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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/17/19  (245)
Getting married. Life has purpose. Job finally secure.    01/21/19  (4)
MAGA teens pogo-ing at RNC convention, throwing caps into the air    01/21/19  (1)
hey ";;;..;..;;;.." - ur false alarm cop call on me worked, they came by today    01/21/19  (55)
So Tom Brady is the GOAT now? It's settled?    01/21/19  (36)
MAGA kid's statement (pdf)    01/21/19  (95)
4 years later, libs still apoplectic at idea of making america great again    01/21/19  (2)
jfc libs. Reddit woman intentionally gets drunk. Passes out. Raped. TAKE PICS (L    01/21/19  (3)
Brady claims he probably only has "4 or 5" more Superbowl wins in him (link)    01/21/19  (1)
Kathy Griffin surprisingly reasonable re MAGA teens    01/21/19  (10)
I probably have one of the best views on earth of the Blood Moon    01/21/19  (7)
which lib megaposting faggot pumo just registered 3-4 new alts?    01/21/19  (123)
Bonobos pants = 180    01/21/19  (3)
slate: want fewer dead black kids? try gender nonconforming camp    01/21/19  (61)
Just text bombed everyone on my contact list with 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐    01/21/19  (1)
“play with the best, die like the rest”    01/21/19  (1)
the whole thing is insane and depressingly low IQ    01/21/19  (1)
Online Dating Study: You're screwed    01/21/19  (21)
the trotsky of erectile dysfunction    01/21/19  (1)
🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 uspo and boner pussy r same person 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨    01/21/19  (5)
the descartes of gender nonconformity    01/21/19  (4)
Suicide to death    01/21/19  (1)
Rate these insane pension benefits    01/21/19  (1)
fyre fest guy has autism right?    01/21/19  (2)
Other than pulp fiction what has Kathy griffin been in    01/21/19  (3)
Poster: ;;;..;..;;;.. is proof that anything goes while rach is gone    01/21/19  (4)
highest shroom or LSD dose you took?    01/21/19  (4)
CharlesXII, how are your dating pursuits going this year? Doing anything differe    01/21/19  (4)
The whole MAGA teens episode really demonstrates how diversity is our strength    01/21/19  (1)
Is it bad for car to shut off engine while climate control is running?    01/21/19  (78)
Lol at young dorffs hair in true detective. Why did they do that3    01/21/19  (2)
ITT I post the FB posts of Azn megashrew I've met    01/21/19  (664)
anyone else riding cardano to $200 USD?    01/21/19  (42)
Best countries to retire to?    01/21/19  (3)
serious question: do libs have souls, minds, a conscience, guilt, own thoughts?    01/21/19  (5)
Liberals are horrible monsters, straight out of hellscape nightmares    01/21/19  (78)
Someone other than nadal, djoker and fed needs to win the aussie open    01/21/19  (27)
Gunther from Friends made 1.8 million last year in residuals    01/21/19  (2)
Mike Pence is the Consummate Trump Administration Official    01/21/19  (6)
MAGA teens invited to Polish Parliament    01/21/19  (17)
Charles is on the wrong side of history by saying ANH > ESB    01/21/19  (3)
Bill de Blasio's Democratic Presidential campaign    01/21/19  (1)
Do the MAGA teens have a lawyer?    01/21/19  (11)
GOP CUCKsters trying to lower 401K contributions, LOL!!!!!    01/21/19  (1)
Gay faggot life failures report itt for fucking up your life    01/21/19  (8)
Weird. Every dog in my neighborhood just started howling then jumping out window    01/20/19  (2)
How many kidnapped women and infants do you think are being cut open right now?    01/20/19  (2)
Reminder: "they" want you confused, hopeless, sick and dependent on "them"    01/20/19  (1)
You guys have been giving faggy Netflix tv recs lately. Anything good?    01/20/19  (4)
Aus Open Day 8 (1/21) Official Thread #tennis #truesttest    01/20/19  (7)
