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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/12/19  (255)
Legal question: if Smollet was actually punched, did he falsely report a crime?    02/20/19  (1)
why does wikipedia list this as a conspiracy?    02/20/19  (5)
Funny how Obama now "lives" in DC, NYC, LA like a Kardashian.    02/20/19  (46)
spaceporn making pilgrimage to Comet Ping Pong    02/20/19  (2)
"Charmed By Chad!" (LP Thorntree) #travel    02/20/19  (2)
ppl really into air travel and talking about airports, lounges, flyertalk annoy    02/20/19  (7)
Is Empire worth watching? Don't even know what it's about    02/20/19  (4)
HBS '14 friend: "best time of my life"    02/20/19  (179)
Smollett Defense team saves him from being indicted (link)    02/20/19  (55)
AOC has a bigtit LatinaTeen cousin LINK INSIDE    02/20/19  (33)
Trump RETARDS: process crimes don't matter! BTW indict that Chicago nig queer    02/20/19  (16)
Cons wanted Hitler, got Elmer Fudd?    02/20/19  (1)
Bernie triggering liberal professional class shrews makes 2020 cycle 180.    02/20/19  (7)
Indian Army literally fucking their enemies in the ass (video)    02/20/19  (126)
ATP Feb 18-24 Thread - Marseille | Rio | Delray #tennis    02/20/19  (13)
Are there any serious infrastructure projects happening in our cities now?    02/20/19  (16)
did JJC admit to writing the (Anonymous, HBS Class of 2014) letter yet?    02/20/19  (14)
My erect cock, your ass --> do the math ...    02/20/19  (11)
If you look at the Top Tier of hotness, are best girls from:    02/20/19  (64)
silent hill but the nightmare world is just growing up as spaceporn's "son"    02/20/19  (13)
the american "education" system needs to be dismantled    02/20/19  (32)
The Mom Who Has Sex With Her Husband Every Night (Upper Eastside striver)    02/20/19  (60)
Just farted cum! (spaceporn2525's son)    02/20/19  (5)
today might be the day bros. tseries might take it.    02/20/19  (11)
Higher education now ironically counterproductive for society    02/20/19  (67)
Why does this video of a cerebral palsy patient have 2.5 million views?    02/20/19  (7)
What's the Jew version of 1488?    02/20/19  (31)
Rating poasters as guys who would rape you in prison.    02/20/19  (31)
Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen - both gay warrior-poets    02/20/19  (1)
New car prices are lulzy flame these days    02/20/19  (133)
"Dave, I'm a law grad, unemployed, with 300k in debt"    02/20/19  (10)
in the 90's, even fat kids and short kids had NBA stars to look up to    02/20/19  (6)
1985 McDonalds ad featuring Jason Alexander with hair    02/20/19  (57)
anthony rendon > manny machada    02/20/19  (2)
TT a$ long a$ you $tack dat ca$h you can $tay young and happy forever    02/20/19  (1)
laws only enforced on conservatives = justice?    02/20/19  (1)
NBA All-Star Game Ties Record-Low Rating    02/20/19  (2)
need mo money fo dem Chosen (AIPAC)    02/20/19  (1)
lending it all tonight (TCTP)    02/20/19  (62)
Spaceporn here, technically it isn't incest and penetration is required in    02/20/19  (2)
“Hey hon’! Guess what askav just pasted?? LOL!”    02/20/19  (6)
Happy lawyer,, meteor is arrive!    02/20/19  (2)
we deserve pix of mpa's fat gf    02/20/19  (59)
best Thai curry?    02/20/19  (22)
REMINDER: there's an attempted coup going on and we're all just sitting back    02/20/19  (3)
Beto doing a darkside fakie on the MLK monument to bring attention to BLM    02/20/19  (1)
video of Beto doing a 'McTwist' on completed section of border fence last week    02/20/19  (2)
Why was this Female Pilot Relieved of Command in just 2 weeks?    02/20/19  (3)
Elvis: "taaaaake my weed take my son's hooooole too"    02/20/19  (2)
