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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   07/15/19  (308)
So Judas Jones still walks around like Jason Biggs on American Pie?    07/22/19  (1)
Biz idea: Uber of Storage Units    07/22/19  (3)
XO is wrong about a lot of things. Near the top of the list is its attitude    07/22/19  (61)
TT clowns on INCEL uvt and PN    07/22/19  (3)
As an insult, "birdshit" >>>>>>> "cumskin"    07/22/19  (5)
PN here. I’ve come to PWN Tommy LOW T    07/22/19  (2)
do most Indian Americans hate normal white people or is this just xo thing    07/22/19  (3)
Where would you invest $700,000 if you had it?    07/22/19  (51)
Why aren't MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Cal Tech as political as other college campuses    07/22/19  (7)
Crazy what a legup you get from two parent household that can guide you properly    07/22/19  (42)
hulu >>>>>>>>
>> netflix now
   07/22/19  (2)
Why won’t upset Jew, notoriously promiscuous homo, meat up with any posters?    07/22/19  (26)
UVT really dadded Tommy T around. Low T Tommy will never go back to China!    07/22/19  (7)
Boss said I had 6 mos to find job.Today he announced at mtg that Weds is my last    07/22/19  (10)
What is xo’s Thoughts on the Mercedes s550?    07/22/19  (4)
Lol at xo stormfront Birdshits jealous of Tommys 20-30 drinking buddies    07/22/19  (6)
Axios: Demographics are going to absolutely fuck Republicans in 2020    07/22/19  (5)
xo Tulsi: Decriminalizing Border Crossings May Lead To "Open Borders"    07/22/19  (7)
Why can't whites and blacks build 180 cities such as HK, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul    07/22/19  (48)
Just copped $25k worth of ETH at $1225 per. Rate.    07/22/19  (39)
If her name ends in a Z she will receive a crucifixion from me    07/22/19  (1)
desperately need ethereum to pay rent    07/22/19  (9)
rate this attack by PRC white shirt thugs on HK protesters    07/22/19  (12)
Are there any minorities willing to admit they want a majority white America?    07/22/19  (17)
made $1640 charging Bird's this mth. Taking Qs    07/22/19  (2)
All Hispanic Women who happen to drive "Gig Economy" taxi cabs    07/22/19  (1)
Kindergarten teacher GF told kids to sit "Indian style", one boy started shittin    07/22/19  (9)
This is my formal declaration of war    07/22/19  (1)
UVT PWNS TOMMY LOW T    07/22/19  (3)
Why is every thread about Indians now    07/22/19  (6)
WHITE Institutions RESPONSIBLE for HK subway, Korean Wifi, Chink Bullet Trains..    07/22/19  (5)
seems like autoadmit is like 30% white at this point    07/22/19  (5)
App chick invited me to charity event for 2nd date; spent night avoiding me.    07/22/19  (153)
Barista went to Oregon Country Fair & wore bodypaint bikini. She was gonna show    07/22/19  (1)
Crazy fact: Indians (east) have more DNA in common with stool than with humans    07/22/19  (2)
R I O T    07/22/19  (3)
The KKK BIRDSHIT explanation for INDIAN AMERIKKKANS reeks of INSECURITY    07/22/19  (5)
Currently noshing on skittles and iced tea at my desk...TRUMPTARDS MAF!!!    07/22/19  (1)
Crazy Fact: Indians (East) regularly shit in the street all over India.    07/22/19  (1)
Male vocal fry in the workplace has gone too far    07/22/19  (1)
John Cougar Melloncamp living as vagrant in Key West since June 2019 (Miami Hera    07/22/19  (2)
Crazy Fact: Indians (East) have higher average IQ's than Jews    07/22/19  (32)
Shrews ruined Thailand.    07/22/19  (41)
Can a BIRDSHIT explain why Hong Kong is nicer than West Virginia??    07/22/19  (3)
Only 36% of INDIAN AMERICANS are UPPER CASTE    07/22/19  (8)
Sim Glitch: Hiroshima U Clock Stopped at Exacf time A-Bomb Dropped 2 days prior    07/22/19  (6)
