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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/12/19  (255)
hollywood jews: worrying about deep state is dog whistle for white power    02/20/19  (2)
There are some very dark parallels b/w Smollett & SP’s xo pedo shit    02/20/19  (1)
Hot take: Tulsi is laying the groundwork for an independent run    02/20/19  (8)
DailyKos poll shows Bernie has already secured the nomination.    02/20/19  (31)
The Andy McCabe media tour is just the Deep State rubbing their coup in our face    02/20/19  (3)
lonely and shitty    02/20/19  (1)
Spaceporn here: here's one reason why i like traveling w out wife    02/20/19  (68)
holy shit    02/20/19  (1)
AOC has a bigtit LatinaTeen cousin LINK INSIDE    02/20/19  (4)
if this sp raping his adopted son thing turns out to be true i will throw up    02/20/19  (1)
NIGGERS HAVE RUINED MY LIFE !!!!111    02/20/19  (32)
mr. jinx has ruined my life. I'm taking indefinite leave from xo    02/20/19  (25)
Wikipedia Considering Offer from Jeff Bezos for Full Site Purchase (link)    02/20/19  (1)
Smollett sent fake anthrax letter to himself, will face Federal charges (link)    02/20/19  (29)
Poland in hissy fit cancels state visit to Israel    02/20/19  (94)
POLL: all time fav SNL cast member.    02/20/19  (250)
*RSF breastfeeding LtDan in the first class cabin of an Emirates plane*    02/20/19  (28)
Critics finding double meanings in song about black coal miner, "Digger Nick"    02/20/19  (16)
peterman becoming Lawnmower Man so to virtually suck off automated truckers    02/20/19  (2)
"Weird (and gay!)"    02/20/19  (1)
playroom hotdog    02/20/19  (2)
“you a cop?” spaceporn asked at comet ping pong, ladybreasts intensifying    02/20/19  (17)
Any non-moronic workout bros here? Need Leangains program advice    02/20/19  (20)
Buzzfeed comments to Sandmann lawsuit article is a new level of insanity    02/20/19  (9)
which is worse? ex-high school cheerleader or ex-highschool powderpuff football    02/20/19  (3)
Ex-wife and Fat GF are emailing and texting eachother    02/20/19  (33)
spaceporn here. basically took a cannabis bath. now at kids playroom    02/20/19  (20)
Wait, so Henry Aaron is just a lowly    02/20/19  (124)
little fucker insisted i buy him a playroom hotdog. now he wont eat it.    02/20/19  (31)
How much does this BigOil office resemble a BigLaw office?    02/20/19  (3)
shitmod disappearing spaceporn pedo posts may be destroying criminal evidence    02/20/19  (4)
SP here. Gave my kid an extra Night-Night Playtime Pill now his mouth is fizzing    02/20/19  (62)
been attracting some incredibly mentall ill an dviolently psychotic shrews latel    02/20/19  (3)
1985 McDonalds ad featuring Jason Alexander with hair    02/20/19  (15)
Carson Daly Stepping Down as “Last Call” Host After 17 Years    02/20/19  (10)
So spaceporn took his kid to actual pedo markets? Threatened xo posters w pedo    02/20/19  (1)
2 min compilation video of Ariana Grande saying "nigger"    02/20/19  (2)
Rating poasters as guys who would rape you in prison.    02/20/19  (26)
Talk to women    02/20/19  (2)
Gettysburg College trustee resigns over 1980 photo showing him dressed as Nazi    02/20/19  (2)
Don't do one night stands    02/20/19  (2)
sim glitch: "tidal locking" and the moon    02/20/19  (2)
respect over sex    02/20/19  (1)
8=========================D    02/20/19  (1)
Who is this lawyer running a fake scam account on Twitter?    02/20/19  (2)
about to kill this uber driver than launch this car off a bridge    02/20/19  (1)
Why does this video of a cerebral palsy patient have 2.5 million views?    02/20/19  (6)
