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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   03/23/19  (275)
Competitive Slapping Is the World’s Greatest Sport (holy shit    03/24/19  (17)
let's be frank women cant' even be trusted with their own stupid gashcunts    03/24/19  (1)
I know there are some gays on here, so shout out to the gays    03/24/19  (1)
How much car can I afford?    03/24/19  (35)
RATE this victory speech by Dutch FAR RIGHT politician    03/24/19  (15)
NJ Legislators ban "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" from NJ Schools    03/24/19  (2)
Russiagate is a death-blow for the reputation of the American news media    03/24/19  (42)
Human Contact Is Now a Luxury Good [NYT]    03/24/19  (26)
Rate this nu male and his cute wife    03/24/19  (14)
Retail investors are retarded as FUCK    03/24/19  (22)
At the point where I'll kill someone for 80k a year in interest    03/24/19  (14)
Rex Chapman with a 180 tweet    03/24/19  (5)
oh my god it's going to be a great week holy shit here we gooooo    03/24/19  (467)
MSNBC is GOING HARD after BARR right now    03/24/19  (2)
The Fox News boycott is working    03/24/19  (28)
   03/24/19  (124)
Extremely high IQ aussie bro reconstructs Antikythera mechanism using ancient te    03/24/19  (2)
How long before libs are holding threatening “protests” outside Muellers hou    03/24/19  (1)
Getting fed up with the quislings down at the liquor store    03/24/19  (74)
Gen x lmfao    03/24/19  (2)
Taking Art or Photography recommendations for my living room    03/24/19  (7)
*adjusts pumo to avoid detection* *swigs Jim Beam* *rageposts about quislings*    03/24/19  (24)
j shad do you like League of Gentlemen?    03/24/19  (10)
Watching old commercials on YouTube is profoundly depressing    03/24/19  (10)
any of u guys just absentmindedly look at softcore porn on 4chan from time 2 tim    03/24/19  (5)
Elizabeth Warren at 4% AHAHAHHAHAHA    03/24/19  (81)
alpha move: intentionally mis-identifying people as 'Dave'    03/24/19  (5)
Dan Rather: NEW INFORMATION HAS COME TO LIGHT    03/24/19  (4)
Just went to a Korean restaurant. There's something to what NYUUG says about    03/24/19  (3)
lgbtfag    03/24/19  (3)
at least 12-13 dudes are offering your wife/gf/fiancee bigger cocks and more res    03/24/19  (7)
i hope there are more shooters out there that kill spics, niggers, and muslims    03/24/19  (12)
damn lol that NOWAG quisling uvt sure SPRINTED the fuck off this bort!!!    03/24/19  (2)
libs i'm just being honest-- backlashes for failed coups are never pretty    03/24/19  (6)
it's bad enough how gay all of you are, but you're fucking retarded to boot    03/24/19  (3)
xoers french-kissing each other in corner of strip club as proles ogle big tits    03/24/19  (5)
I’m not impressed by any of these places people claim are great    03/24/19  (6)
Do you remember those idiots who collected DVDs? They had +1,000 DVDs    03/24/19  (29)
$500k income, $1.5m mortgage. taking q's    03/24/19  (1)
Real talk: the reason Mueller didn't find anything is that Trump cucked out    03/24/19  (8)
Halford is the American Papa Lazarou, collecting gingers and pis    03/24/19  (14)
Haven't been to Portland in 5 years, is it now just Voodoo Donut on a macro leve    03/24/19  (3)
Boomers getting tossed around by huge waves on viking cruise (video)    03/24/19  (23)
xo creeps teach me how to bang 18 year old girls    03/24/19  (22)
america peaked at the mcdonalds fry    03/24/19  (11)
Matt Taibbi EVISCERATES the MSM in EPIC SCREED    03/24/19  (16)
photography really is the most moving art form    03/24/19  (7)
Max house with 500k HHI, 500k down payment? 2.5M doable or no?    03/24/19  (97)
