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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/17/19  (245)
Libs: "Wait you guys aren't supposed to fight back in the culture war!"    01/22/19  (6)
is every gay club called 'rage' or what?    01/22/19  (2)
why doesnt trump declare the shutdown a nat'l emergency?    01/22/19  (6)
Odd ca$e! Very intere$ting! Off to pig 🐽 pig 🐷 pig 🐖 farm has u go!    01/22/19  (95)
Xisca Cucking Lance "Rafa" Nadal (XO DM) #tennis    01/22/19  (1)
Nathan Phillips told CNN TWICE that he was a Vietnam Vet (he wasn't)    01/22/19  (12)
Lance "Rafa" Nadal Can Make AO SF w/o Facing Top 25 Player #tennis    01/22/19  (14)
Lance "Rafa" Nadal Has An Ab Injury (Shirtless PIC) #tennis    01/22/19  (3)
I wore a MAGA T-shirt to the bar once    01/22/19  (1)
If there was another civil war would Mexico ally with Democrats?    01/22/19  (15)
This freakout over a MAGA hat is arguably the best NPC freakout ever    01/22/19  (15)
final SNAP payments have already gone out    01/22/19  (25)
Blurred lines video, but the chicks are Peterman and Doobs    01/22/19  (4)
Why doesn't Trump declare the smirk a national emergency?    01/22/19  (1)
Rate the manageability of this courseload while working full time (~40-50 hrs/wk    01/22/19  (29)
Wearing a MAGA hat and smirking in the direction of a minority=misdemeanor    01/22/19  (3)
Doobs will have a 20+ year career on the lots. Peterman will be lucky to last 5.    01/22/19  (84)
libs are very scared and angry. steer clear    01/22/19  (3)
You know what the Government COULDN'T shutdown? Peterman's asshole.    01/22/19  (4)
RATE this WLRK associate    01/22/19  (59)
Senate is going to pass a bill opening gov for 2 weeks, no wall funding. What w    01/22/19  (1)
Why aren't Catholics protesting the bishop who DENOUNCED the Covington Teens?    01/22/19  (6)
Check out this vid of Sly Stallone spotting J. Peterson incline bench    01/22/19  (9)
2nd cousin: Wanna spank my bum? ;) Shrew gf: They tried to take his drum!    01/22/19  (11)
Most of your mothers cried when pregnancy test showed it was positive    01/22/19  (6)
I want to put a saddle on bloodacre, and, like a persian king, ride him thru dri    01/22/19  (1)
Sen. Kamala Harris struggling to get financial support for campaign    01/22/19  (8)
MAGA teens episode is worse than Travyon, Kavanaugh, Duke Lacrosse    01/22/19  (33)
How would Kamela do in the general election vs Trump?    01/22/19  (58)
guy eats out conjoined twins with 1.5 pussies (porn hub)    01/22/19  (3)
fuck my dick this kamala harris pussy tight    01/22/19  (2)
**Rich people are so rich they put out home fires with champagne**    01/22/19  (6)
I really don't understand wearing cowboy boots and hats    01/22/19  (20)
Hall Of Fame Class Of 2019 Announced: Li Na, Pierce, Kafelnikov #tennis    01/22/19  (5)
vid of Trump "messing with his phone" at precise moment of new crazy pills poast    01/22/19  (9)
Obese mental patient PN off his meds and outing again    01/22/19  (71)
Nathan Phillips charged with aggravated battery for beating drum in kid's face    01/22/19  (1)
have any of you ever been in the presence of a truly great mind?    01/22/19  (15)
Need some scholarship on the Czech Republic / Slovakia split    01/22/19  (5)
Reminder that the best moments of True Detective Season 1 were    01/22/19  (17)
Kathy Griffin surprisingly reasonable re MAGA teens    01/22/19  (29)
evan39 - thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner's thoughts on Trump's tranny ban?    01/22/19  (4)
ITT: we poast vids of people getting roasted on powerlines & cables    01/22/19  (318)
James Joyce Jr. is a scholar of Escatology    01/22/19  (2)
NYT: How We Destroy Lives Today (link)    01/22/19  (48)
"Rink! Rink! Hey! Risten!" jjcNavi    01/22/19  (26)
Why is Thunder Collins obsessed with China and Chinese?    01/22/19  (50)
