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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   06/18/19  (302)
whenever i make a 180 thread ppl think its j shad    06/18/19  (2)
Merkel has Parkinson's :(    06/18/19  (25)
Libs going after single family homes (NYT)    06/18/19  (49)
MGTOW and lib fems both arise from the same basic error re gender    06/18/19  (7)
CSLG - have you ever personally tried a case?    06/18/19  (22)
Lol, one in four Union solders was an immigrant    06/18/19  (17)
Make 105k in NYC and just moved home with rents    06/18/19  (6)
WHOA, is Dave Grohl a homo?    06/18/19  (4)
Im 27 and still live at home but pay for all the utilities and groceries    06/18/19  (82)
gf insisting u wear a sleeve so she can be filled with christ    06/18/19  (1)
Chances Trump reelected if there's recession next year?    06/18/19  (1)
the other ppl who share my account and post racist shit are complexifiers 4 me    06/18/19  (19)
Yoga girls do this weird pose where they look at their camel toe    06/18/19  (43)
Things I stopped caring about by my mid 30s    06/18/19  (11)
meeting ur christ-centered gf for a beer then she texts "we're almost there"    06/18/19  (4)
what is tcr number of spanks to give wife if she breaks curfew?    06/18/19  (5)
need cliffs on current beef between America and Iran    06/18/19  (10)
What curfew time have you set for your wife?    06/18/19  (1)
Copped Steinsaltz's Talmud Vol.2 Part 2 (381pp) for $4 today.    06/18/19  (3)
worst SJW/shitlbs - UMC goy sheep, based alt-right - 3rd gen latino    06/18/19  (3)
It's unreal how badly the GOP fucked up this Supreme Court vacancy    06/18/19  (317)
Civil War 2.0 map    06/18/19  (3)
my god, that lawyer is having a christ centered relationship w my wife    06/18/19  (8)
Nutella disgracefully misses Tet Bonus after failing to snipe Animal Mother    06/18/19  (3)
DRUMPF claims he’s about to start deporting muds by the millions    06/18/19  (13)
Archaeologists discover drawings of Homos Pvtrman in ancient Caravan Lots    06/18/19  (4)
Looks guys, Trump is finished because this reptile doesn't like him (NYT)    06/18/19  (59)
CSLG snagging prole got clients with "Your first billable hour is free!" Offer    06/18/19  (3)
The polls showing Biden is up double digits over Trump are correct    06/18/19  (62)
all of my satire threads are actually 100% real threats that should be taken    06/18/19  (4)
1,000 more troops to Middle East    06/18/19  (9)
Everything I've ever said on here is made up or a joke. All satire & free speech    06/18/19  (11)
is f45 the new crossfit?    06/18/19  (2)
My wife's experience working with the homeless    06/18/19  (130)
Covers that are better than originals    06/18/19  (217)
Another ship blown up by Iran today    06/18/19  (1)
Yoga is the gateway to SATAN    06/18/19  (7)
BREAKING: Yann Perrod caught sucking dick at a 24-Hour Fitness    06/18/19  (54)
pic from recent xo meetup    06/18/19  (6)
Turdskin dies hanging by ponytail on zip line    06/18/19  (158)
Trumpmo sentenced to 21 months for sharing NZ shooting video    06/18/19  (3)
"But Dad, Mr. Halford's 'BOP IT' changes size and shoots milk!"    06/18/19  (66)
champagne supernova playing as u enter pearly gates bc of christ centered relati    06/18/19  (1)
Interviewing for Product Management Roles    06/18/19  (149)
Real Talk: If U thought HRC was the pro-war candidate youre a FUCKING IMBECILE    06/18/19  (53)
Sprayed Off on hands. Took hike. Got chaffed. Adjusted ballsack (inside pants).    06/18/19  (1)
Ba$ement $o comfy and $afe from tornado πŸŒͺ and STD    06/18/19  (14)
Lol at the masses letting random people they don’t know dictate their lives    06/18/19  (7)
Ted Cruz tp was the smartest guy in the room    06/18/19  (5)
Matt Taibbi and Mark Ames slammed a horse semen pie in NYTimes reporters face    06/18/19  (16)
Are you tired of being assraped and robbed by everyone including crooked governm    06/18/19  (1)
