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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   08/25/19  (313)
Bodily functions are disgusting    08/25/19  (15)
I just turned 39. No family, no kids and reproductive failure    08/25/19  (23)
Who's the most overrated rapper?    08/25/19  (28)
We're a few months away from the 2020s.    08/25/19  (8)
Remember when weirdo lib freak Deranged Penguin bragged about swimming with kids    08/25/19  (1)
we legitimately need to kill all the 1. niggers, and 2. jews    08/25/19  (20)
Barebacked a new 27 yr old club rat this past weekend. Taking?s ITT.    08/25/19  (14)
I want to be KO'd on the most humiliating world star video of all time    08/25/19  (4)
This MFH fight video is exhilarating    08/25/19  (32)
Kobe was by far my favorite city in Japan    08/25/19  (13)
There's actually good reason to be concerned about ASHKE-NORMATIVITY in Jewish    08/25/19  (2)
i'm teh ghey    08/25/19  (1)
I wish I was as good a person as the dood who got owned by the sentinalese    08/25/19  (7)
The schtick is (or should be) azns pronounce L as R, not that they confuse the 2    08/25/19  (4)
weirdo, trench coat clad losers smoking cigs at 24hr diners late into the night    08/25/19  (2)
Blueface- Freak Bitch.mp3    08/25/19  (3)
So men compete, fight and struggle for access to part of woman that bleeds?    08/25/19  (6)
Nyuug is embarassng on a visceral level.    08/25/19  (1)
I don’t want to live in a country where its ok to criticize Jewish people    08/25/19  (2)
Andrew Luck done here.    08/25/19  (62)
what r u talking about i have a black friend tp    08/25/19  (1)
Don't question lib media, which spent 3 years force memeing fake Russian scandal    08/25/19  (7)
Chris Christie pictured berating cubs fan    08/25/19  (66)
im not racist irl    08/25/19  (2)
Rate this 40yo couple who are about to have another kid    08/25/19  (9)
Journalist to the Elm Street kids: "Freddy's just a myth. Lets get some shut eye    08/25/19  (1)
I always tip 1 dollar on Uber eats orders now    08/25/19  (1)
JFC this is the "guy" who replaced Chris Christie    08/25/19  (5)
Does you significant other take on your ideals or would she have come to the sam    08/25/19  (2)
cowgod vs metaphysics is gay in a cage match fight to the death    08/25/19  (11)
I can't imagine another 40 years of this Jesus fucking christ    08/25/19  (4)
gay dating tp    08/25/19  (1)
If 10 posters POAST within the next 10 minutes ill post a pic of the hottest clu    08/25/19  (1)
every day in NYC at least 15-20 ppl die horrifically by falling elevators    08/25/19  (4)
Dickies announces formal pant brand for biglaw black tie events: Dickinson's    08/25/19  (1)
CharlesXII rebranding as “Chazz.” More jarring than “Stefan Urquelle.”    08/25/19  (1)
watch this video of one of the dumbest chink women ever    08/25/19  (1)
Swipe apps have only been in use ~5-6 years. Amazing how much they have changed    08/25/19  (3)
Take a deep breath and pause after being called racist    08/25/19  (5)
we all live in a techno-dystopia    08/25/19  (12)
Meet the New New York. Same as the Old New York. Cops struggle to arrest (link)    08/25/19  (4)
"I don't recognize that cock. Need two-factor authentication." *sticks thumb in    08/25/19  (1)
Total CHAOS COMMUNISM in NYC right now.    08/25/19  (25)
Why did Lincoln or the Union in general want to keep the South so badly    08/25/19  (41)
ITT: U name the most "cringey" poaster    08/25/19  (84)
Greek posing as Troy journalist- "it's just a horse don't be a bigot    08/25/19  (21)
OP: "Someone was killed." XO collective response: "To death????"    08/25/19  (1)
