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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/07/19  (352)
What's XOs current take on mass incarceration and Crim justice reform?    12/11/19  (9)
to what extent will you emphasize education for your kids?    12/11/19  (1)
Biden's attack ad showing leaders laughing at Trump will air on television    12/11/19  (16)
Hiepo: Trump announces transition to woman tmw. Do libs love him?    12/11/19  (1)
Imagine being Stefan Molyneux's high school bully    12/11/19  (3)
ROFL Jersey City shooters were Black Hebrew Israelites    12/11/19  (22)
Two-year old is interested in my wife's feminine penis (Reddit)    12/11/19  (22)
Explainer: The Motherhood Penalty, Why the Lifetime Earnings of Women who give B    12/11/19  (1)
Engineering Exam    12/11/19  (7)
Lt. Col. Vindman is Time "Guardian of the Year" 100% NOT FLAME    12/11/19  (2)
Travel people, 3-4 days with the family, in Maui, KauaÊ»i, or Big Island?    12/11/19  (25)
jim_kelly, can we get a garage office pic?    12/11/19  (20)
Best exit opps after 2 years at cravath/wachtell? Start over as IB associate?    12/11/19  (22)
My chances of meeting a not fat, not insane girl are near zero    12/11/19  (14)
Women over half the population, still only get 77 cents on dollar? JFC lol    12/11/19  (3)
Is Denis Villeneuve the best movie director currently working in Hollywood?    12/11/19  (8)
I dutifully completed high school, college & law school... I failed. Miserably.    12/11/19  (7)
Aramco Shares Rise 10% After World’s Biggest IPO    12/11/19  (2)
Just met coworker from job a walked out on at new job    12/11/19  (1)
I'm a high school dropout... you can still make it (CSLG)    12/11/19  (32)
That silverback gorilla on Fox is being sued by Britt McHenry for sexual harassm    12/11/19  (2)
I'm loving this Jersey mansion (link)    12/11/19  (1)
jim_kelly, can we get a $150k backyard pic?    12/11/19  (1)
jim_kelly, can we get a penis pic?    12/11/19  (1)
Leftist Jews are supremely mentally ill    12/11/19  (11)
jim_kelly, can we get a wife's feet pic?    12/11/19  (1)
Reminder: Marc Benioff owns Time, and he’s the biggest piece of shit in SF    12/11/19  (1)
restaurant where you simultaneously eat, shit, cum, get a manicure, write a brie    12/11/19  (2)
Man running marathon slaps cute reporter’s butt, libs identify and ruin life    12/11/19  (48)
23 yr old Niece is pregnant by some hood guy. How to convince her to abort    12/11/19  (50)
Restaurant where you get your hair cut while you eat?    12/11/19  (5)
French girls make the best wives right?    12/11/19  (35)
here's my resume *slaps 15lbs of tuna on desk*    12/11/19  (3)
Dotter insists on having her asshole licked    12/11/19  (25)
Greta Thunberg 16, Time person of the year. You: 35, not hitting billable target    12/11/19  (19)
Restaurant where you sit on a dildo while you eat?    12/11/19  (1)
Is being a junior assoc at a V10 firm like being a rookie called up to THE SHOW    12/11/19  (11)
When does the House actually vote on Impeachment?    12/11/19  (1)
your CV/resume is a sacred text and if you dont protect it U ARE DONE HERE    12/11/19  (3)
Best exit opps after 15+ years on xo ? Start over as TLS poaster?    12/11/19  (1)
IG Horowitz: My report EXONERATES Jim Comey (link)    12/11/19  (3)
(((Krugman)): Trump is bad for Jews    12/11/19  (6)
New Quinnipiac poll shows Trump beating all four top dem candidates    12/11/19  (7)
*twins holding up photo of a zebra* "does this make you hard?" *checks box yes*    12/11/19  (14)
White Nationalist Jews are ok with me    12/11/19  (6)
Trump has been compromised (link)    12/11/19  (7)
TIME Person of the Year will be Greta Thunberg    12/11/19  (19)
HILTON Bans FlyerTalk Bro For Too Many Complaints    12/11/19  (37)
What is banker comp like these days?    12/11/19  (15)
i'm skeptical that irl sex between normal people actually happens ever    12/11/19  (5)
