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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/15/20  (382)
Bloomberg SURGES to 19%!    02/18/20  (17)
Autistic Teen Arrested for Asking Trans Police Officer’s Gender (DM)    02/18/20  (6)
Greatest all time Johnsmeyer threads?    02/18/20  (4)
Rebel Wilson to star in remake of Pretty Woman    02/18/20  (7)
can someone EXPLAIN roger stone's profile? (pic)    02/18/20  (39)
What percent of Antifa is impoverished adjunct professors?    02/18/20  (13)
Trump's shitty lead in TX now even smaller    02/18/20  (44)
Cliffs on why Blago went to prison?    02/18/20  (5)
comparison of candidates spending on Facebook ads: graph    02/18/20  (9)
Really hilarious watching Dems fuck up 2020 this badly    02/18/20  (95)
Soros tells Zuckerberg to resign for refusing to take down Trump FB ads (link)    02/18/20  (5)
bumping GOLD all the way to $2,000 from $1,330    02/18/20  (98)
Pete Buttigieg calls Boy Scout bankruptcy “very sad”    02/18/20  (1)
Hi, I am a super self-serious freak and the only that matters to me is online    02/18/20  (1)
Chainlink approaching $3 again, nolinkies <><><> irate    02/18/20  (58)
Trump the CUCK will commute Blago's sentence    02/18/20  (13)
thpritethero: "jonthmeyer ith a geniuth!"    02/18/20  (1)
I love that stud Johnsmeyer but he seems DESPERATE for attention today    02/18/20  (3)
RATE Bloomberg's thoughts on farmers    02/18/20  (57)
How Trump Turned Obama's Economy Around - As Told by MSM Headlines (links)    02/18/20  (33)
Johnsmeyer came back - this lauded poaster - supposed to be impressed?    02/18/20  (53)
Oh no we need johnsmeyer! We need meta subversive performance art!    02/18/20  (3)
Where did Stephen Miller and his now wife go on dates in DC?    02/18/20  (9)
CSLG, how often do you fuck your wife in the ass?    02/18/20  (17)
you'd think eventually, even by accident, upset jew would make a funny poast    02/18/20  (17)
FML. Can't go into details but I'm getting scammed by a CSLG-style lawyer    02/18/20  (54)
Embrace Nihilism    02/18/20  (8)
Woman brings service pony into first class on flight    02/18/20  (4)
Slate: My wife wants us to have sex with her brother. I'm not opposed    02/18/20  (9)
BREAKING: Trump to commute prison sentence of XO Rod Blagojevich    02/18/20  (9)
*playing notes of morning blessing on cornet as scholarship tp opens his eyes*    02/18/20  (1)
Millennials: ‘can’t have a kid... can’t even take care of myself’. Thou    02/18/20  (2)
hopefully johnsmeyer comes back before the summer bar exam threading season    02/18/20  (2)
Obama: I'm responsible for Trump's booming economy. You're welcome (link)    02/18/20  (18)
Shitlibs FUMING about Bloomberg, calling him evil, etc    02/18/20  (62)
Bill Gates buys Porsche Taycan instead of Tesla, Elon Musk calls him 'underwhelm    02/18/20  (13)
Russian jets sink Turkish LHD off the coast of Tripoli    02/18/20  (1)
"Know what I need right now?" 'What?' "The sweet salve of redundant politics poa    02/18/20  (1)
Coal Miners celebrating in the mines over corrupt rich assholes getting pardoned    02/18/20  (1)
this place used to be hoppin. where did eveyone go? reddit?    02/18/20  (20)
Colleges are now banning 9/11 memorials due to racism. Lmao libs    02/18/20  (3)
How often did Roy Cohn fuck opponent litigators in the ass?    02/18/20  (7)
let's all retire now    02/18/20  (4)
Trump to senators: just to pay for play, I'll pardon you!    02/18/20  (2)
Lol at Trump thinking what Blago did is no big deal    02/18/20  (51)
Rate xo Trevor Bauer's response to Astros cheating scandal    02/18/20  (23)
https://www.junglelaw.com    02/18/20  (27)
great artists have an obligation to never retire or die    02/18/20  (21)
Station Alpha    02/18/20  (5)
Have you ever seen a decent looking Street Prostitute?    02/18/20  (34)
EXTREME prole tell: "decorating" house by writing random shit on your walls    02/18/20  (30)
