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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   04/10/19  (286)
*Mandy reading Cosmo article about rim jobs stone faced in Aldi check out line*    04/23/19  (1)
Armed militias detaining illegals at the border to hand to border patrol.    04/23/19  (14)
Single for six months. Constantly lonely.    04/23/19  (13)
Who's watching Jeopardy tonight?    04/23/19  (1)
Every time I read a Raping Terry Gross poast I decide to not kill myself.    04/23/19  (3)
what will be the MAJOR TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS of the 2020s?    04/23/19  (26)
If you were paid $200 would you burn the Israeli flag?    04/23/19  (17)
SCOTUS census transcript released    04/23/19  (32)
Just got a 25 million dollar offer on amputation case...retiring from law (CSLG)    04/23/19  (6)
GoT GIRL POWER is absurd, unrealistic. Anyway if the Night King now has a dragon    04/23/19  (2)
So McKayla Maroney just dropped off the grid?    04/23/19  (61)
BS acing freshman biology at Yale without even studying. U: Jealous    04/23/19  (9)
Do y'all living with a wife & kids ever get alone time?    04/23/19  (130)
ITT Predict Trump's nickname for all 2020 Dem Candidates    04/23/19  (4)
Nicolas cage gets divorce from asian wife after 4 days    04/23/19  (18)
*petermans ass/throat bacteria doing azithromycin lines off each others boners*    04/23/19  (19)
what is it like to go fishing    04/23/19  (62)
the PROBLEM in FRANCE is not ISIS or ISLAM its ppl feeling EXCLUDED    04/23/19  (186)
Wait, shitlibs are MAF about the census asking citizenship question?    04/23/19  (2)
WTF will world be like without in-person retail?    04/23/19  (24)
Chandler/CSLG: Thoughts on plaintiff pre-lit vs. lit practice?    04/23/19  (10)
The Ranconteurs    04/23/19  (3)
lol wholly shit Nigerian bros sue MARK GERAGOS for defamation    04/23/19  (29)
What is the hypothetical scenario where divorce doesn’t fuck up the kids?    04/23/19  (40)
Why is Trump's numbers continuing to go down?    04/23/19  (2)
i miss bothereds bright red 93 miata    04/23/19  (5)
Are you Team Buddha-Judge or Team Boot-Edge-Edge?    04/23/19  (4)
The Black Feminists Who Saw the Alt-Right Threat Coming (nyt)    04/23/19  (4)
20th Century Fox securing rights to the JJC fictional universe.    04/23/19  (8)
Who was your GO TO Street Fighter 2 character?    04/23/19  (66)
How many of you have a REAL ID?    04/23/19  (3)
why the FUCK isnt all work remote by now    04/23/19  (43)
Free Speech ‘Meltdown’ At Williams. White Males Told To Sit Down & Shut Up    04/23/19  (32)
Miserable marriages holding it together to disguise true nature of the world    04/23/19  (1)
Half of xo 2019 doesn't even know what Williams is    04/23/19  (19)
checked clown world news, libs flipping out re visa overstays, Trump UK visit    04/23/19  (1)
law partner shrew at my firm relies on power crystals to power thru deals    04/23/19  (1)
ITT: xo male and his future wife go out for a night on the town    04/23/19  (177)
Is divorce ever okay? Even if kids are in college/grown-up?    04/23/19  (2)
Grenade found by Columbia university. Police taped off the srea    04/23/19  (4)
S&P about to make new ATH?    04/23/19  (2)
Was the most recent GOT episode the worst in the show's history?    04/23/19  (38)
Doodikoff, will Georgia turn blue in 2020?    04/23/19  (7)
Libs are flipping out over citizen's militias patrolling the border    04/23/19  (2)
Please caption this AGWWG photo (TWIST)    04/23/19  (1)
Can someone explain the census citizenship question debate and why it matters?    04/23/19  (43)
Am I hallucinating or was a subplot of Gremlins that Santa Claus died in chimney    04/23/19  (18)
Feeling it’s Time to do mushrooms or lsd soon. who else is ready?    04/23/19  (19)
"I didn't pay you $20 to acknowledge Kant, boy."    04/23/19  (78)
