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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/10/19  (244)
xo warming to AOC is pathetic. You Obama voting faggots have no principles    01/15/19  (79)
Ocasio destroys Scott Walker.    01/15/19  (69)
Sings “dirty naughty daddies” to tune of Mario underground music    01/15/19  (4)
ITT I rate you as one of two at home surgeries I taught myself this year    01/15/19  (7)
"Suck that dick!" chants the crowd, and yr future wife, ever eager to please    01/15/19  (1)
Rate this sign for employees, posted by GC (Golden Corral, that is)    01/15/19  (17)
Why are you watching college football when u could b practicing surgery at home?    01/15/19  (1)
Mueller/Russia hysteria is some of the most insane nonsense I've ever seen    01/15/19  (14)
Eagles fan attacks GF, microwaves dog in anger after loss to Saints (link)    01/15/19  (5)
ever put the egg from a mcmuffin on your mcdouble?    01/15/19  (3)
Chaucer biting on piece of rubber, hacking off his own balls w meat cleaver    01/15/19  (1)
Home Depot run w your dad. Plastic surgery in the garage. Sculpted silicone Gods    01/15/19  (2)
*is Scott Walker* *has no college degree* *gets by pandering to PROLES*    01/15/19  (2)
FAG / INCEL / LOSER TELL: Started seriously studying surgery after high school.    01/15/19  (1)
Google data centers blurred out on google maps street view & satellite    01/15/19  (1)
FAG / INCEL / LOSER TELL: Started seriously lifting after high school.    01/15/19  (9)
The only reason Scott Walker attacked AOC is to stay relevant    01/15/19  (1)
Non-Turds: How Many STATES OF INDIA Can You Name?    01/15/19  (42)
Poopty peupty pantss    01/15/19  (13)
hypo: this girl delivers you pizza (pic)    01/15/19  (17)
Why the fuck does IRELAND have an extremely high GDP per capita?    01/15/19  (29)
Proper Ghostbusters movie sequel in the works (link)    01/15/19  (1)
New xo crew: jersey guys with SUVs.    01/15/19  (37)
god we are all such losers    01/15/19  (4)
What do libs hate more: home surgery enthusiasts or walls?    01/15/19  (2)
Trump dressed as 'Hamburglar'    01/15/19  (2)
MSNBC, CNN on TVs at gym, shrieking about Russia    01/15/19  (1)
rate this girl demonstrating proper squat form    01/15/19  (46)
What do libs hate more: Christian charities or walls?    01/15/19  (1)
Ocasio on FINANCIAL SERVICES COMMITTEE.    01/15/19  (2)
Bros China is EVERYWHERE in Africa, WTF are we doing about it?    01/15/19  (89)
Date with cute Christian high school counselor tomorrow    01/15/19  (15)
What kind of dipshit schedules a 12:30 home surgery.    01/15/19  (5)
In home operating theater and surgery books would be awesome hobby.    01/15/19  (5)
RMNDR: Obama Administration Loved Russia until they snubbed Gay Rights in Sochi    01/15/19  (1)
What kind of dipshit schedules a 12:30 meeting    01/15/19  (5)
MSNBC says Bernie is canceled.    01/15/19  (28)
Is the Lord of Light going to pull through for Stannis?    01/15/19  (21)
xo home self-castration crew    01/15/19  (2)
Still loling that Dems lost Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania    01/15/19  (8)
“‘Phony’ Soprano never had makings of varsity athlete. Sad!”    01/15/19  (1)
any "weekend gorriors" here do DIY surgeries on days off?    01/15/19  (4)
New xo crew: Jersey guys with home surgery suites    01/15/19  (3)
what are the best books for learning how to do personal injury shitlaw    01/15/19  (11)
lulzy how anti-home surgery this board is    01/15/19  (4)
where to escape coming race wars, destruction of western civ, AOC POTUS etc    01/15/19  (26)
CSLG just got me $10K for 1.5 year old case w/ no medical bills    01/15/19  (51)
what are the best books for learning how to do simple surgeries at home    01/15/19  (4)
