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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/17/19  (245)
So WashPost, CNN, MSNBC looking endlessly, but BUZZFEED breaks this story    01/18/19  (15)
At a birthday part for a 3yo. Grandad bought the kid a Rolex Daytona.    01/18/19  (1)
Yo I can do this all day, your moves are just gay    01/18/19  (1)
RSF TT6 luis and TT were all in Thailand at the same time and didn't fight?    01/18/19  (3)
Report: a dark-web serial killer gang is killing Chads around the country, 70 th    01/18/19  (17)
Third Eye Blind releases new song mocking "young gay Republicans"    01/18/19  (3)
“We’re gonna be on foodstamps!” shrieked the GS-15 power couple w/ no chil    01/18/19  (7)
I love Trump’s random MAGA tweets    01/18/19  (1)
Sixpence None the Richer - Kiss Me (Flux Pavilion Remix)    01/18/19  (8)
Livestream of Buzzfeed "Journalists" getting waterboarded in Guantanamo    01/18/19  (2)
Peterman medevaced from trucker's cab for perforated colon    01/18/19  (2)
The worst part of spaceporn posts: the bizarre cadence and spelling mistakes    01/18/19  (34)
biglaw except partners are undead and kill you and you respawn in your office    01/18/19  (3)
RSF was stripped of mod powers, then humiliated on xo.    01/18/19  (279)
My gay roommate’s new boyfriend is a literal Chad of Chads    01/18/19  (2)
Peterman here. 4 drinks deep. Taking Qs for 10 minutes.    01/18/19  (60)
Caught this faggot trying to steal from me (pic)    01/18/19  (38)
reminder: this will be your future, no matter what    01/18/19  (33)
Downtown Disney with Chandler, Kenny, and CSLG... (CSLG)    01/18/19  (39)
Can we now all agree that wacking journalists is just and moral?    01/18/19  (3)
Journos: "We're not fake news or the enemy of the people!" (They are)    01/18/19  (1)
the BUGCHASER pest repellent by TRANSONIC (video)    01/18/19  (1)
RSF swiping on bumble while charlie brown tp services his fuckstick    01/18/19  (2)
historically important poaster discussing mr. jinx's cock, mr. jinx's cum, and g    01/18/19  (13)
*Publishes EXPLOSIVE report* *Quietly backtracks & corrects* *Is US media*    01/18/19  (1)
We need more good poasters. AssFaggot can't shoulder the burden alone.    01/18/19  (14)
Somebody pls explain WeWork to me like I'm 5    01/18/19  (30)
Rate this L.A. blonde's body    01/18/19  (21)
So Mueller has evidence Trump committed a high crime but taking 3 yrs to reveal?    01/18/19  (65)
best jrpg town of all time?    01/18/19  (37)
The time has come. Trump must JAIL ALL JOURNALISTS    01/18/19  (1)
Who else is adulting and doing all the things?    01/18/19  (5)
came up w a better diet idea than keto.    01/18/19  (8)
"US" libs already backing away from "Buzzfeed" "report"    01/18/19  (1)
The spaceporn son threading is the nastiest thing I’ve ever seen on xo    01/18/19  (74)
PETERNORTH TP pumo tracker    01/18/19  (27)
:Twitter mastermen: how does Twitter censorship work (example inside):    01/18/19  (12)
I, in ththe final analysis, was the nigger    01/18/19  (2)
538 classifies Tulsi Gabbard as "oddball" candidate for POTUS    01/18/19  (3)
Keto except cheat days on M-F and on weekends    01/18/19  (1)
want to sneak burrito into hockey game, will aluminium foil set off detectors?    01/18/19  (9)
would u rather rach fix 'by you' or monikers?    01/18/19  (33)
There is NO SUCH THING as racism against whites, hth    01/18/19  (1)
What's the deal with people who pull all the brand logos off their own cars?    01/18/19  (24)
Can't stop watching the Streets Agent 112 video    01/18/19  (7)
Will Chicago hellraisers riot in the blizzard over 81 month sentence for Laquan?    01/18/19  (1)
Almost died today, taking ?s    01/18/19  (8)
rate this business idea    01/18/19  (44)