"We Value Your Privacy. Please Accept All Cookies To Continue."    02/20/19  (1)
this bort as of now is the worst it's ever been    02/20/19  (2)
lmao, shitmod. why the fuck did you delete my pewdiepie thread?    02/20/19  (8)
XO Poll: Would you have joined Fletcher Christian's mutiny aboard the Bounty?    02/20/19  (7)
My DOJ friends aren't saying anything about McCabe    02/20/19  (2)
Fox switches course, says Jussie Smollett will NOT be written off Empire (link)    02/20/19  (15)
NIGGER    02/20/19  (4)
Dakar AIRPORT doesn't even have CUSHIONED seats, $700 MILLION -- LJL NIGGAS    02/20/19  (6)
PLAYROOM | HOT | DOG    02/20/19  (1)
nyuug -- T or F? Koreans are the Jews of Asians?    02/20/19  (57)
little fucker insisted i buy him a playroom hotdog. now he wont eat it.    02/20/19  (36)
Beto walks back his call to tear down the border wall - link    02/20/19  (7)
Official ranking of best XO poasters    02/20/19  (62)
full luxury white supremacist space Islam    02/20/19  (1)
lawman8 and other blackpilled bros, what will Amerika look like in 2050?    02/20/19  (1)
'immigration hawk' Tom Cotton sponsors bill to create UNLIMITED H1Bs    02/20/19  (65)
Going to Las Vegas tomorrow night: any tips    02/20/19  (24)
Board gays/MSMs: ever had sex with a nig?    02/20/19  (1)
If Bernie wins Primaries, would Dem Establishment fully support him?    02/20/19  (16)
"Lordy let there be tapes" Comey said when traveling during his wife's bull sesh    02/20/19  (4)
Atlantic: What the Jussie Smollett Story Reveals (link)    02/20/19  (20)
Is EMPIRE actually ANY GOOD?    02/20/19  (1)
Imagine if BLM was fact checked like Trump is on immigration.    02/20/19  (21)
Ex-wife and Fat GF are emailing and texting eachother    02/20/19  (60)
XO 2005: first lien secured term loans; XO 2019: payday loans    02/20/19  (1)
*I go to HLS" *panties drop*    02/20/19  (10)
"You a HYS Grad?" "Yeah... Hastings"    02/20/19  (7)
Cartoon World: Martina Navratilova criticized for Trans in Sports comment    02/20/19  (9)
Told client: "I dont need you. You need me. Your business needs this LOAN"    02/20/19  (37)
Wily E. Coyote | George Costanza | Jussie Smollett    02/20/19  (3)
Some of you benefited from the moniker freeze    02/20/19  (10)
a lot of you are in denial as to the extent of how blown out these shrews are    02/20/19  (19)
Ivanka now fully setting agenda: CRUSADE FOR GLOBAL SODOMY, JEW WAR, OPEN BORDER    02/20/19  (5)
Out Magazine opposes Trump's move to decriminalize sodomy    02/20/19  (21)
Please let Mueller indict kushner before ending investigation    02/20/19  (1)
gonna so enjoy the 2020 Democrats destroying themselves    02/20/19  (23)
XO POLL : which way do you face in the shower?    02/20/19  (72)
moderately fat girls are the most sexually exciting    02/20/19  (1)
WaPo predicts media will be sexist in treatment of female Dem POTUS candidates (    02/20/19  (3)
Should I get a fat gf    02/20/19  (1)
Will someone please explain why this 1 minute video has 121k views? (vid)    02/20/19  (3)
If you want to change the world, start off by blank bumping your poast    02/20/19  (18)
JFC, what a shitshow the U.S. media has become    02/20/19  (1)
jews have over played their hand this time (vid)    02/20/19  (20)
Just watched "Dating Around" a reality show following blind dates in NYC    02/20/19  (13)
What skills do you need to originate a loan?    02/20/19  (3)
XO poll: Where will Bryce Harper sign?    02/20/19  (2)
American "culture" quickly becoming unrecognizable weird shit    02/20/19  (62)
DON'T BE MEAN TO JUSSIE!    02/20/19  (4)
ever notice that laws are enforced based on conservative leaning?    02/20/19  (1)
