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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   11/19/18  (200)
Name a nationality. If I've fucked it this year, I'll post a pic of said nationa    11/20/18  (38)
What's up with this Teen Jeopardy contestant?    11/20/18  (6)
The PC way to oppose diversity: equate it with division and opposite of unity    11/20/18  (10)
Crypto making amazing new lows while you're brushing teeth, getting ready for be    11/20/18  (1)
Mahomes stat line tonight: 6 TD passes, 5 turnovers (3 INTs, 2 fumbles lost)    11/20/18  (2)
BOLD & COUNTERINTUITIVE Predictions re 2018 Tennis Season #tennis    11/20/18  (46)
REMINDER: lawman8 is asserting that boner police and DBG got arrested by FBI    11/20/18  (27)
Shitlib AirBNB Bends The Knee To BDS, Won't Allow Listings In Israel's Territory    11/20/18  (3)
It was a HIGH STAKES CHAMPIONSHIP GAME *beats Northwestern*    11/20/18  (1)
Old School Poaster Returning    11/20/18  (17)
There appear to be, for example, roughly 250 threads with the word "nigger"    11/20/18  (4)
reminder: my un-outed nazi snapchat group drives your entire worldview    11/20/18  (1)
Just started loling hard at faggots who think there's an irl xo snapchat group    11/20/18  (4)
Why are germanics so underrepresented in the legal profession?    11/20/18  (24)
Business idea: anime cosplay strip club playing only city pop    11/20/18  (6)
Rams coach is 32.    11/20/18  (4)
amazing how bitter FLW is over crypto    11/20/18  (66)
TEENS only MAX OUT on JUUL (12 second pulls. 3 MAX OUT = STRIKE OUT    11/20/18  (2)
Is Baker McKenzie a good firm?    11/20/18  (11)
Noticed that European men tend to like minorities more than American men    11/20/18  (4)
1st ballot wigger hall of famer: who is this underexamined poaster?    11/20/18  (2)
kenny was running me amok. He gave me a warhellride. Rock over chandler. rock on    11/20/18  (2)
A 1 loss Power 5 champ is more impressive than undefeated Notre Dame.    11/20/18  (21)
Private sector in America uses YOU    11/20/18  (1)
the following posters are confirmed 180 posters    11/20/18  (3)
Holiday Party Dec 5 in Los Angeles (CSLG)    11/20/18  (86)
Peterman: Good. Now shatter the bottle. Trucker: Jesus fuck    11/20/18  (38)
is it common for people 20 years out of hs, 16 years out of ugrad to compare gre    11/20/18  (1)
Rams will lose. Sean McVey is a retard.    11/20/18  (8)
Does everyone who spends 10 years in biglaw become like DevryMastersCanddiate    11/20/18  (52)
software experts - where will software be in 10 years?    11/20/18  (11)
Weird seeing you all freaking the fuck out. You can't handle XO    11/20/18  (4)
I believe the following poasters are members of the secret snapchat group:    11/20/18  (101)
"the "cool kids" snapchat group has most of the prominent xo posters"    11/20/18  (16)
xo2018 is so stupid that xo2018 doesn't even know what xo2018 means, lol    11/20/18  (1)
Mia Love loses re-election    11/20/18  (6)
Best purchase you've made in the last year for under $500?    11/20/18  (44)
"one word: xo 2018" (xo2018)    11/20/18  (2)
Rams didn't cover tho. Lots of degens must be steaming    11/20/18  (2)
Will Testify On Behalf of All Spaceporn-accused Posters - nyuug@hotmail.com    11/20/18  (15)
Taking Qs on Vault 100 firms, biglaw, and the baller attorney lifestyle    11/20/18  (14)
u so so stupid    11/20/18  (1)
u stupid    11/20/18  (1)
kenny, you threatened to.murder my son.    11/20/18  (51)
Tucker just used phrase 'Germanic efficiency' apropos of nothing    11/20/18  (3)
Taking Questions on V5 M&A    11/20/18  (251)
XO RAMS MOTHERFUCKER    11/20/18  (11)
Most credited luxury vehicle to buy to piss off TMF?    11/20/18  (17)