Joy Luck Club prompts Russian Jew to kill Azn restaurant employees w/ HAMMER    01/18/19  (1)
I regularly pull 6s and 7s and the occasional 7.5 on Tinder and Bumble. Chadly?    01/18/19  (39)
You know, Rick and Morty has really profound stuff if you pay close attention    01/18/19  (16)
"Rebels" set off a car bomb in Bogota a couple days ago and killed 25 people    01/18/19  (1)
Thunder, will these keto fat-bombs kick you out of ketosis?    01/18/19  (13)
180 thing about being stuck as quotmo - I can run multiple contradictory flames    01/18/19  (8)
"This is really shitty." -- the Devil shouting over 'Dead & Bloated' in Hell    01/18/19  (87)
ACP is punk debater from Iowa City West who never even made ToC    01/18/19  (16)
unsaid truth below surface Trayvon = bitchass nigger who got got    01/18/19  (180)
Fuck the line at bangkok immigration , wasting precious juice time    01/18/19  (25)
“Rach has been notified” squeaks spaceporn 2 the pumo emptying his balls in    01/18/19  (6)
Liz Warren taking 2020 DNC stage to Anthrax - Indians    01/18/19  (12)
ex from 10 years ago wrote to tell me some weird shit    01/18/19  (17)
lawyers complain about making 250k but don't have to close business?    01/18/19  (23)
in exactly 2 weeks No Drink January XO will be getting shitfaced    01/18/19  (1)
154 lb. UFC figher w/ 8% body fat cuts 30 lbs in 12 weeks to reclassify (pics)    01/18/19  (5)
WHO ON XO HAS BRUXISM    01/18/19  (1)
Ever fuck a pregnant woman?    01/18/19  (7)
ex from 10 years ago wrote to tell me some weird shit    01/18/19  (1)
   01/18/19  (1)
Starting keto diet this week fags. Taking advice on daily consumption    01/18/19  (230)
Christianity would be 180 if real    01/18/19  (49)
WHO ON XO HAS TYPE 1 DIABETES    01/18/19  (2)
Absurd that Stone Temple Pilots are still around with some new singer    01/18/19  (2)
john cougar mellencamp - little quick salads.mp3    01/18/19  (2)
"Alexa what's the weather?" "Stfu beady eyed faggot!" "What?" "59    01/18/19  (40)
Trump will make a surprise announcement on Saturday about the shutdown    01/18/19  (19)
Peterman narrowed his beady eyes. "Yeah, I know how to do that. Cost you extra."    01/18/19  (89)
Jordan Spieth is not a bald fraud    01/18/19  (4)
brought 2 dozen donuts into office and only 3 people showed up today lol    01/18/19  (18)
Peterman reading colostomy story; Beady eyes narrow “that’s cheating”    01/18/19  (3)
What is the most prestigious industry?    01/18/19  (25)
"I'll still love u if u get laid off by Cahill" grimes lied unconvincingly    01/18/19  (6)
Alex Kozinski now running a one-man firm in TORRANCE    01/18/19  (34)
70's/80's films about NYC crime and law enforcement    01/18/19  (5)
Petermans beady eyes widening like a deer in headlights as trucker shoves ramrod    01/18/19  (5)
Trump directed Cohen to lie to Congress    01/18/19  (125)
"It's real." (Peterman his beady eyes beadifying as tinder 3 strokes his hair)    01/18/19  (4)
poastradumbass' mom shows up @ flying j caked in mascara *beady eyes narrow*    01/18/19  (10)
Nightly Stoic 1/18/19    01/18/19  (1)
*eyestalk rises from Flying J dumpster* *beady eyeball narrows*    01/18/19  (10)
Came in a girl's ass and she compared it to a geyser    01/18/19  (4)
Bezos: “Alexa, find a way to break up unions.”    01/18/19  (16)
colt riding a geyser of flame from an exploded LNG pipeline into Heaven    01/18/19  (5)
had a creepy dream last night involving one of my dead classmates from HS    01/18/19  (1)
2nd Cousin: Sneaks into your room after lunch/Shew GF: Fecal geyser after brunch    01/18/19  (11)
"You want me to lie to Congress for you? OK, just repeat that clearly and loudly    01/18/19  (2)
Fuuuuuuuuu lib gf wants to see RBG movie tonight    01/18/19  (5)
MIG is like a version of spaceporn that lucidly ignores dunning-kruger    01/18/19  (5)