Made fresh tracks all day today    01/15/19  (13)
lulzy how anti-weightlifting this board is    01/15/19  (18)
Not a red or blue america but UNITED States of america...*2nd Civil War begins*    01/15/19  (1)
Top baby boy names of 2018 (Aiden #2, Beto #8, Mueller #15)    01/15/19  (8)
Tim Allen's Last Man Standing on Fox cancelled for low ratings (link)    01/15/19  (1)
🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 I'm Gay 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨    01/15/19  (17)
Bart KavaFaggot, how many private planes have crashed because FAA during shutdow    01/15/19  (20)
I basically get all my news from Pew News these days    01/15/19  (2)
what are the best books for learning how to do at home theater surgery    01/15/19  (1)
chandler, talk CSLG into hiring me    01/15/19  (43)
Reminder: You should all watch at least 1 PewDiePie video / week    01/15/19  (20)
Couches cost a thousand dollars    01/15/19  (19)
No matter what, it is all about what you do about being 25-35 male.    01/15/19  (1)
any patent lawyers around?    01/15/19  (11)
One Photo impression. Would you Date her?    01/15/19  (13)
I was accepted to law school 12 years ago today    01/15/19  (39)
Average American transsexual woman is 5'6", 105lbs., 26" waist    01/15/19  (4)
Why is eastern europe still sooo poor?    01/15/19  (2)
What are the odds my STD tests come back positive? Sexual history breakdown ITT.    01/15/19  (41)
today in black crime in the Bay area, II    01/15/19  (250)
GS-15 shut down dude here, taking Qs    01/15/19  (18)
Lol @ photos of Bolivian corporate executives    01/15/19  (2)
Anybody else love biglaw?    01/15/19  (27)
Rate this cheerful WOC    01/15/19  (1)
Russia has the only economy you really "need"    01/15/19  (4)
"Die monster, you don't belong in this world"    01/15/19  (1)
Do women from other cultures swear, or is that just an American thing?    01/15/19  (10)
πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’NIGGERπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’    01/15/19  (3)
52 year old Kirstin Gilibrand says she’s running because she is a YOUNG MOM    01/15/19  (18)
Kirsten Gillibrand, a literal psychopath, is running for president    01/15/19  (1)
can someone poast some pics of shrews w/blown out pussies or dirty assholes?    01/15/19  (5)
Xo Saints going to roll past the TTT Rams πŸ† πŸ’¦πŸ‘    01/15/19  (10)
RATE this family photo    01/15/19  (2)
Rate this book review about Amazon by Mackenzie Bezos    01/15/19  (12)
Arkan here taking Qs.    01/15/19  (22)
List of things that no one cares about    01/15/19  (3)
jared goff (air raid gimmick QB who went 4-5 in pac-12) getting $13m for 0 snaps    01/15/19  (6)
corp slave was right about Jared Goff he is awful    01/15/19  (2)
volvo > mercedes/bmw    01/15/19  (81)
Vanity Fair: "Was Obama a bad president?"    01/15/19  (7)
steve king expelled - republicucks in house have learned nothing from trump    01/15/19  (119)
Can All Lawyers Just Admit The Wall Will Never Be Built Because Of The Fifth Ame    01/15/19  (2)
Pearl Jam: Balding Lawyer Behind a Laptop in a Small Town Panera Bread    01/15/19  (4)
the corrupt deep state snakes all planned to get cushy jobs under Crooked H?    01/15/19  (18)
unghhhhh rate this girl bros    01/15/19  (1)
Pewdiepie just has thousands of ppl create content for him and he "reacts" to it    01/15/19  (2)
TCTP giving JJC advice on landing a finance job    01/15/19  (1)
just dropped fart bomb, a nasty reeking cloud, subordinate came in got full whif    01/15/19  (11)
Countdown until TCTP is a subprime lending millionaire....    01/15/19  (4)
Join Brawl Stars club #UR89CGP    01/15/19  (15)
