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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   06/18/19  (302)
Mail clerk at The Intercept throwing away yet another GGTP resume    06/26/19  (1)
Not flame my gf and I will be doing spiritual exercises of Ignatius of Loyola    06/26/19  (1)
what is your favorite cereal?    06/26/19  (5)
been worshipping a malign spider deity the last few weeks. taking Qs    06/26/19  (22)
ggtp to client: "Get down!" *fires shotgun at off-market provisions in hallway*    06/26/19  (9)
comrade ggtp, the kulak bloodacre has misled you. lawman's 8 stands for solidari    06/26/19  (11)
i'M WANKING for Your forbidden body    06/26/19  (7)
ggtp with thinkpad on vietnam beach *freeze frame, record scratch* u may wonder    06/26/19  (6)
black sabbath changes playing as ggtp ages in a singapore glass cube    06/26/19  (4)
"Know how to use this?" GGTP tosses u sawed off Mossberg as JBRs approach    06/26/19  (2)
Every XO'er's future daughter, in three tweets    06/26/19  (101)
XO is moving towards a new renaissance    06/26/19  (7)
Shemales are so high T they act feminine to maximize cock reception    06/26/19  (4)
Your grandmother getting blown out at Club Manbingo    06/26/19  (1)
White Americans are RIDICULOUS creatures    06/26/19  (12)
When did XO turn against Obama    06/26/19  (36)
1800000000 that TT is back    06/26/19  (5)
ghosting you faggots    06/26/19  (2)
GOY tp on El Al flight in Passenger 57 remake: "always bet on blonde"    06/26/19  (3)
Asked pro tranny what it would cost for her to hold me vs get assfucked    06/26/19  (21)
Is porn turning us all into cucks?    06/26/19  (4)
The Atlantic: "Gas All Boomers"    06/26/19  (54)
An Open Question for New Jerseymos    06/26/19  (1)
Unusual street brawl in Vegas    06/26/19  (4)
The arc of the moral universe is long and bends toward degenerate tranny sex    06/26/19  (2)
XO 2015: we're all fags. XO 2020: we're all trannies    06/26/19  (5)
Drank 7 glasses of baileys and emailed nigger shemale porn to my dead dads email    06/26/19  (29)
I really wish stand-up were still like this    06/26/19  (1)
"Hey what's up?" 'Hi. Did you you use ur company phone to go to Shemalestrokers?    06/26/19  (2)
the Walruse* is the king of the ice floes    06/26/19  (2)
john woo movie about GOY flying around a synagogue, scissor kicking everyone    06/26/19  (9)
literally just googled "nazi shemale porn"    06/26/19  (2)
GOY tp matrix dodging around star of david shuriken, firing an 🌂 in each hand    06/26/19  (6)
Is Shemale on Female porn more or less straight than Male-Female porn?    06/26/19  (2)
The future is shemale (j maw)    06/26/19  (7)
Petition to bump shemale posters    06/26/19  (2)
Michael Winslow's interview on a local Kansas City news station is great    06/26/19  (1)
"found some nigger shemale shit on ur computer" barks ur dad at the table    06/26/19  (8)
Shemale Porn Megathread    06/26/19  (4)
Holy shit the shemale version of girls do porn is 180    06/26/19  (10)
Help! My new stepmom is a shemale!    06/26/19  (2)
📑 STUDY: The vast majority of people don't want to date transgenders. 📑    06/26/19  (61)
whok, fucks trannies in aus?    06/26/19  (2)
rate this shemales jizzing while getting fucked compilation    06/26/19  (16)
What an IRL convo between whok & jinx looks like    06/26/19  (11)
Mastercard releases the "TRUE CARD" for its TRANSGENDERED customers    06/26/19  (14)
$93$+__84+_;_+    06/26/19  (1)
Pope Francis uses the Zucchetto to catch falling poop from tranny (CNN)    06/26/19  (18)
Guy at the bar last night brought up banging trannies    06/26/19  (5)
