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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   03/20/19  (274)
Just because you're paranoid don't mean they're not after you    03/23/19  (2)
RJ Barrett is better than Zion    03/23/19  (5)
# of organic gfs mark corrigan had was absurd    03/23/19  (7)
Have u had your midlife crisis yet    03/23/19  (8)
Can these two self promoters hit it off in Gangnam? A Washington Post Date Lab    03/23/19  (5)
Tommy Morrison is an underrated boxer    03/23/19  (7)
spaceporn literally shitmodded 3000 threads in one night after getting outed    03/23/19  (11)
unscramble: trassable pannies    03/23/19  (18)
Picked up an AIWA stereo with DOLBY PROLE LOGIC    03/23/19  (2)
was Henry VIII the last of the ginger alphas?    03/23/19  (1)
Ja Morant = rondo + westbrook    03/23/19  (1)
"and Mueller is closing in," 'uh uh... are u the only valet working today?'    03/23/19  (6)
This weekend will be one of XO's greatest    03/23/19  (8)
ok, but seriously tho, why are asians LITERALLY incapable of being funny, ever?    03/23/19  (4)
"Why the gun buy-back is a blatant display of white privilege" (NYT 2020)    03/23/19  (2)
What's some PROLE LOGIC you've heard recently?    03/23/19  (85)
One thing you learn from representing loss of consortium plaintiffs    03/23/19  (4)
You seem very soulless    03/23/19  (5)
How many friends have u made after age 30    03/23/19  (33)
Majorly damaged nice rental car. Taking advice.    03/23/19  (33)
I'm imagining the NYUUG - CSLG Meetup as a WashPo Dating Lab    03/23/19  (4)
rate my moniker please    03/23/19  (3)
The new 3 critical states to Pres. elections: Wisconsin, Arizona, Pennsylvania    03/23/19  (1)
Is there a kinder, gentler xo?    03/23/19  (13)
CSLG should win MPM based solely on his NYUUG thread    03/23/19  (4)
Kushner used WhatsApp to conduct official White House business    03/23/19  (38)
Russian Navy to get new class of 6,000 ton super tugs    03/23/19  (8)
Currently eating dinner at Enatye Ethiopian Restaurant if anyone wants to meetup    03/23/19  (9)
odd as fuck that Illinois and Pennsylvania have roughly the same population    03/23/19  (2)
Linkin Park singer says he has 100s of catchy electronic hooks locked in a safe    03/23/19  (1)
Found a Myspace with wife's "miss teen 2009" pageant pics still online    03/23/19  (1)
where in the god damned fuck is Consuela?!?    03/23/19  (4)
just maed 800 on UCF and OHIO STATTTE    03/23/19  (1)
And the 2023 Academy Award for Best Picture goes to... "Individal One"    03/23/19  (2)
Night out with NYUUG (CSLG)    03/23/19  (318)
if you know you know    03/22/19  (3)
'If You Know You know' by Pusha T is the best song of the year    03/22/19  (2)
'If you know you know' - pusha T prod. by Kanye instrumental (link)    03/22/19  (2)
Reminder: If you know you know    03/22/19  (7)
if you havent been playing 'If you know you know' by pusha t on repeat seek help    03/22/19  (2)
XO Secret Slack: If you know you know    03/22/19  (5)
if you know you know    03/22/19  (3)
EY answering all auditor dd questions with 'IF YOU KNOW YOU KNOW'    03/22/19  (3)
IF YOU KNOW YOU KNOW    03/22/19  (3)
on sundays I autistically listen to 'if you know you know' by pusha t on repeat    03/22/19  (2)
i fred astair on a brick    03/22/19  (1)
Does XO at least acknowledge that blacks are superior at music and sports?    03/22/19  (150)
amazing seeing trumpmos take victory lap re report they haven't seen    03/22/19  (19)
What % of Americans have unwittingly passed up the opportunity to sue for 7 figs    03/22/19  (1)
everything is so pozzed and gay now    03/22/19  (4)
