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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   06/18/19  (302)
Sam Hyde: "You Might Be Mike Brown IF" stand-up    06/20/19  (7)
****OFFICIAL USWNT v. SWEDEN WORLD CUP THREAD***    06/20/19  (15)
Don't let carbon emission worries stop you from global travel (Wired)    06/20/19  (4)
Boss 'jokingly' introduced me to other bosses as a "GC fuckdoll w/eager holes"    06/20/19  (2)
Anyone here ever take their wife on a Hedonism type vacation?    06/20/19  (1)
Are most Hollywood Jews Ashkenazi Jews?    06/20/19  (44)
Why Joe Biden's Racist Attack On Cory Booker Matters (The Atlantic)    06/20/19  (3)
Rate this double Stanford MILFY Cooley litigation partner    06/20/19  (6)
So the Stonewall Inn (lib 'gay rights' shrine) was mob-owned; had child hookers    06/20/19  (2)
NYT: Nasty badwhites from Minnesota don't want to take more Somalis    06/20/19  (89)
Fiancée jokingly introduced me to her boss/co-workers as he future ex-husband..    06/20/19  (45)
5 smartest senators from each party?    06/20/19  (48)
CA PAPISTS MAD AS FUCK - (((state senate))) eliminates confessional privilege    06/20/19  (46)
Biden smacks down Cory Booker ... video    06/20/19  (19)
Stock Market Surges as War With Iran Appears Imminent    06/20/19  (1)
Boris is gonna do it!    06/20/19  (2)
What percentage of boys are molested at summer camps?    06/20/19  (7)
Bands with 2 singers?    06/20/19  (28)
Boomer Parent$ just keep raking is million$ for no rea$on    06/20/19  (1)
Bands with three or more bassists?    06/20/19  (1)
How many mg's of Adderall is tsinah on rn that he rates himself a 9? 5,000?    06/20/19  (5)
Iran: Attacks U.S. and its Allies. Trump: Rage-tweets impotently    06/20/19  (50)
Would you divorce your wife for this 16yo teen? Sfw    06/20/19  (101)
Business idea: hire rapey looking dudes to chase female joggers at the park    06/20/19  (3)
threw up for what seemed like 5 straight minutes last night    06/20/19  (1)
Is it still cr to not be a huge fucking pussy?    06/20/19  (1)
ITT: Predict Trump's military response to Iran    06/20/19  (16)
Is it still credited to have your wife take your family name?    06/20/19  (14)
ATP June 17-23 Thread - Halle | Queens #tennis    06/20/19  (32)
itt: birdbrains humiliate fulano    06/20/19  (2)
My buddy is considering skipping marriage and hiring a surrogate.    06/20/19  (2)
Outlander is the most involved, ridiculous justification for birdbrains    06/20/19  (12)
1l’s hls acceptance rescinded for saying nigger “thousands of times”    06/20/19  (3)
I just heard a story of a prole goy taking his wife's name to avoid a warrant    06/20/19  (1)
tsinah, watch out. moshe is coming to get you...    06/20/19  (13)
Energy drinks ‘completely ruined my life’    06/20/19  (28)
Imagine being a goy for a moment    06/20/19  (1)
signed up for Personal Capital. a VICE PRESIDENT personally called me    06/20/19  (2)
So is this Apple Watch shit a failure? Still see no use case for these    06/20/19  (93)
The US lost a $225 million drone by flying it over an Iranian anti-air battery    06/20/19  (28)
RATE Ash Barty Posing With Serena's Child (PIC) #tennis    06/20/19  (2)
Represented my black wife in an EDD telephone hearing    06/20/19  (13)
@HillaryClinton: "I was blessed with stamina."    06/20/19  (1)
Chandler just settled a friend's total dog case for $40K    06/20/19  (1)
benzo is back in jail    06/20/19  (141)
Teen girls react to your text messages (video)    06/20/19  (2)
do summer associates still get elaborate boozy lunches?    06/20/19  (13)
1 million per year but your only IRL friends can be 15 year old girls    06/20/19  (21)