Nick Fuentes show tonight about BDS    12/11/19  (34)
Hawaii judge strikes again! Blocks Trump from building wall using military funds    12/11/19  (9)
Trump's Presidency gets dreaded double-asterisk: lost popular vote AND impeached    12/11/19  (23)
Dem's timing on impeachment blows    12/11/19  (42)
Oasis were to supposed to save rock and roll.    12/11/19  (12)
Can rach filter Upset Jews poasts directly to the garbage board    12/11/19  (14)
What are good fighting pants?    12/11/19  (17)
Warren seems to be done here. Also, BUTTIGIEG now leads in NH    12/11/19  (16)
i never knew my "purpose" in life but maybe it's Space Force    12/11/19  (6)
I’m not going to lie. Everyday that I go to work, I am reminded that I failed    12/11/19  (46)
"Mom, why did my wife call you? Wait...calm down. No, it's not a gay site."    12/11/19  (1)
Pornographers shall be raped thrice by the beasts of the wild    12/11/19  (1)
"1st of all I've never even heard of that site. 2nd, I post there ironically    12/11/19  (14)
LaMarcus DEVASTATED as the Yankees outbid the Dodgers for Gerrit Cole    12/11/19  (3)
Roosh goes haywire; demands porn be BANNED    12/11/19  (151)
bald beta mindset    12/11/19  (1)
Jews: rich cultural heritage, Tikkun Olam. Asians: GLORP GLORP HANDSOME    12/11/19  (2)
🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎 Tikkun Olam Fellow Jews :) :) :) 🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎    12/11/19  (7)
It’s hilarious that Kenny is a psychotic Asian who routinely outs people    12/11/19  (17)
Peace and love of Christ to all of u    12/11/19  (5)
"Tikkun Olam" said the globalist, as he flipped a switch and the BREXIT vote was    12/11/19  (18)
moneyed betas    12/11/19  (1)
Canadians are convinced Mayor Pete helped fixed bread prices    12/11/19  (2)
ITT: Inscriptions on poasters' gravestones    12/11/19  (18)
@Guy_Who_Gets_It    12/11/19  (1)
Gangnam Style plays as nyuug is conscripted into korean army b4 war w/ nk    12/11/19  (12)
Greta Thunberg screaming "how dare you" as her girlfriend cums first    12/11/19  (1)
Mulvaney: "Yes there was a quid pro quo and yes Trumpmos are fucking stupid"    12/11/19  (53)
Alt right and black Israelites should plan some marches together. Libs would    12/11/19  (2)
TBF, Judaism IS best defined as a "Nation" rather than a religion or race    12/11/19  (1)
Obama will be DONE HERE as a result of the wiretaps    12/11/19  (844)
Lauren Chen destroys Drumpf (Twitter)    12/11/19  (1)
Lawrence O'Donnell is going savage on Boot-Edge-Edge NOW, KamalaSexy?    12/11/19  (3)
"We don't recognize this device" -- yes you do, faggot    12/11/19  (8)
Deposed a defendant for three hours today    12/11/19  (25)
DSJ Agents pull the hood off a bloodied, beaten poaster    12/11/19  (190)
Greta Thunberg no longer interested in climate after having "discovered boys"    12/11/19  (8)
Greta Thunberg and Daisy Ridley are MTF trannies, change my mind    12/11/19  (8)
Partner drops folder on your desk. "The deal team went dark 11 days ago. You've    12/11/19  (21)
Frau Collins announces solution to Homeless problem    12/11/19  (1)
BEST Medium-Sized Beach Towns in USA??    12/11/19  (51)
Ljl @ GC workpigs wearing $3000 Canada Goose jackets for their 15 minute commute    12/11/19  (1)
This board is a cia psyops program that became rogue in 2012.    12/11/19  (1)
Trump seems legitimately angry that the IG completely exonerated the FBI    12/11/19  (3)
That’s it. I’ve lost my fins ounce of will to live    12/11/19  (4)
KamalaSexyChocolate --> PeteSassyFruit --> BloombergPuffyJacket?    12/11/19  (10)
If you don't farmer's walk a couple 85 lb dbs one mile every morning you're done    12/11/19  (4)
We're destroying America to appease literal foreigners who hate us anyway?    12/11/19  (2)
Reminder: Trump lost the popular vote by 3M, is illegitimate, no one has to    12/11/19  (7)
