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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   05/13/19  (291)
*** Official Game of Thrones - Season Finale thread ***    05/20/19  (217)
FIRST OFF, fuck my ass and the clique you claim    05/20/19  (2)
What is your single absolute favorite fast food item from any chain?    05/20/19  (7)
Vice Vaughn Media    05/20/19  (1)
I think my gf is mad at me for calling my asshole a boipussy    05/20/19  (35)
Any straight bros bleach their assholes???    05/20/19  (7)
les paul is vince vaughn and i am mel gibson    05/20/19  (1)
Went on a 20-man cockfest. Holy fuck my ass hurts.    05/20/19  (2)
Barnes and Noble's had yuge displays selling bound copies of the Mueller Report    05/20/19  (6)
So is my Huawei fucked?    05/20/19  (22)
My father used to fuck my ass hard as a kid, and I enjoyed it    05/20/19  (13)
went on 20 mile bike road holy fuck my ass hurts    05/20/19  (19)
How to convince gf to finger fuck my ass hole?    05/20/19  (9)
Currently at work drinking iced coffee, high as fuck on Phenibut, taking Qs    05/20/19  (19)
Fuck my ass had to wait till it POURS. Now will have to poast untill it stops.    05/20/19  (2)
There were people saying Battle of Winterfell would surpass Battle of Helms Deep    05/20/19  (1)
GC determined that grocery prices were too expensive.    05/20/19  (19)
fuck my ass how is it July already    05/20/19  (6)
GOT ends with Columbus type character finding a new continent.    05/20/19  (6)
Breaking Bad is probably the only show that stuck the landing well    05/20/19  (43)
well fuck my ass holy shit    05/20/19  (3)
"...my ass this yellow shi--I'm sorry, who just joined?"    05/20/19  (1)
NEED a poaster (or 2) to fuck my ass right now    05/20/19  (8)
"Hey you busy? Oh okay, gonna need you to fuck my ass real quick    05/20/19  (3)
Drunk in sf fuck my ass brothers    05/20/19  (22)
"I'm not a slave because they give me green pieces of paper"thought office drone    05/20/19  (3)
so Arya went from super secret death ninja to a bloody pirate?    05/20/19  (5)
fuck my ass brothers.    05/20/19  (4)
Fuck my ass brothers. Car is leaking antifreeze. only 7 yrs old. Fuck it hard.    05/20/19  (9)
why does reddit hate kids so much?    05/20/19  (6)
So Pete Boot Gag Gag was very good in his FOX town hall.    05/20/19  (1)
fuck my ass brothers, i'm about to go on a fast food run again.    05/20/19  (25)
fuck my ass brothers they brought back citrus cooler gatorade    05/20/19  (20)
fuck my ass brothers, i need motivation to work out    05/20/19  (19)
now that Game of Reddit is over, what's the next cr show?    05/20/19  (4)
fuck my ass brother    05/20/19  (4)
fuck my ass brothers, totally missed tonight's linthreading    05/20/19  (2)
Fuck my ass I have an eczema blister on my foot    05/20/19  (5)
fuck my ass    05/20/19  (5)
Watchmen, please fuck my ass (PF)    05/20/19  (4)
never going to bed late again. fuck my ass    05/20/19  (2)
Game of Thrones Had an Opportunity With Daenerys Targaryen. The Show Squandered    05/20/19  (5)
Is going to restaurants a credited hobby?    05/20/19  (93)
Who was behind "I literally only post fuck my ass" moniker?    05/20/19  (11)
Tinderellas sitting on fake Iron Thrones, angled so their legs look sexy    05/20/19  (3)
fuck my ass, btw.    05/20/19  (2)
China's 'social credit system' straight out of Orwell's 1984 (link)    05/20/19  (2)
Fuck my ass    05/20/19  (4)
FUCK MY ASS    05/20/19  (2)
SHUT UP AND FUCK MY ASS    05/20/19  (3)
ur future son named thomas pronounced fomas as instructed to kindergarten teache    05/20/19  (1)
