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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/17/19  (245)
Peterman here. 4 drinks deep. Taking Qs for 10 minutes.    01/18/19  (34)
had a creepy dream last night involving one of my dead classmates from HS    01/18/19  (1)
2nd Cousin: Sneaks into your room after lunch/Shew GF: Fecal geyser after brunch    01/18/19  (11)
Came in a girl's ass and she compared it to a geyser    01/18/19  (3)
Bezos: “Alexa, find a way to break up unions.”    01/18/19  (15)
Christianity would be 180 if real    01/18/19  (45)
"You want me to lie to Congress for you? OK, just repeat that clearly and loudly    01/18/19  (2)
Jordan Spieth is not a bald fraud    01/18/19  (3)
Starting keto diet this week fags. Taking advice on daily consumption    01/18/19  (228)
reminder: this will be your future, no matter what    01/18/19  (31)
Fuuuuuuuuu lib gf wants to see RBG movie tonight    01/18/19  (5)
MIG is like a version of spaceporn that lucidly ignores dunning-kruger    01/18/19  (5)
and little peterbois never once gave it away, every trucker had to pay and pay    01/18/19  (8)
70's/80's films about NYC crime and law enforcement    01/18/19  (3)
best jrpg town of all time?    01/18/19  (36)
The end of Fight Club except it's peterboi & me holding hands as ETH goes to $0    01/18/19  (20)
peterboi's hanged corpse found with laptop open to coinbase SERVICE UNAVAILABLE    01/18/19  (15)
I think my favorite RPG ever is Zelda: A Link to the Past    01/18/19  (1)
Fridays are so much better when my faggot Shrew wife is out of town.    01/18/19  (20)
Starting my grad cert next week!    01/18/19  (3)
So Mueller has evidence Trump committed a high crime but taking 3 yrs to reveal?    01/18/19  (64)
Here's to peterboi, the richest man in Allentown, PA." - trucker zipping, buckl    01/18/19  (7)
LOL @ Washington Post's headline on pro-life march    01/18/19  (4)
*Peterman reading "Never Eat Alone" while eating alone*    01/18/19  (61)
"I direct you to lie to Congress" *sent from my android device    01/18/19  (1)
RATE Paradorn Srichaphan's AznGirl Wife Post-Babby (PIC) #tennis #jim_kelly    01/18/19  (25)
Flowers for Algernon except its about Peterman being rich for a week    01/18/19  (185)
Why so many ELITE UG --> politics for YOUNGS? Is there SECRET SOCIETY? Or IQ?    01/18/19  (24)
peterman's "meal prep" posts were some of the saddest shit i've ever seen    01/18/19  (106)
boomerboat what kinds of music do you like    01/18/19  (1)
Downtown Disney with Chandler, Kenny, and CSLG... (CSLG)    01/18/19  (32)
ex from 10 years ago wrote to tell me some weird shit    01/18/19  (12)
is lobster mac and cheese apex prole food?    01/18/19  (2)
Lol, I whoked up (fuckebe)    01/18/19  (2)
Peterman's doc: "this is your rectum. it's for poop." *beady eyes narrow*    01/18/19  (44)
Peterman reading colostomy story; Beady eyes narrow “that’s cheating”    01/18/19  (2)
Trump gives signed confession under oath. Trumptards: FALSE CONFESSIONS ARE    01/18/19  (3)
"By the way, you can tip me in the app now" Peterman said, wiping his chin    01/18/19  (5)
Report: a dark-web serial killer gang is killing Chads around the country, 70 th    01/18/19  (16)
TCTP do you cold call    01/18/19  (2)
DDC, which is the better JRPG: P5 or DQXI?    01/18/19  (14)
Trump directed Cohen to lie to Congress    01/18/19  (124)
Michael Cohen about to bring down the presidency    01/18/19  (65)
Mike Pence: And for those reasons, I cannot, in good faith, pardon Donald J. Tru    01/18/19  (51)
I also feel that it would be better if you were in Washington with me    01/18/19  (1)
back after 3 year poasting hiatus. how much did scholarship win mpm by?    01/18/19  (1)
Advice on building a NPC stimming rig- what type of restraints should i use?    01/18/19  (1)