Developer Advocacy is a makework job right?    04/23/19  (2)
Who could have predicted Arya would get so ugly?    04/23/19  (8)
WTF happened to the SPH board???    04/23/19  (2)
charles you could be married next month if u would date a gook    04/23/19  (15)
Charles is the most 180 person on this shitboart    04/23/19  (59)
"are you talking to those racist lawyers again honey? come suck my dick"    04/23/19  (2)
Wir fahr'n fahr'n fahr'n auf der Autobahn    04/23/19  (4)
i miss don barzini's "strong italian jawline"    04/23/19  (8)
*Halford selling indulgences so xo poasters may have vaginal intercourse*    04/23/19  (5)
weather the poster.    04/23/19  (15)
"And we'll hang out in the coolest bars; in the VIP with the movie stars"    04/23/19  (2)
Seattle libs demand Starbucks remove "Americano" from menu    04/23/19  (5)
asian women were literally put on this planet to be sex toys for white men    04/23/19  (9)
Sex w azns easier than mowing them down in heli scene in FMJ. get some    04/23/19  (4)
Round 3 interview at Google    04/23/19  (14)
sausage is the credited breakfast meat. fuck bacon    04/23/19  (24)
Arya looks like Stewie from family guy    04/23/19  (7)
Lawyers are fucking horrible at succinctly conveying info via PowerPoint    04/23/19  (15)
Trump comparing himself to Obama's 2008 campaign, LOL JUST LO-FUCKING-L!    04/23/19  (167)
Avenatti provides evidence that DISPUTES charges in indictment; may be innocent    04/23/19  (18)
fat proles buying cardio watches for $113    04/23/19  (11)
watching foxnews. Only commercials are mypillow and that gold selling co.    04/23/19  (8)
2025: Single Dad Thunder Collins, swiping right on Tinder 4's    04/23/19  (6)
Prole tell: Causing a car accident    04/23/19  (63)
whittier TP, rating you as XO-themed quotes from my GF    04/23/19  (41)
The world will be changed by driverless cars any day now!    04/23/19  (7)
Metal Up Your Ass, rate the Exit 111 Festival announced today    04/23/19  (1)
Why do high earning men marry?    04/23/19  (36)
This crazy one legged nut job on my blocks has two birds on his shoulders    04/23/19  (1)
Lol @ ppl who get "colds"    04/23/19  (1)
haha but where will I get the million dollars    04/23/19  (1)
Canada unveils new loonie commemorating poopdick    04/23/19  (7)
Rating poasters as medieval works of art ITT    04/23/19  (45)
HALFORD, what's the single best IFNB pic ever?    04/23/19  (19)
white men will be kept around to lend cosmetic legitimacy, as in Chinese boardro    04/23/19  (5)
Galaxy War 1 - over under 2150    04/23/19  (2)
apologize to Larry    04/23/19  (1)
women can get everything they want by being complete whores    04/23/19  (3)
Rate this fishing pic I took a few years ago    04/23/19  (15)
So there's no plan to ever reduce the national debt?    04/23/19  (22)
Samsung is recalling all "Galaxy Fold" units    04/23/19  (7)
"Alexa, play music no one can dance to."    04/23/19  (1)
how effective is suicide by train?    04/23/19  (5)
rains of castamere stuck in my head.    04/23/19  (6)
"Hey Jack Kerouac" 10,000 Maniacs unmistakably white song, white group, white au    04/23/19  (2)
Donald Will Be A Common Jewish Name, Like Alexander (The Great)    04/23/19  (1)
XO Bibi Renaming Golan Heights Town After TRUMP, "Kiryat Trump". L'Chaim!    04/23/19  (2)
S&P Back To Record Highs, Nearing 3000. SILENCE From (((Media)))    04/23/19  (2)
hey jim kelly tp how expensive are the dues at comet pizza & ping pong?    04/23/19  (5)
NASA hires woman dressed as Fearless Girl in spacesuit as new chief scientist (C    04/23/19  (1)
Why do libs assume blacks will begin cooking healthy when    04/23/19  (1)
A good hamburger beats a good cheeseburger nine times out of ten.    04/23/19  (3)
proles buyin 12$ "gourmet" burgers, faux artisinal desserts frm fast food joints    04/23/19  (5)
my new indie rock band: The Australian Technique    04/23/19  (4)