You can buy an island in Brazil cheaper than an 800 square foot house in SF    01/20/19  (3)
Hey libs: You're subhuman traitors and can all go fuck yourselves    01/20/19  (6)
Leave a comment below if your life is a horrendous train wreck    01/20/19  (3)
Panic in Istanbul as "Orange Moon" leaves city in darkness for days (Der Spiegel    01/20/19  (15)
What gives you joy in life? Almost nothing gives me joy, it’s all obligations    01/20/19  (53)
Just imagine how much Generation Z must hate libs    01/20/19  (12)
used wrong type of knife on the sacrificial lamb tonight    01/20/19  (5)
this is been a 120 weekend for shitlib media    01/20/19  (9)
We're a quarter of the way through Donald J. Trump's presidency    01/20/19  (4)
All known Number Stations began playing same tone as eclipse started. Wtf?    01/20/19  (4)
Blood moon tonight. All poasters previously done here will reappear    01/20/19  (3)
Who is this EPAH guy? Seems like a retarded loser    01/20/19  (13)
plopplop return and blood moon... coincidence?    01/20/19  (1)
Earl bricking a 3 as Diesel Tokyo drifts his Volt past the Asian b-ball court    01/20/19  (89)
starting to realize I really niggered up my life    01/20/19  (47)
Anyone want to go to the Daytona 500 this year?    01/20/19  (7)
🍆💦🐑💦🐑 SAINTS VICTORY THREAD 🍆💦🐑💦🐑    01/20/19  (43)
And now for the inaugural poem recited by poet laureate plopplop    01/20/19  (36)
CCR: there’s a bad moon on the rise    01/20/19  (1)
Lol I am a faggot retard loser    01/20/19  (4)
Hawaii judge preemptively grants MTD in MAGA kid defamation lawsuit    01/20/19  (3)
This guy did some slight damage to his TV after the Saints lost    01/20/19  (6)
There are folks that raise children without the fear of god    01/20/19  (1)
CNN: the blacks kids were preaching the bible. It was the JEWS!    01/20/19  (1)
Curt Schilling does not belong in the HOF    01/20/19  (19)
Hello friend, have you heard the Fake News?    01/20/19  (2)
Rate this 1980 Washington Post review of The Empire Strikes Back    01/20/19  (34)
TV turned on by itself and blared horrified screaming as blood moon crested    01/20/19  (1)
Know a guy with a journalism MA + JD (NOT RSF) and has made it big in field    01/20/19  (9)
tommy when are you going to HAM with me at the club in GANGNAM SEOUL?    01/20/19  (1)
lawman8, upside down and in chains, begging uspo for some of his curry 🍛    01/20/19  (5)
MAGA teens - Clearest example of mass lib psychosis in Trump era?    01/20/19  (72)
Why doesn't NFL allow both teams a chance to score in overtime?    01/20/19  (4)
Should I worry longer I look at blood moon I hear more demonic voices in head    01/20/19  (1)
THAILAND is the MOST overrated SHITHOLE in ASIA    01/20/19  (47)
Pats Moneyline - Thank Me later    01/20/19  (2)
I hate the patriots always winning but I'm glad the white quarterback won    01/20/19  (7)
Any kikes here want to defend Leo Frank?    01/20/19  (2)
So many of Corp slaves anti Goff threads to bump when the Pats lose    01/20/19  (3)
Social Media, Twitter Mobs, I fucking hate the left so much: MAGA Teens = INNOCE    01/20/19  (1)
If there is hope,’ wrote Winston, ‘it lies in the incels.’    01/20/19  (1)
'diversity' = ethnic cleansing of whites    01/20/19  (5)
This pumo is fucking scary    01/20/19  (4)
Henry Aaron - who is this angry little Asian?    01/20/19  (14)
who is this fucking retard "henry aaron" poster    01/20/19  (6)
Lunar Eclipse Playlist: Space Oddity.mp3    01/20/19  (2)
Lunar Eclipse Playlist: Killing Moon.mp3    01/20/19  (2)
When i was dating megachurch girl, I was working out 6 days/wk    01/20/19  (25)
Stupid shrew spills kombucha all over herself & it catches fire (video)    01/20/19  (1)
beginning to think MAGA kids planned this to sign a book deal and profit    01/20/19  (1)
this super blood moon happening now is nuts    01/20/19  (1)