Just went to a shitlib "name your price" coffee house    06/20/19  (56)
Trump: Tune in tonight @ 6 to find out if our wonderful air force will bomb Iran    06/20/19  (1)
Imagine the frustration after clubbing DBGs skull into smithereens    06/20/19  (1)
Why a Woman Started Lactating From Her Vulva: Rare Case Study    06/20/19  (2)
The groom, 36, is a content creator and contributor to a prestigious law    06/20/19  (8)
benzo is back in jail    06/20/19  (167)
*briefcase full of hockey enforcer gear & yarmulkes falls open*    06/20/19  (1)
Bands with two trannies and a midget?    06/20/19  (1)
Elon Musk losing his sanity.    06/20/19  (1)
Quit drinking diet cokes, switched to tea, now have a kidney stone    06/20/19  (2)
Tampa Bay Rays to play in Montreal and Tampa Bay (link)    06/20/19  (2)
i love how u can bump a thread and ppl will just start discussing it again    06/20/19  (38)
Joe Biden isn’t going to be the Dems nominee    06/20/19  (44)
Chinese military working on building another moon and putting it into orbit (lin    06/20/19  (2)
Bands with 2 gingers?    06/20/19  (1)
Cut back on beer, lost 3 lbs this week. Jawline coming back bros (corp slave)    06/20/19  (1)
HYPO: pre surgery meeting and your MD walks in drinking a Monster energy drink    06/20/19  (3)
I love you guys!    06/20/19  (1)
Why are redditors obsessed with Keanu Reeves    06/20/19  (20)
Syrian refugee under Obama charged with terrorist plot on Pittsburgh church    06/20/19  (10)
United being college football heroes (biglaw lives matter)    06/20/19  (1)
Medieval Russian serf etching #hustle on scythe    06/20/19  (3)
HIGH FIBER and NOOOOOO SUGAR    06/20/19  (2)
Divorced, no kids: CR to cut all contact with ex?    06/20/19  (27)
Not flame. Im making a killing doing per diem work    06/20/19  (1)
Drink Monster and you'll become a monster.    06/20/19  (1)
Bumble Monster Energy Drink    06/20/19  (3)
TiVo on track to make $175m this year. Who the fuck still owns a TiVo?    06/20/19  (22)
This fat cunt at the bar I went to for lunch is singing along with every song    06/20/19  (2)
Report: Russia was behind Hillary 'health incident' where she collapsed in NYC    06/20/19  (47)
   06/20/19  (5)
I was basically genetically bred to be the perfect lawyerv    06/20/19  (5)
currently in dallas. apply for job in chicago?    06/20/19  (7)
WTF? Can someone explain this "couple" ??? (NYT pic)    06/20/19  (11)
Biggie's "one-room shack" with "no heat" is now $4k per month    06/20/19  (1)
Chinese military successfully teleports monkey 100 km (link)    06/20/19  (11)
Are Rays getting a new stadium or moving?    06/20/19  (15)
Do bitches still wear dem apple bottom jeans and boots with da fur?    06/20/19  (2)
Marijuana Pepsi earns Ph.D.    06/20/19  (6)
Monster Rancher but jews breeding goyim to cook on Saturdays    06/20/19  (2)
tractor in nebraska becomes sentient (turn on any news channel)    06/20/19  (3)
DBG, let's figure out ways to trick the goyim    06/20/19  (1)
there is only one way for goyim to win: mass suicide    06/20/19  (1)
The Israeli Question    06/20/19  (1)
do you wish you were born/raised somewhere else?    06/20/19  (21)
DOW DOWN -600 WHY DIDNT WE LISTEN TO JULIA    06/20/19  (97)
Rate this official how-to video on resetting GE smart light bulbs    06/20/19  (20)
CA mom allegedly fucked both her daughters' boyfriends in a week    06/20/19  (21)
Banks are completely fucked, no?    06/20/19  (3)
Blacks are where the rubber meets the road. Their dysfunction is too obvious    06/20/19  (4)
Jews are completely fucked and it’s hilariously obvious.    06/20/19  (2)
Seriously, I'm an 8/10    06/20/19  (67)
Nazis were so evil it's hard to even understand.    06/20/19  (62)