a bay area "food stylist" who also sells cookies to fight human trafficking    03/22/19  (1)
e tu, PBS?    03/22/19  (1)
16 Years Later, How the Press That Sold the Iraq War Got Away With It    03/22/19  (24)
libs develop scurvy in protest    03/22/19  (1)
If you're not in the dry sauna 20 minutes 2x a week ur fucking nuts    03/22/19  (13)
you all get a bird, this nigga Oprah    03/22/19  (1)
.    03/22/19  (2)
just downloaded tiktok. it's full of hot high school girls.    03/22/19  (101)
You haven't lived until you kill yourself to Harry Nilsson's Without You    03/22/19  (3)
I paid $6 for a quarter of a watermelon today    03/22/19  (1)
the # of times ur gf googled meghan markle this week vs # of times she fucked u    03/22/19  (3)
CNN having a really bad day. 180 as fuck.    03/22/19  (1)
Reminder: every year hummingbirds migrate from Canada to Panama and back    03/22/19  (2)
"Marketing? Yes, I called. My CALI awards are not on firm bio."    03/22/19  (17)
Why are libs afraid to grant agency to any group that's not white males (and azn    03/22/19  (2)
Remember when NYT & WaPo won Pulitzers for their Russia collusion coverage?    03/22/19  (3)
Anyone successfully buy a Rolex Sub or GMT in recent years?    03/22/19  (12)
so cxo ran off spaceporn and none of the actual pedophiles?    03/22/19  (1)
Mueller Report contains DEVESTATING findings    03/22/19  (2)
To be clear, NYUUG'S idea of hooking up is making out with multiple barsluts    03/22/19  (7)
Hawaii AG: "Not so fast, Blumpf!"    03/22/19  (2)
NYC bans oranges in protest after mueller report    03/22/19  (10)
Why did Mueller submit his final report w collusion indictments sealed?    03/22/19  (4)
CVS guy yelled "COLONOSCOPY?" while ringing up my gavilyte-c    03/22/19  (7)
Dennis Rodman wearing a Yangbuck$ t-shirt    03/22/19  (2)
I want to marry this cute chick who bullies people in videogames    03/22/19  (105)
2046: Maynard James Keenan wins Nobel Prize in Literature for 'Stinkfist'    03/22/19  (15)
Using money to avoid God’s plan    03/22/19  (3)
Herndon, VA forcememe was one of the worst in recent history    03/22/19  (1)
New Yorker writer: There is no debate to be had about the Electoral College    03/22/19  (83)
Kind of insane humans still speak so many different languages    03/22/19  (1)
Making a RARE weekend appearance to take ?s related to Models&Bottles w CALI    03/22/19  (35)
NYT: we don't need to read the Mueller Report (link)    03/22/19  (3)
real talk: time to ban prolific transexual board spammer USPO    03/22/19  (1)
LOL they literally awarded a Pulitzer Prize for fake news    03/22/19  (63)
CSLG calls in club specialist to testify that nyuug is cool    03/22/19  (6)
Lmfao at modernity’s assault on humanity    03/22/19  (6)
Rate this MSNBC reporter's live report (video)    03/22/19  (4)
Where you at Lenkov? (CSLG)    03/22/19  (1)
Is Consuela back on Trump train now?    03/22/19  (1)
do u guys think the mueller report will be illegal to read like wikileaks    03/22/19  (2)
Anyone else Amazon Wardrobe fresh?    03/22/19  (1)
ME Winstead posts pussy on Reddit under name “the_smitten_kitten”
   03/22/19  (1)
It's pretty clear I'm at least a top-20 2019 poaster    03/22/19  (11)
Web of connections between PUTIN and his compromised bitch Trump    03/22/19  (5)
BLAST MY PUSSY    03/22/19  (1)
Trump’s 2020 campaign slogan — “Mueller Approved”    03/22/19  (1)
So Mueller is like a typical Federal government worker? Inefficient & incompeten    03/22/19  (32)
NYUUG is an around cool dude (CSLG)    03/22/19  (67)
