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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   08/20/19  (312)
Could Michelle O or Hillary still run if the field is weak enough?    08/22/19  (7)
Babylon Bee writes Op-Ed in WSJ re: Snopes' "War on Satire" (link)    08/22/19  (33)
The liberals say he must be the devil because he heeds the word of God    08/22/19  (1)
United States + Greenland = Bigger than Russia, right?    08/22/19  (3)
Modern TVs are designed to last ~50 years    08/22/19  (30)
"Buy a piece of Greenland" - man selling rocks from Greenland on Amazon (link)    08/22/19  (1)
Obama really wanted America to fail    08/22/19  (2)
Phil Hendrie of the Phil Hendrie Show is the most 180 lib    08/22/19  (2)
wait, Republicans bringing us into another recession, just like GWB?    08/22/19  (2)
Can't really blame people for being NIMBY    08/22/19  (10)
What are the relevant SCOTUS rulings about threats?    08/22/19  (21)
"men" who never served in the military?    08/22/19  (5)
evan39 Cr place to bail to if leaving Midwest and traveling random?    08/22/19  (4)
If you own a single family home in a top 3 city you’re gonna be fine. Ljl at c    08/22/19  (2)
How do some attorneys routinely work late into the evening and weekends?    08/22/19  (47)
You can be whatever you want can change it all on a dime    08/22/19  (2)
Two more Greens Beret killed in Afghanistan:    08/22/19  (2)
Saint TMF, he said he’s never been...dressed up like a woman    08/22/19  (3)
Hogan's Heroes but it's heterosexual white males in SJW prison camps    08/22/19  (6)
rate my life    08/22/19  (9)
Summer is over    08/22/19  (41)
Portland DA removes photos of white male predecessors from courthouse    08/22/19  (25)
XO idiot$ are either outright flame 🔥 or $heltered    08/22/19  (4)
New high school in Michigan designed to cut the killing potential of a mass shoo    08/22/19  (14)
SHUT UP AND BUY    08/22/19  (1)
Rate the audio malfunction at this DeBlasio event    08/22/19  (24)
I SOLD MY SOUL TO MAKE A RECORD    08/22/19  (1)
Biden’s #metoo moment from 1950s, “c’mon man I just pinched her keaster”    08/22/19  (1)
The indisputable evidence of men's plummeting T levels shld be a top 3 issue    08/22/19  (124)
What is it you what? Do you have a purpose? Why do you post anything online    08/22/19  (5)
I will give you your IQ score.    08/22/19  (56)
Is there a way to saerch PACER by law firm?    08/22/19  (1)
Lol at you believing anything spoken or written especially by “media”    08/22/19  (2)
NYT: Homosexuals invented spoken language    08/22/19  (47)
"Trannies aren't same as drag queens" squealed Upset Jew as he was guillotined    08/22/19  (3)
Trump disapproval up to 62%, LJL    08/22/19  (1)
Swipe apps are literally the perfect recruiting device for the incel community    08/22/19  (1)
Avril Lavigne tp    08/22/19  (1)
Anyone know of good poker rooms in Europe?    08/22/19  (1)
The World’s Tallest Water Slide Was a Terrible, Tragic Idea    08/22/19  (1)
West Point/Annapolis/AFACADEMY are FUCKING FLAME    08/22/19  (74)
GOY tp is a sassy skinnyfat twink with fatty liver disease    08/22/19  (1)
Obama's entire presidency was mere pretext to launch global media platform    08/22/19  (4)
Watch this dude walk up and nut all over some bitch's face    08/22/19  (17)
MFH residential elevator crushes high rise resident to the death    08/22/19  (8)
I wish I believed in god    08/22/19  (32)
Real, regular, white New Yorkers are red pilled as fuck    08/22/19  (1)
Why is the homeless situation in east coast cities less apocalyptic than west co    08/22/19  (3)
We need to consider what VOICES we allow into this SPACE    08/22/19  (5)
