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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   07/15/19  (308)
What are the chances that the first man to step on Mars has already been born?    07/15/19  (1)
Jordan Peterson is the most profound thinker in the last century    07/15/19  (14)
"Luke Skypetalker" is the dumbest moniker i've ever seeon on xo    07/15/19  (12)
What movie is this line from? "I eat the butt, I eat the pussy, all that shit    07/15/19  (14)
At some point in ur life you'll be blackmailed by ur porn history    07/15/19  (2)
So much awful.. what keeps you going?    07/15/19  (12)
"US" media declaring war b/c the wrong candidate won a rigged election    07/15/19  (11)
evan39 waddling into Seattle urgent care center    07/15/19  (2)
Looks like JAMES FIELDS might get acquitted for the Charlottesville thing    07/15/19  (65)
XO racists, do you at least admit that Asian and Indian immigrants have been goo    07/15/19  (31)
App GF bailed on me after I hurt my back, thinking of breaking up    07/15/19  (2)
Omar has such a shitty ESL way of speaking surprised she made it this far    07/15/19  (22)
Giving up smug anime girls has been the hardest part of my conversion    07/15/19  (2)
im faggy    07/15/19  (1)
deep faggy roots tp    07/15/19  (2)
Christ is Lord    07/15/19  (4)
Coppin a VIBES hoodie    07/15/19  (3)
RESOLVED: Stranger Things was never a good show    07/15/19  (31)
Unsaid truth beneath the surface: fat people aren't shamed enough    07/15/19  (1)
Selling it all going on a mission don’t know when I’ll be back    07/15/19  (1)
"Some people say 'Congresswoman' Omar loved her brother a lot, ok? Like too much    07/15/19  (3)
What is the cr Taco Bell order? Mom gave me $5 for going to job interview    07/15/19  (5)
Tumblr of brunette teens in yoga pants with iPhones always below 20% charge    07/15/19  (11)
Resolved: antiques roadshow is the best show on tv    07/15/19  (1)
Schindler’s List girl shouting “Goodbye Hair!” as you walk down the street    07/15/19  (5)
We’re getting close: Dems now blame RUSSIA for Seth Rich DNC hit theory    07/15/19  (8)
jordan peterson freeing lobsters from fish tank at Red Lobster    07/15/19  (4)
Latin American immigrants from one of the poorest countries invent creative way    07/15/19  (1)
Hypo: $500M but you have to live in a U.S. airport of your choosing for 1 year    07/15/19  (50)
Can we end the bad? Can we be happy make life great?    07/15/19  (3)
*Mathematician brings "Octonion 8 Later Onion Dip" to pot luck*    07/15/19  (1)
Think of all the things that go unsaid because there are no words for them    07/15/19  (3)
if you become a "maximally capable" lawyer you might become a god    07/15/19  (8)
What party will next national politician assassinated belong to?    07/15/19  (2)
All this “Age” shit is flame people are walking over piles of Good    07/15/19  (3)
Guy shoves Taco Bell burrito up his ass, farts beans and cheese out (World Star)    07/15/19  (12)
So evan39 $should all of this nig apes locked up in cages and not making billion    07/15/19  (8)
TT watched two anerikkkan cops beat a cottonmouth snake to death with a Batton    07/15/19  (11)
Go look at little “girls”.. fat nasty skin..bigger than their parents it’s    07/15/19  (7)
Accidentally mispronounced classmate’s first name (Kike, but pronounced Kee-ke    07/15/19  (1)
Lol 180 if trump irritates Omar enough she'll eventually shout FUCK WHITEY DIE!!    07/15/19  (16)
Xo gunmos: would you buy a palmetto state arms AR-15?    07/15/19  (7)
World i$ an odd and $trange place    07/15/19  (1)
I’m a grown man and I just spilled ovaltine on my shirt    07/15/19  (3)
Omar needs to go back to bashing Jews    07/15/19  (1)