in hindsight, salvador dali seemed like a huge fag with his "ooh i'm so kooky sh    03/22/19  (9)
SQUANCH-BRAN    03/22/19  (9)
CSLG just created another 12 months of spam fron NYUUG    03/22/19  (3)
kenny, nyuug's moratorium is over now, please delete his threads again    03/22/19  (1)
Russian bus & subway dogs now learning to hitch domestic flights    03/22/19  (16)
What city in the world has the best night scene?    03/22/19  (104)
BS acing freshman biology at Yale without even studying. U: Jealous    03/22/19  (8)
deep state tried to set up trump like they did nixon but they found zero, nada    03/22/19  (37)
Literal GRU agent.    03/22/19  (1)
xo poaster gets arrested on video    03/22/19  (1)
Also, lol @ Trumpcuck dumbs who don't know NORK's history re: 'talks'    03/22/19  (13)
reading old spaceporn threads, feel like cop at end of "the usual suspects"    03/22/19  (9)
Bob Mueller walks into NoVa McMansion, places down keys, tears off face.    03/22/19  (4)
Remember that clown CIA faggot calling himself a "proud shitholer" on Live TV?    03/22/19  (3)
REMINDER: Trump will be impeached by December 2017    03/22/19  (118)
(((Donald Trump))) and the rest of the Jewish Establishment must be purged    03/22/19  (4)
sup fag    03/22/19  (1)
sat in someone elses shit in toilet stall, gagpuked now taking shower at home    03/22/19  (1)
Just downloaded TikTok it’s full of trumpcucks worried about their day of reck    03/22/19  (1)
100% killing the next Gen-Xer I hear say "side hustle"    03/22/19  (11)
Iron Monkey, rate my new drift boat    03/22/19  (15)
Cosmonaut reports "space jellyfish" peering through window of Soyuz    03/22/19  (1)
Was asked to give best man speech at wedding. I’ll probably pee my pants.    03/22/19  (44)
When Mueller turns up bupkiss and Trump is vindicated, it's gonna be 180.    03/22/19  (7)
You thought the lib meltdown was bad on 2016 election night. Just wait til 2020    03/22/19  (3)
Adam Schiff: I will subpoena Mueller if Report finds no collusion (link)    03/22/19  (7)
compare airbus amateurs to US pro pilots (UA 232 crash)    03/22/19  (5)
Florida ceases orange production in protest after Mueller report    03/22/19  (1)
When Mueller charges?    03/22/19  (8)
Coke cancels orange vanilla coke rollout after Mueller Report falls flat    03/22/19  (1)
Retiring GOP pols will all side with Dems when Mueller drop hammer    03/22/19  (20)
libs grocery shopping - go ballistic in aisle with orange soda. y?    03/22/19  (1)
Will be lulzy when Mueller brings Obstr charge as economy rises, NK disarms and    03/22/19  (15)
So wait, was it a witch hunt if Mueller concludes Trump did nothing wrong?    03/22/19  (40)
Mewling About Mueller: The Desperate XO Lib Story    03/22/19  (31)
Running train on this board tonight...100% the best poaster    03/22/19  (1)
TRUMP CASTING MANA FORT    03/22/19  (2)
Janeane Garofalo tweets pussy closeup: "Mueller: Jail Trump and it's all yours"    03/22/19  (1)
Japanese feudalism, knighthood    03/22/19  (1)
So Mueller dropped case to go after a ring of pedo child squanchers?    03/22/19  (1)
Offered nyuug kenny’s position, he said he had too much self-respect (CSLG)    03/22/19  (1)
Mindy Kaling cast as Mara Jade for Episode 9    03/22/19  (13)
Just got nyuug pregnant (CSLG)    03/22/19  (9)
*shitlaw boss showing you pics of his pet peacock on iPhone w/ cracked screen*    03/22/19  (4)
Don't mean to inconvenience anyone but here's a new thread    03/22/19  (7)
If you're low-t and do trt, do you still get heart problems later    03/22/19  (4)
I want to bleed like Christ did    03/22/19  (1)

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