Dorothy in that Blues Traveler video    01/18/19  (5)
cute stoner chix delivering your flower, oil, & preposterous amt of edibles: 180    01/18/19  (1)
Trump will make a surprise announcement on Saturday about the shutdown    01/18/19  (15)
NoDrink January Day 18- Snowed in weekend challenge    01/18/19  (9)
Advice on building a PC gaming rig - what components should I buy?    01/18/19  (25)
how many days did spaceporn/philosopherking's 'retirement' last?    01/18/19  (13)
Caught this faggot trying to steal from me (pic)    01/18/19  (37)
Thomas M. Cooley LSAT splits for 25/50/75 percentile: 138/141/147    01/18/19  (44)
Any way to contact an airline about a specific airport aside from general email?    01/18/19  (1)
PSA: Nigger.    01/18/19  (1)
Listening to political podcasts from before and after 2016 Election Day    01/18/19  (11)
Older Former Athletes w Uncurated & Lulzy IGs #tennis    01/18/19  (9)
Bigger tits: RSF or Trump? POLL    01/18/19  (1)
would u rather rach fix 'by you' or monikers?    01/18/19  (30)
Haha look at how down to earth I am Goy, I love IHOP and Disneyland, you see?    01/18/19  (2)
Alex Kozinski now running a one-man firm in TORRANCE    01/18/19  (33)
License to print money: Ethiopian restaurant inside Holocaust Museum    01/18/19  (7)
charity idea: mohels on wheels    01/18/19  (2)
hinge is showing me tons of fatties from the outset    01/18/19  (4)
RATE This Skinny Slav (PIC) #ironside #jim_kelly    01/18/19  (46)
FBI Safe Haven Shitlib Roll Call - Poast Here To Avoid Prosecution    01/18/19  (1)
Measles exposure at Portland Trailblazers game.    01/18/19  (2)
"out @ a bar w some friends" u msg the tinder chick from ur 1br apt    01/18/19  (31)
Any cuisines that are underrated?    01/18/19  (94)
*Pope throws Bible in trash can, places tome of Turd Sandwich poasts on altar*    01/18/19  (1)
Arkan here taking Qs.    01/18/19  (24)
I like to ejaculate inside of niggers' assholes    01/18/19  (11)
TRUMP SAID 'HAMBERDER'!! LMAO, OH MY GOD....    01/18/19  (3)
What will be the first sentence in Trump’s obituary?    01/18/19  (12)
Reminder: You should all watch at least 1 PewDiePie video / week    01/18/19  (21)
did this army officer & his jew wife really cheat who wants to be a millionaire?    01/18/19  (8)
Why do some Amazon Kindle Books drop to 1.99? How to get an alert?    01/18/19  (3)
Are Catholic priests/monks required to take musical training?    01/18/19  (2)
first off, fuck your bitch and the whole bitchass haplogroup you claim    01/18/19  (1)
NIGGERS = 💩    01/18/19  (33)
Antitrust bros: does this sound like collusion?    01/18/19  (30)
Cool new hobby: shoot niggers and kikes in the head with your AR 15.    01/18/19  (5)
History Lesson: at the Battle of Wabash, indians wiped out 1/4th of the US army    01/18/19  (5)
Video of a party where blindfolded people hold snake, guess type of snake    01/18/19  (5)
lol seriously rach fucked up the new message button too jfc    01/18/19  (2)
Started selling used sponges out of a food truck, calling them "Ethiopian bread"    01/18/19  (1)
john cougar mellencamp - little quick salads.mp3    01/18/19  (1)
LOL @ how Millennials are all into Ethiopian food    01/18/19  (29)
Sign on local jailhouse: NIGGERS EAT FREE 24/7    01/18/19  (3)
State of emergency declared tomorrow.    01/18/19  (4)
can't stop lolling at the idea of "nightlife" in asia    01/18/19  (4)
How does Jaguar XE compare to 3-series/A4 etc?    01/18/19  (1)
want to sneak burrito into hockey game, will aluminium foil set off detectors?    01/18/19  (3)
🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 I'm Gay 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨    01/18/19  (27)
AA Won't Thru-Check Bags For EXP/1MM On 2 Tickets, FlyerTalk Cucks Shit On Him    01/18/19  (16)
