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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/25/20  (365)
Most OBESE countries. Surprised middle East came up bigly    01/28/20  (4)
UK seals its fate: Selects Huawei to build its 5G infrastructure    01/28/20  (12)
So Wuhan flu has killt only 41 people so far? Is this correct, trumpkins?    01/28/20  (58)
Swinging door industry faces pushback    01/28/20  (7)
libs remember- Hillary took August 2016 off in the hamptons    01/28/20  (5)
is this a good thinkpad for the money? link    01/28/20  (2)
(((Midget Michael))) surging in predictit odds, now at 15%    01/28/20  (1)
Disney to honor Kobe by modeling Ewok after him in “Trilogy Phase II”    01/28/20  (1)
CNN: "Polyamorous relationships: When three isn't a crowd"    01/28/20  (1)
MSNBC Chris Matthews: “Bernie wouldn’t help you in a car crash”    01/28/20  (39)
Crim law (like being a da) seems less boring than other law jobs    01/28/20  (6)
During the "Islamic golden age" Baghdad was 70% Christian    01/28/20  (11)
Why is Muscadine Wine so negative about marriage and women?    01/28/20  (24)
BREAKING NEWS: Disney closed China in the World Showcase    01/28/20  (2)
have xo 30 year old asians gotten over Kobe yet    01/28/20  (2)
You'll never guess who fingered my wife in college    01/28/20  (31)
WTF Is This "Mamba" Forcememe. Solid Sport Fan, Never Heard "Mamba" Before Today    01/28/20  (38)
You'll never guess who didn't finger my wife in college    01/28/20  (1)
Why doesn't Rach sell merch? Lots of lawyers here would love an Autoadmit mug    01/28/20  (27)
When will Bernie be given Secret Service protection?    01/28/20  (2)
Thoughts on this girl's "anorexia recovery"? Same girl, one year apart (pic)    01/28/20  (56)
What has socialism ever achieved that capitalism hasn't achieved?    01/28/20  (9)
My in laws are trapped in Wuhan. What do? (Jim Kelly)    01/28/20  (2)
Predict winner of next week's Iowa Caucus    01/28/20  (1)
To fight new employment law, Uber pits California drivers against one another    01/28/20  (36)
Buttigieg urged us to remember what Kobe did "on the field"    01/28/20  (5)
Law is such a failure of a profession - most everyone drops out of it    01/28/20  (38)
Indians are low iq because they don’t eat beef    01/28/20  (1)
pelosi team alarmed by "large mirror" trump's bodyman has begun carrying around    01/28/20  (3)
Kobe's early DEATH reverberates because he still YOUNG and HANDSOME looking    01/28/20  (15)
53% of Americans in favor of UBI    01/28/20  (43)
The Democratic party has TWO OLIGARCHS running for president. Odd, or no?    01/28/20  (3)
dropped 50k on a hyundai palisade taking praise    01/28/20  (1)
BREAKING: Japan CONFIRMS coronavirus in individual who never travelled to China    01/28/20  (18)
The Wright brothers weren't just trying to fly they were trying to escape    01/28/20  (7)
German man catches coronavirus without visiting China    01/28/20  (8)
UNDERREPORTED STAT: TRUMP is actually polling better than hillary among white wo    01/28/20  (4)
How did China even figure out this was a new virus?    01/28/20  (10)
Ljl at the fraudulent stock market    01/28/20  (3)
lol San Francisco gonna get a hefty dose of Coronavirus today (link)    01/28/20  (1)
Don Lemon and guests LOL at ignorant southern hillbilly Trumpmos    01/28/20  (54)
Hong Kong restricts travel from China. US waves in like 3rd base coach    01/28/20  (12)
Oooo ooooo oooo my Corona    01/28/20  (2)
trump: uses twitter to gape enemies; shitlibs: omg why ith he thtill on twitter?    01/28/20  (36)
bad boys for life - fun action/comedy movie    01/28/20  (2)
check out these swedish chicks having an "ass off" at the beach (pic)    01/28/20  (4)
rate these norwegian teens' pathetic attempts at TWERKING    01/28/20  (6)
The majority of American Indian tribes were alien collaborators. "Dream catchers    01/28/20  (7)
"Why do you stick things n ur ass?" Millennial: "so lets talk about anal inserti    01/28/20  (2)
SOY SAUCE: let's bash this ttt shiteating condiment    01/28/20  (21)
