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STICKY: Big changes   08/06/20  (330)
So Ethereum going back to ATH before end of year    08/06/20  (9)
NY AG TO CHARGE TRUMP TODAY    08/06/20  (35)
Is learning Spanish a good use of time?    08/06/20  (27)
*** NY ATTORNEY GENERAL to make "Major Announcement" Aug. 6, 11:30 AM ***    08/06/20  (54)
Rented out house five months ago. $9500 in the hole currently    08/06/20  (69)
Should I use a financial advisor? Have 2 million in cash.    08/06/20  (72)
Faggot Henry Aaron caught posting as his "tough bottom" alt VoodooChild    08/06/20  (16)
Smartest Jew ever? Von Neumann, Minsky, Einstein, Feynman, Witten?    08/06/20  (3)
list of bullshit libs have quietly abandoned    08/06/20  (55)
Wanna grow, up to be, be a debunker    08/06/20  (5)
Why is interest rate on car loans so much more than mortgage rates?    08/06/20  (2)
The stock market is COMPLETE UTTER FRAUD right now    08/06/20  (19)
What year did lawyers start spending all day/night working? Cocaine 1980s?    08/06/20  (5)
Biden: unlike the black community, the latino community is incredibly diverse (l    08/06/20  (9)
When can we expect the big stock market crash?    08/06/20  (8)
Movie idea: The Land Before Time 23    08/06/20  (4)
board parents: daughter has mild case of stigmata. should I be concerned?    08/06/20  (5)
Still LOLing at Richard, from England    08/06/20  (9)
Mayor murdered by autonomous Guacamole machine with a penchant for human flesh    08/06/20  (2)
Seth Meyers stroking his cat on 11/8/16, "Shhh, Hillary, its going to be ok."    08/06/20  (1)
It may be that 70 IQ is the human normal state, given when contraception use beg    08/06/20  (6)
Juice Wrld - Stigmata.mp3    08/06/20  (1)
IN MEDIATION, $6.75M damages    08/06/20  (56)
Why not just do shitlaw contested evictions?    08/06/20  (4)
Libs are now flying helicopters to check backyards for social distancing (video)    08/06/20  (9)
LA mayor to shut off power/water of homes hosting parties (link)    08/06/20  (28)
Insurance Co drops San Diego man due to bright green Dodge Challenger blinding o    08/06/20  (3)
Portland antifag CONFRONT Neo-Nazi outside his home (video)    08/06/20  (7)
What's the appeal of Susan Rice as VP?    08/06/20  (64)
most alpha thing possible is being a navy seal    08/06/20  (49)
NYC: 2% of the US population, 20% of the Covid deaths.    08/06/20  (60)
Pixar movie idea: Owllerina    08/06/20  (3)
Bumping SILVER up to $100 (although its going much higher)    08/06/20  (9)
IMO, Biden saying "I'm so forward looking to" was worse than the cocaine thing    08/06/20  (5)
Libs want to cancel blade runner    08/06/20  (18)
dnc releases new video showing no age-related cognitive decline in biden    08/06/20  (4)
The influence of "Call Her Daddy" is pretty interesting    08/06/20  (2)
Why do blacks think defunding police will help them?    08/06/20  (21)
Seattle Public Schools = pro segregation!    08/06/20  (16)
VA private school won't reopen and it's not due to COVID, but social justice (li    08/06/20  (1)
Welp, Biden just lost the election by calling for a gun ban:    08/06/20  (32)
ive poasted 7 of the last 7 days. Should I take a break?    08/06/20  (2)
Family law based video game to be released Feb ‘21 (pc/ps4/xbox)    08/06/20  (7)
most alpha thing possible is being an IRL seal    08/06/20  (10)
how to pay off $1MM in debt in two years    08/06/20  (2)
The way leftist have exploited the pandemic is truly impressive    08/06/20  (1)
I wanted segregation but not like this not by them    08/06/20  (1)
C'MON MAN!    08/06/20  (3)
Why haven’t libs cancelled Jerry springer used to have trannys on all the tim    08/06/20  (10)
ive lifted 7 of the last 7 days. Should I take a break?    08/06/20  (7)
