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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/17/19  (245)
Rate the manageability of this courseload while working full time (~40-50 hrs/wk    01/22/19  (2)
Why is Thunder Collins obsessed with China and Chinese?    01/22/19  (42)
Nathan Phillips and fellow Vietnam vet Sen. Blumenthal protesting MAGA teens    01/22/19  (8)
Prediction: KAMALA Harris will DEMOLISH the DEM 2020 Field    01/22/19  (22)
MAGA teens episode is worse than Travyon, Kavanaugh, Duke Lacrosse    01/22/19  (24)
Sign Of Our Low IQ Times: "Words Cannot Express _____"    01/22/19  (3)
RATE this WLRK associate    01/22/19  (49)
Elon wants this fat pussy    01/22/19  (45)
Bigger cultural watershed moment: Trayvon or Covington Catholic?    01/22/19  (2)
Not watching any bs Covington videos can we confirm HE lied re Vietnam?    01/22/19  (4)
Anyone read the Three-Body Problem?    01/22/19  (11)
Need some scholarship on the Czech Republic / Slovakia split    01/22/19  (1)
If you're a federal worker, you can get $500 interest free from PayPal    01/22/19  (1)
Watch these chinks attack a prawn buffet.    01/22/19  (138)
everyone is distancing themselves from XO. FBI raid incoming.    01/22/19  (2)
You can't believe anything at all anymore.Retreat to the forest& rebuild society    01/22/19  (5)
1500 private jets arrive in Davos for climate change talks (link)    01/22/19  (4)
Neighbor's parrot laid 2 eggs. What is the best way to cook them?    01/22/19  (3)
WAPO Issues CORRECTION: Indian dude Nathan Phillips DID NOT FIGHT IN VIETNAM    01/22/19  (29)
Is This 16yo Russian Tennis Hottie -- Daria Frayman -- Jewish? (PICS) #tennis    01/22/19  (3)
Why isn't there a richer history of Oxy-maker Sackler family types being killed    01/22/19  (2)
Illegal alien nanny is crushing it at new job    01/22/19  (70)
NYT: How We Destroy Lives Today (link)    01/22/19  (29)
Bush - MAGA teen.mp3    01/22/19  (2)
Absolutely ZERO of these culture war short term "victories" matter. Only demogra    01/22/19  (103)
Black woman destroys store because EBT food stamps card declined (video)    01/22/19  (9)
you guys are just bitter you are being outearned by an asian female nutella    01/22/19  (19)
anyone willing to give cliffs on this Covington business    01/22/19  (5)
my female bird doodette lay 3 eggs    01/22/19  (4)
"Burlingame" Chris Conway leading MAGA teens through gauntlet of shitlibs, orcs    01/22/19  (2)
Americans used to understand the idea of the ethnic "shuck-and-jive"    01/22/19  (5)
MAGA teen thing is some kind of deep state PsyOp & the footage is mostly CGI    01/22/19  (1)
How impressive is this hedge fund?    01/22/19  (32)
Sysco truck to exposed brick pipeline    01/22/19  (11)
When was the last time (year) there was actual systemic oppression of US blacks?    01/22/19  (5)
How would Kamela do in the general election vs Trump?    01/22/19  (54)
Are your old inlaws/parents (70+) becoming depressed?    01/22/19  (1)
Do you Trust the Turtle when RBG dies?    01/22/19  (3)
Kiev Sex Vacation Advice    01/22/19  (17)
car bros - considering striver car. which one    01/22/19  (97)
Lana Del Rey- Art Deco.mp3 + Eyes On Fire (feat. Kirsten Stubbe Teglb...    01/22/19  (18)
Primitive Radio Gods - Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth.mp3    01/22/19  (24)
Kid is in a TOP 3 PRIVATE ELEM SCHOOL - HOLY FUCK    01/22/19  (218)
Leslie Jones MAF about new Ghostbusters movie not featuring female cast (link)    01/22/19  (9)
Gay places to shoot your cum on a man:    01/22/19  (6)
When we will see the words "Every single time" spark a national racism outrage?    01/22/19  (1)
This is an emergency so the honorific must be extended to xoGlenn Greenwald    01/22/19  (31)
lil peep x lil tracy - white wine    01/22/19  (2)