Kill to Death    08/25/19  (4)
Hey tsinah, I make more money than you and live in a better city    08/25/19  (75)
Prince 2019 is a lie now go be a sexpat where you can guck any “age”    08/25/19  (59)
Made a comment on reddit, got 193 downvotes    08/25/19  (38)
Mueller let 18 partisan Dems try to take down Trump but they came up empty?    08/25/19  (9)
A Whole New World (don't you dare close your thighs)    08/25/19  (1)
Me and Den of Proles playing keeping up with the Joneses with each other    08/25/19  (4)
Wikitravel is cr    08/25/19  (1)
If you're not wearing Carhartt or Dickies for work just lol    08/25/19  (4)
Kyoto was charmless to me. Huge disappointment    08/25/19  (53)
Wish I had grown up in a Dindu Thundersome    08/25/19  (1)
Had two doors replaced at my house this weekend - $3,600    08/25/19  (35)
Rate this 500 lb halibut that one of my friends caught    08/25/19  (3)
I need an apology    08/25/19  (1)
When GOY tp rolls into a Lids everyone fucking freezes    08/25/19  (15)
Neal V. Stephens is the dipshit we all know as WLMAS. htfh    08/25/19  (7)
Just knocked a toddler out cold    08/25/19  (1)
I’m on that slaughter game shit, murder game shit    08/25/19  (1)
xo has no brit poasters becasue they would literally be in jail for coming here    08/25/19  (1)
alt-right/trumpmos say “based” in honor to Lil’B the BASED god    08/25/19  (3)
are "loans originated" and "ma anand sheela" the same queer    08/25/19  (17)
Deep state tried to fuck with overstock ceo, succeeded    08/25/19  (3)
*Date number 3.* *Runs out of things to talk about.*    08/25/19  (3)
Rach, can we ban this ma anand sheela geek?    08/25/19  (31)
The company palantir sounds shady as fuck. What do they even do    08/25/19  (31)
"jfc...ah fuck it" *farts cum* - god making Indians    08/25/19  (1)
Young Dolph “By Mistake” (WSHH video)    08/25/19  (1)
Yasmin Lee > Bailey Jay    08/25/19  (45)
Would you have dated young Elizabeth Warren (pics)    08/25/19  (23)
chapo trap house is just a confused white nationalist clique    08/25/19  (9)
Spent $1,000 at the CLUB last night    08/25/19  (34)
If you’re still in late 20s or early 30s don’t waste your life    08/25/19  (16)
remember when tsinah was on a bender yesterday and long form effort poasting    08/25/19  (4)
libs watching 'dramadies' in 'onesies' and giggling as niggers loot & pillage    08/25/19  (17)
Buy Greenland; admit England, Wales, N Ireland and Puerto Rico as 51-54th states    08/25/19  (2)
goyim have the shortest attention spans    08/25/19  (1)
no hard lib info push and obeezy is nowhere to be seen, coincidence?    08/25/19  (6)
ljl @ prole families who think spending money on their children = spoiling them    08/25/19  (8)
Reminder: Biggest FBI dick swinger since Hoover building a case against TRUMP    08/25/19  (11)
Holy shit - the Anaheim Angels now go by the Los Angeles Angels    08/25/19  (19)
The sticky has been at the top of xo for almost 2 years. Still no page 2    08/25/19  (6)
How is Shanghai for a vacation spot?    08/25/19  (13)
Women's pussies academically CLASSIFIED by outward appearance (fucking GROSS)    08/25/19  (20)
The American Missionary and the Uncontacted Tribe [GQ]    08/25/19  (18)
Hey native americans thanks for all the contributions to society and culture lol    08/25/19  (9)
real talk, I'd honestly rather get rid of Indians than any other minority    08/25/19  (23)
Not flame I’m the fucking pickle rick    08/25/19  (8)
listening to lib podcasters call libs "libtards" is a pretty 180 xo experience    08/25/19  (3)
fucking indians, man    08/25/19  (4)