Is I am Charlotte Simmons good    02/18/20  (6)
GGTP what if Scott Stapp was ur supervising biglaw partner    02/18/20  (27)
/*\/*\/*\/*\ Pres. Trump Pardons Rod "Blago" Blagojevich /*\/*\/*\/*\    02/18/20  (15)
Just logged into binance after 1 year. Net worth officially under $1k (DTP)    02/18/20  (4)
Gen-X will be shut out forever from White House, but we had Flannel    02/18/20  (4)
Why are people so averse to a wealth tax?    02/18/20  (139)
Britcucks now trying to deny wrongthinkers access to healthcare (link)    02/18/20  (1)
Lawman to Tinder Date: "Alright, turn out all the lights. Even the alarm clock."    02/18/20  (1)
Rev. Wilbur performs new song "Ballad of Benzo" live (music vid)    02/18/20  (52)
Jordan Peterson replacing lobster parable with Upset Jew & Johnsmeyer    02/18/20  (3)
Hey solzy, you drunk fuck, why don't you sober up and make some music again    02/18/20  (9)
Just came up with an idea for a Trump ad    02/18/20  (3)
Aw Lawdie, Mayor Mike Picked His Veep! (Link)    02/18/20  (4)
RIP Peter Dinklage (1969-2020)    02/18/20  (38)
My wife went out and did drugs all wknd while I visited parents w/our kids    02/18/20  (19)
Man foces woman to watch "Roots" for 9 hours to "understand her racism"    02/18/20  (7)
Nigger job application was dreadful    02/18/20  (12)
Is it Trump, Bernie or Bloomberg putting out the old Bloomberg race videos    02/18/20  (20)
I'm gonna defend Drag Queen Story Hour.    02/18/20  (229)
Chinese officials appear to be INFLATING the number of virus cases    02/18/20  (1)
I get angry at others for trying, laughing, experimenting, writing-its what I do    02/18/20  (7)
Wine is done here.    02/18/20  (1)
Used “smells like duck sauce in here” IRL to great effect    02/18/20  (17)
we should be constantly storming man$ions w/ pitchforks & torches like winterfel    02/18/20  (3)
Ohio University students chant "Where's your diaper?" At Kent State gun girl    02/18/20  (29)
Can we talk about the fact that SATAN is now poasting here? Do we have any stand    02/18/20  (25)
Dean Koontz predicted Wuhan coronavirus epidemic 40 years ago (link)    02/18/20  (1)
Most Iowa "voters" just 3 stalks of corn in a trenchcoat    02/18/20  (2)
REMINDER: 94% of net job growth from 2005-2015 was "alternative work"    02/18/20  (8)
Mini Mike doesn’t want to be pres, wants to clear field for Her & avoid campai    02/18/20  (3)
*Hillary in nursing home, on heating pad, watching Trump give 2023 SOTU*    02/18/20  (2)
1,100 former DOJ officials voice support for Bill Barr, tell Dems to stfu    02/18/20  (41)
Biden is down 8 pts to Bernie in Nevada LJL    02/18/20  (8)
$19,900 asking price buys you this beautiful place in New York on 2 acres    02/18/20  (25)
You’re here, for US. You monkey dance, for US. U got that CONTENT CREATORS?    02/18/20  (2)
Maura Tierney in "NewsRadio"    02/18/20  (3)
upset jew is clearly the best and most creative poaster on xo    02/18/20  (5)
SIM GLITCH: Duck sauce doesn't even have a strong scent. Why    02/18/20  (3)
foolproof ways to ensure ur sons become qt fembois?    02/18/20  (1)
XO Bloomberg: Blacks and Latinos "don't know how to behave in the workplace"    02/18/20  (39)
Lol at fraud "teachers" and "educators" claiming kids are struggling in school    02/18/20  (1)
Snoop Dogg's son wears women's clothes, makeup (link)    02/18/20  (21)
Hillary Clinton announces 2020 campaign hashtag #stillHERturn    02/18/20  (1)
Bloomberg wants to turn US into China w/authoritarian capitalism    02/18/20  (3)
The drummer and bassist of Motley Crue wrote everything?    02/18/20  (14)
All the hot girls have one baby with them and no guy !! Approach them?    02/18/20  (5)
Reminder: Phil Hartman's druggy wife murdered him in his sleep    02/18/20  (15)
Is this house tacky?    02/18/20  (7)
Commercials that show threat of China with pushover Bernie will be devastating    02/18/20  (1)