bill murray: champagne all weekend, u: poast    01/15/19  (257)
MGTOWSWUTB - men going their own way storing women under their bed    01/15/19  (1)
Rate this white girl w a big butt SFW    01/15/19  (34)
thunder, you listen to mckeweon today?    01/15/19  (4)
we have 200 couches where you can sleep tonight    01/15/19  (1)
If you want a steady career in commercials, be a frizzy-haired    01/15/19  (4)
Turn off all yr lights just firelight from fire in fireplace. That’s how ever    01/15/19  (4)
Wife signed her new credit card on the magnetic strip    01/15/19  (8)
pewdiepie's t-series diss track was hot fire (askav)    01/15/19  (18)
Thunder, will these keto fat-bombs kick you out of ketosis?    01/15/19  (8)
Whose rise to wealth is most impressive?    01/15/19  (27)
the most prestigious reddit reposting forum in the world    01/15/19  (1)
furloughed government workers actually get BACKPAY for the days they are furloug    01/15/19  (24)
Earl wtf is going on with Ed Case.    01/15/19  (7)
Vermeule pwns Leiter    01/15/19  (6)
Why has Bill Murray been in so many shit movies in recent years?    01/15/19  (25)
why does bill murray look 88 at 68    01/15/19  (19)
I've almost entirely forgotten about crypto. Never even check it now    01/15/19  (1)
who has best hair: Tucker Carlson, Buck Sexton, or Richard Spencer?    01/15/19  (2)
so what the fuck do i buy my wife for christmas    01/15/19  (2)
Why did a Presidential Campaign Manager travel to Madrid to meet foreign spooks?    01/15/19  (1)
Gillette 1980s: "It's good to be a guy." Gillette today: "Masculinity is toxic"    01/15/19  (1)
To those who think a holocaust can never happen again    01/15/19  (54)
Sopranos 20 year anniversary cast interview (vid)    01/15/19  (41)
uspo and me holding hands in fondren library listening to mac demarco    01/15/19  (1)
I heard your mom gets the "asshole and pussy discount" when she gets her car fix    01/15/19  (14)
obama was a disaster    01/15/19  (7)
"call the Poh-lice"    01/15/19  (5)
the jew in the loo    01/15/19  (2)
RATE this white high school bikini teen    01/15/19  (8)
Gillette pathetically removing dislikes, deleting comments and fake liking video    01/15/19  (20)
Hey Charles XII    01/15/19  (4)
Lol @ the mental image of Holdup and his parents arguing in fluent Inguish    01/15/19  (1)
RATE These Four Jewesses (PIC) #ironside    01/15/19  (12)
biglaw I'm tired of libs    01/15/19  (6)
2nd cousin: Hey dork, wanna get laid? ;) Shrew gf: Federal workers aren't gettin    01/15/19  (4)
askav dinging any girl whose eyes "don't even resemble paraiba tourmalines"    01/15/19  (7)
Bill Murray will be the biggest celebrity death of our lifetime    01/15/19  (1)
Buck Sexton on Tucker    01/15/19  (4)
DESERVE NOTHING lets talk ourselves into throwing our bodies onto train tracks    01/15/19  (8)
Oh fuck DESERVE NOTHING tp is back    01/15/19  (9)
The Ancient Greeks had the same aesthetic sensibilities as DTP    01/15/19  (1)
West Virginia and Montana want to build the Trump wall (link)    01/15/19  (2)
lawman8, what are your top Brawl Stars tips?    01/15/19  (52)
those are good berders, Walter    01/15/19  (4)
so an H1B poo in the loo is responsible for Gillette anti-white male commercial?    01/15/19  (6)
Trump? Over 1,000 hamberders. You? Seamless at desk.    01/15/19  (4)
Chinese politburo condemns member's 'Han supremacy' remarks:    01/15/19  (4)
Started introducing myself as "Dead Inside"    01/15/19  (4)
Elizabeth Warren: Senator Gillibrand is a FUCKING SLUT    01/15/19  (91)
My parents have a problem with me becoming a dad out of wedlock    01/15/19  (40)
Absolutely disgusting video of Trans customer being misgendered    01/15/19  (5)

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