So fake psychiatrist practiced for 22 years. any more proof profession's a joke?    11/20/18  (1)
The following comments are meant to be responsive to your 11:24 AM email:    11/20/18  (20)
Trumpmo fanfic in LATimes: MEXICAN mob protests honduran caravan    11/20/18  (26)
ITT: poast your GRE scores    11/20/18  (1)
Fun fact: 40 year old Asian women have perkier titties than 28 year old white wo    11/20/18  (2)
ITT: rank the definitive BEST tampons to boil    11/20/18  (1)
2 mike leach offenses = "greatest NFL game ever"    11/20/18  (1)
How do they do V100? How is Bois < Weil? Wilmer < Jones Day? Venable < Reed Smit    11/20/18  (1)
So the Rams are the new Patriots?    11/20/18  (12)
About to boil some tampon juice. Anyone want in?    11/20/18  (1)
Your **JOB**... is to **HELP US**. Not to -- FUCK US UP.    11/20/18  (1)
What time do you eat your non-thanksgiving meals?    11/20/18  (2)
1,2,3,4 postin' on a racist board    11/20/18  (6)
Patrick Mahomes: your MVP candidate with 5 turnovers    11/20/18  (3)
so SP threatens charges against xo posters; then destroys evidence -> disbarred?    11/19/18  (28)
Chiefs- Rams    11/19/18  (26)
Damn daddy mcvay for potus    11/19/18  (1)
Spaceporn told them — BEGGED them — to quit.    11/19/18  (14)
When was the last time something like this SP fiasco happened?    11/19/18  (33)
I think my 18yo babysitter was coming on to me last night    11/19/18  (238)
Accordion Scene from Holy Motors so cr    11/19/18  (4)
On an Internet Law Board, a Troubled Man With Micropenis (NYT)    11/19/18  (1)
I am retiring [] bc I cannot stomach the [] threats against my son; registers 10    11/19/18  (1)
So george20 is a Kenny alt. Seems almost obvious when u think abt it    11/19/18  (1)
Is this an arena league game    11/19/18  (13)
KC still has all their timeouts Jfc    11/19/18  (1)
NYT: Reimagining Norman Rockwell paintings with LGBTQZ and People of Color    11/19/18  (20)
Spaceporn: "I will NEVER poast on a bort that attacks my SON"- *keeps poasting*    11/19/18  (3)
But ExthRP isn’t dethentralized    11/19/18  (1)
Sean McVey is going bald. Sad!    11/19/18  (2)
BAN THIS SHITHEAD    11/19/18  (2)
can we literally ban spaceporn at this point? needs to go back for fucking w IRL    11/19/18  (2)
RIP NFL. Today is the day we saw the sport die.    11/19/18  (18)
Hey Kenny what were you doing outside my kid's daycare this afternoon?    11/19/18  (4)
If anyone knows spaceporn IRL, come itt    11/19/18  (26)
Spaceporn furrowing brow over McDonald's placemat maze as pumos advance on son    11/19/18  (31)
hey spacecuck. just to get back at you for FALSE ACCUSATION i will FUCK W    11/19/18  (3)
So Michael Dell was just a boomer who built PCs and became a billionaire    11/19/18  (1)
when i was in 1st grade, we dressed as pilgrims and churned fucking butter    11/19/18  (5)
Enough with spaceporn's kid. I'm going to rape his wife    11/19/18  (2)
So Kenny is a volunteer Scout leader but has no kids?    11/19/18  (4)
do modern 'diverse' 1st grades still re-enact 1st Thanksgiving?    11/19/18  (3)
It's almost too obvious that the NFL is fake. Announcers aren't even into it    11/19/18  (4)
backspace's definitive guide to spaceporn alts    11/19/18  (48)
Dude you're getting a Dell    11/19/18  (1)
lol if spaceporn tries to go at Kenny and faces the wrath of CSLG    11/19/18  (7)
tragically beta    11/19/18  (1)
So let me get this straight re: NYUUG    11/19/18  (34)
Spaceporn and Kenny are meeting up for drinks. Feud is over    11/19/18  (4)
Tijuana Residents Chant “Out!” At Guatemalan Migrants    11/19/18  (14)
Is that Kirby or spaceporn's son's asshole vacuuming up everything    11/19/18  (2)
Tplink routers are the shit    11/19/18  (10)
