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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/10/19  (244)
"Ms Dooberstein, your son already left school. His uncle, Lord PiddleSnout, came    01/17/19  (6)
Venice beach turning into SF style luxe dystopian shithole    01/17/19  (37)
"Hey 'son', let's watch this Woody Allen-Soon Yi documentary," giggled Spaceporn    01/17/19  (4)
Are you now or have you ever been a member of the snap group that booted lawman8    01/17/19  (1)
things that are over: WW1, WW2, FM radio, spaceporn's genetic line    01/17/19  (6)
ITT: Examples Of GC Flooding The Market w Similar Products Owned By Same Company    01/17/19  (64)
*FBI Agent spreads butthole* “I’m Spaceporn Jr!” *whole office laughs*    01/17/19  (92)
alzabo, skoalpig thoughts on the coming 5g internet rollout microwave kill grid?    01/17/19  (5)
guy I met told me he's a 'free booter'...    01/17/19  (2)
Do you and your wife/gf go to bed at the same time?    01/17/19  (8)
Prolific posters that don't "get" xo    01/17/19  (48)
do you find this girl cute?    01/17/19  (7)
"I'm OK, You're a Fucking Fag" -- my forthcoming ebook    01/17/19  (7)
No Drink January Day 17- over the hump and would kill for a drink    01/17/19  (3)
just ate huge plate of curried hamburger, cabbage, eggplant & onion    01/17/19  (3)
What happened to "shift cells up/down/left/right" in Excel?    01/17/19  (4)
Rudyard Kipling’s 'The Stranger' and the Multicultural Society    01/17/19  (1)
Giuliani: "What will it take to make this go away?" *hands Mueller a $20*    01/17/19  (2)
steve king expelled - republicucks in house have learned nothing from trump    01/17/19  (129)
Hotel dishwasher awarded $22 million after being made to work on Sundays    01/17/19  (3)
RANK The Power Outlets Of The World #travel    01/17/19  (26)
luis, is there a cure for our persistent irrational depression?    01/17/19  (34)
"ur resume is fantastic. just 1 problem- we know u bumped an AssFaggot thread."    01/17/19  (34)
What's Ben Carson doing these days?    01/17/19  (8)
google starbucks used *NONSTOP ASSRAPE* on spaceporn. -25 damage    01/17/19  (55)
Where would you live for 3 years between 25~35? Barcelona/Munich/Paris/London?    01/17/19  (25)
new app alerts residents to new piles of shit/dirty needles in San Francisco (Fa    01/17/19  (4)
Kyrie Irving has a 110 IQ    01/17/19  (6)
can I get XO's opinion on my upcoming novella?    01/17/19  (10)
Indian-American bro tries to run aid agency in Kabul; gets blown to bits:    01/17/19  (3)
whose woods these are I think I know, his house is full of niggers though..    01/17/19  (1)
AR-15s are only $500 dollars now    01/17/19  (47)
spaceporn shpuld i get a 80 dollar handjob frpm a middle afed cambodian    01/17/19  (6)
house is freezing, polar vortex is 180    01/17/19  (1)
The Dead Turdskins - Holiday In Cambodia.mp3    01/17/19  (24)
The Shallows (2016, Blake Lively)    01/17/19  (4)
Will assfaggot rape my son if I have kids    01/17/19  (7)
Cryptopia, Faygo, Fortnite, Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns, Japanese City Pop    01/17/19  (3)
my forthcoming novel to be published by Little, Breh and Company    01/17/19  (4)
_Thinking, Fast and Nigger_ my forthcoming ebook    01/17/19  (2)
'How to Tame Your Bossy Teen Daughter' my forthcoming ebook now available for pr    01/17/19  (2)
my forthcoming autobiography: 'STFU, Gook' (2019)    01/17/19  (3)
summon: bloodacre    01/17/19  (2)
Something magical about Japanese city pop    01/17/19  (3)
*pulls exit bag over face* "Alexa, play my japanese city pop playlist." "    01/17/19  (7)
Driving 2 hrs to meet my favorite ASMRtist at a meetup today    01/17/19  (1)
Libs literally believe they are surrounded by Russian-led Nazis on all sides.    01/17/19  (18)
this is a propositional nation. America could be 100% Nigerians, same outcome    01/17/19  (1)
Friendship ended with Vaporwave. Now C I T Y P O P is my best friend.    01/17/19  (49)