ITT: reddit and twitter reactions to <><>NO COLLUSSION<><>    03/24/19  (43)
So even though multiple Trump acolytes were convicted you dumn morons still sup    03/24/19  (3)
do jew broads give up pussy pretty easily to kike bros?    03/24/19  (9)
Demographically, we are on verge of a democrat takeover which will last 100 yrs    03/24/19  (62)
most of you are, at a fundamental level, gay    03/24/19  (2)
David Frum on immigration: starting to get uncucked?    03/24/19  (11)
Look at this bullshit tax flame for March madness winnings    03/24/19  (7)
NYT Editorial Board - “No Collusion, No ‘Exoneration’”
   03/24/19  (6)
Homeless guy begging at onramp called me a "quisling"    03/24/19  (5)
guy was in McDonald's w/ BK cup, I loudly proclaimed him a 'quisling'    03/24/19  (8)
Place quarterly mega order on Amazon. What should I buy?    03/24/19  (11)
formes frustes    03/24/19  (1)
you guys remember the soft drink "Moxie"    03/24/19  (3)
“StandWithMueller” Facebook group is going nuts    03/24/19  (17)
Libs: Jordan Peele is the new Alfred Hitchcock    03/24/19  (38)
RATE this CNN journalist's take on the Mueller Report (link)    03/24/19  (13)
backspace when was the last time u drank welchs grape juice at faggot church    03/24/19  (11)
Usually reject all conspiracies, but WTC7 is lol    03/24/19  (13)
dropping like wtc7 on to luis' erect rod    03/24/19  (4)
rate this clothmo wrestling move (video)    03/24/19  (2)
signaldrift - little girl in the woods.mp3    03/24/19  (1)
Do Trumpcucks understand that chances of impeachment are still ridiculously good    03/24/19  (5)
Why do so many poasters enjoy & consume interracial pr0n.    03/24/19  (62)
Is it just me or does Joe Biden keep getting confused    03/24/19  (1)
NORTHWOODS | GLADIO | WTC7    03/24/19  (4)
Mentioned Mueller, lib friend called me a "quisling."    03/24/19  (1)
goddamn the double quarter pounder with cheese meal is 180    03/24/19  (1)
Anyone think its "odd" that dozens of xo poasters live in Herndon Virginia?    03/24/19  (2)
Church of the LDS set to open "Smith Obelisk", a 600 ft monument, in Herndon VA    03/24/19  (9)
UC Irvine better lube the fuck up    03/24/19  (1)
Why was the NZ mosque playing some weird Arabic rap song anyway?    03/24/19  (1)
World class "soft tooth" extraction and repair facility opens in Herndon, VA (NY    03/24/19  (7)
Hey libs, time for you to eat shit    03/24/19  (68)
Knifemos: what are your thoughts on spyderco knives?    03/24/19  (16)
Yang to debate Ben Shapiro on circumcision    03/24/19  (3)
this shit is fundamentally gay    03/24/19  (2)
Polls anticipating COLLUSION would be FOUND were ACCURATE    03/24/19  (1)
moppet-haired children of the 70s    03/24/19  (3)
university of American Samoa    03/24/19  (3)
E. Michael Jones on Amerikwan education    03/24/19  (3)
Gronk announces his retirement from the NFL    03/24/19  (36)
Best aspect of 2019 Xianity is you can say mean shit to people worse than you    03/24/19  (1)
Trump areas continue to collapse: joblessness up, opiods up, populations down    03/24/19  (1)
AT&T commercial with gay interracial dads and goofy white babysitter.    03/24/19  (18)
Real Estate guys - how much do you charge per (ie 8 unit apt building?    03/24/19  (1)
"Baby Shark" song is some kind of sinister propaganda    03/24/19  (1)
Post funniest lib twitter/FB freakouts about Mueller here    03/24/19  (1)
Even half of Henry Aaron's alts think Henry Aaron is a shit poster    03/24/19  (21)
Reddit admins manipulating front page posts to keep it sufficiently retarded    03/24/19  (4)
Hammer of Witches    03/24/19  (8)