"let it be" the album is really fucking bad    08/06/20  (32)
The Explosive Latina Vagina and the Squatter Invasion    08/06/20  (17)
How long until Tropic Thunder gets cancelled?    08/06/20  (2)
British scientists quit testing hydroxychloroquine due to ineffectiveness    08/06/20  (2)
cases have increased 100 fold since June. deaths have gone down 100 fold.    08/06/20  (1)
The JD/CPA is a devastatingly effective combination for long term in-house    08/06/20  (1)
alexa, remind me in two weeks    08/06/20  (1)
wait two weeks    08/06/20  (1)
REVEALED: the eye-popping private life of compulsive womaniser Samuel Pepys    08/06/20  (13)
Deep in the Heart of Delaware, Joe Biden sits in his Basement    08/06/20  (1)
Real talk: NHL is doing pandemic sports the best    08/06/20  (10)
Whats a nice car thats not too expensive (to buy or own) and isn't too try hard?    08/06/20  (28)
Rage this kyoot couple    08/06/20  (39)
Every legit alpha I know is bald as fuck. Lmao @ hairfags    08/06/20  (11)
Biden: “in the old days, who’da thunk a black, let alone a sexy big breasted    08/06/20  (2)
Biden groping Kamala’s tits during VP announcement speech    08/06/20  (4)
GTA but instead of a drug dealer youre a big law associate    08/06/20  (1)
You can always Repent    08/06/20  (1)
Mom tells 7 year old son she’s a man. Lol at kid’s response.    08/06/20  (4)
I crack up at 'now watch this drive' every time    08/06/20  (1)
"... and that's why the Jew is the real enemy."...... "Now watch this drive."    08/06/20  (1)
hard to believe it's almost been a month since The Event on xo    08/06/20  (4)
“hey long time no see bro. wanna take the kids to an infamous pizza place? hah    08/06/20  (2)
NBA and MLB ratings get a HUGE boost due to BLM!!!    08/06/20  (75)
ahhhh *settles in for a mentally ill thursday*    08/06/20  (1)
setstein playing ride of the valkyries from iphone speaker in the golf cart    08/06/20  (4)
NAMBLA ratings are through the roof this season    08/06/20  (2)
Bide to angry voter: "Who told you that? Mike Fart?"    08/06/20  (37)
Assfaggot, Mike Fart and setstein telling u they need 1 more for a foursome    08/06/20  (2)
geologists scraping lava from live volcano. u: purell at desk    08/06/20  (3)
Replying to biglaw email chains asking people what they're doing this weekend    08/06/20  (2)
XO POLL for those who worked from the office pre-COVID    08/06/20  (3)
started replying to work emails w/ more-or-less on-topic minions memes    08/06/20  (20)
There's a whole bunch of new cases but deaths are declining a lot. Covid is OVER    08/06/20  (7)
Scott Frost staring at an 8-2 schedule    08/06/20  (34)
Ungh just hit the links with three 18 yo HS girls. Taking questions.    08/06/20  (18)
I’ve started wearing mismatched socks to the office in quiet protest    08/06/20  (4)
Brazil: Beginning to control COVID-19 spread; USA: LMAO    08/06/20  (1)
I lol whenever a man with a buttchin tries to say something serious    08/06/20  (2)
Personally, I think violent crime is bad.    08/06/20  (7)
Nude luis hiking with a tiny barrel of hard seltzer on neck like a St Bernard    08/06/20  (1)
What kind of mask do you think Paul Allen would wear?    08/06/20  (2)
bumping GOLD all the way to $10,000 from $2,000    08/06/20  (20)
So all you artists are trannys lol    08/06/20  (1)
Reminder: Libs kill respectable institutions and then wear them as skin suits    08/06/20  (100)
Racial and Ethnic Diversity: A multiplier for law firm profitability    08/06/20  (3)
exeunt and DrakeMallard: Can you advise me on what to do with my 2mil in cash?    08/06/20  (35)
Rach & I spent last nite on Zoom learning chords to "Two of Us" (vid)    08/06/20  (1)
