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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/14/18  (216)
lol remember when it was revealed that TMF and TT were run by a mentally ill fem    12/17/18  (13)
hypo: this chick is in your PHD cohort    12/17/18  (7)
oh my god it's going to be a great week holy shit here we gooooo    12/17/18  (458)
Either every white woman on OkC lies or Xoxo *understates* "LJL white women"    12/17/18  (2)
SAM has an Indian "Art" exhibit. The contrast with Western art of same time is    12/17/18  (1)
Video for RSF!    12/17/18  (71)
UK primary school introduces new ‘non-gendered’ sex education    12/17/18  (3)
Anyone else perversely enjoy hangovers?    12/17/18  (2)
Shitlibs pushing for Gender Neutral Santa (link)    12/17/18  (4)
Daily reminder: it’s over for Trump    12/17/18  (30)
lawman8, what are your top Brawl Stars tips?    12/17/18  (32)
I'm easily the strongest poaster.    12/17/18  (16)
Come ITT if u have complex nuanced views on history, politics, law, and God    12/17/18  (12)
90% of libs think Trump should actually be in jail. USA done here.    12/17/18  (29)
Breaking point: NPR declares Russia investigation a rigged witch hunt.    12/17/18  (5)
but but but muthies are tho chill! tommy low-t lisps as his plane blows us    12/17/18  (23)
Mike Pence looks like he hates life. Surprised he isn’t more proactive    12/17/18  (21)
jesus christ is a fictional character hth    12/17/18  (1)
Alex Honnold DEAD after falling during climb in Scotland    12/17/18  (2)
It's bonus season    12/17/18  (9)
Pathetic birdshits cannot take responsibility for their shit lives    12/17/18  (20)
Rate this 180 NYT correction about Musbro Terror    12/17/18  (32)
FSU pike brother veteran CHAD surprises his 10/10 blonde gf at pike pool party    12/17/18  (96)
Your resume says you're a "hyperspecialized lawfag in a declining empire." What    12/17/18  (36)
it's disgusting some ppl dont realize the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for them    12/17/18  (3)
Sim Glitch: Hiroshima U Clock Stopped at Exacf time A-Bomb Dropped 2 days prior    12/17/18  (3)
Last Chistmas, I gave you my heart. The very next day, you gave it away    12/17/18  (6)
Elon Musk's 60 Minutes interview is bonkers    12/17/18  (7)
Barebacked a Kurdish/Turkish-German girl w/DD cups this weekend. Taking ?s ITT.    12/17/18  (18)
most posters deserve most of their misfortune    12/17/18  (6)
Trump's new Acting Chief of Staff: "Trump is a terrible human being"    12/17/18  (2)
Wife brought up swinging to me on "date night"    12/17/18  (122)
ITT you poast weird autistic shit you do    12/17/18  (131)
NYUUG's interactions with XO would make a good sociology PhD dissertation    12/17/18  (2)
Libs moving on from whitey, now tearing down statues of Gandhi for being a racis    12/17/18  (4)
Holy FUCK Johnsmeyer is a creative director for Gucci now (PIC)    12/17/18  (4)
i fart into every pair of pants i try on    12/17/18  (7)
The future is queer    12/17/18  (1)
🅝🅘🅖🅖🅔🅡    12/17/18  (6)
Daily Stoic, 12/17/18    12/17/18  (4)
Why does Birmingham lack musical creativity?    12/17/18  (3)
socrates: executed 4 corrupting the youth. baby youtube: lol just limit screen t    12/17/18  (23)
nyuug: "I'm in the club with beautiful women!" *just doods sitting around*    12/17/18  (1)
I give RSF some grudging credit for vacation destinations    12/17/18  (1)
Leaving TOMORROW for a ~2month TRIP (RSF)    12/17/18  (200)
lmao open marriages    12/17/18  (1)
JFC the stewardess on this flight is HOT    12/17/18  (108)
