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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   07/15/19  (308)
Underwear smells like “ass” when I sweat some. Didn’t used to do this.    07/16/19  (31)
Rate this mother/daughter combo    07/16/19  (1)
Richard Spencer appeared on CNN today (clip)    07/16/19  (1)
John Paul Stevens DEAD    07/16/19  (3)
watched CNN for 30 seconds. Trump may clear 400 EVs in 2020 libs are nuts    07/16/19  (6)
Could you bench 200 lbs right now    07/16/19  (24)
China is done here. We need to isolate it & limit exposure to its upcoming crash    07/16/19  (42)
JFC at the four CUCK "Republicans" who voted to smear Trump as a RACIST    07/16/19  (4)
So the moon landing anniversary was suspiciously quiet?    07/16/19  (3)
So the Republican minority voted to support Trump’s racist comments?    07/16/19  (2)
TED Talk: like homosexuality, being a pedophile is not a choice (link)    07/16/19  (6)
What's on DAZN this wknd    07/16/19  (11)
GOP criticizing Pelosi for calling Trump racist was way out of line    07/16/19  (1)
Back on that BULK, libs and azns irate    07/16/19  (21)
today was a total nightmare from the pits of hell    07/16/19  (1)
LOL Stevens died seeing Trump in office    07/16/19  (3)
I will be Governor of Florida one day    07/16/19  (7)
Tennessee police concerned about gakked out "meth gators" (link)    07/16/19  (4)
The use of AOC Is amazing 830430D Chess!    07/16/19  (6)
Doctor jobs are still high paying (link)    07/16/19  (22)
Asshole barista at starbucks wouldn’t give me a cup of hot water    07/16/19  (1)
It's crazy to think that Trump's racist tweets started with Charles    07/16/19  (15)
Do you get better gigs/clients on Upwork or Fiverr?    07/16/19  (1)
So RSF now works as a lacrosse coach at a DIII college    07/16/19  (21)
Somalia's Minister of Foreign Affairs says Somalis should move back to Somalia    07/16/19  (1)
The Atlanta Falcolns are proud to sponsor Drag Queen Story Hour (not flame):    07/16/19  (17)
I'm a jinxian and will always be. I renounce whokebianism    07/16/19  (1)
Here is a picture of the grease trap in question    07/16/19  (26)
Racis Joe event overrun with protestors over his immigration position    07/16/19  (2)
Bachelorette: Bible Luke was 100% right to call her out for being a WHORE.    07/16/19  (31)
sleeeepy joe biden heeeem sleeeepy (video)    07/16/19  (8)
TSINAH is nothing but s big cuddly morbidly obese teddy bear    07/16/19  (1)
9x18mm makarov powerful enough to stop rampaging American Kitchen Mosquito?    07/16/19  (6)
The sky is blue. The president is racist.    07/16/19  (7)
TSINAH - I can fly to Orlando for like $88 round trip.    07/16/19  (15)
Imagine putting your entire head inside a pussy    07/16/19  (1)
politics aside i'm still sad about RBG dying last year    07/16/19  (1)
Jeremy Lin: "I DESERVE THIS"    07/16/19  (33)
Looking to pick up some gigs, anyone have work available?    07/16/19  (1)
Reading about tech founders and want to kms. Will be retiring from xo    07/16/19  (61)
Asian toddler recites entire 2001 nba draft selections from memory. (Link)    07/16/19  (6)
By 2050, we’ll have a full month of 105+ degree temperature per year    07/16/19  (1)
And some, I assume, are good people.    07/16/19  (41)
still hard to wrap my head around lib insanity    07/16/19  (1)
Given a year to prepare and learn how to cook, could you Beat Bobby Flay?    07/16/19  (33)
if arent on the right path by early/mid 20s youre fucked    07/16/19  (5)
Brooklyn alderman proposes to make looking a crime (LINK)    07/16/19  (1)
Anyone listen to the Slow Burn Clinton podcast? Some crazy shit in it    07/16/19  (1)
Bernie Madoff sees ETH news flash on prison TV: "haha holy shit"    07/16/19  (133)