Whichever party loses in 2020 will face mass incarceration    06/18/19  (1)
hehe sorry mpa, i meant we should have a CHRIS-centered relationship    06/18/19  (3)
mpa high-fiving ghost of jesus christ as they eiffel-tower his gf    06/18/19  (2)
More impressive: Caesar, Lincoln, or Caltech Summa/HBS Baker Scholar/Blackstone    06/18/19  (2)
CNN does a hard pivot from serious journalism to entertainment news    06/18/19  (2)
Google is melting the fuck down. No calendar for the entire world.    06/18/19  (2)
black Rhodes Scholar who was TTT comm. major had 2.3 GPA @ philly public HS    06/18/19  (17)
Muslim therapist: Spanking wife should be your third option, after denying dick    06/18/19  (1)
Commissioning a head bust. Best material to use    06/18/19  (8)
Were Nazis just last gasp of Prussian soul?    06/18/19  (1)
Favorite World Cup Moment: Jap Woman Sawa's gamewinning goal vs USA    06/18/19  (3)
meeting ur married buddy for a beer then he texts "we're almost there"    06/18/19  (17)
Putin issue ultimatum to Trump on more troops to mid east    06/18/19  (1)
mpa need u to comment on this blog about disciplining ur christian gf/wife    06/18/19  (8)
What's the best fake pussy you can buy for a reasonable price right now?    06/18/19  (1)
John Cusack redpilled    06/18/19  (26)
Bar owner told me barely anyone under 30 goes to bars now. Lots closing down    06/18/19  (54)
Extremely rare photograph from an XO meetup:    06/18/19  (20)
Americans outlive their savings    06/18/19  (29)
Why Can’t Everyone Get AIDS? (fag)    06/18/19  (1)
I really thought the american soccer team was gonna be good with freddy adu    06/18/19  (2)
Let's centralize all of our data and put all of it in a handful of data centers!    06/18/19  (3)
Why Can’t Everyone Get A’s? (dbg)    06/18/19  (4)
Is a Masters in Public Health degree flame?    06/18/19  (5)
Why Can’t Everyone Get A’s? (nyt)    06/18/19  (32)
Another lawyer just hit the sidewalk at 150mph on the way to work    06/18/19  (6)
Tell me everything you know about Mons Venus strip club in Tampa, FL    06/18/19  (3)
If you're white and can name 2 Indian castes then ur probably racist    06/18/19  (4)
Look at these shitlibs get knocked out with a helmet    06/18/19  (22)
Everything is a lie out thee even 40 is In diapers in 2019 it’s all lies    06/18/19  (4)
Google image search "pumo" shows ancient Italian buttplugs    06/18/19  (1)
Indian city of 9 million people runs completely out of water (link)    06/18/19  (1)
i think i'm gonna transition to being a professional twitch streamer    06/18/19  (3)
The future of diversity and inclusion in tech Where the industry needs to go fro    06/18/19  (5)
First 2 Majors Of Year: Champions Dinner | Last 2:<><>NODINNER<&g
t;<> #golf
   06/18/19  (6)
My wife's experience working with the spineless    06/18/19  (2)
Reminder, Trumpmos: women have been selecting the fittest males for millennia    06/18/19  (4)
Tufts computer lab the center of a massive DDOS attack on morgan stanley website    06/18/19  (2)
Why can't jews do physical labor like construction?    06/18/19  (43)
How to raise children who don't fall for the GC scam?    06/18/19  (39)
IMO the BRITISH OPEN is at it's best when the winds are brutal    06/18/19  (1)
Before colonialism almost no blacks had invented writing lol at this TTT    06/18/19  (4)
mpa rate this goldman sachs elevator article on christ centered relationships    06/18/19  (4)
Christ/Cleopatra closer to today than construction of Giza Pyramids    06/18/19  (1)
Not flame my gf wants us to read books about growing as a Christian couple    06/18/19  (26)
what percentage of qvc viewers are jewish?    06/18/19  (2)
Are Prole Goyim Persuaded By Crap Like "Limited Time Offer"?    06/18/19  (15)
Why Can’t Everyone Be NBA Finals MVP? (nyt)    06/18/19  (2)
eating meat is completely indefensible    06/18/19  (156)