Lawyers are basically minimum wage whores    02/20/19  (1)
JFC how embarrassing for Smollett to show up on set Thurs?    02/20/19  (9)
2020: Trump reelected, Thiel Gawkering the Washington Post    02/20/19  (1)
Peru had CHinese slaves - BAC Mandingoes    02/20/19  (4)
What's the Jew version of 1488?    02/20/19  (28)
HBS '14 friend: "best time of my life"    02/20/19  (178)
rate this 180 interview on Ugandan television news    02/20/19  (1)
CIA agents leaving honey pots discussing boltzmann brains all over xo    02/20/19  (3)
do they walk around with their hbs t-shirts or something?    02/20/19  (1)
Xo Bernie Sanders: bread lines are a GOOD thing.    02/20/19  (35)
Rate this thin Latina w big tits SFW    02/20/19  (1)
Nick Sandmann Suing WaPo For $250M    02/20/19  (92)
Fat girls dont really want to get married. Otherwise, they'd be losing weight    02/20/19  (6)
technology is a 24/7 nightmare from hell    02/20/19  (2)
Are California/NY/Illinois really screwed?    02/20/19  (12)
Best exchanges for ruble:USD conversion?    02/20/19  (1)
lol @ one note explanation of devrymasterscandidate regarding any Korean issue    02/20/19  (5)
Illinois considering transferring public government assets to pension funds    02/20/19  (15)
Worried I might have herpes    02/20/19  (2)
Marcus Aurelius stoically taking wife to Club Mandingo    02/20/19  (46)
Tubgirl but it's jinx shitting three litres of cum in a muddy alley in Pattaya.    02/20/19  (13)
Officers draft letter to Russian defense minister telling him he must killself    02/20/19  (1)
Fuck it, just put "penussy" in white font at bottom of my email sig block    02/20/19  (24)
You play with them balls like it's fifa    02/20/19  (3)
Tucker on fire bashing hypocrite libs today    02/20/19  (1)
nyuug -- T or F? Koreans are the Jews of Asians?    02/20/19  (39)
i'm sensing that libs will do something insane tomorrow    02/20/19  (4)
true detective s3e7 "the final country"    02/20/19  (45)
USA Today: please Covington students, don't sue me (link)    02/20/19  (2)
It’s emotionally rewarding to fuck chubby girls with low self esteem.    02/20/19  (6)
Rate this collage of tinder girls    02/20/19  (21)
Best time tracker / billing software?    02/20/19  (20)
Fact: at the atomic level, all matter in the universe is trying to become iron    02/20/19  (42)
jfc blown out shrew said my 8 inch cock was only in top 20-percentile of cocks    02/20/19  (24)
I know a legit 10/10 dude dating a 4. she's cheated on him 40-50x    02/19/19  (11)
LtDan: wtf is going on with the Navy man?    02/19/19  (8)
"it was salesforce's appexchange that really sealed the deal"-boomer in 1st clas    02/19/19  (4)
Sex Pistols - Sharia in the UK    02/19/19  (1)
Amtrak luxury suite vs Japanese train luxury suite    02/19/19  (66)
sources on the John Wayne "story" are all twitter and trash news    02/19/19  (1)
i think im gonna go live in a tent in a natioanl park    02/19/19  (1)
Is "China" a cohesive country?    02/19/19  (8)
Kiev Mall Displays Nazi Swastika On Staircase    02/19/19  (1)
Black voters in Tennessee splinter off Democrats to form new third party    02/19/19  (2)
I’m a lazy fag    02/19/19  (1)
NPR: movies are getting better because RT scores are higher than ever (link)    02/19/19  (41)
"DeVos is horrible for children!" she shouted over the abortion vacuum    02/19/19  (141)
If we don't hear from Tommy for >8 hours, I'll assume he's dead.    02/19/19  (1)
Rach can we get a “share post on Facebook” option?    02/19/19  (7)
Ben Carson: "As for Sanders, I do appreciate what his father the Colonel did"    02/19/19  (122)
Rich friend got to listen to Mambo Number 6, says it's incredible    02/19/19  (1)