Putin made $9 billion this week betting on gold    08/06/20  (2)
Could I be a fitness model?    08/06/20  (4)
I am agile, tactile, lethile.    08/06/20  (1)
Noticing a bloated tick buried in Luis's thigh as you fuck him doggy    08/06/20  (3)
My friends in small towns w/ extremely few covid cases are pissed off RE masks    08/06/20  (1)
Me & FLW r in Slovenia right now. White families wearing Ecko hoodies everywhere    08/06/20  (4)
Toyota RV-2 >>>>>> Alphard    08/06/20  (9)
Bill de Blasio was originally named Warren Wilhelm Jr    08/06/20  (4)
I wish there were a world leaders who dressed like a beach bum all the time    08/06/20  (18)
50 year-old childless sluts regretting their abortions    08/06/20  (38)
Reminder: Morgellons Disease does not discriminate    08/06/20  (10)
sexually I identify as a cephalopod    08/06/20  (1)
Biglaw Bros: Should I fuck a hot contract atty?    08/06/20  (51)
Dems pushing to add racial justice to Federal Reserve mandate    08/06/20  (7)
reminder: animal kingdom taxonomies are 100% made up.    08/06/20  (10)
Lying dog-faced pony soldier: did we ever figure out what this is?    08/06/20  (1)
SLAVER TRADER sentenced to prison in New Zealand. Guess/the/Race    08/06/20  (1)
Homicide: Life on Mr. Jinx's Sheets    08/06/20  (7)
Anyone date a chick who likes dark comedies like the office    08/06/20  (61)
Jesus, his hairline    08/06/20  (2)
bump if you're 100% now more than ever TO THE HILT pulling for TRUMP    08/06/20  (57)
Rejoice in the Lord Always    08/06/20  (2)
Patrick Ewing fucked ur mother senseless when Knicks were in town in the 80s    08/06/20  (13)
   08/06/20  (2)
Just shoved a Keen’s mutton chop up my ass, taking Qs    08/06/20  (2)
Vepr returns to the fleet after upgrade    08/06/20  (1)
Is this pastor’s response to a gay teen problematic?    08/06/20  (5)
Russia puts S-400s in Libya    08/06/20  (7)
This is ground control to Major Tom. You're really fucking gay.    08/06/20  (8)
Good bread and good butter. Man, that was an ingenious combo.    08/06/20  (1)
Luis thinking about cum & dicks for entire length of 3 day 50 mile hike    08/06/20  (1)
*promotes BLM on Twitter* *donates $50M to Mitch McConnell superPAC* (F500    08/06/20  (9)
An Austrian man points to luis and turns to his son: "Look, a nigger."    08/06/20  (1)
How many alts do we think Henry Aaron has?    08/06/20  (45)
"Heya, was gonna ax if u wanna go hatchet throwing Fri? Haha" MPA texted the 4    08/06/20  (2)
Rented out my ass five months ago. $9500 in my hole currently    08/06/20  (1)
anyone have a link to a good porn vid of a chick getting fucked by a dog?    08/06/20  (24)
For real, if my wife plays the Hamilton soundtrack one more fucking time.    08/06/20  (3)
There is an "outting committee" formed about to unleash hell on this place    08/06/20  (17)
Jewish friend grinds grain into flour and makes rap music; needs a rap name    08/06/20  (25)
Russia says it will bomb new Saudi yellow cake uranium facility    08/06/20  (2)
Depressing to see all this stimulus wasted that could've gone to infrastructure    08/06/20  (1)
Jesus Christ is the Living God    08/06/20  (3)
Looks like we are past the peak of the second COVID wave    08/06/20  (4)
most alpha thing possible is being a celibate priest    08/06/20  (2)
🎬 The original Mad Max fucking sucks 🎬    08/06/20  (16)
Black romance novels with names like "2 Can Play Dat Game"    08/06/20  (138)
Biden: You on crack? Black reporter: Pardon? Biden: You heard me, Coltrane.    08/06/20  (4)
Was the normal very good ?    08/06/20  (8)
Lib 'scientists': Joking about WORMS is PROBLEMATIC and NOT OKAY    08/06/20  (2)
c'mon man! are you doin cocaine?    08/06/20  (4)

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