Sucker for when cable shows drop Gen-X nostalgia music    06/18/19  (3)
Cracked a dads joke while looking at cards at walgreens    06/18/19  (13)
New Shaft movie has a 34% RT critic score, but 94% audience score    06/18/19  (4)
newspaper commenters ask why rural northern MN town of 1500 is now half somali    06/18/19  (3)
9/11 closer to George Washington than it is to Ta-Nehisi Coates    06/18/19  (2)
Thought xo might appreciate this pic I just sneaked    06/18/19  (13)
xo Kyle Kashuv's Harvard acceptance rescinded    06/18/19  (123)
man libs have really upped their anti white insanity lately    06/18/19  (1)
Wozniacki Plans To Induce Labor On Masters 2020 Sunday #tennis #golf    06/18/19  (3)
goy pride month    06/18/19  (3)
Can't get over how 180 GOY tp is    06/18/19  (1)
Best headgear for sparring?    06/18/19  (33)
Black Playmate of the Year opines on marriage and love (VID)    06/18/19  (5)
is there a list of predictions made by al gore/inconvienient truth?    06/18/19  (4)
Rate this 22 year old I fucked off Tinder last night    06/18/19  (1)
i want to spend a year doing a fast food road trip of america    06/18/19  (3)
Ancient Egyptians more closely related to Europeans than modern Egyptians    06/18/19  (9)
Empty Promises tp    06/18/19  (1)
when did hyun jin ryu turn into sandy koufax    06/18/19  (16)
Libs turning down bigfed jobs because they don’t want to “work” for trump    06/18/19  (5)
RATE this photo a reporter snagged of the Dallas gunman getting ready to attack    06/18/19  (27)
what does lawman8 think about trump's plan to round up illegals?    06/18/19  (7)
when is the next golf major? 2 weeks?    06/18/19  (73)
hyun jin ryu kicked out of all you can eat korean bbq place (vid)    06/18/19  (1)
doing fraction math because your wife is adjusting a recipe    06/18/19  (5)
HONK HONK alert: "Kidz Bop" now does kiddie versions of Cardi B songs    06/18/19  (20)
MLB blacks have names like Jimmy, Howie, Andrew, & Jason    06/18/19  (155)
How was Hillary "the most qualified candidate ever?"Even Biden is more qualified    06/18/19  (2)
Earl, what's your email? I'm interested in a couple Filipino house slaves.    06/18/19  (2)
cute waitresses dont really want party lifestyle. they want to be xo'ers housewi    06/18/19  (7)
Wozniacki-Lee Honeymoon Scheduled For British Open Weekend #tennis #golf #nba    06/18/19  (3)
what's the deal with this facebook cryptocurrency "libra" or whatever    06/18/19  (1)
First explosions reported amid google calendar outage    06/18/19  (2)
Real Housewives of OC convince wife to cheat on husband dying of lukemia    06/18/19  (7)
Anyone play Castlevania SOTN back in the day?    06/18/19  (16)
Off duty cop accosted in CostCo, 2 innocents critically wounded.    06/18/19  (26)
Rate this billion dollar opening statement    06/18/19  (28)
Bu$ine$$man πŸ‘¨‍πŸ’Ό fraud$ $hould be forced to pay πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ up    06/18/19  (7)
Should Clinton be charged under 52 U.S.C. 30121 for enlisting illegal aliens as    06/18/19  (11)
Joe Buck: "She's one dick short of the cycle!" as ur future wife steps up to the    06/18/19  (13)
Is Hyun Jin Ryu the real deal?    06/18/19  (2)
Get married and be miserable vs. remain a bachelor and be miserable?    06/18/19  (1)
Google "Gaga Ball" and see what libs have turned dodgeball into    06/18/19  (4)
On pace 2 fuck 1000 girls by the end of 2019.Taking ?s ITT on 1000 girls fucked    06/18/19  (63)
TMFs surrogate's chernobyl womb incubating their spawn is terrifying    06/18/19  (5)
Is google calendar down?    06/18/19  (5)
Chili farts    06/18/19  (1)
Its open season on the Trump kids for NY state prosecutors    06/18/19  (1)
Google calendar down worldwide. Lock your doors and get your guns.    06/18/19  (1)
Anyone else like Anime Music Videos? (CSLG)    06/18/19  (3)

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