Roy Tarpley was a 00.1% outcome for a NBA baller    05/20/19  (2)
Describe the RAHM EMANUEL era of Chicago.    05/20/19  (3)
Why did the wildlings get sent back North?    05/20/19  (4)
So GoT ended with the slaughter of a 1M people and Bronn making prostitute jokes    05/20/19  (3)
PENIS SLEEVE came in the mail today    05/20/19  (14)
Desperately need to get to Brazil    05/20/19  (7)
The conservative party that won in Australia is called the "Liberal Party"    05/20/19  (9)
Rate this big titted LA teen shopping in a tube top    05/20/19  (19)
2020 Dems: Don't detain illegal aliens caught crossing the border (link)    05/20/19  (1)
*GC throwing out adderall and xanax like pigeon feed to squawking wagecucks*    05/20/19  (19)
Turns out the iron throne was inside us all along    05/20/19  (1)
went 2 daugher's dance recital this w/e, all the dads looked like low T soydorks    05/20/19  (6)
Let's combine Sopranos, SATC and GOT into: "Sex and Crime in Westeros" in    05/20/19  (2)
The throne melting looked corny as shit    05/20/19  (3)
"make sure you spay and neuter your pets!" *brings rabid niggers to ur neighborh    05/20/19  (1)
If you can spend >5hrs on a weekday in "leisure" and enjoy it, you're a loser    05/20/19  (9)
Tons of foreshadowing last night that BRONN will take the iron throne, not flame    05/20/19  (5)
2010s 'noughties' consisted solely of yoga pants in public, dragon show & obama?    05/20/19  (5)
Lawman 8: "What are you drinking?" Upset Jew: "A Rootless Cosmopolitan"    05/20/19  (4)
Robert Smith should run for president    05/20/19  (14)
XO: "Jews try to manipulate and control everything! I know cause I married one!"    05/20/19  (4)
Anna Chapman: no prison cuz shes hot. Maria Butina: will get 2 yrs+ cuz shes not    05/20/19  (5)
dragon abortion thread    05/20/19  (4)
Never ending abortion debate is yet another reason why humanity sucks    05/20/19  (16)
Love me some autoadmit    05/20/19  (1)
Now that its over. Best Scene in GOT?    05/20/19  (19)
*GC opens Felix the Cat bag* *fentanyl, porn, cable shows pour out*    05/20/19  (3)
Generic bald, bearded coworker who thinks he's the Breaking Bad guy    05/20/19  (1)
What is the purpose of the Night's Watch?    05/20/19  (2)
Gun to head: GOT or SATC?    05/20/19  (1)
What if we polled the unborn: "Would you like to be aborted?"    05/20/19  (5)
GoT bloodshed is what happens in a world without Christ (Andrew Sullivan)    05/20/19  (2)
c-span: & now, a panel discussion with Upset Jew, Enki, Boner Police and Lawman8    05/20/19  (10)
Ho ho He He...Yea I’m gay and dumb Teedee    05/20/19  (1)
Sopranos >>> Breaking Bad >>> Better Call Saul >>> GoT    05/20/19  (1)
Memorial Weekend, 1998    05/20/19  (55)
GC: "Achieve your dream a home with a mortgage!" (mortgage means 'death pledge')    05/20/19  (1)
Trumpmos describe how conflicted you are at this article    05/20/19  (4)
jcm projectile launching miniature football out of her pussy toward luis' head    05/20/19  (21)
Devoted pro lifers getting sex changes so they have more say in abortion debate    05/20/19  (3)
ITT: another abortion thread    05/20/19  (1)
Do you have a vagina? No? Then you have no say on this abortion debate.    05/20/19  (84)
GC: "money will buy happiness!" *deaths of despair reach record levels*    05/20/19  (2)
This dishwasher chick is blowing my mind    05/20/19  (79)
marcus aurelius' meditations is cr bros. avoid any germans    05/20/19  (11)
When yang bucks    05/20/19  (1)
having trouble remembering things lately still remember your number though haha    05/20/19  (2)
really been tough for me here with your mom gone haha    05/20/19  (2)
