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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   03/23/19  (275)
People with chronic lyme, viruses, undiagnosed "syndromes" are all mentally ill    03/26/19  (22)
Am I a "Jewish Supremacist"? y/n?    03/26/19  (76)
Backed myself up in a corner texting a Tinderella. Plz help    03/26/19  (1)
Why didn't Dems vote Yes on Green New Deal? Do they hate the environment?    03/26/19  (4)
Friends keep telling me I need to date women my own age.    03/26/19  (3)
heroic azn woman intervenes on flight when 30-something guy flirts w/ teen girl    03/26/19  (50)
FLESHLIGHT boozed and coked up, briefly taking Qs...    03/26/19  (2)
prince tp still getting high to hit on 13 year olds on weekdays at local malls?    03/26/19  (4)
Blossoming May/December Romance Dashed by Chink Harpy (NYT)    03/26/19  (1)
Patients are stupid and lazy, want antibiotic$ for viral illnesses    03/26/19  (1)
Very Jewish. Not very intelligent.    03/26/19  (5)
Has a dry cleaner ever successfully cleaned clothes w/o fucking up & ruining    03/26/19  (4)
Who is a better war time commander: Trump or Mussolini?    03/26/19  (6)
"Officer, this oafish asian woman is keeping me from my bliss."    03/26/19  (2)
so I'm watching gayniggers from outer space    03/26/19  (23)
Aziz Ansari needs to come back    03/26/19  (5)
I'v billed 219 hours this year so far    03/26/19  (15)
hit dat cancel a few times today and am feeling really good about it    03/26/19  (13)
White woman leaves husband after Waka Flocka Flame concert    03/26/19  (17)
What's the best priced digital camera for video use?    03/26/19  (3)
You're forgetting one thing, Mr. Bond - I'm black and openly gay    03/26/19  (28)
post enough SHIT and eventually you'll shit a DYMEND.    03/26/19  (1)
What’s the equivalent of the “iron price” in corporate law?    03/26/19  (1)
What's a good alternative for accutane that I dont need prescription for    03/26/19  (10)
lol at doctors feeding kids amphetamines, getting adults hooked on painkillers,    03/26/19  (104)
literally nothing faggier than “bulking” and “cutting”    03/26/19  (60)
'doctor': 'A cure? lol no. We're just going to dump heroin in you till death...'    03/26/19  (4)
running list of jewish perverts on xo: prince, DBG, upset jew    03/26/19  (2)
shrews HATE teen girls more than anyone on the planet    03/26/19  (1)
Everything is fraudulent    03/26/19  (5)
George Zimmerman should have just done community service, avoided trial    03/26/19  (28)
just woke up from a nightmare where i was the OP in a 400 poa TMF SUV thread    03/26/19  (59)
Smollett worked 16 hours @Jesse Jackson's bookstore to get charges dropped (link    03/26/19  (1)
White men kidnap baby elephants from mom in wild (video)    03/26/19  (76)
On luck (peterman)    03/26/19  (130)
r/lostgeneration is great    03/26/19  (2)
Northwest Chicago suburbs    03/26/19  (26)
Is this Butigig guy a Jew ?    03/26/19  (4)
*clint eastwood grimacing, carefully placing broccoli on a miniature scale*    03/26/19  (7)
mentioning work from home in NY law is like mentioning fucking aliens.    03/26/19  (68)
dermatologist bluesmoke removing bloodacre's quiznos tramp stam    03/26/19  (4)
board sucks without scholarship tp    03/26/19  (1)
prince leaves a trail of sleaze, like a snail, in every thread he posts in    03/26/19  (30)
made mistake of asking app girl if she read any good books lately    03/26/19  (3)
'oncologist' offering you some whiskey to go with your heroin    03/26/19  (2)
Poaster with gun to head mouthing "dat cancel"    03/26/19  (3)
women have become dangerously homogenized by 'app'/internet culture    03/26/19  (7)
thinking about buying a 2002 Lexus LS for $3500. CR?    03/26/19  (24)
people are so pathetically transparent. only motivated by will to 'dominance'    03/26/19  (26)
