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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   05/23/19  (295)
live tuna wink appropriating, caricaturing your culture to sell razor blades    05/25/19  (1)
the most boring thing about 2019 is that every link exists    05/25/19  (7)
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Luis    05/25/19  (7)
I think Ariana Grande's vocal talents are being wasted    05/25/19  (1)
"Our" absurd "courts" say we aren't allowed to have a border    05/25/19  (7)
Libs, if you want to know why Trump won, look in the mirror.    05/25/19  (2)
Kawhi Leonard traded to Raptors    05/25/19  (5)
Crazy pills is a vastly underrated poaster    05/25/19  (6)
Kawhi Leonard is the best player in the NBA    05/25/19  (5)
Cr to have tiny scabs all over head from picking at dandruff?    05/25/19  (4)
I inadvertently took my hatred of Jews outside xo    05/25/19  (9)
Crazy Pills starting to think some of this insane li shit will "burn itself out"    05/25/19  (1)
Looking through dating app—there’s something srsly wrong with people in 2019    05/25/19  (1)
what was ur clown world rubicon when u realized modern "culture" is absurd flame    05/25/19  (19)
Some guy in Delhi is behind evan39, Boom, whok, and prestigefaggot    05/25/19  (5)
Anyone have experience running a Subsonic server or any of the various forks?    05/25/19  (2)
"Throw Pickle in the Burger to Speed Up Commercial" - Patent by Sony    05/25/19  (5)
i retired for 4 years, what's the latest with Doobs?    05/25/19  (18)
"US" libs are deranged lunatics    05/25/19  (4)
Just put down 5k on Milwaukee at 2.17 to win Game 6 in Toronto    05/25/19  (39)
Lmao Jeremy Lin is going to an nba finals    05/25/19  (2)
Suburban elites are worse than urban elites, just as snobby but WAY more bored    05/25/19  (1)
This Giannis fucker has an ugly game & travels almost every possession    05/25/19  (8)
NBA officials billing 3.5 to “reviewing plays” for a 2.5 hour game    05/25/19  (5)
2012:assfaggot joins tinder *pic of his spaghetti from future fades in2 lo mein*    05/25/19  (13)
London man is jailed for walking cocker spaniel through no-go zone (twist)    05/25/19  (1)
CNN: "let's do wall-to-wall minorities talking about how shitty white people are    05/25/19  (8)
Spaceporn is a bald ugly piece of excrement who got cucked by a Trumpmo    05/25/19  (4)
A man by name of "ANDREW STEBBINS" posted under moniker 'DOOBS'    05/25/19  (5)
More like Greek Fraud    05/25/19  (10)
105 iq excitedly telling you about his new BOSE speaker system    05/25/19  (1)
so they replay every single play in the nba now?    05/25/19  (2)
How many Jewish/Jews themed posts are there on xo daily?    05/25/19  (5)
JFC this picture of Salt Lake suburbia makes me nauseous    05/25/19  (17)
Brook Lopez lubing up getting ready for Aaron Rodgers    05/25/19  (5)
Would sports be better if they had different "maps" and "metas" like esports?    05/25/19  (12)
man this pedraza lozada fight is fun    05/25/19  (8)
Best speakers (home audio) <$1000?    05/25/19  (5)
Matter only changes forms... time doesn’t exist...    05/25/19  (4)
Can you imagine speaking a language where pants and dance didn’t rhyme?    05/25/19  (1)
My big box gym just added 10, yes 10, power racks. Heaven.    05/25/19  (2)
Greek Twink    05/25/19  (2)
Jimmy Fallon: We've got a lot of gay shit for you tonight- AssFaggot is here    05/25/19  (61)
20 half court shots, if you make 2, 50 billion, if not 50 years in jail.    05/25/19  (158)
Indian Giving: Sabotage and betrayal in the world of competitive Bhangra    05/25/19  (3)
"When's the apocalypse? Now." *soyface*    05/25/19  (8)
giannis an, ante, anteto, aint gonna play in the finals anymore anyway    05/25/19  (4)