What would you rather eat a plate of: Ethiopian food, or excrement?    01/18/19  (9)
First they came for the sex trainers ... - link    01/18/19  (1)
wait, how do ethiopians have a 'cuisine'? weren't they all starving?    01/18/19  (2)
I've got so much mad funk I need a shower.    01/18/19  (1)
Slack jawed mouth breather    01/18/19  (1)
Rate this white girl w a big butt SFW    01/18/19  (50)
If I claim only 5,000 died in Civil War, will I go to jail as a Civil War denier    01/18/19  (18)
deep tongue kissing Sarah Huckabee Sanders, tasting beef jerky    01/18/19  (4)
Please distinguish Mario Verduzco, Mario Lopez, and Mario LMAO    01/18/19  (1)
how hard will everyone laugh when 2020 dems say will respect election outcome    01/18/19  (4)
But the supremacy clause! screams Mario Verduzco as he is executed by hanging    01/18/19  (4)
WEED | TRACKER | ENGAGED    01/18/19  (1)
Rate this Chris Cornell tribute concert lineup    01/18/19  (8)
ABC News: Mueller Report to Contain Major Bombshells (link)    01/18/19  (8)
i own large swathes of premium bayou    01/18/19  (5)
i own large swathes of premium chadcock    01/18/19  (1)
Le Tigre thread    01/18/19  (5)
Gladys Knight will sing National Anthem @Super Bowl, BASHES Kaepernick (link)    01/18/19  (1)
Does north carolina have lots of good hs qbs that mack brown can no offer?    01/18/19  (4)
cousin wants to go to ethiopian restaurant tonight. told her    01/18/19  (15)
"Suck that dick!" chants the crowd, and yr future wife, ever eager to please    01/18/19  (2)
US accomplishments from 1940-1970 will never be matched    01/18/19  (33)
Anyone here have 4 or more kids? Please help.    01/18/19  (87)
CSLG just got me $10K for 1.5 year old case w/ no medical bills    01/18/19  (59)
buddy's 14 y/o son got a bj from a 12 y/o girl; recorded it; girl's parents foun    01/18/19  (164)
my words, your mouth    01/18/19  (1)
Reminder: Chandler is literally OBESE    01/18/19  (28)
"Happy Friday!" mewled the wagecuck    01/18/19  (1)
Can we get a running list of WLMAS alts?    01/18/19  (5)
WLMAS alts list    01/18/19  (11)
You aren't allowed to openly support the President in public    01/18/19  (62)
WLMAS, who is definitely not unemployed, is on week 4 of "bereavement leave"    01/18/19  (16)
what are your goals over the next 5-10 years    01/18/19  (121)
PROTIP: nuclear family is real target for shitlib cultural Marxists    01/18/19  (5)
The left will never ever forgive Russia for forsaking Marxism    01/18/19  (6)
redpill me on suffocating schizoid anhedonia    01/18/19  (58)
"US" media/academia so unhinged b/c 40yr marxism campaign died abruptly Nov 8    01/18/19  (15)
retro 90s Slacker game: tell women your favorite TV 'series' is Rockford Files    01/18/19  (1)
how many fucking WLMAS alts are there    01/18/19  (5)
Global Citizen: Ethiopian food is amazing! omg Cracker Barrel is so prole    01/18/19  (16)
LOL @ proles who don't eat Ethiopian food    01/18/19  (9)
Michael O. Church effectively won    01/18/19  (98)
Lib friend apologized w/ each bite at Ethiopian restaurant    01/18/19  (2)
Drumpffff is as bad as Blasey Ford!    01/18/19  (1)
"Hey - wanna go out for Ethiopian some time?" Sarah Huckabee Sanders shyly asks    01/18/19  (6)
Why does WLMAS keep bumping old threads about tinychat/discord?    01/18/19  (10)
Happy Wednesday! One day closer to WLMAS’s suicide!    01/18/19  (3)
So it’s now clearly established that spammer stalker ;;;..;..;;;.. is WLMAS    01/18/19  (36)
Who is this crazy ass all-comma mod who calls everyone wlmas?    01/18/19  (44)
the blacks have it right, burn this whole fucking shit fraud society to the grou    01/18/19  (1)
wait why do shitlibs think mike pence's wife can't discriminate against gays    01/18/19  (2)

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