Teenager straps on homemade parachute, jumps off tall building.    12/17/18  (25)
Should I quit my job and hie to Silicon Valley??    12/17/18  (23)
Why did the Athenians start that shit with Sparta?    12/17/18  (11)
From: CGI Joker; Subj: Where are we on Frozen Elsa Finger Song?    12/17/18  (1)
Venom and CGI Joker dropping a young boy into a dark pit labelled SKADDEN    12/17/18  (9)
cgi joker injects spiderman with 'FAG' needle, AEs appear on his feet    12/17/18  (18)
Tufts putting BP piss snap on permanent display at university art gallery    12/17/18  (3)
Last week of 2018 WAGECUCKERY for my Rat Faced Masters    12/17/18  (3)
Bold suggestion for MPM 2018: "baby goldstein" should be seeded as competitor    12/17/18  (3)
JUUL's FUCT! Six month's later non-smoking teens who started smoking 30 percent    12/17/18  (3)
ITT: You make your e-mail tag your favorite poaster    12/17/18  (11)
bump this thread when you have diarrhea    12/17/18  (36)
Open letter from the IFNB community to HLS Dean Martha Minow    12/17/18  (106)
Renada Deshada    12/17/18  (7)
🧐 What's the most prestigious brand of bottled water?    12/17/18  (24)
I want someone to stick tongs in my ass and pull out a massive shit log.    12/17/18  (1)
I worked out 12 straight months this year. rate my gains ITT    12/17/18  (2)
My 15-Year-Old Daughter Told Me She's Pansexual and Dating a Transgender Boy.    12/17/18  (4)
do your children a favor: teach them about correct tongue position    12/17/18  (1)
Nigger tries to freestyle on live TV, has Mr. Jinx moment    12/17/18  (26)
Hung out with Charles at The Fireplace this weekend    12/17/18  (3)
when you wipe too much and your asshole gets chafed    12/17/18  (6)
Frozen Elsa Bad Baby Bart Learn Late Capitalist Cultural Hegemony    12/17/18  (4)
some guys really enjoy cgi joker threading, I'm a soft tooth guy myself    12/17/18  (1)
I can feel him... cummin in my hair tonight... hold on...    12/17/18  (12)
@realdonaldtrump "Frozen Elsa Bad Baby Learns Colors...Sad!"    12/17/18  (8)
Last House on the Left but it’s BPs parents getting revenge on Tufts admission    12/17/18  (2)
Bad Baby Jason Alexander Involuntary Lactated Elsa DivX.rip Love Story    12/17/18  (3)
Bad Baby stuffing turkey with green spiders enjoy squash pie FUNNY!    12/17/18  (4)
Bad Baby v. Joker Enchanted Finger Song Mothman Sexuality    12/17/18  (4)
Bad Baby Elsa Spider-Man Learn Colors Milbank Tweed Joker.avi    12/17/18  (5)
Real Life Superhero Ted K Teach Bad Baby Jeff Bezos With Parcel Booms    12/17/18  (4)
Giuliani Trump Cohen Elsa Frozen Bad Baby Manafort Magnitsky Colors    12/17/18  (5)
Frozen Elsa and CGI Spider-Man Credible Accusation Bad Baby Kavanaugh    12/17/18  (2)
CGI joker forcememe crew has had a day for the history books, 13+ hours straight    12/17/18  (21)
Went on a date with wife earlier    12/17/18  (29)
cgi joker coming on screen and pissing on my resume after i click 'submit'    12/17/18  (13)
Can someone explain the shitty CGI joker meme, it makes no sense.    12/17/18  (11)
Zizek rotating smoothly into child's video shouting IDEOLOGY in 8 bit sound qual    12/17/18  (39)
PSA: the courting method on the TLC Duggar show is cr    12/17/18  (2)
flip flop, I'm worried that guy asking who is this girl is going to murder you    12/17/18  (11)
OMG GATSBY PARTY!!!!!!    12/17/18  (6)
Hard to believe doobs is a real lawyer now    12/17/18  (3)
advantage of GloCap: hard to worry about penis size with Civ6, black mirror frid    12/17/18  (8)
Nyuug has much more in common w white dork English teachers than real Koreans    12/17/18  (20)