"Watch this, haha" *kike friend presses button* *stock market crashes*    02/19/19  (28)
Man gets TRAPPED IN QUICKSAND at Zions National Park    02/19/19  (52)
Really wish I had a career where I could help people    02/19/19  (11)
why are people saying spaceporn adopted a child just to rape him?    02/19/19  (4)
Lena Chen documents harassment from spaceporn2525    02/19/19  (99)
how did everyone find out spaceporn was molesting his wife's son?    02/19/19  (98)
tumblr of tall jacked chads & frumpy wives w/ visibly enraged gay men in backgrn    02/19/19  (14)
Happy auntie! Pipe is arrive, do not resist or Love will not be "So Nice" haha!    02/19/19  (48)
Anyone afraid of trying out a different barber?    02/19/19  (3)
so basically we now live in the future like in chrono nigger    02/19/19  (5)
tumblr of tall, jacked, fratty chads and ugly, frumpy, and dumpy wives    02/19/19  (4)
So “Henry Aaron” = doctor who regularly prescribes himself Schedule 2/3 dru    02/19/19  (4)
Anyone Seen SRUGIM (TV Series About Modern Ortho Jew Singles)?    02/19/19  (2)
Boomer YT chiro king becoming unhinged about his FEDERAL TRADEMARK    02/19/19  (4)
So peternorth + alts are now spamming about spaceporn around the clock?    02/19/19  (18)
Just copped a GT350R - Taking praise & criticism ITT    02/19/19  (25)
Theyre just trolling us now: Disney creating spinoff for Rose the fat asian girl    02/19/19  (2)
xo posters' fat wives, fiancees and girlfriends    02/19/19  (1)
Straight White Males v. The Washington Post (2022)    02/19/19  (5)
shitmod running cover for spaceporn may be criminally liable    02/19/19  (1)
rick ross is great    02/19/19  (2)
describe life in saint louis.    02/19/19  (6)
Disney is a 180 company    02/19/19  (21)
if you want to "legalize drugs" you're fucking insane and should be killed    02/19/19  (4)
Rating poasters as movies that heavily influenced me (MPA)    02/19/19  (50)
Is Dave Ramsey giving Jessica credited advice?    02/19/19  (8)
Are Trump and America fucked by the amnesty bill he signed?    02/19/19  (9)
The Mom Who Has Sex With Her Husband Every Night (Upper Eastside striver)    02/19/19  (48)
are jews behind Bernie?    02/19/19  (1)
buffalo tom - lolly, lolly, get your adverbs here.mp3    02/19/19  (4)
people who use "healthful" instead of "healthy". pedants?    02/19/19  (3)
You can do anything! Get a car and don’t make payments, start fresh! (Link)    02/19/19  (1)
describe life in east saint louis.    02/19/19  (5)
Jeopardy is to Wheel of Fortune as Seinfeld is to Friends    02/19/19  (10)
the under-18 majority-minority demographic tsunami in 2 pictures    02/19/19  (23)
Describe job prospects coming out of Wash U Saint Louis LAW School    02/19/19  (3)
Can We Skip The Venezuelan War And Just Attack Iran Already?    02/19/19  (7)
Who would have thought that Eminem and Kayne would both totally reverse?    02/19/19  (9)
Panda Bear-Take Pills.mp3    02/19/19  (5)
We should start lighting gay people on fire again    02/19/19  (8)
*makes overwrought poast* *15 minutes pass* oh god this is shit *edit to “lmao    02/19/19  (5)
WUSTL Op/Ed: Conservatives don't feel welcome, and that's ok.    02/19/19  (43)
Oh Malk! When you kick a 'Art Light' off a facebooks?    02/19/19  (19)
Wait is Latin music Cr    02/19/19  (2)
Trump: no can do on wall BUT i will make gays legal worldwide, deal?    02/19/19  (1)
Rate this anti-Putin hottie    02/19/19  (1)
I miss the 80s and 90s so much    02/19/19  (1)
apocalypto: where does it fit in Gibson filmography?    02/19/19  (24)
Stop drinking so much damn coffee!    02/19/19  (84)

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