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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   06/17/19  (301)
Notice how Jews only Remember the holcaust but not the inquisition?    06/18/19  (3)
So Trump poo pooed Iran deal, now = problems & he's gonna start a stupid war?    06/18/19  (1)
Tyson Fury is single handedly bringing back boxing    06/18/19  (12)
Because the legal system is crooked cal JG WENTWORTH 877-cash-now    06/18/19  (1)
HONK HONK alert: "Kidz Bop" now does kiddie versions of Cardi B songs    06/18/19  (19)
Florida attorney sends open letter to DOJ accusing FBI of massive misconduct:    06/18/19  (18)
Why Can’t Everyone Get A’s? (nyt)    06/18/19  (25)
trumpmos, explain why all ur congressional districts are in crappy areas    06/18/19  (1)
worst SJW/shitlbs - UMC goy sheep, based alt-right - 3rd gen latino    06/18/19  (2)
Many Libs think saying sth non PC is worse than assault, murder, pedos, etc    06/18/19  (4)
Last holdout of your rich inner life dies after being blasted by podcast blather    06/18/19  (6)
Dailymail’s newest high school teacher sleeping with student    06/18/19  (19)
What happened to RSF?    06/18/19  (16)
Boomer dad taking out term life policy before sending son to shitty rehab clinic    06/18/19  (4)
is macaroni and cheese prole    06/18/19  (12)
Antony know anything about being a VALUATION ASSOCIATE?    06/18/19  (9)
one of my friends moved 2 philippines and talks about how he has trad wife dream    06/18/19  (21)
anyone else currently going down a deep occult portal?    06/18/19  (11)
Covers that are better than originals    06/18/19  (213)
The power and dramatic force of the Roman salute.    06/18/19  (3)
StarWars remake "I AM YOUR FATHER!" Remote voice: "ME TOO!"    06/18/19  (3)
How to raise children who don't fall for the GC scam?    06/18/19  (37)
was watching A Scanner Darkly high on weed yesterday, wow great movie    06/18/19  (14)
MPA inner world is a nonstop monlogue by snappy from goosebumps    06/18/19  (4)
Final thought for the night: fuck Abraham Lincoln.    06/18/19  (13)
are we pumos or are we dancer?    06/18/19  (2)
ATL writer BLASTS Oberlin verdict in surprisingly well-argued screed (link)    06/18/19  (35)
there was always something so off about nickelodeon. i never watched it    06/18/19  (64)
All of you shut up with the negativity    06/18/19  (2)
Tranny shits his own dick out of his ass (video)    06/18/19  (10)
ARE Reptile done here    06/18/19  (1)
Are we really middle aged lawyers?    06/18/19  (2)
lib platform: the most evil destructive shit imaginable    06/18/19  (8)
Could a kind Gen Z-er or Shitlennial (91-96) explain to me what Fortnite is?    06/18/19  (9)
wolfmother - woman.mp3    06/18/19  (2)
This is what $415K can get you in north louisiana    06/18/19  (2)
Getting divorced is the trashiest thing    06/18/19  (44)
Clown world soft tyranny is absurd bros    06/18/19  (8)
Limbaugh: If Obama had an older brother, he'd look like Morsi    06/18/19  (5)
Libs outraged over Lavar Ball's "inappropriate" comment on ESPN    06/18/19  (1)
I’ve had sex with 18 trans/femboys and only 2 bio women in 2019.    06/18/19  (7)
OJ seems SUPER PISSED in that first tweet video    06/18/19  (3)
"Sexualize him! Sexualize him!" crowd roars as Peterman stands before Pontius Pi    06/18/19  (124)
assfaggot's fate has been sealed    06/18/19  (1)
American Gigolo (1980)    06/18/19  (1)
Libs literally believe middle Americans are the most evil people on earth    06/18/19  (4)
Grab your favorite beverage+food turn on Chicago police 👮 scanner and enjoy!    06/18/19  (2)
Video of dozens of 'parrot heads' puking, losing consciousness in ER triage    06/18/19  (1)
death from above 1979 - little girl.mp3    06/18/19  (3)
Via police 🚔 scanner Mitchell South Dakota multiple explosions reported    06/18/19  (2)