Have a GREAT FUCKING WEEK my fellow Poasters, Incels, Autists, NOWAGS & Ragers    12/17/18  (3)
No, BOYS have periods! And girls are BADASSES and better at MATH!    12/17/18  (8)
#LeanIn2MeToo (but only if you're Chad)- Vox    12/17/18  (3)
going to learn to pay a strumpet, seems 180    12/17/18  (2)
I never enjoyed the Hologram Joker meme    12/17/18  (1)
List of xoxo Anti-Semitic posters-Gogol Ganguly, Franzen Fan    12/17/18  (8)
going to learn to play a trumpet, seems 180    12/17/18  (20)
CA Gov Brown picks a UGLY BIRDSHIT to replace CA Supreme Court Judge    12/17/18  (12)
flip flop prole in first class, are we friends?    12/17/18  (16)
u have 5min to explain to a Redskins fan 3wks ago that QB1 will be Mark Sanchez    12/17/18  (4)
Singles cruises    12/17/18  (84)
JFC, packing up my entire apt in Paris. Fucking HASSLE    12/17/18  (20)
Got THE FEAR    12/17/18  (3)
Explain how it's biologically possible for Lindsay Lohan to look 50    12/17/18  (13)
Holy shit nyuug “speaks Korean at a 1st grade level”    12/17/18  (299)
Rate my CABINET when elected POTUS in 2020    12/17/18  (12)
do u guys remember when iTunes allowed u to see all media on other computers?    12/17/18  (1)
ITT: List signs CRYPTO is in a MASSIVE, MASSIVE FUCKING BUBBLE    12/17/18  (55)
Rate this children's book    12/17/18  (8)
boor is clearly the best russian poaster, who's king of the xo asians?    12/17/18  (1)
“Uspo” - who is this potbellied Sri Lankan idiot?    12/17/18  (10)
Does swimming make you taller?    12/17/18  (2)
wow ameriKKKa is pretty CRRRRR compared to gaysia    12/17/18  (3)
If you could have the answer to one historical mystery, which would it be?    12/17/18  (113)
Jose Canseco predicted crypto crash over 1 year ago (link)    12/17/18  (3)
whok    12/17/18  (4)
so this is what colt tp has been up to lately    12/17/18  (1)
BritAirways Galleries Lounges: Pretty much Mogadishu    12/17/18  (1)
Jews Jews Jews Jews    12/17/18  (1)
PSA from SHARKLASERS about ARKAN (aka clean white glory, francis)    12/17/18  (186)
tried pushing out a shit really hard and my santorum broke    12/17/18  (1)
Passive income bros: REITs or own investment properties yourself?    12/17/18  (13)
Russian backed Houthis getting gaped in Yemen    12/17/18  (3)
Remember when some of you faggots called yourselves “Whokebians?”    12/17/18  (7)
How much $ do you need to generate 3K a month in passive income ?    12/17/18  (63)
would it be weird for a 38yo lawyer to go on an old row spring break cruise?    12/17/18  (5)
If you have kids & you're not creating inheritable passive income, you've failed    12/17/18  (7)
why have government forces united to suppress Garfield the Cat?    12/17/18  (1)
Oooooh what are we cheersing?    12/17/18  (5)
just wrote a book on how to write a book about generating a passive income    12/17/18  (4)
Came here for LSAT info, stayed for the drugs gay sex loss of life savings trann    12/17/18  (9)
This NCAA volleyball semifinal has been great    12/17/18  (24)
Transactional autism    12/17/18  (8)
does anyone play cod bo4 zombies?    12/17/18  (2)
I also call peterman's asshole "Little Mogadishu"    12/17/18  (5)
Peterman: “I’ma need to see that etherscan tx first, sugar.” *pulls out ch    12/17/18  (1)
if i hear my neighbor getting railed i stop everything and get completely silent    12/17/18  (27)
Uspo taking questions abuse and life advice for 30 minites    12/17/18  (6)
Real talk: Trumptards should be sent to Guantanamo Bay for diversity training    12/17/18  (9)
Remember arkan in tinychat? Sounded exactly like Latka    12/17/18  (1)

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