the events in the Bible make a lot more sense when you watch Modern Day liberals    03/26/19  (2)
IronMonkey: "Berlin, Tijuana, what's the diff..."    03/26/19  (7)
We asked 100 lawyers what they liked most about their childhood. 37 killed thems    03/26/19  (5)
lawman8, you dont seem ur real confident self lately.. was it the NZ SHOOTING?    03/26/19  (53)
Mitch McConnell humiliates Ocasio-Cortez on the Green New Deal.    03/26/19  (3)
XO 2016: GC is det! XO 2019: Covington and Smollett!    03/26/19  (5)
Twilight era Kristen Stewart was 10/10 mousy perfection    03/26/19  (10)
Shitlaw boss had a prescription pad on desk and writes assignments for me on the    03/26/19  (1)
Michelle Obama orders the FBI not to investigate Jussie Smollett    03/26/19  (16)
Living in "the world" is truly terrible if we're being honest here    03/26/19  (2)
The science behind microaggressions and strategies for dealing with them in law    03/26/19  (1)
Should I get a golden retriever to stave off killing myself    03/26/19  (6)
RATE this azn hikingtravelshrewvlogger    03/26/19  (1)
This new Jordan peele movie is also going to be trash. Will expose him as fraud    03/26/19  (5)
Plymouth Prowler or cpo 330i?    03/26/19  (16)
Anyone else watch Key & Peele on Comedy Central?    03/26/19  (9)
RATE this vid of Cardi B's strip act circa 2011    03/26/19  (23)
Is the Netflix movie ROMA good or shitlib flame?    03/26/19  (44)
Wait so Obama bribed the Chicago DA to release Smollet? WTF am I in a carnival    03/26/19  (9)
Mueller report effect on libs proves that the five stages of grief are real    03/26/19  (3)
GOY taking all and any Qs    03/26/19  (57)
Libs: Jordan Peele is the new Alfred Hitchcock    03/26/19  (39)
Racist seed company alleged to have bait and switched black farmers    03/26/19  (7)
Lost so much weight this month that I only exist in 2 dimensions now    03/26/19  (1)
boner police I eat cheese 3x a day now    03/26/19  (5)
'doctors' just dumping heroin on your cancer-ravaged swiss cheese brain    03/26/19  (1)
JFC you dumbfucks. That is not me.    03/26/19  (2)
k, time to start poasting.    03/26/19  (9)
Prole tell: knowing or caring about credit card "rewards points" or miles    03/26/19  (80)
best brand of fillet knife for fishing?    03/26/19  (16)
What the hell does "Salesforce" do?    03/26/19  (33)
OK -- you guys got me. I am actually Fleshlight TP.    03/26/19  (15)
So this "Get Out" director is a total one note faggot?    03/26/19  (5)
Banking / Compliance MFEs: Against Rules To Use Personal Bank Account For Biz?    03/26/19  (9)
Check out mysterium and Zilliqa prices. Exeunt should be banned from xo    03/26/19  (10)
Some 180 posters: Donny, libcrusher180, Henry Aaron, Sir Incelot    03/26/19  (19)
the kikes here and their apologists are becoming insufferable    03/26/19  (1)
IronMonkey tp— Who is this fucking moron?    03/26/19  (14)
Pete Buttigieg vacillates on Chick-Fil-A.    03/26/19  (3)
Europeans should form an alliance with Indians, the other Aryan race    03/26/19  (1)
lmao @ a flaming gay guy named 'Buttgig"    03/26/19  (7)
i regret that i have but one salary to give for Israel    03/26/19  (8)
Amex platinum $200 airline credit is shit pure shit    03/26/19  (7)
feasible to just peace out from biglaw for a year and return to a lower ranked f    03/26/19  (29)
gonna retire for a while guys. i've lost my passion for poasting.    03/26/19  (17)
How the hell did Xi Jinping's anti-corruption campaign pass anybody's smell-test    03/26/19  (24)
Fleshlight TP here. Taking Qs and abuse about having an 8 inch cock.    03/26/19  (2)
"Hey, this is Frank Rizzo, lemme talk to Buttigieg" Excuse me? "I said BUTTIGIEG    03/26/19  (2)
Is the Fuji X100 the undisputed best, not ridiculously priced mirrorless camera?    03/26/19  (44)