[C I T Y P O P Mixtape] Radio Cmeme Summertime Love Songs [1:44:26]    01/17/19  (2)
Sitting nude on the toilet eating curry browsing xo listnin to C I T Y P O P    01/17/19  (2)
Sitting nude on the toilet eating an apple browsing xo listnin to C I T Y P O P    01/17/19  (3)
I am out of the office lying on my bed catatonic listening to C I T Y P O P    01/17/19  (4)
vaporwave | lo-fi hip-hop | C I T Y P O P    01/17/19  (3)
C I T Y P O P    01/17/19  (2)
In love with this hot chick that does sewing tutorials on youtube    01/17/19  (7)
Law school now $100,000 a yr., hehe    01/17/19  (165)
risten, modelate democlat hele. I suppoh a common sense bolder seculity    01/17/19  (6)
Pelosi to Trump: "Reschedule" State of the Union address or submit it in writing    01/17/19  (59)
Aristophanes: "Socrates: who is this septic queer?"    01/17/19  (56)
Rate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's boyfriend (pic)    01/17/19  (53)
I have been catatonically depressed for 3 days    01/17/19  (7)
I have never seen a "bedbug" in my life    01/17/19  (3)
Thoughts on someone going into er just sliding on median grass? No damage to car    01/17/19  (3)
'Quick little salads... that Nancy Pelosi will make.'    01/17/19  (1)
I pissed off someone at work today.Told her to fix back problem by losing weight    01/17/19  (14)
historically important poaster discussing mr. jinx's cock, mr. jinx's cum, and g    01/17/19  (10)
Can we put Luka Doncic in argument for Greatest Rookie ever?    01/17/19  (20)
I'm looking for a guy named "Reed"    01/17/19  (4)
Employers should start testing for weed more    01/17/19  (21)
Pedohomos spamming the bort with their boy rape fantasies is a cause for concern    01/17/19  (5)
how do video game speed runners do it? trial and error?    01/17/19  (61)
Libs judge Hitler by the color of his skin, not the content of his character.    01/17/19  (4)
Jewish owned Purdue Pharma set out to addict, kill millions of whites w/ opioids    01/17/19  (12)
describe the xo worldview    01/17/19  (6)
Booked a $300 round-trip flight to FRANKFURT in two weeks. Taking suggestions    01/17/19  (55)
Nigerian emigres ransacking James Watson home, cannibalizing him    01/17/19  (2)
Thomas Mann's mother was a Brazilian of S. American Indian blood    01/17/19  (2)
20yo at work with a son and a boyfriend in the army sending me racy photos    01/17/19  (32)
James Watson evicted from lodgings, now lives in Oyster Bay dumpster    01/17/19  (2)
If you don’t MOISTURIZE DAILY ur INSANE    01/17/19  (9)
How big is this penis? (famous fine art photograph)    01/17/19  (30)
would you eat this 5 lb gummy bear continental style?    01/17/19  (9)
BABBYDUDE STUNNED i am angrty about holes he poked in    01/17/19  (8)
Facebook is utterly depressing now    01/17/19  (8)
Went to Costa Rica w/ 5 dudes, no FB posts, Go to the grocery store 1 chick    01/17/19  (7)
who brands a luxury hotel as dusitD2?    01/17/19  (6)
Not gonna blank bump anymore. From now on I will reply with: So true 👌    01/17/19  (1)
NYT: There is nothing wrong with open borders    01/17/19  (79)
Who is this crazy ass all-comma mod who calls everyone wlmas?    01/17/19  (40)
It warmed up a lot yesterday, came home to a busted water pipe    01/17/19  (13)
weird how uspo and boner p. are always absent at the same times    01/17/19  (5)
stone man is nigger, very nigger    01/17/19  (1)
Giuliani: "Show me where in Constitution it says colluding w/ Russia is a crime"    01/17/19  (2)
Is $300k supposed to be good now?    01/17/19  (120)
plantagenet face | quick little salads | race realism    01/17/19  (1)
Petition to BAN anyone that uses edgy reddit "meh" in their poasting    01/17/19  (26)
Told babbydude "I don't care!" after he howled after eating all    01/17/19  (16)
Best antitrust practice guide    01/17/19  (37)
SP here. Kid asking me for a Mustache Ride but i’m late for work damnit!    01/17/19  (3)