protip: short Allstate    01/22/19  (26)
RATE this shitlib's artistic work showing his killing of the MAGA teens    01/22/19  (35)
Savannah Guthrie will interview Nick Sandmann (MAGA teen) on Today Show    01/22/19  (28)
How impressive is this hedge fund?    01/22/19  (34)
You're Old: Daniela Hantuchova Playing Legends Dubs #tennis    01/22/19  (2)
OKC style terrorist attack narrowly averted in downtown Chicago    01/22/19  (1)
these things don't matter goyim, trust me    01/22/19  (1)
It's amazing that Jews still think they can get away w pretending to be white    01/22/19  (2)
Prediction: KAMALA Harris will DEMOLISH the DEM 2020 Field    01/22/19  (28)
Hey that literally looks like a fucking bomb..want to bring it by the White Hous    01/22/19  (69)
Guy w "#UnitedWiFiSucks Never. Effing. Works." Shirt. FlyerTalk Bootlickers MAF    01/22/19  (1)
LOOK. LOOK! THE CHINESE ARE SHIT.    01/22/19  (1)
"people" who desperately want to shoehorn the word 'lore' into everything    01/22/19  (3)
Pope washes feet of Muslim migrants, but denounces innocent MAGA teens    01/22/19  (1)
Absolutely ZERO of these culture war short term "victories" matter. Only demogra    01/22/19  (106)
fuck it let's tear MAGA teen limb from limb anyway. give Sandmann a dirtnap    01/22/19  (1)
Huge beta tell: taking wife’s religion    01/22/19  (2)
Rate this comic about the Cleveland Browns    01/22/19  (16)
Alex Honnold found dead in Las Vegas hotel room -not flame (link)    01/22/19  (3)
SPS Tits To Dr Federer: "New Generation, Who Dis?" #tennis    01/22/19  (2)
true detective s3 urgent development (spoilers)    01/22/19  (10)
CharlesXII, how are your dating pursuits going this year? Doing anything differe    01/22/19  (44)
Oh Lord, stuck in a clothed gym again    01/22/19  (10)
Rate this chill lion cub (pic)    01/22/19  (2)
still loling @ david brooks ordering 'padrino' sandwich, embarrassing 'friend'    01/22/19  (43)
Fellow bigdickmos ever take your dick and rest it on a girl lap on the subway    01/22/19  (2)
autists who think they are "brooding" and "aloof" rather than socially broken    01/22/19  (11)
RATE Danielle Collins' Puppydood (PIC) #tennis    01/22/19  (1)
RATE this Netflix series (link)    01/22/19  (2)
i remember when I was like "man TT was a wacky character, hope he comes back"    01/22/19  (1)
would be 180 to be a teen who rebels against his shitlib parents by becoming alt    01/22/19  (1)
does anyone else constantly feel like something horrible is about to happen    01/22/19  (7)
"im gayyyyyyy" to ja rule "im real"    01/22/19  (11)
you guys are just bitter you are being outearned by an asian female nutella    01/22/19  (22)
Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream / Make shitlibs madder than I've ever    01/22/19  (3)
Clothing imprisoning me, stroking my peen, absolute gayness, I cannot stim, I ca    01/22/19  (3)
Is "emissions" testing a $cam?    01/22/19  (1)
"Look at it this way babe, you're 40-50x the provider he is."    01/22/19  (48)
Brexit on HBO is a masterpiece    01/22/19  (32)
McEnroe: 6'4" Is The Ideal Male Height #tennis #RSF    01/22/19  (15)
Fed employees with half adequate savings are gonna get a free month off?    01/22/19  (5)
Black woman destroys store because EBT food stamps card declined (video)    01/22/19  (11)
Oscar best picture: 50% homosexual and/or Afro.    01/22/19  (1)
best way to get rich is to get lucrative government contracts    01/22/19  (8)
I will listen to Blink-182 - Feeling This.mp3 at least once a week til I die    01/22/19  (4)
So a bunch of lib Feds will get a month’s pay for not working?    01/22/19  (11)
Anyone else wonder if theyll always be a morose brooding faggot    01/22/19  (24)
Solos or smalllaw bros: Do you worry about your competition?    01/22/19  (1)
Nathan Philips part of Native extremist movement    01/22/19  (2)