and little peterbois never once gave it away, every trucker had to pay and pay    01/18/19  (8)
The end of Fight Club except it's peterboi & me holding hands as ETH goes to $0    01/18/19  (20)
peterboi's hanged corpse found with laptop open to coinbase SERVICE UNAVAILABLE    01/18/19  (15)
I think my favorite RPG ever is Zelda: A Link to the Past    01/18/19  (1)
Fridays are so much better when my faggot Shrew wife is out of town.    01/18/19  (20)
Starting my grad cert next week!    01/18/19  (3)
Here's to peterboi, the richest man in Allentown, PA." - trucker zipping, buckl    01/18/19  (7)
LOL @ Washington Post's headline on pro-life march    01/18/19  (4)
*Peterman reading "Never Eat Alone" while eating alone*    01/18/19  (61)
"I direct you to lie to Congress" *sent from my android device    01/18/19  (1)
RATE Paradorn Srichaphan's AznGirl Wife Post-Babby (PIC) #tennis #jim_kelly    01/18/19  (25)
Flowers for Algernon except its about Peterman being rich for a week    01/18/19  (185)
Why so many ELITE UG --> politics for YOUNGS? Is there SECRET SOCIETY? Or IQ?    01/18/19  (24)
peterman's "meal prep" posts were some of the saddest shit i've ever seen    01/18/19  (106)
boomerboat what kinds of music do you like    01/18/19  (1)
is lobster mac and cheese apex prole food?    01/18/19  (2)
Lol, I whoked up (fuckebe)    01/18/19  (2)
Peterman's doc: "this is your rectum. it's for poop." *beady eyes narrow*    01/18/19  (44)
Trump gives signed confession under oath. Trumptards: FALSE CONFESSIONS ARE    01/18/19  (3)
"By the way, you can tip me in the app now" Peterman said, wiping his chin    01/18/19  (5)
TCTP do you cold call    01/18/19  (2)
DDC, which is the better JRPG: P5 or DQXI?    01/18/19  (14)
Michael Cohen about to bring down the presidency    01/18/19  (65)
Mike Pence: And for those reasons, I cannot, in good faith, pardon Donald J. Tru    01/18/19  (51)
I also feel that it would be better if you were in Washington with me    01/18/19  (1)
back after 3 year poasting hiatus. how much did scholarship win mpm by?    01/18/19  (1)
Advice on building a NPC stimming rig- what type of restraints should i use?    01/18/19  (1)
Dorothy in that Blues Traveler video    01/18/19  (5)
cute stoner chix delivering your flower, oil, & preposterous amt of edibles: 180    01/18/19  (1)
NoDrink January Day 18- Snowed in weekend challenge    01/18/19  (9)
Advice on building a PC gaming rig - what components should I buy?    01/18/19  (25)
how many days did spaceporn/philosopherking's 'retirement' last?    01/18/19  (13)
Thomas M. Cooley LSAT splits for 25/50/75 percentile: 138/141/147    01/18/19  (44)
Any way to contact an airline about a specific airport aside from general email?    01/18/19  (1)
PSA: Nigger.    01/18/19  (1)
Listening to political podcasts from before and after 2016 Election Day    01/18/19  (11)
Older Former Athletes w Uncurated & Lulzy IGs #tennis    01/18/19  (9)
Bigger tits: RSF or Trump? POLL    01/18/19  (1)
Haha look at how down to earth I am Goy, I love IHOP and Disneyland, you see?    01/18/19  (2)
License to print money: Ethiopian restaurant inside Holocaust Museum    01/18/19  (7)
charity idea: mohels on wheels    01/18/19  (2)
hinge is showing me tons of fatties from the outset    01/18/19  (4)
RATE This Skinny Slav (PIC) #ironside #jim_kelly    01/18/19  (46)
FBI Safe Haven Shitlib Roll Call - Poast Here To Avoid Prosecution    01/18/19  (1)
Measles exposure at Portland Trailblazers game.    01/18/19  (2)
"out @ a bar w some friends" u msg the tinder chick from ur 1br apt    01/18/19  (31)
Any cuisines that are underrated?    01/18/19  (94)
*Pope throws Bible in trash can, places tome of Turd Sandwich poasts on altar*    01/18/19  (1)
Arkan here taking Qs.    01/18/19  (24)

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