Sorry kids Bobby Birdshit is on a rampage again. It's bucket time    08/22/19  (1)
2.5 years out of office, Obama suddenly has enough $ to buy $15mm house    08/22/19  (86)
Female Freedom has an expiration date (article)    08/22/19  (50)
Allison Stokke looks 48 years old in latest pics    08/22/19  (23)
If people are $mart enough now they can prevent ruining their live$    08/22/19  (1)
All thi$ bull$hit is Flame.. you’re $ick $ending anyone to a “$chool”    08/22/19  (1)
North Korean defector dies of STARVATION in first world South Korea    08/22/19  (1)
My daughter after her first day at school - what the fuck happened?    08/22/19  (1)
GOY pissin in a jew’s mouth at fenway park FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME    08/22/19  (1)
You can be instantly famous and rich if you want now.. internet should make    08/22/19  (1)
been on coin collector youtube--its 100% alpha chads    08/22/19  (18)
Nyuug ever creampied $ome vega$ pu$$y? If ye$ tell about experience    08/22/19  (5)
Frog and Toad on the road with Cedric Barnes    08/22/19  (1)
Guy writes complaint to PornHub abt content..Cust service sends Lisa Ann to fuck    08/22/19  (3)
✋😜🤚    08/22/19  (1)
Being a teen girl with Insta-model worthy body must be like a different species    08/22/19  (36)
GAMERGATE COMES TO THE CLASSROOM! Students harder to brainwash    08/22/19  (39)
David Boies needs a better tailor    08/22/19  (3)
Graphic illustration of MTF surgery. NTFL. Do not click.    08/22/19  (3)
juicy single mother tp    08/22/19  (1)
This place used to get people arrested. Now it's lonely guys arguing about jews.    08/22/19  (5)
friendly reminder: ur fat, stupid, ugly, poor, and have homosexual tendencies.    08/22/19  (2)
Hooker With A Penis [Explicit]    08/22/19  (6)
Bar exam takers, remember this as you go to sleep tonight    08/22/19  (36)
Star Wars fans, can General Hux control Allegiant General Pryde?    08/22/19  (6)
"my back" luis lisped as I used cripple dipper to lower him onto my cock    08/22/19  (147)
Tokyo 2020 Olympics to be the most expensive by far    08/22/19  (2)
The Deep State forces Overstock CEO to resign (link)    08/22/19  (14)
Biden admits to hitting women in his 20's. "But just a pop in the mouth" (link)    08/22/19  (12)
BLASTING Fuck Buttons on Bose phones to gear up 4 afternoon poop    08/22/19  (5)
4 Ways Mainstream Animal Rights Movements Are Oppressive    08/22/19  (3)
Rate Iceland's prime minister (pic)    08/22/19  (29)
Here for a GOOD time not a LONG time tp    08/22/19  (2)
Guy at party comes flying in on rope swing to tell people he doesn't own a TV (l    08/22/19  (1)
Chronic severe back pain, want to drink myself to death/crash my car    08/22/19  (12)
XO Poaster forced to defend posting history in lengthy deposition    08/22/19  (9)
Woke up again with back pain    08/22/19  (9)
Princess of Norway finds a new, diverse boyfriend (pic)    08/22/19  (21)
hypo: there are 3 doors, one leads to allison stokke's hold but the other two...    08/22/19  (20)
GGTP, louis, and me in an Escape Room, ignoring escape and talking about whokebe    08/22/19  (3)
*FBI Agent spreads butthole* “I’m Spaceporn Jr!” *whole office laughs*    08/22/19  (152)
Remember Radio Shack In The 90s Would Ask For Your Phone Number w Every Purchase    08/22/19  (5)
12 Year Old Drag Queens React To Gamergate (Video)    08/22/19  (1)
Hair has been growing much thicker since I started on 500 mg phalates    08/22/19  (1)
does ohio state football have a deep state?    08/22/19  (1)
So did any "supporters" of drag queen story time tell us how it benefits kids?    08/22/19  (77)
Kafkaesque NYT story about people who were inexplicably kicked off Facebook.    08/22/19  (6)
People here and IRL spent years watching a shitty dragon show lol    08/22/19  (8)