Bronze Age Pervert podcast is just him talking about INFB in fake italian accent    08/25/19  (1)
Anyone else use Brave Browser?    08/25/19  (13)
Benzo, a 1 bdrm apt in my building opens up for 9/1. $2,850/mo. Prime location.    08/25/19  (6)
"That girl... was me!" (drops 20 points in the polls and loses any chance at VP)    08/25/19  (3)
Liberal whites prefer non-whites.    08/25/19  (20)
"What a faggot." -- Peyton Manning    08/25/19  (4)
Andrew Luck's wife has kind of fucked up teeth and didn't take his last name    08/25/19  (1)
reddit/mfa is some kind of an ironic inside joke right?    08/25/19  (4)
I have zero purpose in life    08/25/19  (4)
Why The New York Times Is Unreformable And Must Die (Ann Coulter)    08/25/19  (90)
Star Wars the rise of skywalker is going to be nonstop Girl Power    08/25/19  (21)
WALSH is IN    08/25/19  (6)
Metaphysics is Melvin    08/25/19  (12)
What do people who live in south OC do for a living?    08/25/19  (16)
whok, I'm an outsourced bioresearch test subject    08/25/19  (4)
AutoAdmit Super Bowl Commercial    08/25/19  (6)
i used to be skeptical of steve sailers claim that SPLC is just a scheme to get    08/25/19  (3)
Did rach ever finish cleaning up the mess?    08/25/19  (14)
The New American Homeless: Housing insecurity in the nation’s richest cities    08/25/19  (5)
Shut it down, Boomerboat knows (yeah, right)    08/25/19  (14)
11-year old becomes youngest to recite Unabomber Manifesto from memory (link)    08/25/19  (5)
Ten vacation days expire in Dec; need to go somewhere. Nothing seems interesting    08/25/19  (28)
white 22 y/o girl murdered on her bday, corpse burned. guess perp race    08/25/19  (24)
Jesus in the cross: “Why Have You Forsaken Me?” Absolutely. Devastating.    08/25/19  (8)
Is there any doubt that corporate slave is a skinny fat ginger?    08/25/19  (1)
So for Darwin's theory to be right...    08/25/19  (114)
Can you smoke weed in space?    08/25/19  (4)
Anyone following U.S. Open? What are the storylines?    08/25/19  (2)
why are there so many trannies in tech    08/25/19  (23)
Ah fuck I’m a catholic    08/25/19  (4)
non-sportsmo here why is andrew luck retirement a big deal?    08/25/19  (6)
Breaki6 point: set YouTube app to notify me ever time Wes Watson dro a new video    08/25/19  (2)
As a child, I sometimes confused 80s Mel Gibson w/ 80s Richard Marx    08/25/19  (1)
ITT: rating posters as bottles at the CLUB    08/25/19  (123)
Warren Supports Revoking Medals of Honor for Wounded Knee Massacre    08/25/19  (1)
Hey deranged penguin, do you still believe Kavanaugh is a “serial rapist”?    08/25/19  (48)
"I like your Darwin fish," you tell your date walking her to her Subaru orrester    08/25/19  (38)
TSINAH singin “none of your business” with hair wrapped in towel    08/25/19  (3)
Leave law for career in commercial bank? Like branch manager, credit officer,etc    08/25/19  (12)
If we’re in a recession why is my M&A as busy as ever?    08/25/19  (34)
Any cr places to live in WEST VIRGINIA?    08/25/19  (15)
Newark is easiest airport to get into NYC from by far    08/25/19  (2)
10 Days till new TOOL album    08/25/19  (76)
Pureflix is Pussy    08/25/19  (1)
Magical Thinking is Melvin    08/25/19  (1)
JCM here, rating poasters as parts of songs    08/25/19  (77)
Scott Walker the poster has 40% Potawatomi heritage    08/25/19  (4)
Have you dreamed today?    08/25/19  (196)
Best fantasy QB Russel Wilson or Mahomes    08/25/19  (2)
"The Law is strong in my family. My father has it. I have it. My sister has it.    08/25/19  (239)

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