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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/25/20  (365)
"hey sorry I pulled a 'Michael Richards' at yr party. no more drinking for me ha    01/25/20  (31)
So Lauren Sanchez sent Bezos’ texts to her brother who leaked them?    01/25/20  (16)
Married neighbor chick added me on FB yesterday, then posted this today    01/25/20  (43)
After Caronavirus kills off the majority of humans, will we still have SJWs?    01/25/20  (2)
Cute barista wrote smiley face on my cup. How to proceed?    01/25/20  (7)
Greta Thunberg is Person of the Year because...she...um...    01/25/20  (41)
NYC BANS the use of 'at-risk' for students, they are now 'At-promise' (DM)    01/25/20  (40)
Route 17 in NJ is 180 and hell on earth all at the same time    01/25/20  (1)
The 68th annual meeting of the Build-A-Bear Group was held this week in Dresden    01/25/20  (6)
“What a great po boy” (colt eating live bat between two hunks of raw noodles    01/25/20  (10)
Uh, so Rach, what happened?    01/25/20  (16)
Told Best Buy lady I come in here regularly and drop $3k like it's nothing and    01/25/20  (1)
why do people Google the crimes they're about to commit from their own computer    01/25/20  (10)
Trumpmos done here. Congressman flashes white power symbol during imp hearing    01/25/20  (2)
Black women are dominating the HR position. Here's Why    01/25/20  (3)
"Hey sorry I upset yr brother. But they *did* spread AIDS you know. Drinks Fri?"    01/25/20  (4)
"hey sorry I was talking so much about my soft tooth, I was really nervous"    01/25/20  (10)
samples of ancient roman graffiti from pompeii    01/25/20  (91)
Greta Thunberg scowling at you from the front cover of "Teen Beat"    01/25/20  (8)
Barron Trump's bots begin tearing through Greta Thunberg's Minecraft utopia    01/25/20  (4)
Taking your ball and going home is the most Underrated life skill    01/25/20  (31)
"Hey sorry I ruined yr party w/my rant. But what I said is true. Check Info Wars    01/25/20  (35)
Gretta is DONE HERE once she turns 18 and loses child status.    01/25/20  (4)
Greta Thunberg calls press conference after Disney+ trial ends. "You have ruined    01/25/20  (6)
Gigi D'Agostino - L'Amour Toujours.mp3    01/25/20  (1)
Greta Thunberg to teacher giving homework on a Fri: "You have ruined our weekend    01/25/20  (6)
today in black crime in the Bay area, II    01/25/20  (296)
FDA: screens are bad for you    01/25/20  (4)
Boomers ruined the ski industry too. Millennials don’t ski    01/25/20  (34)
Gonna go eat lunch and then try to hire my server    01/25/20  (9)
Greta Thunberg to Nickelodeon: "Canceling iCarly ruined my dreams and my soul    01/25/20  (5)
Sanders embraces Joe Rogan’s endorsement —> libs apoplectic    01/25/20  (24)
Signed up 4 new clients today. Still have 1 more lead to try    01/25/20  (1)
Lmao so now joe rogan is beyond the pale? Wtf libs    01/25/20  (10)
looking good faggy retard    01/25/20  (8)
Biden going all in on TRANS    01/25/20  (34)
You know shawarma is made of dead Christian babies    01/25/20  (2)
Greta Thunberg pulling the legs off an insect while discussing climate catastrop    01/25/20  (15)
dutifully mounting my fat wife and pounding away    01/25/20  (119)
Check out the new Wikipedia logo    01/25/20  (5)
Your future wife sobbing as her mom tells her you are basically her last chance    01/25/20  (85)
Liz Hurley still has a 8/9 body at 55 (link)    01/25/20  (2)
* NHL All-Star Game *    01/25/20  (2)
how is it that System of a Brown is constantly overlooked?    01/25/20  (1)
“I checked, but that website doesn’t exist,” nurse says as she gives u sed    01/25/20  (40)
Dinesh D'Souza DESTROYS Millennials in a single pithy tweet:    01/25/20  (1)
Where should you buy in WASHINGTON, DC right now?    01/25/20  (22)
you guys think I'm joking but I'm not. this morning was discovery    01/25/20  (2)