a country boy can survive. askav dont give a damn if you aint into that.    07/16/19  (5)
Trump is a clown. He can’t even deport as quickly as Obama did    07/16/19  (8)
GC Tuna winking at ur toddler from Cheesecake Factory grease trap    07/16/19  (8)
Jews on suicide watch. Blue Apron (APRN) up +32% after hours on earnings    07/16/19  (6)
If Epstein ends up in prison does that mean he wasn't running an intel op?    07/16/19  (16)
Tim Horton’s is liable for the grea$e trap death right?    07/16/19  (1)
at what age do you start feeling washed up?    07/16/19  (2)
Reminder - receiving a massage from a nude 15 y/o is 100% legal....    07/16/19  (4)
Do you believe Bill Simmons blathering that NBA players care about Alibaba?    07/16/19  (7)
Have you dreamed today?    07/16/19  (194)
Describe online dating for a 35 yr old dude with $100K salary and top 10% looks    07/16/19  (42)
Just ejaculated inside my wife's pussy. How pissed are libs?    07/16/19  (4)
Stop Slut Shaming TS Amanda    07/16/19  (6)
when was the last time a US president was on live tv reading to kindergartners    07/16/19  (2)
new POTUS candidate nailing xo demographic:    07/16/19  (2)
pastrami headache    07/16/19  (1)
Epstein is a very sick man. I can't believe he'd fuck girls like these (pics)    07/16/19  (58)
Greenberg Traurig co-managing partners in Italy literally Mario and Luigi    07/16/19  (5)
You’re watching the death of crypto, and it’s not coming back.    07/16/19  (5)
2034: President Alaska Thunderfuck Embargoes Iran For Threats Against Israel    07/16/19  (4)
The MEDIA sure loves the rootless NBA players.    07/16/19  (1)
Smoking a brisket on this fine day. Soyboy board libs— how was brunch?    07/16/19  (25)
BAR questions are PURE SPS. Example inside    07/16/19  (17)
🌱🎾 πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ WIMBLEDON GENTLEMEN'S FINAL Thread πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸŽΎπŸŒ± #tennis    07/16/19  (182)
LJL retards Diamond and Silk had front row seats at social media summit    07/16/19  (2)
Trump is finished: Pelosi will FORCE a vote to condemn Trump's statements    07/16/19  (81)
Really freaking the fuck out about ETH right now. I bought more at 300 on xo adv    07/16/19  (4)
Seattle City Council approves 40-foot tall "Orange Man Bad" monument (link)    07/16/19  (4)
does beef recover muscle faster than chicken    07/16/19  (6)
Diversity is great. Everyone calls each other racist 24/7    07/16/19  (8)
We're spiritual people: Glued to screens, eating rotten food, swiping for sex    07/16/19  (3)
PayFair mooning    07/16/19  (3)
***San Mateo County Reappearing on Luis' Redfin***    07/16/19  (18)
(((haha)))    07/16/19  (1)
What is Trump's best case 2020 scenario?    07/16/19  (5)
so basically jews got whites hooked on heroin and porn, then opened borders?    07/16/19  (15)
literally everything is a lie    07/16/19  (10)
The PEOPLE of America have a deep cultural sickness that perennially hooks them    07/16/19  (5)
Mary Pete Buttigieg now claiming he's not white.    07/16/19  (77)
Why do married people with young kids commit suicide?    07/16/19  (6)
an entire economy based on Uber driving, dollar shave club and 2% Amazon margins    07/16/19  (2)
"I like your tramp stamp," GC says, pointing to your framed diploma on the wall    07/16/19  (43)
what are the odds mr. jinx has tribal tattoos?    07/16/19  (20)
7 hr flight coming up this friday. how to endure    07/16/19  (59)
🚨πŸ”₯πŸ˜‚ LMAO AT ETH 🚨🀑🌎    07/16/19  (1)
In line to drive for AMAZON FLEX    07/16/19  (4)
What would really happen if we recognized Taiwan as a country?    07/16/19  (2)
Should I buy this can of coke?    07/16/19  (6)
lib insanity seems incredibly short sighted and clueless    07/16/19  (3)