dRumpf Tweeted While America Burned    07/15/19  (1)
XO 2018: Jews gather dark energy from Saturn. XO 2019: Jews are Babylonians    07/15/19  (1)
GOY rate the grilled stuft XL burrito from taco bell    07/15/19  (9)
so Judaism is all cribbed shit from the Babylonian empire?    07/15/19  (31)
In retrospect was 19th century anti-GERMAN sentiment cr?    07/15/19  (2)
Psycho-Religious Functionalism    07/15/19  (1)
Best PRIME DAY deals?    07/15/19  (3)
Once we have enough immigrant voters, we have to repeal the 2nd amendment    07/15/19  (3)
Is Jesus really just the personification of the self    07/15/19  (2)
Newt Gingrich: '99% of immigrants are GREAT. It's just the 1% of SOSHULISTS!    07/15/19  (9)
Is this the typical outcome for single 36 y/o leatherface white women? (pics)    07/15/19  (65)
Are walkie talkies prole?    07/15/19  (1)
Kamala Sexy Fine Clever Chocolate    07/15/19  (6)
CNN mired in a credibility crisis as ratings continue to collapse    07/15/19  (35)
Any XOXO thread on IceBae?    07/15/19  (3)
I just want all non-Whites genocided or expelled from the US. Too much to ask?    07/15/19  (7)
you're a boring fag    07/15/19  (1)
Call me naive but open borders happened way sooner than i thought it would    07/15/19  (14)
Reminder: all poasts are performance art.    07/15/19  (22)
Benchmade 940 poll: satin finish or black coated blade?    07/15/19  (11)
Don Lemon | Butigieg | Peterman - Flying J ticket    07/15/19  (1)
Trumpmos/GOP allover CNN/MSNBC now. Their poll numbers must be absolute shit.    07/15/19  (4)
New 007 to be a BLACK WOMAN, NOT FUCKING FLAME (link)    07/15/19  (128)
how do you make money anonymously    07/15/19  (3)
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor    07/15/19  (3)
Lost 3k playing poker    07/15/19  (4)
"hello everyone, Creative type he-" (briefcase full of parents' money spills out    07/15/19  (48)
say 'Buttigieg' three times like 'Beetlejuice', see what happens    07/15/19  (2)
At gay sex clubs, some guys crawl around like a dog licking up cum off the floor    07/15/19  (95)
Sitting through 15 minutes of Nguyen's at your kid's HS graduation    07/15/19  (8)
TMF: come ITT and rate my lunch.    07/15/19  (20)
Stranger Things is too fucking goofy    07/15/19  (10)
Will attending HBS allow me to achieve apotheosis?    07/15/19  (2)
haven’t showered since Friday morning    07/15/19  (3)
Is America the only country where ~50% of population hates their own country?    07/15/19  (30)
My dick stopped working after propecia    07/15/19  (9)
is Tucker on propecia    07/15/19  (14)
"Got my dick grabbed by TSA." "At the airport?" "No, TS Amanda"    07/15/19  (9)
HoldUp, what are your pronouns?    07/15/19  (4)
"I was told Dooberstein 'belonged to Halford' and to leave it alone."    07/15/19  (6)
did u goys see the Rapinoe SI swimsuit shoot?    07/15/19  (11)
Deposition of EPSTEIN reveals he has a BJC (vid)    07/15/19  (23)
4channer BEHEADS his GF because she spent to much time w/ 'beta orbiters'    07/15/19  (67)
OZY Fest: LJL at this GC shitlib trash    07/15/19  (30)
Was Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps a good movie?    07/15/19  (11)
when will the us govt acknowledge and answer the WQ    07/15/19  (1)
Why does it seem like every White woman in the USA has daddy issues these days?    07/15/19  (5)
have to admit, this Epstein seems pretty high IQ    07/15/19  (6)
Trump is a clown. He can’t even deport as quickly as Obama did    07/15/19  (2)
finally fucked a 8, super disappointing    07/15/19  (21)
Army to begin testing armored robot vehicles    07/15/19  (2)
Lol - Tucker just shilled Chainlink for 4 minutes    07/15/19  (2)
PREDICTION THREAD: Who will face jail time in connection with Epstein case?    07/15/19  (3)