We laughed at boomers fundies who said libs want child drag queens    06/20/19  (1)
My job just hired a full blooded Australian aborigine as a project manager    06/20/19  (1)
Gonna buy "Piss Christ" photo, put it in jar of my own piss, and photograph that    06/20/19  (5)
Obama: "I like drones that don't get shot down"    06/20/19  (1)
XO MLB crew roll through    06/20/19  (159)
Buttigieg cannot be elected. The world will disrespect us with a gay POTUS.    06/20/19  (8)
More likely to not vote: Trumpmos with no wall, or woke shitlibs who hate Biden?    06/20/19  (6)
Vault Ranking of Top 100 Law Firms (2020)    06/20/19  (67)
Outkast recording "B.O.T. (Bombs Over Tehran)"    06/20/19  (5)
Just got BLOWN THE FUCK OUT by 19 yr old 7.3    06/20/19  (23)
I have so much work. Haha.    06/20/19  (5)
Trump: "Never threaten the United States again!" Iran: Shoots down RC plane    06/20/19  (22)
Raytheon exec on his first day sent a Northrop Grumman drone to get captured.    06/20/19  (1)
Bands with two niggers    06/20/19  (3)
Roxette - The Look.mp3    06/20/19  (1)
Trump: Iran WHOOPS shot down our drone - no hard feelings though!    06/20/19  (19)
couple almost break up after honeymoon due to social media poasting    06/20/19  (51)
Trudeau must be HATING his life right now (link)    06/20/19  (8)
BUMP when SCOTUS decides against census citizenship    06/20/19  (3)
Why are israelis so much more attractive than american joos    06/20/19  (6)
Libs calling for war with Iran because Orange Man Bad? Do I have that right?    06/20/19  (2)
What kind of weird fetish is this? training Twink lifted by women in heels?    06/20/19  (1)
Bad news: Roberts has caved on SCOTUS census case    06/20/19  (79)
2d Cuz: Spitters are quitters! Shrew Gf: White men are losers and bitter!    06/20/19  (1)
Is this A$$ too fat?    06/20/19  (3)
Guy at rock climbing gym: I went to Coachella then spent a month just camping.    06/20/19  (29)
PDDJ using DBG's laptop in other room: "Schmuel what the FUCK is this xox site?"    06/20/19  (10)
Hunter Biden knocked up an Arkansas lot lizard    06/20/19  (1)
just bought spf80 sunblock & solar phone charger, waiting on street for army bus    06/20/19  (1)
Off duty cop accosted in CostCo, 2 innocents critically wounded.    06/20/19  (58)
Is six months into a relationship too early to have "The Talk"?    06/20/19  (3)
federer in fight of his life to beat ATP 77 ranked player    06/20/19  (3)
Resented by my black wife because of gout-related ED    06/20/19  (1)
Odd case: Jeff Beck performs on stage with big titted teen bass player    06/20/19  (11)
So did that Ford lady get her two door entrance or not?    06/20/19  (2)
If we actually go to war with Iran, I probably won’t vote for Trump    06/20/19  (57)
"Sir, the sticky is making them annoyed--" Rach: "Give them two stickies"    06/20/19  (4)
Bands with 2 gingers?    06/20/19  (2)
Windows XP grassy hillside desktop wallpaper but it's full of defecating Indians    06/20/19  (3)
Music makermos - I highly recommend EZ Drummer / Superior Drummer 3 for drums    06/20/19  (6)
Can someone limit the number of threads "Obeezy" can make per hour or something    06/20/19  (1)
Biz idea: summer camps where minority children are taught to concentrate    06/20/19  (13)
Bands with two drummers    06/20/19  (14)
"I, GookBot" by Risak Clitpeenov    06/20/19  (11)
Bands with two dads    06/20/19  (7)
Nu metal Bands with 2 DJs?    06/20/19  (2)
Bands with two bassists.    06/20/19  (4)
Some undiscussed topics from the 2019 US Open #golf    06/20/19  (13)
WTA Arranging WTA#1 Ceremony For Ash Barty (PIC) #tennis    06/20/19  (2)

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