Partner just e-mailed me asking me to order him seamless    11/19/18  (1)
Fucking a girl up shit pipe: most overrated thing ever    11/19/18  (8)
If 10 posters poast I will post a REAL back pic with my buttcheeks. Go!    11/19/18  (18)
this is boring. ban this shithead.    11/19/18  (1)
Literally sick thinking about emails while I lose the rest of my savings    11/19/18  (1)
holy shit gogol just got called out by NYUUG for not being a biglawler    11/19/18  (1)
Christian Bale to portray Dick Cheney in movie (pics)    11/19/18  (2)
Cooking bros: mother-in-law not a great cook. I can ONLY brine the turkey. Help    11/19/18  (34)
Libs celebrating Thanksgiving with Peking Duck and Plum Sauce    11/19/18  (14)
Just launched NiggerCoin. ICO starts right now.    11/19/18  (129)
Rate these tits    11/19/18  (24)
one thing about having a super small wiener!    11/19/18  (20)
Just got off the phone with rach. About 10 monikers were just banned.    11/19/18  (4)
Great Emperor Trump stopped posting QUICK when ppl pointed out he destroyed evid    11/19/18  (2)
PSA Panama City, FL is in the same time zone as Oklahoma City, OK    11/19/18  (1)
Spaceporn doesn’t fuck around. Why did these fools test him?    11/19/18  (20)
I’m gonna be by myself for tgiving this year    11/19/18  (4)
there are so, so few people in this world worthy of unadulterated respect    11/19/18  (19)
What’s Rach’s email? Spaceporn contacted my employer    11/19/18  (41)
The craziest tie-in to spaceporn drama is how he used doobs 23andMe spreadsheet    11/19/18  (1)
How shitty of a coach was Jeff Fisher    11/19/18  (2)
Fleshlight checking in. Can I get a cliffs on Spaceporn drama?    11/19/18  (9)
Those who do not Major in History are doomed to repeat it    11/19/18  (5)
Kenny jerking off to the movie Little Rascals.    11/19/18  (4)
Summary of the recent spaceporn drama?    11/19/18  (3)
The NFL is unwatchable with all of the penalties    11/19/18  (4)
best thing about crypto is the friends you made    11/19/18  (11)
giving away eth for fun    11/19/18  (38)
Chuck Schumer’s dyke daughter ties the knot. Thoughts?    11/19/18  (26)
Hooters opens fast-casual location called “Hoots” for clothmos (LINK)    11/19/18  (1)
Hypo: the front page of xo is packed with threads shitting on your life    11/19/18  (7)
new poster here. whats up?    11/19/18  (2)
Watching spaceporn go all Liam Neeson has been terrifying but inspiring    11/19/18  (8)
I posted a perfectly legit wiener thread—why did it get shitmodded? Someone is    11/19/18  (4)
Gen Y guys wear Shoes that are 1-2 sizes too big because Shoe=Dick    11/19/18  (5)
List your top 5 sci-fi novels    11/19/18  (5)
Didn’t get in any theology threading tonight but just read entire first critiq    11/19/18  (1)
Saw Kenny eating dinner by himself at Chuck E Cheese. Wtf?    11/19/18  (4)
Pics of "next door" girls who are hot because of their blue eyes    11/19/18  (1)
Michigan is going to lose to tOSU    11/19/18  (1)
The most surveilled law school discussion board in the world.    11/19/18  (4)
Havent actually seen a sp kid thread or conflicts. Is it going to kill the board    11/19/18  (1)
XO is really fantastic tonight    11/19/18  (3)
Why are old film budgets seemingly impossibly low?    11/19/18  (20)
Mr Jinx dejectedly leaving the Cummer Museum in Jacksonville FL    11/19/18  (1)
These American Restaurants Are Failing to Attract Millennials (Link)    11/19/18  (59)
spaceporn why are you shitmodding old threads YOU posted about ur son's wiener?    11/19/18  (4)
If kids flick their wiener a lot will semen come out sooner than usual?    11/19/18  (1)
Any SecReg Masterman Around?    11/19/18  (2)

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