Respecting Wamen Simulator 2019    07/22/19  (1)
   07/22/19  (1)
Ljl at Hong Kong's 60 square foot "apartments" (pic)    07/22/19  (7)
Vice Interviews Moon Truthers (link)    07/22/19  (8)
5 STARS OR RIOT    07/22/19  (1)
Does your cellphone number have a prestigious area code?    07/22/19  (11)
Former FBI head James Comey tried to stage a coup against POTUS Trump    07/22/19  (36)
bloodacre dupa have you heard the latest phish show from WI?    07/22/19  (14)
Rate my 1 year weight loss - TCTP    07/22/19  (32)
most 180 posting genre is TCTP nonchalantly bumping negative posts about himself    07/22/19  (15)
Some spic bitch just ruined my perfect 5 star Uber rating    07/22/19  (1)
Luis "i'm gay" speedrun Autoadmit.com 2:41 (New Record) (NOGLITCH) (vid)    07/22/19  (9)
XO POLAND has been pretty cr lately    07/22/19  (2)
TCTP is 180.    07/22/19  (6)
I have Slipknot - Wait and Bleed stuck in my head    07/22/19  (1)
Looking at home prices can be suicide inducing lmao    07/22/19  (1)
Audible Medieval History books while at biglaw desk cr?    07/22/19  (1)
Told wife: "you are no longer beautiful and thin"    07/22/19  (16)
Fatceps here: over/under on my non-black conquest during miami swim week    07/22/19  (35)
My well-being has improved since I stopped mega posting- TCTP    07/22/19  (12)
wokeaztec1@tctp.net    07/22/19  (22)
Standing at pool's edge. Luis, completing underwater lap, unaware of your presen    07/22/19  (63)
Shitlaw boss pulled over car on way to court to pick berries, we're late as fuck    07/22/19  (2)
Did those advising BETO to run make a shit-ton of $$ off him?    07/22/19  (2)
Ridgefield, CT home with REAL GRASS COURT on sale for $2.5M #tennis    07/22/19  (10)
Tommy T is almost certainly at least partially flame    07/22/19  (1)
Mysore we have a problem. Veddy veddy big problem    07/22/19  (5)
XO is right about a lot of things. Near the top of the list is teachers fucking    07/22/19  (2)
NASA announces all-female remake of staged moon landing (link)    07/22/19  (5)
If you don't have a house overlooking the Pacific Ocean by 30 ur a failure    07/22/19  (2)
Eastern Europe is going to be the last hope for western civilization lmao    07/22/19  (28)
XO is right about a lot of things. Near the top of the list is gays molesting    07/22/19  (1)
Criminal statutes on rape need to be radically reworked, or abandoned    07/22/19  (2)
Tommy Ts new "indian pride" schtick is odd progression of his mental illness    07/22/19  (15)
ragnus streaming "divorce speedrun: PB 1:03:44" on twitch    07/22/19  (56)
What happened to Spack?    07/22/19  (25)
I'm self-actualizing daddy!    07/22/19  (3)
So many goys! So little time! Ripe for the Jews, so many goys! So little time!    07/22/19  (1)
SAD, how prevalent are candida overgrowths in the general population    07/22/19  (3)
What exactly is wrong with "white supremacy"?    07/22/19  (5)
XO is correct about everything    07/22/19  (4)
🎶God's love for Jews will still be strong, after the Goys of summer are gone    07/22/19  (4)
Does every store ask you to donate to charity now?    07/22/19  (1)
I've got Seoul, but I'm not a Soldier (nyuug)    07/22/19  (103)
Not flame, judge just made a boner joke on the record.    07/22/19  (1)
Anyone here have any extra accounts I can have?    07/22/19  (2)
DV cases are simply "cost of doing business" when dating a Latina, hth    07/22/19  (4)
whites will be driven out of America and into eastern europe (xo retard    07/22/19  (1)
Bacon the cocker spaniel    07/22/19  (8)
"Bacon was sizzling this morning," he chuckled, climbing off the cocker spaniel    07/22/19  (6)
*You need blood transfusion to survive and Benzo is only donor*    07/22/19  (1)
XO is wrong about a lot of things. Near the top of the list is its belief in    07/22/19  (3)