Really just want a megachurch girl to talk to about Jesus    05/25/19  (5)
RATE this official stamp put out by the government of FINLAND    05/25/19  (41)
When virtual reality becomes realized, we won't need women.    05/25/19  (17)
when will the shitlibs finally come for boxing    05/25/19  (1)
Brogdon & Middleton = 2 pure shit jokes. Bucks done here    05/25/19  (11)
ITT you talk dirty to me    05/25/19  (1)
Xacto blade commercial shows dad slicing off daughter's penis    05/25/19  (2)
LinkedIn for MBAs: maintaining connections; for JDs: keeping your enemies closer    05/25/19  (4)
New Gillette commercial shows dad teaching tranny son how to shave (link)    05/25/19  (59)
Chrome just asked me if I wanted Bboom thread translated into English    05/25/19  (3)
10 million but a snail is chasing you for the rest of your life.    05/25/19  (12)
Is it even debatable at this point that the wrong side won WW2?    05/25/19  (10)
Concerned Dad poors steal bottles for the "deposit"    05/25/19  (1)
Giannis Antetonigger    05/25/19  (3)
   05/25/19  (1)
THERES | ALWAYS | LINK    05/25/19  (2)
It’s SATURDAY NOGHT!! Eat fiber cereal until you shit your pants !!    05/25/19  (1)
Cliffs on ILIASIA TP    05/25/19  (1)
Ecclesiastes basically pwns strivers in 3 lines    05/25/19  (4)
Nigger goes into phone booth, puts on sweater vest, turns into UMC suburban dad    05/25/19  (6)
Been hitting it too hard all week. PARTIES, truly getting blasted every night.    05/25/19  (5)
Do small towns still have annual carnivals?    05/25/19  (12)
Why the fuck is Eric Bledsoe playing?    05/25/19  (11)
how the fuck do people not survive plane crashes?    05/25/19  (176)
POTUS election trivia    05/25/19  (9)
Oh dis uh brackhat so fake! Chris Hem-uh-worth beatup 3 Asian guy!!    05/25/19  (1)
Lol at fraud NBA. Best free throw shooter is middle aged white man from 1970s    05/25/19  (5)
audiophiles/music bros: anyone want high-quality vinyl recordings poasted?    05/25/19  (22)
ITT list cities lost to shitlibs    05/25/19  (8)
tinychat tonight memorial day edition    05/25/19  (2)
40 year old man running 8 miles to the soundtrack of Moby (Video)    05/25/19  (2)
I will never be able to get a cheerful empathic wholesome chick. Why? B/c (DTP)    05/25/19  (21)
Grand Cayman is 1800000000    05/25/19  (10)
You can walk through entire museums on Google Maps, no need to go there now    05/25/19  (2)
Went to a redneck “party cove” at a lake today. Good times    05/25/19  (6)
Me and DVP domestically violencing each other    05/25/19  (4)
“Time” is lie 15 year old from 1999 35 alll Flame    05/25/19  (1)
Better chance at landing a decent chick: DTP vs tctp    05/25/19  (3)
sexually confused dork of a friend banged a tranny tonight lmfao    05/25/19  (50)
You gotta eat this as is, what's your price? (pic)    05/25/19  (2)
Who is that turdskin Raptors fan always seated right by the basket?    05/25/19  (3)
I'm angry. I'm very angry, Ralph.    05/25/19  (1)
What was point of a caboose? Why not just another car    05/25/19  (6)
Would you date this cheerful chubby tanned chick? (pics)    05/25/19  (5)
These new "modern" looking homes being built everywhere are ugly as all hell    05/25/19  (13)
"The Boxcar Children" books MFE Here Taking Q's    05/25/19  (1)
I was planning to Write The Great Millennial Novel, but it would never get Publi    05/25/19  (10)
I love how ppl pretend the Big Bang is “proven”    05/25/19  (4)
lol @ not just using generic disposable plastic safety razor to shave    05/25/19  (1)
No musician in history had a better run than Moby 2000-2002    05/25/19  (4)
Chapo Brap House    05/25/19  (2)
Assfaggot can I get megachurch girls phone number    05/25/19  (2)