AUDIO of Kobe Helicopter Crash. Last words? ATC to Pilot "You're too low"    01/28/20  (70)
friend in wuhan is barricaded in apartment, friend already died, says death tota    01/28/20  (23)
the new million dollar extreme video is like plugging mind into bp's subconsciou    01/28/20  (18)
CNN chides Hong Kong chief executive for wearing mask to protect against coronav    01/28/20  (1)
REMINDER: the u.s. initiated the CIVIL WAR. the south had the right to secede    01/28/20  (15)
Kobe too fried to use as human beef πŸ₯©    01/28/20  (3)
your warrior ancestor watching u delete "haha," replace w/ "lol," then back to    01/28/20  (36)
Casting for XO the movie. Who plays what role?    01/28/20  (134)
What’s life like in Wuhan right now    01/28/20  (4)
Haha    01/28/20  (2)
Huanan Seafood Market (origin of coronavirus) sells camels, koalas, crocodil    01/28/20  (4)
US revealing Israel Peace Plan tomorrow - if Pallys say NO, US will support anne    01/28/20  (51)
Buttigieg speaking to GC's secretary, "But tell him it's Pete. He remembers me    01/28/20  (4)
Who was the first european to enter California?    01/28/20  (7)
Wuhan "seafood" market sold wolf pups, camel, lizard, koalas, rats, snake, bats    01/28/20  (23)
RHINO HORN and DOLPHIN UTERUS shown to cure coronavirus    01/28/20  (1)
Jos A Bank full custom wardrobe. Yeah. That’s the Difference.    01/28/20  (1)
GC law    01/28/20  (1)
After Bernie wins in IA, NH, Obama will organize Biden "health" & Hillary entry    01/28/20  (4)
Apparently, the Wuhan Seafood Market was actually an animal lab    01/28/20  (2)
I, Donald J Trump, all calling for a total ban on lawyers returning from Asia un    01/28/20  (8)
Imagine if 1.2bn chinamen had the social cohesion of Hongers or Taiwanese    01/28/20  (1)
Weird that Iowa Cockass is next TUESDAY but like secondary issue    01/28/20  (8)
*4 headless doobsmen approach*    01/28/20  (2)
Let us all move to the Jewish Autonomous Oblast    01/28/20  (6)
Halford on Wuhan craigslist “Looking for a VIRUSPIG to INFECT me    01/28/20  (2)
ITT: Good Goyim Trump's Israeli-"Palestinian" DEAL OF THE CENTURY Released    01/28/20  (8)
Powergoy camping out in Walgreen's parking lot for coronavirus vaccine    01/28/20  (2)
basically wear rugby shirts exclusively anymore    01/28/20  (10)
GoFundMe of the day: Help this young lady pay for her abortion    01/28/20  (5)
Just got over the flu, taking q's    01/28/20  (7)
If I looked like Michael Fassbender I would make at least 5x as much as I do    01/28/20  (2)
HYPO: You have $100k and 5 years to gather $1 million in natural resources    01/28/20  (2)
*Peterman selling donut shaped paintings done with his prolapsed rectum*    01/28/20  (1)
Do we really believe that "Blacks" are the issue with our education system?    01/28/20  (90)
Traveling this week. Should i wear one of those masks that Asians wear?    01/28/20  (1)
Trump sending team of 100 lawyers to Wuhan to monitor the situation    01/28/20  (1)
πŸ¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸŽΎ AUSTRALIAN OPEN Official Thread πŸŽΎπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ¨ #tennis    01/28/20  (226)
Russia gave Jews "Jewish Autonomous Oblast"    01/28/20  (13)
Crazy that WWII movies are all part of the same cinematic universe    01/28/20  (53)
Praying for Board Libs & their families today    01/28/20  (1)
Love Death + Robots on netflix any good? supposedly a riff on Heavy Metal.    01/28/20  (1)
sandusky | paterno | podesta | epstein | dershowitz | pizzagate | soros    01/28/20  (6)
Are we living through a real history book level global pandemic?    01/28/20  (14)
African billionaire forced to apologize for telling Trump, "Africa loves you"    01/28/20  (1)
Bobby Birdshit flying into Wuhan today: 'This is prime time to score'    01/28/20  (5)
Do most lawyers require glasses and bifocals in their 50s?    01/28/20  (1)
The only thing I have to show my for life's work is "money" in a "bank" ljl    01/28/20  (25)
AutoAdmit is all puffy bitches acting like the stuff they hated in HS was 180    01/28/20  (10)
