarded kid everyone was "friends" with?    01/15/19  (38)
Just clipped chilmatas lift ticket for hot dogging. He's banned from CSLG ski re    01/15/19  (1)
real tak: USPO needs to go back to the third world    01/15/19  (3)
Trumpmos - u support white nationalism, then u should support USPO going back    01/15/19  (3)
real talk: it's really time to ban uspo    01/15/19  (1)
DIE BIRDSHITS!! oh wait nevermind u doing it urself with OPIOIDS. Thank!    01/15/19  (2)
DIE BIRDSHITS!! oh wait nevermind u doing it urself with OPIOIDS. Thank!    01/15/19  (1)
Lower back pain really fucking sucks    01/15/19  (49)
Bros making north of $300k congregate ITT    01/15/19  (43)
Goyim: How Many CITIES In ISRAEL Can You Name?    01/15/19  (38)
Vanity Fair: "Was Obama a bad president?"    01/15/19  (4)
where to escape coming race wars, destruction of western civ, AOC POTUS etc    01/15/19  (9)
Life as a gay guy is probably 180.    01/15/19  (4)
Best thing about government shutdown is only Dem voters not getting pay checks    01/15/19  (27)
Anybody else love biglaw?    01/15/19  (24)
DIE BIRDSHITS!! oh wait nevermind u doing it urself with OPIOIDS. Thank!    01/15/19  (3)
Sopranos 20 year anniversary cast interview (vid)    01/15/19  (40)
Chilgoutma in a wheelchair surrounded by nurses at his corruption trial    01/15/19  (1)
Can't bend hand after dog bite & in immense pain    01/15/19  (23)
Video of Lucifer admitting a prostitute to his kingdom    01/15/19  (10)
Just made PUFF PASTRY. Topped it with MERINGUE. BirdshiTTTs MAD AF    01/15/19  (8)
*chilmata clutches Life Alert* "I'm having gout pain!"    01/15/19  (3)
Rate Dinesh D'Souza's daughter with her handsome    01/15/19  (20)
Think my shadow touched an untouchable's shadow today- what to do?    01/15/19  (1)
AOC ought to start a national push to lower the constitutional POTUS age to 25    01/15/19  (2)
Anatoly Karpov CRUSHES 3 year old chess prodigy - video    01/15/19  (10)
Why is this what "libs" want? why?    01/15/19  (1)
its unbelievable how horrendously bad trump is at picking admin officials    01/15/19  (23)
Rejection sensitivity    01/15/19  (11)
charles, why have you never been on jeopardy?    01/15/19  (1)
Los Angeles teachers: "but we pay for all the teaching supplies! Pencils! Eraser    01/15/19  (78)
ITT: as me a question, I’ll Google it and provide an answer    01/15/19  (19)
Aus Open Day 3 (1/16) Official Thread #tennis #truesttest    01/15/19  (4)
"Group texts" most TTT "innovation" of all time    01/15/19  (5)
why does uspo have a white alternate personality on here?    01/15/19  (12)
imagine being “ironside” lmao    01/15/19  (23)
DeBlasio's MFH: Diaper Threading IRL (Link)    01/15/19  (1)

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