Jussie case: can blacks be trusted in positions of power?    03/26/19  (6)
bp    03/26/19  (1)
All GOY does is drink and make amazing posts and fuck    03/26/19  (2)
HOLY FUCK: Thom Yorke, Quentin Tarantino, Cormac McCarthy & Gigi Hadid team up t    03/26/19  (7)
Tom Petty had bunch of hits, Fentanyl makes me sick    03/26/19  (8)
Reminder: Asians are OBJECTIVELY the master race.    03/26/19  (6)
lol at Buttigieg, why don't the mayors of every podunk town just run for POTUS?    03/26/19  (1)
Buttigieg (100% homo Millennial): "I <3 Chick-fil-A"    03/26/19  (5)
Can anyone else visualize someone sucking at a fentanyl patch?    03/26/19  (7)
xo poasters: you are not alone    03/26/19  (12)
GOY is an incredible poster. amazing consistency and texture    03/26/19  (6)
Are you implying you could even get into Berghain?    03/26/19  (4)
Ironically black criminals getting away with it is why there were lynchings    03/26/19  (4)
Rahm Emanuel and Chicago police superintendent give speech on Smollett story (li    03/26/19  (2)
Black Americans: violent, low IQ, blames whites for their problems    03/26/19  (1)
Beto on the counter at a Taquira    03/26/19  (3)
West Kentucky yenta    03/26/19  (1)
LJL at the SPS “services” Apple unveiled yesterday    03/26/19  (24)
West Kentucky fentanyl    03/26/19  (3)
Did Jet Li have urban appeal in the early 2000s or was that a GC force meme?    03/26/19  (4)
mpa do not break up w ur gf    03/26/19  (24)
Don’t understand how alcoholics drink everyday without feeling like killing se    03/26/19  (24)
gonna retire for a while guys. i've lost my passion for cum eating (bloodacre)    03/26/19  (1)
So this is a place where depressed attorneys manifest their shadow side    03/26/19  (4)
Let's buy a few kilos of fentanyl and bottles of wine, have a massive XO party    03/26/19  (8)
smollett to attend yale in fall; apparently aced his sat    03/26/19  (1)
MPA, on your new horror comic interest    03/26/19  (3)
For last 4 years I’ve been rolling same 25k from no interest card to another    03/26/19  (5)
'well, your opioid receptors are already swiss cheese, so the fentanyl won't eve    03/26/19  (1)
What city in the world has the best night scene?    03/26/19  (108)
Can an XO SCHOLAR explain to me accelerationism and Nick Land's ideas    03/26/19  (1)
Abby Hornacek is beautiful    03/26/19  (12)
Finally rid myself of cystic acne at 39    03/26/19  (74)
NY Insurers to set rates based on content of your XO poasts (link)    03/26/19  (3)
Blue smoke, struggling to squeeze out a turd while nodding off on your toilet    03/26/19  (100)
Citizen audits Post Office, gets 180 reactions    03/26/19  (69)
IronMonkey is a good example of the Dunning-Kruger effect    03/26/19  (4)
The wierdest sex addict fags on xo are Korean. FleshLlight , nyuug    03/26/19  (1)
IronMonkey: difference between English v. German same as English v. Somalian    03/26/19  (6)
your average Harrison FB post has 92 comments, 3 likes    03/26/19  (18)
IronMonkey making a long-winded argument based on his feelings    03/26/19  (8)
Fucked a guy last weekend that looked exactly like a young Bruce Lee.    03/26/19  (15)
Look at this ratio    03/26/19  (5)
I need a cheap guitar so I can start learning/playing Rocksmith    03/26/19  (1)
So you chinks seriously carry around cameras bc you think youre a photographer?    03/26/19  (2)
The nigger known as nigger boi is nigger    03/26/19  (2)
biggest risk of trannyfucking: HIV or changing your ontology of gender?    03/26/19  (12)
Why is Russell Wilson with a black woman?    03/26/19  (6)
This new poster "GOY" is incredible    03/26/19  (18)
"..had already turned her brain into 'swiss cheese'... who just joined?"    03/26/19  (1)

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