how should I prepare for this AMAZON programming interview?    08/22/19  (42)
Guy searches through 10,000 pennies    08/22/19  (28)
TT do you find amerikkka a snakkkke oil $cam?    08/22/19  (7)
Pornos where dudes walk up and jizz on Japanese news anchors    08/22/19  (6)
Somalis/Ethiopians like Omar are BROWN, not black    08/22/19  (4)
BOM, ever cream pie the asshole of a cantankerous old Lebanese man?    08/22/19  (1)
Gonna be spending most of my time on the phish message board.    08/22/19  (12)
Any good fights coming up    08/22/19  (6)
Will Drogon the Dragon get a spinoff series on HBO    08/22/19  (2)
PhD in gamergate here    08/22/19  (1)
"I am NOT your oil maker" - snake probly    08/22/19  (1)
Beware of MKULTRA-CHADs    08/22/19  (2)
What happened to bachelor in paradise threading    08/22/19  (16)
reminder: the human brain is built on two mutually-supportive principles    08/22/19  (2)
Video of a nigger getting knocked the fuck out by a negress    08/22/19  (4)
Daniel Jones is an elite Quarterback    08/22/19  (1)
What was your nickname in your HS gym class shower room? Mine was Horse Dick    08/22/19  (54)
Friend got his PhD in Gamergate from MIT. Inundated with prestigious job offers    08/22/19  (3)
Global Capitalism to you in the shower room of life: "I can be a friend to you"    08/22/19  (23)
$tarbuck$ i$ $elling $nake oil lol that you can get rich off $hit product    08/22/19  (3)
LOL @ Prince Charles still living at home w/mom & dad in his 70's    08/22/19  (2)
Everyone getting rich off fraud an $nake oil! Why dont you get In?    08/22/19  (5)
Is there any doubt that UJTP would be a rancid socialist shitlib if he was poor?    08/22/19  (2)
This will be my last week here. Thereafter I will be 100% on phantasy tour.    08/22/19  (4)
TT ever hung out in vega$? What do you think of it?    08/22/19  (10)
Beware of ULTRA-CHADs (aka MEGACHADS) who pwn Chads IRL    08/22/19  (9)
Ballet Clothier sued after refusing to tailor tights for trangender prima balle    08/22/19  (2)
“They spent too much $ training me to fire me” u think as HR learns abt sunk    08/22/19  (1)
"davidDUKE" *GOY tp fires street fighter 2 sonic boom at mullato toddlers*    08/22/19  (4)
I'm pumped as shit about new tool album    08/22/19  (1)
Late REO Speedwagon guitarist Gary Richrath illustrates effects of alcoholism    08/22/19  (5)
Accidentally fired my secretary, which I lack the authority to    08/22/19  (7)
Watching "Annapolis" with my wife. 80 minutes in she asks, "Why are there all    08/22/19  (1)
Rating POASTERS as things BOBBY BIRDSHIT blows away with GUN    08/22/19  (34)
i think maybe libs didn't handle losing Nov 8 well    08/22/19  (1)
If right-wing populists were pragmatic, they'd ditch the GOP asap    08/22/19  (26)
Shot dying nigger refuses to snitch    08/22/19  (8)
Man in a dress sues after co-workers called him a man in a dress.    08/22/19  (2)
Shot dying lawyer refuses to bill    08/22/19  (1)
Labracadabradoodle    08/22/19  (3)
stuffwhitepeoplelike: blaming everything and anything on low T-levels    08/22/19  (8)
Parents Frank and Donna Birdshit giving tearful Oprah interview after massacre    08/22/19  (1)
Does anyone remember my Amazon password    08/22/19  (3)
Rate this guy's Hinge/Tinder profiles.    08/22/19  (46)
popeyes has been selling chicken sandwiches for 10+ years    08/22/19  (32)
Loose Cannon Trump or Crooked Hillary - which will stick better?    08/22/19  (8)
I think Boom tried CBD today    08/22/19  (4)
Just cashed 725k in checks today *tosses infant into flaming Moloch statue*    08/22/19  (1)
Bonafide BOILET taking ?s    08/22/19  (10)

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