Wife pissed at me for tickling my kid's wiener and going "goochie goochie goo!"    01/17/19  (39)
Trump should call Nancy's bluff and offer the address in wiring    01/17/19  (2)
CIA, FBI, NSA and the rest HAVE NOTHING ON 250 IQ DARK LORD SUPERSPY TRUMP    01/17/19  (2)
Yahoo! SP here! Got my xmas bonus! YNY!    01/17/19  (10)
Just did my taxes. Forced to look at student loan balance    01/17/19  (26)
lawman8: "THE NEGROES TOOK OUR DATES!!"    01/17/19  (2)
race realism/HBD is winning. the fear among shitlibs is palpable    01/17/19  (57)
Which large (>Germany) country has the best electrical grid right now?    01/17/19  (8)
Can Trump carry a gun in the White House?    01/17/19  (1)
Hey RSF, how come tOSU won't play a power 5 OOC game in 2019?    01/17/19  (3)
Jay-Z criticizes lack of black arbitrators in IP dispute    01/17/19  (33)
Kid and I just got back from zoo and now were playing stinky red babboon bottoms    01/17/19  (21)
Nothing will ever feel as good as it did when you were a teenager    01/17/19  (6)
Trump should deliver SOTU at McDonald's    01/17/19  (1)
I say current MLB player, you say whether they make the HOF.    01/17/19  (311)
spanked my kid for playing w his wiener again    01/17/19  (70)
Trump giving SOTU at Ponderosa steakhouse    01/17/19  (2)
Mormon husband kills pregnant wife while giving birth to black baby (link)    01/17/19  (2)
Evan39 proles are alway$ buying "gadgeTTT$" and "TTTechnology"    01/17/19  (13)
HBD believing Asian dudes who practice bjj, lift weights, and have elite degrees    01/17/19  (2)
DNA suggests modern races are descendants of warring tribes of apes    01/17/19  (1)
Rate this indian actress and her transformation    01/17/19  (7)
for the record, these were the spaceporn qualifications for giving him shit    01/17/19  (5)
if u don't sleep in a full sweatsuit and hiking socks every night ur insane    01/17/19  (2)
Guy hits himself in the head with his own drone, falls off a cliff and dies    01/17/19  (15)
Black bear charges Japanese tourist. Tourist knocks it out with one punch (vid)    01/17/19  (5)
Nick BIG DICK Foles is ready for his 2nd championship.    01/17/19  (14)
Apparently xo Bernie pronounces it "nigra."    01/17/19  (3)
Made fresh tracks all day today    01/17/19  (22)
Did Google CEO commit perjury during congressional hearing?    01/17/19  (12)
Golden State Warriors scored 51 points in the fucking FIRST QUARTER tonight    01/17/19  (16)
Lmao at nutrition: eat the exact amount of potassium body needs or your fucked    01/17/19  (2)
pretty blown away at how good "You" on netflix once    01/17/19  (9)
Haven't been following the Gillette brouhaha, but I bought a Harry's razor    01/17/19  (1)
Which dem candidate will be the first to smoke weed on the campaign trail?    01/17/19  (1)
Question for tommy turdskin    01/17/19  (7)
tommy get a life    01/17/19  (7)
can't tell if john malkovich is underrated or overrated as an actor    01/17/19  (4)
Why does something exist, rather than nothing?    01/17/19  (63)
Giuliani: "In conclusion, if u believe he didn't collude u must find him guilty"    01/17/19  (2)
is there lots of skiing in alaska    01/17/19  (2)
Tommy are you low-T, are you low-T, are you low-T Tommy    01/17/19  (142)
Coming Soon: "My Cousin Vinnie 2" starring Rudy Giuliani and Jeanine Pirro    01/17/19  (1)
I just want a good $220k pension to live out the rest of my life on    01/17/19  (14)
Giuliani: "what so now committing a crime is a crime? this is a witch hunt"    01/17/19  (2)
Anybody else love biglaw?    01/17/19  (64)
Rate these firefighter salaries in California    01/17/19  (1)
Giuliani at Nuremberg trials: "Genocide is not a crime!"    01/17/19  (1)
Giuliani as OJ's lawyer: "Even if the glove don't fit, you must not acquit"    01/17/19  (2)
Giuliani: I'm going to prove Cohen's a liar, lets see him take bullet for Trump    01/17/19  (1)

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