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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   09/22/19  (328)
i wish i was smart enough to be a STEM bro, instead became a lawyer    09/23/19  (1)
Trump Formally Declares The End Of Daily WH Press Briefings    09/23/19  (1)
Here's a fact on Biden/Ukraine that Trumpmos won't like - link    09/23/19  (5)
Hooked up with a girl Saturday - she aggressively fingered my asshole    09/23/19  (21)
WaPo: It Is 2019, Can We Please Stop Saying "Master" Bedroom    09/23/19  (2)
false rape accusations do not ruin lives    09/23/19  (24)
Hegel trending on twitter. xo maed it.    09/23/19  (3)
Should we get rid of our pool?    09/23/19  (16)
What is the most UNDERRATED university in the top 25 (besides Caltech)? Top 50?    09/23/19  (19)
Emmys ratings: Latest awards show hits another record-low turnout    09/23/19  (15)
Rating poasters as current or former COLLEGE FOOTBALL COACHES    09/23/19  (12)
my dad got my asian wife and my mother-in-law confused    09/23/19  (5)
Cornell is a damn good school. Damn good.    09/23/19  (5)
Ketamine is the best "drug" and it's not even really close    09/23/19  (17)
"as a woman of colour and as your sister" - Megan Mark in Africa    09/23/19  (1)
Manhattan ADAs salary starts at 69000    09/23/19  (5)
A Guy Called Garfield    09/23/19  (18)
Pay 250k for private university, make 70k (link)    09/23/19  (29)
anyone work on their xoxo material at local comedy open mics    09/23/19  (1)
Yelling at your TradWife in fluent Cantonese    09/23/19  (5)
Teens beat a 59-year-old man to death at Maryland fair    09/23/19  (15)
Any good Christian IFNB gyms?    09/23/19  (5)
Would you date a women that lives at home with parents?    09/23/19  (36)
Open a cleaning business, get rich ea$ily    09/23/19  (6)
Does Jesus love me even though I’ve masturbated 20 times in 3 days    09/23/19  (10)
Reminder: nothing you can do to turn woman on more than fucking other women    09/23/19  (1)
A warning for any and all potential tulpamancers.    09/23/19  (2)
OZ theme plays over montage of gooks, turds and jews making 1488 posts in tyrwhi    09/23/19  (1)
I love sucking off big blackdicks belonging to big black niggers    09/23/19  (2)
I know a guy working at a nonprofit who makes $44 million/year    09/23/19  (9)
Israeli Special Forces train American soldiers to die in their place (link)    09/23/19  (2)
It’s some unknown combination of diet, exercise and christ    09/23/19  (1)
Rach Introduces New “Poaster Harassment Policy” To Combat Hate Speech    09/23/19  (5)
We could solve lots of problems if we made adverising illegal    09/23/19  (61)
Daam Worldstar 🔥 David Hogg taking shots at Greta Thunberg on Twitter. "She's    09/23/19  (1)
(((amy schumer))) and (((seth rogan))) = face of Budweiser? ljl ok, GC. ok    09/23/19  (3)
Please rate Bill Clinton's VERY FIRST EVER TV AD-his failed '74 bid for Congress    09/23/19  (34)
Democratic luminary Sheila Jackson Lee says something stupid (again)    09/23/19  (10)
I always lol at "Dayenu" during Passover bc nothing is ever enough for jews #DBG    09/23/19  (5)
Xo on finance = proof of aryan cognitive superiority    09/23/19  (23)
Rating poasters as CharlesXII life outcomes    09/23/19  (45)
Trump: “Swedish “activist” is a nasty girl, probably has a penis”    09/23/19  (1)
Current fwb is also seeing a couple, how retarded am I?    09/23/19  (3)
Can someone link comic where guy is super sexist but woman is ok cuz he's muslim    09/23/19  (29)
Why do Mexicans let their kids run around without supervision?    09/23/19  (43)
The biggest "unicorn" frauds    09/23/19  (2)
So Ukraine POTUS says Trump story is fake news and now Biden fully exposed?    09/23/19  (15)
I read somewhere that Israel has the best special forces of any army    09/23/19  (1)
LJL at WaPo article re: dystopian hellscape created by illegal immigration    09/23/19  (47)