New video of chinese space program test flight.    02/20/19  (7)
DBG's existence is a constant source of amusement & wonder for me    02/20/19  (16)
Cardinal McCarrick was defrocked    02/20/19  (7)
are "loans originated" and "ma anand sheela" the same queer    02/20/19  (16)
LOL they literally awarded a Pulitzer Prize for fake news    02/20/19  (52)
mpa's gf committing life to taking down xo after getting dumped    02/20/19  (2)
MPA is the BBW on your ranch free-range and non-GMO    02/20/19  (4)
Machado deal makes sense for both sides    02/20/19  (12)
USA Today: please Covington students, don't sue me (link)    02/20/19  (3)
TESLA GC returns to W&C after two months on the job    02/20/19  (6)
Pope Francis: Christians should not fear looking like Communists (link)    02/20/19  (4)
bbw rancher    02/20/19  (3)
Tommy could have been having a 180 time in East Africa    02/20/19  (9)
there's a funny disconnect between liberal WOMEN re: valuing attractiveness    02/20/19  (1)
Who are the board alphas? Just wondering so I know who to defer to    02/20/19  (9)
2018 law firm financials    02/20/19  (61)
Lol. Apparently Smollet hoax was a youtube prank. No indictment.    02/20/19  (1)
Gettysburg College trustee resigns over 1980 photo showing him dressed as Nazi    02/20/19  (20)
New target for libs: guys on Twitter that reply to every woman    02/20/19  (3)
Local Chicago reporter has to explain why he only interviewed on FoxNews re Smol    02/20/19  (2)
Sex Pistols - Sharia in the UK    02/20/19  (7)
My advice to Gen Z: Go to college in Germany for free.    02/20/19  (9)
How do you deal with Aging?    02/20/19  (21)
you are basically your wife/gf's "emotional support dog" until she finds a Chad    02/20/19  (4)
nz company switches to 4 day workweek, guess results!    02/20/19  (9)
Bernie wants a young female VP (link)    02/20/19  (1)
Jews are attacking AOC b/c they feel they're losing control of their golem pets    02/20/19  (35)
SP here. Kid finally beat me in the “Face Fart” game we play. He’s growing    02/20/19  (23)
“Not now babe, the racist lawyers are giving me courage to dump you”    02/20/19  (10)
Federalist: Hate Hoaxes Are What Happen When Your Religion Is Identity Politics    02/20/19  (3)
Grand Jury for Jussie case postponed after last minute calls from lawyers    02/20/19  (1)
cop iphone SE for $150?    02/20/19  (12)
Study: 0.7 correlation between household income and saying nigger on the interne    02/20/19  (1)
"DeVos is horrible for children!" she shouted over the abortion vacuum    02/20/19  (142)
Is Dave Ramsey giving Jessica credited advice?    02/20/19  (10)
Jews Suing German Govt For Making Pension Payments To 30 SS Officers    02/20/19  (1)
Weird faggy lib lies on a graph    02/20/19  (6)
remember socatoah tp? he committed suicide last night. :(    02/20/19  (11)
I know what I'll do I'll change my moniker! That will save me from embarassment!    02/20/19  (1)
Dr Federer Chooses Madrid As His Pre-RG Clay Event #tennis    02/20/19  (1)
Theyre just trolling us now: Disney creating spinoff for Rose the fat asian girl    02/20/19  (28)
Can I still buy Penis Pants or will I have to make my own? (link)    02/20/19  (1)
Life of John Allen Chau - Martyred WGWAG Christian soldier    02/20/19  (4)
This is my family, up to 4 moms now    02/20/19  (8)
Poland in hissy fit cancels state visit to Israel    02/20/19  (103)
sad shit women do when sad    02/20/19  (249)
"AOC's rent is $2K/month, so billionaires should pay 9% flat tax."    02/20/19  (3)
McCabe walks back 25th amendment comments. "Yeah we didn't plan a coup"    02/20/19  (2)
No way sandman isn't jewish tho, right?    02/20/19  (1)

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