AssFaggot is a brooding mick with no reason to live    01/22/19  (3)
a lot Can change in a year lmao    01/22/19  (2)
alzabo rate this vaporwave/mallsoft video    01/22/19  (1)
Bigger cultural watershed moment: Trayvon or Covington Catholic?    01/22/19  (8)
Life has been, and always will be, kooky. lmao    01/22/19  (5)
WAPO Issues CORRECTION: Indian dude Nathan Phillips DID NOT FIGHT IN VIETNAM    01/22/19  (32)
"Burlingame" Chris Conway leading MAGA teens through gauntlet of shitlibs, orcs    01/22/19  (3)
Tennis Trivia: McEnroe Was Born In West Germany #tennis    01/22/19  (1)
Sign Of Our Low IQ Times: "Words Cannot Express _____"    01/22/19  (8)
Lee Corso At HOF Announcement w Mussina Yankee Head & Mussina O's Head    01/22/19  (1)
it's all fun and games till your pet bear eats u    01/22/19  (2)
Absurd that Stone Temple Pilots are still around with some new singer    01/22/19  (3)
Founder of porn site LegalPorno is former biglawyer    01/22/19  (5)
13yo SPS Tits Negs Lance "Rafa" Nadal (VID) #tennis    01/22/19  (1)
Gay places to shoot your cum on a man:    01/22/19  (9)
my wife is going to leave me because i don't make enough money lol    01/22/19  (49)
MIG intently pondering Veggie Tales: Noahs Ark, brow furrowing    01/22/19  (24)
Trump publicly siding with mostly white students against Native American war her    01/22/19  (1)
Elon wants this fat pussy    01/22/19  (48)
The hollowing out of shithole states is the best thing to hapoen to this country    01/22/19  (2)
Nathan Phillips and fellow Vietnam vet Sen. Blumenthal protesting MAGA teens    01/22/19  (8)
Not watching any bs Covington videos can we confirm HE lied re Vietnam?    01/22/19  (4)
Anyone read the Three-Body Problem?    01/22/19  (11)
If you're a federal worker, you can get $500 interest free from PayPal    01/22/19  (1)
Watch these chinks attack a prawn buffet.    01/22/19  (138)
everyone is distancing themselves from XO. FBI raid incoming.    01/22/19  (2)
You can't believe anything at all anymore.Retreat to the forest& rebuild society    01/22/19  (5)
1500 private jets arrive in Davos for climate change talks (link)    01/22/19  (4)
Neighbor's parrot laid 2 eggs. What is the best way to cook them?    01/22/19  (3)
Is This 16yo Russian Tennis Hottie -- Daria Frayman -- Jewish? (PICS) #tennis    01/22/19  (3)
Why isn't there a richer history of Oxy-maker Sackler family types being killed    01/22/19  (2)
Illegal alien nanny is crushing it at new job    01/22/19  (70)
Bush - MAGA teen.mp3    01/22/19  (2)
anyone willing to give cliffs on this Covington business    01/22/19  (5)
my female bird doodette lay 3 eggs    01/22/19  (4)
Americans used to understand the idea of the ethnic "shuck-and-jive"    01/22/19  (5)
MAGA teen thing is some kind of deep state PsyOp & the footage is mostly CGI    01/22/19  (1)
Sysco truck to exposed brick pipeline    01/22/19  (11)
When was the last time (year) there was actual systemic oppression of US blacks?    01/22/19  (5)
Are your old inlaws/parents (70+) becoming depressed?    01/22/19  (1)
Do you Trust the Turtle when RBG dies?    01/22/19  (3)
Kiev Sex Vacation Advice    01/22/19  (17)
car bros - considering striver car. which one    01/22/19  (97)
Lana Del Rey- Art Deco.mp3 + Eyes On Fire (feat. Kirsten Stubbe Teglb...    01/22/19  (18)
Primitive Radio Gods - Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth.mp3    01/22/19  (24)
Kid is in a TOP 3 PRIVATE ELEM SCHOOL - HOLY FUCK    01/22/19  (218)
Leslie Jones MAF about new Ghostbusters movie not featuring female cast (link)    01/22/19  (9)
When we will see the words "Every single time" spark a national racism outrage?    01/22/19  (1)
This is an emergency so the honorific must be extended to xoGlenn Greenwald    01/22/19  (31)
lil peep x lil tracy - white wine    01/22/19  (2)

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