CSLG XO firm holiday party attendance tracker    12/11/19  (218)
RATE this Yale protester    12/11/19  (5)
Wife going on scouting missions with son to identify homeless camps    12/11/19  (87)
anti-white Black Hebrew Israelites shooting up kosher deli; XO confounded    12/11/19  (22)
Black nationalism/liberationism underpins most urban gang activity    12/11/19  (6)
Jafar, lunch tomorrow at Keese's?    12/11/19  (19)
Starbucks wifi, 24 hour fitness and public parks. Why lease apt/offices?    12/11/19  (1)
Lawman8, describe the last date you went on.    12/11/19  (3)
PSA: If RBG survives until 2/13/20 it gives Dems cover to pack the court    12/11/19  (1)
*GC throwing out adderall and xanax like pigeon feed to squawking wagecucks*    12/11/19  (27)
IHOP to open new fast casual chain, Flip'd in 5 cities    12/11/19  (4)
Rate Rudy Giuliani’s new 20-year-old spokeswoman    12/11/19  (9)
S&P 500 Buybacks Now Outpace All R&D Spending in the US    12/11/19  (1)
XO: Greta belongs on TikTok like other teens!    12/11/19  (1)
Reminder: you can +size of poa text box by dragging bottom right hand corner    12/11/19  (5)
"Air Force One requesting rear entry for President Buttigieg," *pilots laugh*    12/11/19  (1)
libs, it backfired: 50% of US military views Russia as an 'ally' (link)    12/11/19  (34)
LJL - KamalaSexy thought she could run her trash schtick all the way to November    12/11/19  (3)
Slate: "Greta Thunberg makes autism sexy."    12/11/19  (1)
Francisco Franco was the greatest leader of the 20th century    12/11/19  (11)
What is pencil dick pumo's endgame here?    12/11/19  (2)
NJ shooters target Jews, kill cops. Names not released. Odd.    12/11/19  (25)
Don't sweat impeachment, Trumpmos. You guys still have QAnon.    12/11/19  (10)
When did black doods go from baggy pants to tight ankle huggers?    12/11/19  (3)
ITT poast a picture of your desk at work    12/11/19  (1)
This is how Chad blows out ur future wife    12/11/19  (144)
"Oh, you're guilty of obstruction," Peterman giggles as Big Earl enters him    12/11/19  (3)
The AshkeNAZI STOLE HISTORY from Black Hebrew Israelites    12/11/19  (1)
why are trumpmos always so enraged all the time? is it their low incomes?    12/11/19  (8)
Anyone else notice packages are getting delivered faster? Reg shipping = 2 days    12/11/19  (1)
Can't believe we're losing artists like Lil Peep and JUICE WRLD so young    12/11/19  (11)
check out this portfolio of rural LAND in MAINE    12/11/19  (4)
rach change "cancel" button to "obstruction of poast"    12/11/19  (10)
Trump: "But I doubled down! How are impeachment hearings still moving forward?!"    12/11/19  (14)
RATE this 1970s pit crew chick    12/11/19  (6)
XO's mean IQ vs median IQ    12/11/19  (17)
NJ hasn’t released the shooter names. Odd case.    12/11/19  (18)
Chris Wray: Ukraine did not meddle in 2016 elections. Also, Trump is a dumb fag    12/11/19  (8)
Wasn't Whitney Houston a black Hebrew Israelite?    12/11/19  (1)
"scrubs" would be considered alt-right stormfront today    12/11/19  (2)
POTUS walking 0.2mph in front of Congress, "obstructing" it    12/11/19  (1)
TRUMP signs executive order outlawing being mean to Israel on COLLEGE CAMPUSES    12/11/19  (22)
Do kids still ride flexible flyer sleds-- the wooden ones with metal runners?    12/11/19  (3)
saban just "obstruction of playoff" charges against LSU & Auburn    12/11/19  (3)
Trump won the popular vote comfortably if you exclude all ppl with > 100 iq's    12/11/19  (1)
dated girl but she committed "obstruction of penis" so ditched her    12/11/19  (2)
Trump won the popular vote comfortably if you exclude all the counties he lost    12/11/19  (11)
holy fuck Henry Aaron tp is having a bad morning    12/11/19  (2)
gonna accuse my secretary with "obstruction of biglaw" if she gives me crap    12/11/19  (6)
i am an austere blank screen    12/11/19  (1)

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