my wife died    06/26/19  (1)
Why does society look down on men who date trannies?    06/26/19  (2)
hypo for board trannies: 10% more passable, but everyone is allowed to cuddle u    06/26/19  (7)
Ideal penis/cock size for a tranny?    06/26/19  (9)
i am the wisest of all the Great Sages    06/26/19  (2)
Someone please help, I'm drowning in pussy    06/26/19  (1)
BIRDSHIT FAILURE at LIFE = "Oh Browns, Nigs, Chinks ruined my life!"    06/26/19  (10)
World's best country?    06/26/19  (32)
Why hasn't rach put ads on this bitch yet    06/26/19  (24)
BIRDSHITS should be DEPORTED from ASIA #nobirdshitsinasia!!!!!    06/26/19  (2)
Humility and cooperation tp    06/26/19  (1)
TT is poasting on 4chan right now    06/26/19  (1)
Stepdad? More like stepFAG    06/26/19  (3)
"Feature not a bug" I said to wife as she gagged on my whiskey farts    06/26/19  (1)
Delray Pumo do you want to get coffee sometime    06/26/19  (1)
Can you fly with those batwings you fat bitch?    06/26/19  (2)
If there's a girl you want to fuck, block her number for 3 months    06/26/19  (3)
Taking ?s on recent CREAMPIE-fest ITT. Creampied 7 out last 10 girls.    06/26/19  (6)
Honors kids at average state schools are smarter than you, you were lucky to cop    06/26/19  (6)
I have tits    06/26/19  (1)
If you're not using 7 pillows to relieve stress points while sleeping, ur insane    06/26/19  (10)
called my tranny friend "clutchable" the other day, she loved it    06/26/19  (1)
Check out this vid of a hoodrat getting in a fistfight with Michael Bay (TMZ)    06/26/19  (1)
AutoAdmit CEO Rachmiel aims to have 20% tranny poastforce by xo 2025 (link)    06/26/19  (18)
🌂 hand it over kid    06/26/19  (1)
Rating you in a category of your choice    06/26/19  (22)
Ice-T: “This one’s a real sicko. Did a thing called the playroom hotdog.”    06/26/19  (13)
What can you expect from filthy little heathens? Their whole disgusting race is    06/26/19  (1)
a repulsive and sordid atavism    06/26/19  (7)
ITT: rating posters as bottles at the CLUB    06/26/19  (119)
Guck    06/26/19  (7)
pepito stand up paddleboarding to mossad meeting in tel aviv    06/26/19  (1)
I'm fucking ugly women    06/26/19  (1)
Transgender law student trolls professors by changing pronouns daily (link)    06/26/19  (3)
grr trannies are unhinged!!! *nukes hormones with Finasteride*    06/26/19  (7)
grindr tranny making pepito practice his girl voice while she fucks him    06/26/19  (7)
I'll fuck anything that moves    06/26/19  (2)
Why I Want to Fuck Ronald Reagan    06/26/19  (11)
Govern The Drink Run    06/26/19  (1)
If Tommy came back he would win MPM 2019    06/26/19  (4)
Have to work with a millenial soyboi    06/26/19  (25)
Tommy Shitlips--how do you live your way the way you do?    06/26/19  (5)
The prefix trans- means "let's pretend."    06/26/19  (6)
tranny on euphoria is very clutchable    06/26/19  (4)
Is there an actual tranny poasting here now?    06/26/19  (8)
the most prestigious gender transition and cryptocurrency discussion board in th    06/26/19  (2)
Have first PI trial in a couple weeks, here are the facts (verne)    06/26/19  (71)
NUDE TAYNE    06/26/19  (2)
Request: a "Tube" porn site, but it's all vids of Holdup solo-masturbation.    06/26/19  (9)
Was that Backspace with an 🌂 in Black Mirror “San Junipero”!    06/26/19  (2)
Just got back from 4-day Grant Cardone seminar in Cabo,feel like a fucking beast    06/26/19  (14)
transgender vampire love story    06/26/19  (2)
god of war but instead of kratos & boi its backspace & goy    06/26/19  (3)
'Hold up, so what, you muh fucking GOVERNOR now or something, bitch?'    06/26/19  (1)