old lookinf people are 0s on the binary scale    01/22/19  (1)
New Amsterdam Green Apple... UNGHHHH    01/22/19  (2)
Hillary to become a grandma again. Just in time for 2020 election!    01/22/19  (1)
Top 2019 Porn Star: Gender Jameson (pic)    01/22/19  (6)
RATE This Travel Shrew & Her BF (PICS) #travel    01/22/19  (22)
xo Ann: Deport the dreamers before the criminals    01/22/19  (1)
Thunder Collins seems obsessed with rich asians for someone who is poor white    01/22/19  (27)
Jew Sackler Family is Responsible for Much of the Opioid Epidemic    01/22/19  (28)
NYMag writer on MAGA teens: "I just want these people to die, simple as that"    01/22/19  (55)
new poaster in Groucho nose/glasses: "Nuterra is-ah sooo hot and successfur!"    01/22/19  (20)
Reminder: Transgender soldiers would need to have combat dilators in the field    01/22/19  (70)
RSFs alleged sockpuppet CryptoPiglet does post gook a lot and shits on Luis    01/22/19  (175)
Lance "Rafa" Nadal Can Make AO SF w/o Facing Top 25 Player #tennis    01/22/19  (9)
Occasionally Cortez: the world will END in 12 years if we don’t address climat    01/22/19  (6)
FYI- you cannot a true patriot white American with <3 kids    01/22/19  (7)
First we gas the cat shrews, old jews, and obese trumpcucks    01/22/19  (4)
Amazing how sharply the MAGA teen story turned into yuge propaganda victory    01/22/19  (4)
Trumptards: “You will not replace us!” GC: Actually yes we will, (((hehe)))    01/22/19  (17)
Obese mental patient PN off his meds and outing again    01/22/19  (70)
Sen. Kamala Harris struggling to get financial support for campaign    01/22/19  (7)
Question for tommy turdskin    01/22/19  (10)
I'm confused as to why Trumptards are calling MAGA teen a "Victory"    01/22/19  (29)
Libs need to accept they got smacked on MAGA teens. Not being NAM vet is nail    01/22/19  (2)
Cut taxes. Defend Israel.    01/22/19  (7)
Variety: Amy Schumer, Kathy Griffin Cast in 'Back to the Future' Reboot    01/22/19  (3)
Theory: 1/3 of lawyer poasters are Jones Day associates    01/22/19  (2)
so was Hitler a jew or not    01/22/19  (1)
6’4” chad from Jiffy Lube picks up, then rejects, married SJW shrew    01/22/19  (5)
Rate this L.A. blonde's body    01/22/19  (55)
Your future husband masturbating in men's room @ Schulte Roth & Zabel    01/22/19  (10)
KC Chiefs caught cheating, used laser pointers on Brady (link)    01/22/19  (18)
Cant wait to cop Schulte Roth out of CLS at sticker (USPO)    01/22/19  (5)
Rating DBG as Schulte Roth & Zabel ITT    01/22/19  (2)
Hi I'm Schulte I kill all my associates and chop up bodies and pay $3MM PPP    01/22/19  (10)
What if you were titty-fat like RSF *and* bald like peterman?    01/22/19  (176)
Mexico murders for 2018 hit 33k, up 33% from last year's record number    01/22/19  (1)
Schulte Roth is the worst of the worst biglaw hell holes, associates there shoul    01/22/19  (6)
fuck my dick this kamala harris pussy tight    01/22/19  (1)
DNC back-to-back nominees are bar exam-failing women? can't be    01/22/19  (3)
huskers    01/22/19  (3)
lending it all tonight (TCTP)    01/22/19  (15)
Fbook libs have fallen back to “FUCK them for being white and pro life”    01/22/19  (4)
rate this pic of jim kelly and his wife    01/22/19  (59)
George Zimmerman IG in support of MAGA Teens: #IGotYourBack    01/22/19  (1)
Nutella’s posts are all: Lol look at how rich I am btw I want more money    01/22/19  (16)
Anyone have the "damn that yellow pussy's tight!" cartoon?    01/22/19  (5)
Rate this handyman making $250k per year    01/22/19  (8)
180 partner sent email to conflicts w subject "RIM job"    01/22/19  (3)
Is Vanessa Williams the hottest African American woman ever?    01/22/19  (2)
So Catholic Church rushed to condemn MAGA teens faster than pedophile priests?    01/22/19  (1)