Set dating app location to Asia: 50% of chicks wifeable. US? 5% at best (DTP)    05/20/19  (12)
HEy did you get my message about the tumor haha - unread text from your dad    05/20/19  (2)
Irony starved MPA decrying horror censorship as he stabs the escort    05/20/19  (3)
“I thought we'd see dad more than 10 times,” 12 yo u sobs as you click New P    05/20/19  (7)
If your poop floats and has no semen in it, you're going to die young.    05/20/19  (3)
Black Women in Chicago, Getting Things Done: How rest of the US can follow (NYT    05/20/19  (34)
Am I nuts to think Buttplug is the most dangerous candidate for DRUMPF ?    05/20/19  (14)
is dragon show over for good now    05/20/19  (7)
So did the Iron Bank have its due or what?    05/20/19  (1)
That time Butterbean 'accidentally' knocked out the referee    05/20/19  (2)
a black youth, disconnected from 🌎 around him, menacingly shouting rap lyrics    05/20/19  (6)
Gary Russell Jr. is a racist nigger    05/20/19  (1)
"But my dragon show," said the wagecuck facing the void of free time    05/20/19  (39)
biglaw this sounds like bad news    05/20/19  (6)
ATP May 20-26 Thread - Geneva, Lyon #tennis    05/20/19  (2)
Anna Chapman unnnnghhhhhhhh, please honeypot me    05/20/19  (3)
What % of “crime” i$ committed by the “athoritie$” them$elve$?    05/20/19  (15)
Service partners singing "The Boy is Mine" duet as both assign u 40 hrs of work    05/20/19  (3)
Phone companies are moronic herd-followers    05/20/19  (45)
Ex special forces bros turned buckhead PE ballers just crushing it Hartsfield    05/20/19  (3)
GoT s09 will only be 2 episodes    05/20/19  (5)
So basically 40% of GOT S8 = Bran leering autistically at people    05/20/19  (41)
Game of Thrones ending: Cohen takes the Iron Throne    05/20/19  (11)
A pro-life message bort full of lawyers who wish they were dead    05/20/19  (8)
lmao some poaster was claiming Huawei was the future a week ago PWND    05/20/19  (2)
Jew's ancestors rubbing hands together "what a time to be alive"    05/20/19  (11)
Cowgod, rate Super Mario Maker 2 (Nintendo Switch)    05/20/19  (3)
Buttigieg gets VP nod, news breaks that hes into slam sex and race play    05/20/19  (5)
CharlesXII here, doing a readthrough+review of Ready Player One    05/20/19  (437)
has there ever been a character more useless than Bran?    05/20/19  (1)
Mick Jagger subtly, constantly pressing for inclusion of term "procyonmenace" in    05/20/19  (3)
"I HATE striving!" said the ambitionless failure    05/20/19  (4)
why can't jon snow be king? i don't get it    05/20/19  (1)
Do "The Black Crowes" have anything worth listening to after their 1st 2 albums?    05/20/19  (3)
"And what's the dragon's name?" "Drogon." *pause* "You're joking right?'    05/20/19  (13)
Does Tyler Cowen have any unorthodox views or is neoliberalism personified    05/20/19  (10)
Desmond snorting ketamine on camera    05/20/19  (14)
GoT finale was truly excellent; i don't care what you say    05/20/19  (1)
GC employment algorithms determining you're no longer employable    05/20/19  (2)
The Most Prestigious Pro-Life Anti-Natalist Discussion Board in the World    05/20/19  (3)
Why don't more people move home to pay off law school debt?    05/20/19  (2)
Biden and Bernie TIED in Iowa.    05/20/19  (12)
REMINDER: Men not in the labor force enjoy 8 hours of leisure a day    05/20/19  (53)
If you're not stealing from the rich to give to the poor you're a fraud    05/20/19  (2)
Is Buttigieg even really gay?    05/20/19  (3)
Drogon took Dany to Valyria to be resurrected    05/20/19  (4)

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