shrew GF: 50 shades on her kindle 2nd cousin: torn to shreds by Grendel    03/24/19  (2)
What's ur wifi password? "It's the names of our kids," said interracial dad #1    03/24/19  (26)
Republicans lost PA, MI, WI BADLY in 2018    03/24/19  (4)
shrew GF: "don't say the n word!" 2nd cousin: chopping proles w/ ali baba sword    03/24/19  (2)
Noooooooo! Trump *must* be a Russian spy!! *punches wall* *breaks hand    03/24/19  (1)
shitlibs come out against ali baba sword ownership    03/24/19  (3)
Have two poasters ever met IRL to fight? If not, why    03/24/19  (8)
True or False: Bombing Hiroshima was a war crime    03/24/19  (54)
Calling CharlesXII out ITT I will fight him bare knuckle anytime, anyplace.    03/24/19  (2)
FLW vs. 10 Quora Indians, who wins?    03/24/19  (13)
lmao at this Stanford med school article about Spaceporn Syndrome (link)    03/24/19  (1)
"Just blend into the autism" (rach's pep talk for new poasters)    03/24/19  (1)
Thousands of crying law teens in US tear Mueller magazine spread off bdrm walls    03/24/19  (2)
Not to brag but I could beat any xo poaster in a physical fight    03/24/19  (2)
i did have a quasi 'psychotic break' at one point, and it was awesome    03/24/19  (4)
lol. Reddit's r/news scrubs all references to Mueller report from front page    03/24/19  (2)
deadly class (syfy) is the best show on tv right now    03/24/19  (7)
Yann to debate Ben Shapiro on circuit stimming    03/24/19  (1)
Spooky autism at a distance    03/24/19  (5)
I bet sick shitlib spaceporn is not taking todays news well    03/24/19  (1)
henry aaron, looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the NZ shooting    03/24/19  (3)
I wonder if Trump could improve his rep by drinking red bull instead of diet cok    03/24/19  (1)
lawman is a bitchmade fag    03/24/19  (34)
Libs citing “Alexander Hamilton Indictment” after Muller Report    03/24/19  (4)
Why do white guys love interracial porn so much?    03/24/19  (68)
are reptile bro did u watch deadly class (syfy) finale    03/24/19  (1)
Ok where's the wall    03/24/19  (1)
5-12 Upset Thing Is Kind Of A Myth. Similar To 6-11, 7-10    03/24/19  (14)
don't see any mathematical way Trump gets less than 400 EVs in 2020    03/24/19  (1)
Beto is such a weird, autistic dork    03/24/19  (1)
Anyone want to hit up a dive bar in Herndon tonight?    03/24/19  (2)
Has that whiny bum poster GOY settled down?    03/24/19  (3)
ACP, what is a Big Ten campus like on the first warm day of spring?    03/24/19  (3)
mind boggling to think that Trump asked Russia to hack Hillary on live TV wow    03/24/19  (1)
Comrade Autism    03/24/19  (3)
Who is Steven (M | N) Neal    03/24/19  (8)
Just saw a billboard that said life begins at 600k annual    03/24/19  (1)
Krampusnacht rating poasters as ROAD TRIPS in the USA    03/24/19  (248)
boner_police wouldn't be acting up if damn daddy was around    03/24/19  (2)
Promise not to ghost me like Mueller did haha    03/24/19  (1)
ITT: State your HHI, breakdown of you/sig other, and ages    03/24/19  (53)
shitlibs come out against the 5th amendment    03/24/19  (3)
Black-White gap is like Santa Claus. Adults pretending they don't know is hilari    03/24/19  (8)
Duke UCF shut the fuck up about mueller    03/24/19  (44)
I'm addicted to red bull. 5, 6 cans a day, easy.    03/24/19  (3)
Any recommendations for Basketball Shoes? I was thinking of getting the PG3    03/24/19  (1)
George Conway taken in ambulance from Georgetown Waterfront, likely heart attack    03/24/19  (3)
Should I rent this house in Lakeview?    03/24/19  (1)
"I don't know," u respond to God re why u watched blacks fuck blondes nightly    03/24/19  (11)

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