Joe Biden @ POTUS debate: "Hello, I..." *briefcase full of soy sauce packets ope    05/25/19  (1)
Thing$ are changing    05/25/19  (3)
Trump tearing off "Joe Biden's" face at debate, exposing a Chinese guy    05/25/19  (4)
Minimum wage for lawyers should be 15k per .1 billlabel    05/25/19  (5)
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Gay    05/25/19  (3)
son’s little league coach insists players wear fielding gloves while baserunni    05/25/19  (5)
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Faggot    05/25/19  (7)
evan39 women look crazy without makeup    05/25/19  (3)
ITT: things that are both prole tells and shitlib tells    05/25/19  (32)
Lmao opened garage 1/2 way to blow weed smoke out, heard some loser coughing    05/25/19  (1)
So how tell me about “prince”    05/25/19  (2)
Prince can shack up with marrry impregnate 14-15yo with parental...    05/25/19  (1)
HFS@ this BBC documentary on Huawei    05/25/19  (2)
NBA in 2019 is way too much Trash big men shooting 3s    05/25/19  (1)
Joe Biden: "Crazy Rich Asians" should've won best picture    05/25/19  (1)
Took care of myself and never played sport but could have & still can    05/25/19  (1)
Chronological “age” doesn’t mean shit... so many more factors    05/25/19  (5)
Wal mart making trillions from stealing and selling worthless goods Ljl    05/25/19  (6)
"Time" only exists in our minds    05/25/19  (2)
C&F Flame Threads : Zimmerhero Threading : Crypto : Mass Conversion to Islam    05/25/19  (1)
It’s insane how often planes used to crash- can’t believe people actually fl    05/25/19  (11)
Imagine fleeing on foot from aerial machine gun fire    05/25/19  (2)
FMA it’s hard to back a trailer, launch a big boat    05/25/19  (3)
NY at 1 million a year v Chicago at 900k a year    05/25/19  (2)
ITT you help JCM continue to lose weight    05/25/19  (55)
new Gillette jingle, same tune, new line: Gillette! We waaant your kid to be gay    05/25/19  (6)
Too many bitter meanspirited fags here    05/25/19  (20)
PT Barnum sees America 2019: haha wow holy shit    05/25/19  (1)
Exit bags are completely legal and cheap? Easy to make?    05/25/19  (3)
Jew Rabbi vomits on black woman (video)    05/25/19  (30)
Live-action Aladdin: critics hate it, audiences love it    05/25/19  (1)
Autistic freaks that get rejected and losers say women have “daddy issues”    05/25/19  (10)
ITT poast the best psychiatric drugs    05/25/19  (39)
Walton family worth $200 billion for selling plastic junk, trash from China    05/25/19  (1)
table for one on a Saturday evening tp    05/25/19  (6)
It doesn’t matter what you have or don’t hawe! Negativity ends you    05/25/19  (4)
My parents have a huge sectional with cupholders, recliners, phone chargers, etc    05/25/19  (23)
Weird how things started going to shit as America became less white    05/25/19  (1)
Wife replacing every door in house with "barn door"    05/25/19  (1)
Xo CrossFit boycotts facebook    05/25/19  (4)
Jews supposedly high IQ, but unable to create 365-day calendar like Mexicans did    05/25/19  (4)
It’s all simple to be zillionaire..    05/25/19  (3)
DTP taking questions on the intoxicating nature of female luis (5/25/2019)    05/25/19  (1)
im a top poaster. link to youre best work?    05/25/19  (181)
America is shit only China and India are bigger...    05/25/19  (3)
Everyone on xo with problems all boils down to negativity    05/25/19  (5)
This world is simple Fraud shit and you can do anything    05/25/19  (3)
Wal mart sells cheap garbage snake oil to retards and prole masses makes trillon    05/25/19  (4)
Blame not on the alkoholll but blame on the auuu auuu Tim’s    05/25/19  (1)

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