Redditor posts epic painting - orgy with man born w/with deer head    01/25/20  (1)
You glance at iPhone, realize You've been posting abt doobs asshole for 6 hours    01/25/20  (24)
how is it that System of a Down is constantly overlooked    01/25/20  (14)
What is the shittiest major metro in America? Serious question.    01/25/20  (44)
Why do Trumpmos always lose their shit over viral outbreaks? Just poor education    01/25/20  (7)
Why is TT even upset he’s never been outed on xo, right?    01/25/20  (4)
Great collection of road rage clips - holy shit people are crazy    01/25/20  (6)
Thoughts on this take on Whole Foods?    01/25/20  (2)
Coffee = poison. Spikes cholesterol & triglycerides massively    01/25/20  (6)
Greta Thunberg awake for 36 straight hours building eco-utopia in Minecraft    01/25/20  (1)
Lmao bernie has NO IDEA how much his "plans" are going to cost    01/25/20  (13)
PSA: you PC gaming niggers need to get in on Microsoft Gamepass    01/25/20  (7)
FDA: sunscreen is bad for you    01/25/20  (49)
Sunscreen = Poison    01/25/20  (47)
And in the faggy nature walks, he discovered a rich interior life    01/25/20  (32)
March for Life is a disaster for Covington for second year running    01/25/20  (1)
luis wearing turtleneck stretched over mouth like SARS mask    01/25/20  (1)
XO Croatia literally beating the shit out of piperaping "migrant" invaders    01/25/20  (30)
luis wearing black uniqlo turtleneck under maroon patagonia quarter-zip    01/25/20  (2)
What leaders besides Trump were specifically chosen by the people NOT to lead th    01/25/20  (10)
Is there a cool dogfighting game we can play?    01/25/20  (1)
Trump triple asterisk: lost popular vote, impeached, lost reelection    01/25/20  (17)
I ordered a slice of pizza and I've been waiting for 15 fucking minutes.    01/25/20  (11)
Liz Hurley is immortal (pics)    01/25/20  (3)
Luis wearing cashmere scarf with crop top    01/25/20  (2)
A deranged lib tried to ram a Covington Catholic bus with his car:    01/25/20  (1)
Just read plot summary of "Velveteen Rabbit", now sobbing uncontrollably    01/25/20  (22)
"you lose a lot of heat from the neck" (CA luis failing to justify turtle neck)    01/25/20  (5)
ratio of triglycerides to HDL is a very strong predictor of heart attack    01/25/20  (44)
Finnish high school girls sing Finlandia chorus - video    01/25/20  (1)
I want to suck you, fuck you, nip/tuck and cuck you    01/25/20  (1)
Could the US win a war against Russia+Iran+China?    01/25/20  (42)
Jennifer Rubin, Conservative Opinion Writer at Washington Post    01/25/20  (2)
Millennials are getting dead from cancer at rising rates    01/25/20  (1)
Woman has peak experience--is CRUSHED to death at raisin factory (link)    01/25/20  (3)
Law Shrew friend of mine just posted this publicly to Facebook    01/25/20  (22)
luis and Jim_Kelly relishing bat tikka masala at Bombay Palace    01/25/20  (1)
I may not be a lawyer but I'm a versatile legalist    01/25/20  (1)
saw an old chinese lady try to pay for her meal in dried bat wings    01/25/20  (3)
i work hard. put bat on the table. and what he do? he cough.    01/25/20  (14)
Peter North, sobbing, Exacto Knife hovering above his wrist    01/25/20  (6)
LEVITICUS 11 19    01/25/20  (8)
Po' bat    01/25/20  (2)
Chinese kid inconsolable because he cant choose zubat as his starter pokemon    01/25/20  (1)
I work hard, spam TT's name on bort, and what he do? He take offline    01/25/20  (2)
the neville is in the seychelles    01/25/20  (1)
2024: A Million Sobbing Trump supporters chanting "8 More Years!" in unison    01/25/20  (11)
TNSJ aka mr. jinx sobbing like a bitch in his Paul Pierce jersey    01/25/20  (9)
hillarymos sobbing as the 8th dimension of chess fucks them in the ass    01/25/20  (5)
"we're only boyfriends online" lied colt unconvincingly to his sobbing wife    01/25/20  (50)
colt at Wuhan checkpoint “Why all the vitriol”    01/25/20  (3)