Only 6 teams at 900+ wins 5 have between 900 and 911 Michigan at 955    09/23/19  (5)
rifled thru vanity drawer at house of lib couple... black facepaint    09/23/19  (4)
Preparing to end it all... no hope.. no opportunity... nothing left    09/23/19  (1)
Tommy making "birdshit" happen is the greatest comeback saga of our time    09/23/19  (15)
Need synonym for "close" as in closing a transaction    09/23/19  (5)
Summon: JCM    09/23/19  (3)
Luis: "...and to this day the wind still makes me cry." Milf: 😍    09/23/19  (6)
PSA: Beware of So We Looked At The Data - he wants your personal info    09/23/19  (41)
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening looks 180000000000    09/23/19  (45)
Ironside, Which Shul Are You Going To For Rosh Hashana?    09/23/19  (29)
You're a faggot? Sick, get in the car. We're gonna post as metaphysics is gay    09/23/19  (11)
NPR calling Greta Trunberg a world leader at the UN    09/23/19  (4)
"I'LL SLEEP WHEN I'M DEAD" tsinah barked at the worried kinkos manager    09/23/19  (67)
Washington State UCLA best college football game of all time    09/23/19  (28)
NYC Subway Crimes Rise in 2019, Police blame Mayor (NYPoast)    09/23/19  (6)
Black gen Z friend has a huge Japanese flag hanging in his house why    09/23/19  (2)
Chinese buffet owners flipping open sign to closed upon seeing dupa's minivan ap    09/23/19  (2)
Is it prole to drive a STICK SHIFT car?    09/23/19  (45)
Why does Donald Trump carry around a pocket full of 20s? (pic)    09/23/19  (22)
What's wrong dad? "It... It Looks Like You're Using An Ad Blocker son    09/23/19  (1)
Stay Single Until You Meet A Guy Who Does These 70 Things    09/23/19  (43)
45 Google Employees Explain How They Were Retaliated Against for Reporting Abuse    09/23/19  (2)
Should i cop this used pickup truck for 7k    09/23/19  (32)
SEC: only conference to ever have 5 Top-10 teams in a single poll. twist    09/23/19  (1)
Panera Bread has almost-vile level food, but the hottest chicks eat lunch there    09/23/19  (12)
Too late dad, it's on the cloud now    09/23/19  (1)
Garfield Noir (vid)    09/23/19  (3)
Die hard "I hate niggers" sign scene could only happen in US Cinema in 70s-90s    09/23/19  (8)
Economic MASTERMEN: come ITT to explain wtf is going on right now    09/23/19  (24)
ITT: Faggots    09/23/19  (23)
Oh you're Catholic? I'm Christian.    09/23/19  (1)
Why No First Dog? Baron Needs A Puppydood    09/23/19  (2)
Your Future Wife still receiving royalties from her scene in "GHETTO GAPERS 4"    09/23/19  (21)
You missed out on teenage love? Get on the plane. We're going to Aokigahara.    09/23/19  (2)
Dems: "We" need to eat less meat! Also Dems: *Cooks 10,500 steaks in Iowa*    09/23/19  (2)
mmmmmm. erin andrews... anybody know if there are nudezz of her?    09/23/19  (5)
Former MA Gov Bill Weld: Trump committed TREASON and should be EXECUTED    09/23/19  (16)
babe, i'd love to have sex, but i'm running dead bedroom shtick and i'm a method    09/23/19  (3)
feel like most goyim want to "oedipus" their parents    09/23/19  (1)
i'm gay    09/23/19  (3)
Is there a point where you can call your dad out for being a bitch?    09/23/19  (2)
'You're a lawyer? Sick. Get in the car. We're gonna close the garage door and ru    09/23/19  (13)
just recalled the 'i retired Jeff flake' line and had a lol    09/23/19  (4)
your dotter will be sex trafficked by a 'youth' named desean    09/23/19  (3)
As a kid, which way did you eat your Handi-Snacks cheese and crackers?    09/23/19  (6)
You're an unemployed gay felon? Sick. Get in the car, we're going to Arby's    09/23/19  (2)
16 year old Greta wants sovereignty torn up.shes in adult gig    09/23/19  (4)
Can you name your great grandfathers? Great great grandfathers?    09/23/19  (37)
is julie andrews in the sound of music the ideal woman?    09/23/19  (2)
What would happen if you did everything right?    09/23/19  (7)