Seems weird how "moving to California" used to be a middle class white dream    01/22/19  (68)
Was 2018 senate race a blip for Republicans?    01/22/19  (1)
Is Jennifer Lopez the best looking 49 year old on planet earth?    01/22/19  (14)
Pretty sure my gf photoshopped my nose, chin and hairline on IG photo of us    01/22/19  (1)
Any TRUE TALES from XOers who wore a MAGA hat in the last 6 months?    01/22/19  (1)
ur old: heath ledger would be turning 50 this year if still alive    01/22/19  (1)
This freakout over a MAGA hat is arguably the best NPC freakout ever    01/22/19  (14)
"My son likes a girl. So what?" (nytimes 2095)    01/22/19  (198)
How does a 2001 Bentley Azure hold up?    01/22/19  (2)
Will TMF die without ever having received a rim job?    01/22/19  (9)
Amazon sends Seattle Mexican wrong color 12' table. He rolls it back to them (vi    01/22/19  (2)
DevryMastersCandidate is a necessary response to Calishitlawguru    01/22/19  (5)
Why has Biden not announced yet?    01/22/19  (9)
Tyson Fury "listen to the government, be brainwashed by all the Zionist, Jewish    01/22/19  (2)
Xo Steve King: "I can tell you how President Jackson would handle that Indian"    01/22/19  (6)
Is shredding documents flame?????    01/22/19  (15)
Alex Jones attacks children: banned from Twitter. CNN and Wapo? Still on! SAD!    01/22/19  (1)
Aus Open Day 9 (1/22) Official Thread #tennis #truesttest    01/22/19  (50)
Who’s daughter is this    01/22/19  (13)
LJL @ Trumpmos going off about a few misstatements in MAGA kids story    01/22/19  (1)
Lmao girl who accused MAGA teens of "yelling" has racist tweets    01/22/19  (18)
bros: would you commit to a relationship BEFORE trying out sex with her?    01/22/19  (12)
protip: short Allstate    01/22/19  (25)
"load bearing gash" tp should be horsewhipped    01/22/19  (5)
OK Google, search 'glow in the darks will get the rope'    01/22/19  (1)
WSJ issues correction: "Nathan Phillips may be Filipino"    01/22/19  (2)
just used my knipex cobra pliers to rip out a dead tooth, taking q's    01/22/19  (4)
PauliePorsche, taking Qs    01/22/19  (103)
The hollowing out of shithole states is the best thing to hapoen to this country    01/22/19  (1)
still only 2nd biggest embarrassment by a catholic school since dec 29    01/22/19  (8)
Protip: most of the MIDDLE EAST is CHILL as FURK    01/22/19  (5)
The honorable Gen John Kelly: Trump is a true hero, it was an honor to serve him    01/22/19  (6)
Stephen Miller wrote the speech Trump is delivering to nation tomorrow    01/22/19  (116)
Subject: RE: Your Use Of "The DBG Billing Method"    01/22/19  (14)
3 protips: NE will crush rams in SB; brady is GOTUS of all time and    01/22/19  (2)
Funny how lawyerbros still marry despite knowing its legalities.    01/22/19  (5)
Rate my ex wife's 10 year challenge    01/22/19  (3)
*Penn StaTTTe IT turd gets a boner seeing "coastal elite" in atlantic article*    01/22/19  (1)
Breaking: Hawaii judge issues injunction against Trump meeting MAGA teens in WH    01/22/19  (1)
Trump should give parmanent citizenship to DACA. Dems will give wall then    01/22/19  (8)
Man O War: I guarantee Trump cucks and there will be no wall    01/22/19  (18)
LOL, dumbfuck libs fell for LITERAL FAKE NEWS re: the DC march incident    01/22/19  (98)
another week of biglaw aka my own fyre fest    01/22/19  (12)
(((Trump))) offers not one word in defense of MAGA teens    01/22/19  (33)
So Trump’s “great” negotiating abilities include precipitating a recession    01/22/19  (3)
Roe v Wade anniversary-Catholic day of penance    01/22/19  (1)
MAGA kid's statement (pdf)    01/22/19  (112)
Airport dancing girl a FAKE law student? - link    01/22/19  (5)
will artie lange fix his schnoz    01/22/19  (2)
IRONSIDE and other NCAA wrestling fans - line on some tickets    01/22/19  (2)

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