Just ate a Wuhan's Original Po Boy. Yep, still shit.    01/25/20  (2)
Trump reduces tariffs to zero on live bat exports to China in gesture to Xi    01/25/20  (1)
Late 90's/Early aughts numetal/ rock rap is underrated    01/25/20  (4)
"let me through, I'm self actualized" - Colt passing thru Wuhan quarantine    01/25/20  (3)
Buying in NYC. Discuss    01/25/20  (35)
naan naan naan naan naan naan naan naan BAT HAM (Wuhan cookbook)    01/25/20  (7)
XO = saturnine uranians    01/25/20  (2)
Dat East Coast Florida sun is 180 unghhh    01/25/20  (5)
assfaggot do u put cheese on ur COLD CUT and DUKES sandwiches    01/25/20  (6)
Wuhan food scandal: "Jumbo Bat Platter" just a dog with fake wings glued on    01/25/20  (4)
Women are idiots who suck who you're supposed to just Mount    01/25/20  (22)
not flame using asian chicks as jizzrags is 180    01/25/20  (29)
Did anyone here own a battery operated ride-on toy as a kid? I was too poor    01/25/20  (6)
colt u can get Antone's po boy while you're in hospital dying of coronavirus (li    01/25/20  (1)
colt just snapped me pic of 50 frozen bats in his fridge    01/25/20  (1)
The Velveteen Rabbit but it’s colt throwing away cowboy boots after corona vir    01/25/20  (7)
why do women reject the "blown out" hypothesis of vaginal tightness?    01/25/20  (32)
Lol at this Biden tweet and response    01/25/20  (2)
bat & provolone po boy    01/25/20  (2)
The Mandarin Pneumonia Apocalypse    01/25/20  (5)
colt: “I prefer Lone Star virus”    01/25/20  (1)
Tommy Turdskin, Do you bear witness that there is no God    01/25/20  (3)
At huge HS wrestling tournament. Some of these wrestling chicks are hot as hell    01/25/20  (2)
Ode to Joy playing as 18 asian girls use u to gain racial/sexual validation    01/25/20  (4)
LMAO, blue smoke's little bro is smarter than 90% of the weird losers here    01/25/20  (10)
Infection rate of Kung Flu is 2.6. This is very fucking bad.    01/25/20  (4)
I tear up over the measliest things    01/25/20  (1)
The _eville is in the Seychelles    01/25/20  (2)
Fatal Flaw w/ Velveteen Rabbit: WTF is a 'skin horse' and why is it in a kids ro    01/25/20  (1)
colt turning over roasted dog cheeks in wok: "I'm a traditional Southern man."    01/25/20  (16)
** There's a tape of Trump firing US Amb. to Ukraine **    01/25/20  (19)
Coronavirus predicted to kill 65 MILLION people    01/25/20  (29)
Figure Skating Weekend: European Championships and US Nationals    01/25/20  (5)
Which two XO poasters are on the right hand side of this picture?    01/25/20  (12)
not flame using asian bats as appetizers is 180    01/25/20  (2)
Rate me as something jinx would say to a Thai ladboy during sex.    01/25/20  (13)
Slept 3pm Friday to noon Saturday. Feel great. Am I gonna die?    01/25/20  (9)
using a yellow, hairless, boylike body to jizz in. Why?    01/25/20  (1)
Watching Heat. Forgot how bad news Wiangro was.    01/25/20  (3)
"just use this" - Jim Kellys wife underhand tosses chef a bat    01/25/20  (1)
Chinese tourists in Disney sweatshirts and plague doctor bird masks    01/25/20  (2)
Our burning bodies will be the ultimate protest to a society that degrades us    01/25/20  (2)
If you're not stocking up on canned food & ammo, you're insane.    01/25/20  (10)
ggtp's boy Bernie roars into frontrunner status in Democrat primary    01/25/20  (6)
Just when you thought Avenatti couldn’t get more hilarious, bam    01/25/20  (14)
Hey Californians, how's your high-speed rail system doing?    01/25/20  (1)
Do Dems realize how creepy and deceitful Schiff looks to the average American?    01/25/20  (42)
Is this girl too skinny?    01/25/20  (8)
ggtp getting replaced at last second by H1B from Mumbai Tech    01/25/20  (7)
Is this chick too ethnic looking to be attractive?    01/25/20  (97)
Can't wait to completely fuck over current employer    01/25/20  (6)

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