Gun 🔫 to office shuts up 🤐 chattering shrews 💩 for good ⚰    09/23/19  (3)
Libs: If temperature trends hold, in 10M years WE will be heating the SUN! (link    09/23/19  (7)
Imagine a black family setting up a wifi router    09/23/19  (1)
XO MLB crew roll through    09/23/19  (363)
College Gameday host said "havent seen Temple get destroyed like this since Powa    09/23/19  (1)
How is every lib with a BA in Faggotry an expert on Geosciences Literature?    09/23/19  (1)
Listed "local crows" under references on job application    09/23/19  (17)
FYI: La Super-Rica Taqueria is the best taco stand in Santa Barbara    09/23/19  (8)
Man DROWNS to death after underwater marriage proposal.    09/23/19  (49)
Buffalo Bills 3-0 and Buffalo Bulls just destroyed Temple    09/23/19  (17)
every NIGGER should be stopped and frisked at ALL times    09/23/19  (5)
Narcissistic personality disorder - do most people not realize when someone has    09/23/19  (4)
Disgusted with the low caliber people around me    09/23/19  (5)
In 13 Million Years, Oceans will have Evaporated, Earth becomes a Desert Planet    09/23/19  (5)
So you’re an unemployed gay felon? That don’t impress me much    09/23/19  (1)
Gonna watch THE HIDDEN (1987) right now    09/23/19  (5)
Are there any shows even close to as good as Mad Men, Sopranos, Breaking Bad, or    09/23/19  (38)
Real G's move in silence like Fibromyalgia    09/23/19  (3)
This yogurt is too plain. Can you please pass the mustard?    09/23/19  (1)
Greta Thunberg & David Hogg should marry & have kids    09/23/19  (3)
A lot of alpha guys do actually become lawyers but it's a small minority.    09/23/19  (2)
hearing your wife's bathroom farts & seeing her poop stains on toilet bowl tp    09/23/19  (2)
Know you can't stand it. Dick bandit.    09/23/19  (1)
DBG's favorite exercise: benching    09/23/19  (2)
Greta Thunberg: "You have stolen my dreams and my childhood"    09/23/19  (90)
Reminder: r/thedonald is still “quarantined,” can’t find on google    09/23/19  (6)
Great thing about biglaw attorneys is that you can just give them tons of work    09/23/19  (85)
What if a mass shooter used a barrett .50 cal to snipe his victims at a distance    09/23/19  (11)
i want to buy a bunch of MRE's but don't want to eat them or rotate them    09/23/19  (2)
:D u should learn pseudocode. should work for all your use cases    09/23/19  (4)
libs arent worried about climate change, bc beach house prices would be shit    09/23/19  (2)
Should I work for Tesla?    09/23/19  (20)
most HS & college girls (18+) secretly escort?    09/23/19  (6)
fratty, rating you as rhyming cockney slang    09/23/19  (5)
Julia go back to urban baby you stupid Mexican    09/23/19  (1)
why have minorities and immigrants been less buckwild under Trump?    09/23/19  (4)
XO has Trump's back like Chris Farley in "The Herlihy Boy" - video    09/23/19  (1)
Cuck Tell: You Knew Your Wife/GF Before You Started Dating    09/23/19  (20)
Rate this thick af female golfer    09/23/19  (10)
Did the climate change activists articulate any plan of action?    09/23/19  (20)
*** zilliqa rank 77 ***    09/23/19  (1)
Should I get a low milage 2017 Jeep Patriot?    09/23/19  (6)
New Playstation 5 will include power saving feature to tackle climate change (li    09/23/19  (6)
What exactly is impeachable about Trump's actions re: Ukraine?    09/23/19  (31)
Hillary’s rallys were embarrassing. Misconception that oversight not to campai    09/23/19  (1)
So cringe-inducing when rich people visit Africa and do a little dance with vill    09/23/19  (1)
XO DailyMail readers HATE GRETA THUNBERG according to comments (link)    09/23/19  (4)
Anyone have any experience with FINANCIAL ADVISORS during the last crash?    09/23/19  (30)
women w/10+ partnrs should NOT alowed to wear white at her weddi    09/23/19  (60)

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