BUMP when the Pats lose    01/20/19  (7)
Patriots are surrounding and jeering a Chief    01/20/19  (8)
Smirking white MAGA teen story is the biggest clown world moment in months    01/20/19  (1)
Ever notice all the nasty dog hair stuck to chicks lululemon pants    01/20/19  (1)
delicate alabaster patrician taking q's on swarthy bbws    01/20/19  (7)
Need an OTC sleep medicibe    01/20/19  (22)
David Hogg absolutely brutalizes MAGA kid on twitter. Fucking fatality.    01/20/19  (2)
would you rather have gills or ability to fly?    01/20/19  (11)
lol at shitconservatives bashing the "liberal" media ljl    01/20/19  (1)
Is bumble for fags?    01/20/19  (1)
Tom Brady smirking in a MAGA hat while a Native American "Elder" chants    01/20/19  (6)
are "loans originated" and "ma anand sheela" the same queer    01/20/19  (15)
*satellites fall, carriers sink, nuke plants go critical, as US govt shuts down*    01/20/19  (4)
Even Todd Gurley knows the refs screwed the Saints (link)    01/20/19  (1)
Libs are missing the gene that makes them feel bad about being wrong    01/20/19  (12)
ggtp in TB12 jersey watching SB LII in HK hotel lounge w/ diminutive azn bros    01/20/19  (18)
Top 50 funniest Henry Aaron poasts ITT    01/20/19  (8)
Bump this thread every time Henry Aaron acts like weird creep    01/20/19  (12)
Punting on 4th & 1 at opponent 40 is extremely bad. Belichick is a moron.    01/20/19  (11)
Henry Aaron tp is the Henry Aaron of calling out weird posters    01/20/19  (8)
Henry Aaron up like a rat terrier searching every thread for obeezy or wlmas    01/20/19  (62)
So the trick with women is to basically ignore them after the first message?    01/20/19  (1)
Blood moon tonight    01/20/19  (2)
Fucked FOUR new girls this weekend. Barebacked 3+creampied Russian MILF.    01/20/19  (3)
henry aaron -- who is this unhinged fag?    01/20/19  (4)
Rate this $1.5M house in MOUNTAIN VIEW CA    01/20/19  (3)
CREAMPIED a new 28 year old hottie who liked it ROUGH last night. Taking ?s ITT    01/20/19  (15)
Smug MAGA teens might be expelled for getting in Native Vets face    01/20/19  (42)
That "as Done as Donny" queer is still here stinking up the place    01/20/19  (1)
Blurry eyed Henry Aaron attending rural Trump rallies for cheap meth    01/20/19  (6)
"Voodoo Child" and "Henry Aaron" are the same maladjusted queer, right?    01/20/19  (20)
serious q for libs: is orange man good or bad?    01/20/19  (2)
I'm a snarky kike, on a law school board. I'm a spastic, it's fantastic    01/20/19  (6)
RSF, whats with this Henry Aaron nowag?    01/20/19  (42)
For the record, it's wrong that people are outing Henry Aaron    01/20/19  (2)
say what u will abt obama but at least he was a hollow, preening, greedy retard    01/20/19  (15)
Henry Aaron tp: Portrait of an Internet Loser    01/20/19  (3)
Henry Aaron - who is this deranged geek    01/20/19  (4)
If David Hogg were laughing at redneck NRA members... Trumpmo outrage...    01/20/19  (6)
Journos: "We're not fake news or the enemy of the people!" (They are)    01/20/19  (2)
TRUMP HAS TO STOP USING "Enemy of the People" RHETORIC.    01/20/19  (12)
Everyone forgets Matt Cassel was a pro bowler as a chief    01/20/19  (2)
MAGA Teen's gofundme page already raises over 200K for college (link)    01/20/19  (3)
NPC stupid dude comments on animal-on-animal violence (link0    01/20/19  (1)
Everyone who's against the MAGA teens is girly and not handsome. Odd case    01/20/19  (1)
Still can't believe Ford was lined up offside    01/20/19  (6)
MTV to air Political Crossfire debate show featuring MAGA hat kid & David Hogg    01/20/19  (1)
If you have not seen the cut Badou Jack suffered last night, come here    01/20/19  (11)
You aren't allowed to openly support the President in public    01/20/19  (69)

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