meditating nude in forest as small animals gather in circle around me    02/18/20  (1)
I don't understand how Buttigeig ISN'T driving record turnout enthusiasm    02/18/20  (5)
"Media" thinks its good for America to talk about Presidents Russian whore piss    02/18/20  (1)
The Klob eating Ivanka and shit diaper cartoon has haunted me all day    02/18/20  (1)
me AJiP and alzabo starting forest commune after iranian EMP attack    02/18/20  (5)
autoadmit's second post-johnsmeyer era    02/18/20  (6)
*ggtp spinning like Sailor Moon as Charles Tyrwhitt accessories latch onto him*    02/18/20  (17)
Whokebe is a total shit poster. uses 20 yr old unfunny jokes nobody laughs    02/18/20  (1)
Here are the Trump vs. Sanders polls - link    02/18/20  (2)
Holdup HIV pool    02/18/20  (3)
The number of poasts you can see has been limited due to invalid traffic concern    02/18/20  (1)
see you on the western sky is a jinx alt. Be very careful around him.    02/18/20  (6)
a couple cornell law grads in my town run a few josabanks. PRINTING money    02/18/20  (4)
tick tock trumpmos the Bloomberg Hillary ticket is coming    02/18/20  (2)
Bernie just got endorsement from largest Latinx and Chicano group! #VamosConBern    02/18/20  (1)
Is the right stuff (tom wolfe) good    02/18/20  (1)
Trump pardons Eddie DeBartolo for his gambling fraud conviction    02/18/20  (1)
Women are having a terrible start to 2020. Men are absolutely thriving    02/18/20  (22)
Rate this bar doorman (pic    02/18/20  (1)
wish i could be like david brooks    02/18/20  (1)
I'm gonna defend free healthcare for undocumented immigrants.    02/18/20  (4)
Trump waives contracting laws to speed border wall construction    02/18/20  (1)
Upset Jew are there homosexual acts that are beyond the pale even for you?    02/18/20  (19)
did i dream that Warren actually took a DNA test b/c Trump was fucking with her    02/18/20  (7)
Have you ever met a Howard grad? Are they 180?    02/18/20  (2)
Democrats referring to Americans as "temporarily documented illegals"    02/18/20  (2)
wholesome 1950s women --> SSRIs --> blue hair raving crazies    02/18/20  (3)
Is "Ireland" even a country now or just a GC Corporate Illuminati cum dump?    02/18/20  (22)
98 y/o Chinese bishop survives coronavirus    02/18/20  (1)
"Scouts BSA" filing for bankruptcy    02/18/20  (6)
"You pee in a girl's vagina and it makes a baby" (34 xo poa explaining sex)    02/18/20  (6)
tesla cybertruck hits 88mph, disappears in front of a room of journalists    02/18/20  (2)
If u ever feel like a failure as a lawyer, just remember ur a failure as a fathe    02/18/20  (2)
Rumors are that LA Galaxy will exercise the purchase option on Pavon    02/18/20  (1)
You realize by end of AUGUST no one will remember TRUMP running for POTUS    02/18/20  (308)
Bloomberg wins Dem nomination *Curb Your Enthusiasm theme plays*    02/18/20  (1)
if we elect a literal buttfucking queer POTUS, God will send an asteroid    02/18/20  (12)
WaPo: DNC is ready to rig Nevada just like they rigged Iowa "chaos"    02/18/20  (10)
it must kill tsinah to watch everyone acknowledge I'm smarter than he is (benzo)    02/18/20  (31)
Why did Stephen Miller find a wife before Charles did    02/18/20  (32)
Top 5 Current Cases... three of them signed this week (CSLG)    02/18/20  (16)
Eavesdropping on a group of proles having a conversation in an Applebees    02/18/20  (1)
Well my wife is hiring a cute college coed as babysitter. Not sure how to feel a    02/18/20  (18)
Swede Minister: migrant robbers piss on victims bc they feel hopeless (link?)    02/18/20  (10)
Do women love Bernie?    02/18/20  (1)
In 1985 the richest American was worth 2.8 billion    02/18/20  (83)
We went from "gays can marry too!" to drag queen story hour in <5 years    02/18/20  (15)
Klobuchar fanpage PWNS Drumpf    02/18/20  (2)
Best response when a girl tells you she has a boyfriend?    02/18/20  (57)

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