White people need to stop enforcing rules    07/22/19  (76)
Why did XO end up becoming to racist and anti-Semitic?    07/22/19  (61)
GOY the password is "BigPen15"    07/22/19  (5)
Billions watching on TV as first Indian astronaut openly defecates on the moon    07/22/19  (11)
India rocket will take 47 days before reaching the moon    07/22/19  (26)
Liberalism unconquerable by "rights" talk    07/22/19  (5)
PUMO where you at? Where you at cuz?    07/22/19  (2)
My IQ is 2 and my net worth is 5    07/22/19  (5)
LOL, obeezy is MAF again today    07/22/19  (2)
"Men look better at 35 than they do at 25" LOL who believes this retarded shit?    07/22/19  (100)
*** Official XO INDIAN Rocket to MOON Launch Thread ***    07/22/19  (7)
TRUMP to FINALLY FUCKING unveil INFRASTRUCTURE PLAN in January    07/22/19  (61)
*Indian rocket explodes on liftoff, bursts apart showering sitar strings over in    07/22/19  (3)
2022: Putin creates a refugee zone for whites fleeing America    07/22/19  (1)
Hooters to open family-friendly chain ‘Hoots’ in six cities    07/22/19  (32)
Blackout in half of Brooklyn    07/22/19  (29)
TMF is a genuine convert to Christianity, you can tell by how he    07/22/19  (15)
Zman: whites shouldn’t have to apologize for policies that promote white inter    07/22/19  (32)
what ever happened to peterman and the UGMO Dennis    07/22/19  (8)
Signs of failure after age 30:    07/22/19  (33)
Who is worse: Hr shrews or realtors    07/22/19  (22)
Trump calling the Squad racist = actual 3D chess    07/22/19  (1)
How do you explain cultural marxism to a layperson?    07/22/19  (53)
Gracious Guy tp, i thought you were Malay or something    07/22/19  (5)
I Went to a Socialism Conference. Here Are My 6 Observations.    07/22/19  (6)
my dad got my asian wife and my mother-in-law confused    07/22/19  (1)
2028: BIRDSHITS crying at BANGALORE airport begging for dat WORK VISA    07/22/19  (9)
our relationship is POLYAMOROUS grunted the POWERLIB    07/22/19  (4)
Fun Legal Hypo (AAgent Mixed Up Airport Code, Flying To Wrong City) - From FT    07/22/19  (34)
Obama: The Governor of the Northern Malvinas Islands Just Called Me    07/22/19  (4)
XO Federer Boycotting Rome Masters, Visits Barilla Pasta Factory. #ironside    07/22/19  (3)
Hey! That's my Asian wife you're talking to.    07/22/19  (4)
What is more plausible: the moon landing or bluesmoke getting married?    07/22/19  (2)
any other poasters SHADOWBANNED?    07/22/19  (1)
wtf what is with these zero poast threads    07/22/19  (5)
Mutha Fuckin RACIST Trump FORCIBLY removes queen Rep. Rashida Talib from event    07/22/19  (6)
My wife is asian    07/22/19  (8)
Is 'peak oil' still a thing or has that been disproven?    07/22/19  (2)
Designated shitting crater    07/22/19  (1)
I just hate Indians. Not racist just don't like em    07/22/19  (1)
Who is hottest? Left, middle, or right?    07/22/19  (11)
Who is this "Fucklaw" guy and is there any evidence he was a real person    07/22/19  (18)
bbooooomm's dad spotted at a wal-mart pharmacy (pic)    07/22/19  (1)
I want to share a large Jamba Juice smoothie with Luis with 2 straws    07/22/19  (2)
tiffany "meghan mccain" trump    07/22/19  (1)
Mike Mussina and Harold Baines are NOT hall of famers    07/22/19  (9)
I've done a complete reversal on the Apollo hoax. Now believe we went to moon.    07/22/19  (11)
"If we haven't put a man back on the moon by ____, I'll think it was a hoax    07/22/19  (2)
DAS A STOLMFLONT A POST!    07/22/19  (4)
I think we should all work to be more positive people.    07/22/19  (4)
tranny, lit, y’all faggots ain’t billin shit. oops cristal, keep spillin shi    07/22/19  (1)

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