2018 visitor numbers for US national parks:    06/18/19  (6)
ITT: The biggest LIE you were told while interviewing for a job    06/18/19  (31)
Never Advertise How Well you are Living    06/18/19  (6)
Trump: "Fox News, more like Fake News!"    06/18/19  (1)
These Iranian provocations cannot be allowed. Trump should ready the military    06/18/19  (31)
la peste - better off dead.mp3    06/18/19  (4)
need people to do some real digging into the HUG admissions personnel    06/18/19  (29)
luis, i'll pay you to come saw my head off as i look at binance    06/18/19  (20)
it’s been a tough few weeks for obama’s dominican republic    06/18/19  (3)
*logs into Binance* *Duck Hunt dog giggles*    06/18/19  (3)
54 boomers violently sick after visiting Dominican Republic (link)    06/18/19  (3)
Pope allowing married priests    06/18/19  (3)
55 Jimmy Buffett fans dead at Dominican Republic resort (USA Today)    06/18/19  (1)
Making a lot of money isn’t fun    06/18/19  (3)
GIDDY UP crypto buddies - fb coin taking us all to the moon    06/18/19  (6)
financial advisor here taking your q's    06/18/19  (138)
When Hotel California came out, 1969 was only 7 years ago, what was the big deal    06/18/19  (19)
Even if you had an inner monologue a few years of podcasts during commute would    06/18/19  (3)
Should I retire from online dating?    06/18/19  (12)
how did school get kyle kashuv's texts?    06/18/19  (26)
Gf is pissed I haven't nutted the last 2 times we fucked...    06/18/19  (26)
Rate her    06/18/19  (3)
"US" libs are insane and want to destroy their own country through open borders    06/18/19  (1)
the nerves - don't leave me hanging on the telephone.mp3    06/18/19  (1)
Adults who wear Jordans with formal/semi-formal wear    06/18/19  (21)
I met Luis once. Offered to suck me off 3 minutes into the conversation.    06/18/19  (4)
Miley Cyrus and Raven-Symoné will star in Miami Vice reboot    06/18/19  (4)
FlyerTalk Bootlickers Defend BA $25 "Admin Fee" To Cancel "Refundable" Ticket    06/18/19  (2)
I'm worried about who is going to take care of sealclubber when his parents die    06/18/19  (9)
"Libs" are very evil and sick    06/18/19  (1)
Netflix Greenlights "Cheers" Reboot of Female-Owned Hookah Bar in Austin    06/18/19  (51)
just saw a black person holding an umbrella    06/18/19  (4)
Kushner: GOP has potential to be great party of “ex-felons”    06/18/19  (9)
Biz idea: cheddar popcorn and other snacks in a long plastic tube    06/18/19  (1)
Ghana unveils mechs, exoskeletons    06/18/19  (7)
Drinking is so 180    06/18/19  (4)
biz idea: post it notes made out of kraft cheese    06/18/19  (4)
Bernie supporter describes how SHITLIBS took Bernie's campaign off-course:    06/18/19  (10)
What do 'pro-life' idiots even hope to accomplish?    06/18/19  (68)
animeboi needs shitpipe tore up hes on gay chatbort    06/18/19  (4)
Pope Francis: "How else are we to manage the negro's fecundity?"    06/18/19  (1)
brendan benson - gold into straw.mp3    06/18/19  (1)
Working list of stuff Demolition Man accurately predicted    06/18/19  (34)
mindblower: Gore Vidal was 'alt right', Bill Buckley was a shitlib fag    06/18/19  (30)
Pope Francis: What do 'pro-life' idiots even hope to accomplish?    06/18/19  (10)
Shitlibs irate about spiderman on ps4 b/c NYPD oppresses nigs (link)    06/18/19  (15)
Bar owner told me barely anyone under 30 goes to bars now. Lots closing down    06/18/19  (29)
Booom's Maltese heritage keeps him looking young, unfair advantage    06/18/19  (3)
Best headgear for sparring?    06/18/19  (29)
Boys who cry until you cum in them    06/18/19  (20)
pete yorn - for us.mp3    06/18/19  (1)
4 Asian chick outshine original singers in X-factor (Ariana, Jessie, Nicki)    06/18/19  (1)