Don Lemon rubbed his cock & balls then wiped it on Trumpmo's mustache    01/28/20  (2)
lmao.......nude crazy NIGGER at the bart station    01/28/20  (14)
how long can u store gasoline for    01/28/20  (2)
Russia now has 59 S-400 battalion sets in service    01/28/20  (3)
Every woman named "Ann" or "Anne" suddenly going by "Annie"    01/28/20  (2)
libs calmly addressing coronavirus while Trumpmos yell "Quick! Everyone panic!"    01/28/20  (1)
Board alphas: sound off ITT about why marijuana is utter fucking shit    01/28/20  (8)
The Middle Aged Lawyer Who Attended Kobe's Funeral as Vanessa's Date (TMZ)    01/28/20  (3)
*Chad sperm forcing your sperm to take long route to ur wife's egg cell*    01/28/20  (1)
Would you make the same deal with the Devil that Kobe made?    01/28/20  (3)
TMF's Memoir "Only G-d Can Judge Me" chapter titles    01/28/20  (1)
“I am alive inside your wife”: Cuckoldry in King Diamond    01/28/20  (1)
*Celebs saving planet by having plant-based luncheons at award shows*    01/28/20  (1)
LeBron James on Kobe Bryant’s death: ME ME ME ME ME (link)    01/28/20  (12)
did people in the Old West really say 'it's so crazy it might work'    01/28/20  (2)
Why is Obeezy an anti-semite now?    01/28/20  (70)
Jared Kushner's Mideast Peace Plan: Here is what Israel told me they want    01/28/20  (4)
if Confederacy was so "dumb" why did they have wooden reconnassaince planes    01/28/20  (27)
Trump tried to turn Khomeini’s air conditioning up to 75 at night    01/28/20  (1)
I’m a Heterosexual Woman Who’s Politically Opposed to Heterosexuality    01/28/20  (27)
“Here, just use this” - thai hooker tossing u neville’s rugby shirt hamper    01/28/20  (1)
elliot rodger would have been a chad if he was a serial killer rapist    01/28/20  (1)
THEORY: Certain ostensible and presumed human beings are in fact "outsiders"    01/28/20  (1)
NOT flame overheard female coworker gushing over upcoming ted bundy anniversary    01/28/20  (7)
*Don Lemon busting a half hearted nut with confused look on Obeezy's acne chin*    01/28/20  (1)
Did you write the book of gape and do you believe in anal rape?    01/28/20  (1)
Jim_Kelly quarantining wife in Garage Bay #1    01/28/20  (4)
"Absolutely devastating for board libs" cackled Voodoo Child as I rammed his ass    01/28/20  (18)
“I spent so much time fighting Nazis that I became one” Obeezy reading prepa    01/28/20  (1)
Our firm’s pride is our robust transactional practice representing baleen whal    01/28/20  (4)
Stopped grieving the USA today and felt very peaceful    01/28/20  (1)
Jafar is BOM with an English major.    01/28/20  (8)
wow the hundreds of films abt fags in capes flying around are all amazing    01/28/20  (11)
Millennials: "Boomers destroyed America!" Millennials: *vote in a Socialist*    01/28/20  (1)
I'm here for the pizza party, said Alan Dershowitz    01/28/20  (3)
Lawman8 and I are hosting a circle jerk today at the Soho Grand    01/28/20  (5)
I warned you. I'm going to have to sound off about this on Twitter.    01/28/20  (2)
the life expectancy of Old West sheriffs was 2 weeks max    01/28/20  (9)
literally numb at work today, can't focus since Kobe's death    01/28/20  (37)
The 1918 Spanish Flu even wiped people out on remote Pacific islands    01/28/20  (1)
lawman8 what's your take on weed use?    01/28/20  (1)
Kobe's "victim" had 8 different semen samples in her rape kit    01/28/20  (41)
How many millions does Amazon lose per minute when its search is down like now?    01/28/20  (1)
ok fuck it i'm exterminating the entire town only 90 people anyway    01/28/20  (4)
Bernie Sanders ineligible to be POTUS cuz no middle name    01/28/20  (5)
I'm a high school dropout... you can still make it (CSLG)    01/28/20  (111)
Jim Kelly, don't visit your in-laws!!!!    01/28/20  (1)
Apparently CJ Roberts has the authority to call witnesses    01/28/20  (48)
Jim Cramer: 6 Stocks to Buy to profit from Coronavirus Fears    01/28/20  (1)

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