mohel tp    07/15/19  (1)
Mr. Cohen    07/15/19  (1)
If CNN just had Fox's leanings, I would exclusively watch it. Like its graphics    07/15/19  (1)
No more annoying sound than someone working through a bag of chips    07/15/19  (1)
Hypo: Twitter account with 50 mm followers & get $1 for each follower you LOSE    07/15/19  (7)
Hold up this guy wanted to protect whites from Jews and migrants?    07/15/19  (1)
Hopefully Trump continues to troll libs and "POC"    07/15/19  (1)
Black guy smoking same impossibly stubby cigarette for half an hour tp    07/15/19  (4)
Name a major American city and I will post a Google Streetview of its worst area    07/15/19  (85)
Racist whites: "You have to go back"    07/15/19  (1)
Summer is over    07/15/19  (30)
they are just yelling at Mnuchin calling him racist. lmfao    07/15/19  (59)
Stop Slut Shaming TS Amanda    07/15/19  (3)
Omar: people love dogs more than immigrant kids. Shrew dog moms: yeah so?    07/15/19  (2)
California to ban all diesel trucks    07/15/19  (9)
James Alex Fields Forever    07/15/19  (7)
My mom said it was fine tp    07/15/19  (1)
Jos A Bank tp    07/15/19  (1)
I’m pregnant tp    07/15/19  (1)
Wife constantly whining about her pay    07/15/19  (57)
what area of the world will remain white the longest?    07/15/19  (59)
I don’t know what to say if you’re not interested in Jordan Peterson and Car    07/15/19  (1)
What majority do? He hit    07/15/19  (6)
Roddick: I'd Be A Wimbledon Champion Under Today's Rules #tennis    07/15/19  (8)
Updated SLAMS+ Count: Federer 26, Djoker 21, Lance 18 #tennis    07/15/19  (4)
rate Joanna Gaines in a NIN t-shirt from her hs yearbook    07/15/19  (11)
As I Get Older, I find myself enjoying Table Tennis more than Tennis    07/15/19  (4)
Anyone else used to jack off to the movie Three Kings back in the early 2000s?    07/15/19  (12)
So what's going to replace the F-35/F-22?    07/15/19  (10)
Your honor, with all due respect the raping is under control    07/15/19  (1)
What do goy boomers do with their $$    07/15/19  (7)
TS Amanda here. Need help transitioning.    07/15/19  (50)
We must secure the existence of our clutchable trans gfs & a future for qt traps    07/15/19  (1)
Tucker is on another level tonight    07/15/19  (10)
"Prime Day" deals are the same as the "Daily Deals" Amazon has every day.    07/15/19  (4)
Trump told some niggers in congress to go back to Africa?    07/15/19  (6)
Double O Stebbins    07/15/19  (21)
Rate this reddit thread about dating in DC    07/15/19  (43)
Biz idea: dress as tranny to work. Fake hate crimes. Sue employer. Apply asylum    07/15/19  (5)
I wish people would drop this “supporter” nonsense in regards to politics    07/15/19  (10)
Prime Day Makes Me Realize I Have All The Stuff    07/15/19  (2)
oh shit I just had the best biz idea. Sell $19.99 dvd of "Trumps greatest hits"    07/15/19  (4)
BREAKING NEWS- 2018 Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden Charged with Rape - Banned    07/15/19  (11)
Tom Cruise leaving Scientology: clique theory "really encapsulates where I'm at"    07/15/19  (9)
European junk bonds have a negative yield; you need to pay to hold junk debt.    07/15/19  (12)
why were the male boomers so anti men    07/15/19  (7)
Exposé on AutoAdmit.com to be released on VICE.com this Thursday    07/15/19  (16)
alzabo, Wǒ shì jī lǎo    07/15/19  (59)
Dangerously fertile Joanna Gaines says don't be surprised by baby number 6    07/15/19  (12)
Ilhan Omar: not only is Trump a racist, but all of his supporters are too (link)    07/15/19  (73)
"Iran better watch out!" Obese Bone Spurs raged, shaking tiny fists    07/15/19  (22)

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