Should've went to Medical School. Residency scared me off.    07/16/19  (1)
Doctors are overrated strivers who just follow guidelines and can't think for th    07/16/19  (1)
Anyone else use metal soap instead of traditional soap to clean yourself?    07/16/19  (41)
RATE this cultural anthropology lesson plan    07/16/19  (1)
Bishop Calls for Church to Remove Crosses, to Install Muslim Prayer Space    07/16/19  (2)
Should I buy a gulf stream 650? (benzo)    07/16/19  (7)
So what happened with tezos? Is peterman rich?    07/16/19  (2)
Metal Soap    07/16/19  (2)
ETH at 400: "im gay" ETH at 116: "im gonna fucking goddamn kms hfs"    07/16/19  (49)
How are all the guys on the Bachelorette shows so jacked?    07/16/19  (4)
How long will Jeff Bezos' name be remembered?    07/16/19  (8)
Why did Hannah cut Mike? He was the best bachelor    07/16/19  (1)
University of Texas approves sociology PhD thesis titled "Orange Man Bad" (link)    07/16/19  (1)
I was abducted by a UFO last night (NOT FLAME)    07/16/19  (5)
; JULY 15, 2019 LSAT MEGATHREAD ¡!¡***¡!¡
   07/16/19  (19)
How do rootless millennials in cities meet BF/GFs outside of apps/coworokers    07/16/19  (1)
You have ONE LAST CHANCE at sub-$200 ETH in your lifetime today. Dont blow it    07/16/19  (1)
What the fuck ETH is UNDER $200    07/16/19  (6)
PROTIP: Change you iPhone Name to "Remove Illegals NOW" airdrop racist memes    07/16/19  (9)
US rapper went to prison after a European woman had a dream he raped her    07/16/19  (5)
astonishing ancient peoples somehow paddled from asia to hawaii    07/16/19  (8)
Gonna fuckin kms for not selling all my ETH at 360    07/16/19  (13)
Giant ball from The Prisoner carrying you back to the Prime Day Jubilee    07/16/19  (3)
Today the Senate ratified a treaty with Spain that was signed in 1990    07/16/19  (1)
Wife threatened divorce again tonight    07/16/19  (55)
Why doesn’t anyone talk about how whites were also enslaved?    07/16/19  (4)
I’m going off to jail cuz of Epstein’s plane (to the tune of crazy train)    07/16/19  (4)
Only thing Nazis could’ve done to win ww2 was discover Austrian oil in 1930s?    07/16/19  (5)
Low interest rates | Low unemployment | Low Homeownership    07/16/19  (2)
been in the fight of my life with an American Kitchen Mosquito for the last 15m    07/16/19  (2)
Lets see Paul Allens Binance portfolio    07/16/19  (3)
Rate this thick nubian queen    07/16/19  (13)
Looking at binance makes me want to kms. Can't even look at kucoin    07/16/19  (7)
Fucking amtrak is grabage. Fucking LGA is garbage. Why is this country shit?    07/16/19  (1)
Men kissing other men on the lips    07/16/19  (18)
any *koine* greek nuts here? may have a question    07/16/19  (2)
live tuna waving and winking as ETH plummets to 0    07/16/19  (1)
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor    07/16/19  (5)
Your spray-on hair dissolving at a summer pool party    07/16/19  (10)
Rate this pic of Chandler in downtown Fullerton    07/16/19  (1)
with ICO market dead & no more avoiding securities laws, ETH is going to $0    07/16/19  (14)
Democrats Have Become the Party of Nonwhite Immigrants and Sexual Deviants    07/16/19  (1)
POWER california crew led by luis invade & conquer oregon    07/16/19  (3)
RSFs bra | TSINAHs toupee | ???    07/16/19  (9)
Immigrant libs trying to outdo each other saying how much they hate America.    07/16/19  (2)
i warned assfaggot    07/16/19  (1)
Boom "women" will ruin everything    07/16/19  (2)
90s david duke flinging sharpened AOL CDs like ninja stars at Orthodox ✑ locks    07/16/19  (5)
life's been 180 once I realized I simply don't have what it takes    07/16/19  (11)

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