Teenage blonde on twitter actually shits marshmallows + everyone loves it    06/18/19  (36)
Not a NBAmo ao curious why didnt Lakers just go allin for Kawhi instead of AD    06/18/19  (7)
All I want in life is a girlfriend who is like Luis or Ragnus (DTP)    06/18/19  (7)
Bu$ine$$man 👨‍💼 fraud$ $hould be forced to pay 💸💸💸 up    06/18/19  (4)
Lena Dunham's bloody pubes in ur face as ur 4 yo son is taken away for tranny op    06/18/19  (5)
Video of flight attendant bouncing off the ceiling as passengers beg God    06/18/19  (1)
Gore Vidal would have fit right in here    06/18/19  (8)
NyC Central Park how to find someone to fight??    06/18/19  (3)
Dumb gay fag here    06/18/19  (3)
A Canticle for Leibowitz, but its 50yo xo posters finding threads from 2006    06/18/19  (7)
Watching Ken Burns Civil War doc while I'm working tonight,    06/18/19  (14)
yo la tengo - sugarcube.mp3    06/18/19  (7)
Online dating has ruined women for me. All I see are their flaws now.    06/18/19  (30)
Olympic figure skating champion Alina Zagitova plays clay court #tennis    06/18/19  (16)
don't for a minute believe the lies being spoken here    06/18/19  (1)
Humphrey Bogart in trenchcoat answering vintage Garfield phone    06/17/19  (3)
:D rate the sexual tension btw Max Blumenthal and Anya Panrampil in this vid    06/17/19  (14)
Jeremiah prayed for the Jews even though God told him not to    06/17/19  (1)
This Phoenix tape looks like bullshit. It starts with dad against the car and no    06/17/19  (1)
New gym has a speedbag. Getting real good at it bros. Only hits me in face somet    06/17/19  (3)
Lolat “business”    06/17/19  (3)
xo Kyle Kashuv's Harvard acceptance rescinded    06/17/19  (122)
Carls Jr/Hardees... credited?    06/17/19  (10)
RATE this photo a reporter snagged of the Dallas gunman getting ready to attack    06/17/19  (20)
Youtuber covers Ariana Grande's song better than Ariana    06/17/19  (3)
Dog took a huge bite out of my hand    06/17/19  (5)
Entire Dom Lemon show right now is interview with stolen doll black family    06/17/19  (1)
my daughter is probably the cutest girl possible and it makes my life hell    06/17/19  (27)
What evidence is there that Dallas gunman attempted to hurt anyone?    06/17/19  (1)
lol @ vid of Trump and Stephanopoulos crammed into tiny car together    06/17/19  (3)
Every connection with another human ends with violence or sex    06/17/19  (2)
Sup faggots. Just cheatmoed with my oldest - an age adjusted 8+ 43 year old.    06/17/19  (42)
Is Bitcoin still a thing?    06/17/19  (3)
Did the English basically copy French culture? Or vice-versa?    06/17/19  (34)
Reminder: there is a woman out there somewhere who will love you for you    06/17/19  (72)
newspaper commenters ask why rural northern MN town of 1500 is now half somali    06/17/19  (1)
lol nyuug explain your slave people literally having an ideology to serve CHINA:    06/17/19  (11)
Shitlaw boss used word "nutted" in his opening argument    06/17/19  (148)
Life is too tragic/comedic for crypto not to bubble again.    06/17/19  (4)
Robert Pollard: making beautiful rock music for alcoholics    06/17/19  (3)
Fucked a legit 9 school teacher this time with face pics. GANGHAM style    06/17/19  (3)
Rate this 10,000 sq ft beachfront mansion in The Outer Banks    06/17/19  (5)
Lots of "Zendaya" forcememing. HBO is only a vehicle for you to hear about Zenda    06/17/19  (1)
Can we compromise with libs and ban abortions of >6' men but allow them for <6'    06/17/19  (2)
KPMG stole data, altered audits, and let employees cheat on training exams    06/17/19  (4)
Just rewatched Ideas Man. Glad they're getting their show back.    06/17/19  (5)
Dallas shooter reeks of false flag time traveler    06/17/19  (3)

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