Mr. Miyagi *clapping* hands together, performing Australian Technique on Daniel    04/23/19  (3)
nyuug filming paint dry on huawei p smart screaming "WHERE U AT EARL?"    04/23/19  (2)
love a pint, not keen on muzzies, NOT racist just don't like 'em, simple as    04/23/19  (9)
d. attenborough narrating proles grazing on gas station "go-pack" fun-sized cand    04/23/19  (3)
Cauliflower is the top cruciferous vegitable. All others can suck a dick.    04/23/19  (1)
Bruce Wayne breaking into penintentiary to learn Nassar's Australian Technique    04/23/19  (6)
Unpopular truth. A cheeseburger is always better without bacon.    04/23/19  (90)
Trump to grant full pardon to Larry Nassar    04/23/19  (29)
Links to Thunder Collins seminal threads?    04/23/19  (6)
"US" libs very concerned with disenfranchisement of Boston Bomber    04/23/19  (3)
ITE very few get jobs through "networking"    04/23/19  (55)
Nassar wheeled onto tarmac in hockey mask to perform Australian Technique    04/23/19  (8)
Could you outrun the “police” with right vehicle?    04/23/19  (55)
has benzo done anything buckwild yet?    04/23/19  (1)
weather/Scott Walker = hypocritical, intellectually unserious, likely homosexual    04/23/19  (1)
"What do you want to be when u grow up? Ok, and what's ur side hustle gonna be?"    04/23/19  (1)
college grad dresses as Fearless Girl statue to get a job — hired on spot    04/23/19  (15)
hey "weather" tp, if you like niggers/diversity so much, why not move to Africa?    04/23/19  (4)
goys yapped about "got" all day & multiple people organised 'avengers' outings    04/23/19  (2)
Lib male on miniskirt: "HEY PRANCER! You are a DANCER!"    04/23/19  (5)
turns to Victorian observatory 'and now gentleman, the australian technique'    04/23/19  (4)
"I'm going to use an Australian technique now.." (treats you like a bowling ball    04/23/19  (6)
Really glad "GOY" the poaster has never told me to go back to some country    04/23/19  (9)
Latest Trump tweet: The Wall is being rapidly built!..Our Country is Respected a    04/23/19  (1)
womyn's big blabbermouths writing checks that their brittle lil asses can't cash    04/23/19  (1)
omg, women are all clearly so strong and fearless!!    04/23/19  (1)
flexjobs.com    04/23/19  (10)
Why is Iran bad?    04/23/19  (82)
as project manager at Nike I engaged spearchuckers    04/23/19  (7)
is this womans transformation any better?    04/23/19  (4)
With Amnesty Don's 100% failure,only chance white America has left is 1929 crash    04/23/19  (28)
bunch of grown-ass men watching throne-shit    04/23/19  (3)
Reminder: your lord and savior is a jewish man who ran epic flame on dumb goyim    04/23/19  (38)
Lol at "men" wearing a selected outfit for an "interview" to get judged and humi    04/23/19  (31)
If you were paid $200 would you burn the American flag?    04/23/19  (37)
$2 million dollars a year but you must live in Bishkek until you die    04/23/19  (1)
Trumptards: Your god will be imprisoned the second he leaves office and returns    04/23/19  (52)
Million Dollar Prank? Scientists Can't Explain Ford Mustang Buried in Arctic    04/23/19  (8)
receptionist insisted that i 'sign in' before she would help me...    04/23/19  (3)
Documentary on guy who molested gymnasts has extensive CGI reenactments (link)    04/23/19  (3)
Where are u watching the Leafs Bruins game    04/23/19  (7)
Lol at "commuting" to an "office" so "boss" can supervise you like a 6    04/23/19  (33)
You can now be fired for eye contact, no eye contact, or bad eye contact (CNN)    04/23/19  (40)
does any1 else spend time at work on google maps looking at very remote places    04/23/19  (35)
NASA looking for a lawyer to live and work remotely on the ISS (link)    04/23/19  (9)
Why would ca$e be bound over to di$trict court then nothing $cheduled    04/23/19  (5)

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