Quote comparing 1984 w/Brave New World, compare to modern life    06/26/19  (38)
Virginia doctor takes vacation to 3rd-world shithole; is swiftly murdered:    06/26/19  (7)
ICE agents toss body of dead Guatemalan child over border fence (video)    06/26/19  (1)
Could McDonalds be sued for false advertising? Food never looks like the ads    06/26/19  (2)
If you use Chrome you are a degenerate unwashed dick    06/26/19  (5)
Gatormo just paid for my anniversary dinner    06/26/19  (14)
nutella facing prison for supporting isis    06/26/19  (3)
TS Amanda here. Shopping update and thoughts.    06/26/19  (18)
🚨 🚨 put “MEN CAN “ into Google now. Behold the suggested searches 🚨    06/26/19  (6)
CNN showing two rotting drowned Ecuadorans all night    06/26/19  (23)
Boomer media representations of Gen-X'ers in the 90's    06/26/19  (2)
Google "men can ", then report results ITT    06/26/19  (6)
dumb AGWWG gets ir8 at white dork for learning cantonese behind her back    06/26/19  (33)
Think mann02 is out there somewhere?    06/26/19  (3)
UNNGGGGH Objective 10/10 ITT    06/26/19  (3)
I actually believe Trump regarding Carroll    06/26/19  (5)
What % of Netflix subscribers would quit if they took The Office off?    06/26/19  (13)
Crispin Glover as Andy Warhol    06/26/19  (1)
The heroin epidemic among rural poors is like Brave New World    06/26/19  (228)
Ethereum is on fire -- no end in sight to this incredible growth    06/26/19  (3)
You can soon buy a sex robot equipped w artificial intelligence for about $20k    06/26/19  (1)
I am about to hit 15k in cryptocurrency - TCTP    06/26/19  (19)
wild-eyed 'US libs' chanting in foreign tongues, burning US flag in your yard    06/26/19  (1)
Lance "Rafa" Nadal MAF At Wimbledon Seeding Formula #tennis    06/26/19  (6)
"pattaya dreamin'" a duet by mr jinx and ladyboy luis    06/26/19  (7)
wouldn't be surprised to learn "US" libs have alien brain implants    06/26/19  (2)
so bitfinex is allowed to fraudulently pump up BTC market forever?    06/26/19  (32)
jinx all ready with his Canelo gear, wearing his Adelaide Byrd wig.    06/26/19  (6)
Kokkinakis banged your girlfriend. Sorry to tell you that mate    06/26/19  (8)
23 year old Argentinian National teamer cristian pavon to join la galaxy    06/26/19  (5)
Current shitcoin growth leading indicator that a recession is coming, right?    06/26/19  (1)
AirBnB as short stay motels    06/26/19  (1)
Tiffany Caban base is rich white millennials.    06/26/19  (1)
Any good historical fiction on what America would look like today with no slaver    06/26/19  (1)
Bitcoin not stopping!!!!!    06/26/19  (7)
How do libs refute development of western civ as evidence of superiority?    06/26/19  (54)
any fat OLD BALD FRAUDS who will never MAEK it online?    06/26/19  (4)
Self Made Millionaire TOMMY T TURDSKIN III, ESQ taking QUESTIONS for 24 HOURS    06/26/19  (143)
Now is YOU'RE chance to get into crypto if you whiffed in '17    06/26/19  (127)
Anya at People's Forum NYC    06/26/19  (1)
What is it about women that treating them like shit turns them on?    06/26/19  (30)
up yours, gaylord 🖕    06/26/19  (3)
“Im an introvert, love solitude” *chats with faggy lawyers online for 6 hour    06/26/19  (34)
Firefighter saves man's life from OD; man whips out pistol and kills him (video)    06/26/19  (27)
haha holy shit Luke P is alpha af. Bro practically called Hannah a slut    06/26/19  (2)
Asian massage parlor happy endings now DECRIMINALIZED in QUEENS    06/26/19  (7)
"Don't wash your dick," RSF said as I set down my gym bag.    06/26/19  (177)

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