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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/21/20  (384)
CSLG makes $100,000 per day to poa$t here    02/27/20  (7)
Remember when Trumpmos were wrong about Ebola?    02/27/20  (18)
If you support Medicare for All, you're a moron and a loser    02/27/20  (53)
Which POTUS would you most/least want at the helm during a coronavirus outbreak?    02/27/20  (26)
Weatjh listas are fraud the truly wealthy have stuff off the record you're all n    02/27/20  (1)
How did Trump fuck up coronavirus this badly? We had months of warning    02/27/20  (24)
Is coronavirus going to delay my Cybertruck?    02/27/20  (1)
i will beat your fuck    02/27/20  (3)
Wife’s cousin just wrote me a large RX for Tamiflu    02/27/20  (6)
ITT i tell u when to buy the dip    02/27/20  (2)
Obesity problem GROWING (hehe): HALF of Americans now OBESE    02/27/20  (11)
Getting tired of our society's crop of severely autistic mega-billionaires    02/27/20  (1)
We need to give Medicare for All because 80% of America is obese & diabetic    02/27/20  (6)
70 IQ Guatemalans figured out how to get free healthcare in America    02/27/20  (9)
Haha yeah, well let me know when you think it's safe to leave your house again    02/27/20  (4)
NYT: Call Coronavirus what it is: the Trumpvirus    02/27/20  (12)
Whoa! Bernie goes on CNN and comes out HARD against immigration & guest workers    02/27/20  (16)
If Covid only kills olds, this would be great for our economy.    02/27/20  (2)
Would a Sanders/Warren ticket reform Wall Street?    02/27/20  (13)
Why didn't Trump ban flights from China months ago?    02/27/20  (4)
"doctors" and "pharmacists" are all pocketing the good shit for themselves    02/27/20  (4)
Guy brushing his teeth in work bathroom while you wait to exit stall    02/27/20  (1)
Poormos: buy 99 shares of MGM    02/27/20  (2)
A loser like Zuck woulda never kissed a girl or a frog without his fake money    02/27/20  (1)
what exactly is the demographic that pays for a dominatrix    02/27/20  (23)
I'd take what money TT HAS LEFT TO VEGAS TURN IN INTO MORE THAN HES EVER SEEN    02/27/20  (2)
Henry Aaron what medical advice do you have for the bort?    02/27/20  (3)
Can I donate blood in the evening and lift hard (and nude) the next morning?    02/27/20  (1)
“You can have any flu you want as long as it’s a corona.”    02/27/20  (3)
Got a huge dick? Get PAID to be in the videos. Email casting@blacked.com    02/27/20  (1)
Woman recovers and gets Wuhan Flu 2nd time    02/27/20  (2)
GO MIKE GO. BLOOMBERG 2020.    02/27/20  (7)
How long before Mike Pence contracts Coronavirus?    02/27/20  (1)
Holy fucking SHIT @ the mood this coronavirus, stock market etc has caused    02/27/20  (46)
Trumpmos this is why you dont fuck around with electing a potus    02/27/20  (14)
told gf i’m quarantined, can’t see her for two weeks    02/27/20  (1)
2019 Law Firm Financials    02/27/20  (51)
NYT: Dem insiders overwhelmingly determined to screw Sanders out of nomination    02/27/20  (35)
UpsetJew's bf commits Seppuku after shitting the bed during anal sex    02/27/20  (6)
coronavirus effect is gonna be really funny with dating apps    02/27/20  (3)
Oldmos how does coronavirus compare to Y2K panic?    02/27/20  (6)
How to cop half dollars? Went to two banks and neither had them    02/27/20  (1)
Going to stock up on Mountain House, TP, and water today    02/27/20  (3)
Stock market needs to go sub zero frauds in America needs pipe corrected    02/27/20  (3)
rate the new self-directed T-Swift music video    02/27/20  (1)
Coronavirus: Man receives $3,500 medical bill for test after returning to US fro    02/27/20  (48)
Rate this op-ed Bernie wrote in 2018    02/27/20  (1)
updated tinder bio to say i'm "coronavirus negative"; getting swamped with pussy    02/27/20  (3)
homeless have started to move into my neighborhood in LA. it's 120.    02/27/20  (2)
Reminder: Coronavirus =/= automatic death sentence.    02/27/20  (45)
wife is hysterical about coronavirus; i'm like it's nbd    02/27/20  (1)
'I am out of the office at my villa penning a modern-day update of The Decameron    02/27/20  (1)
My goyim Boomer parents just started a 3 week Mediterranean cruise. How fucked?    02/27/20  (7)
Shoot all carriers and burn their bodies or just flat out burn them alive?    02/27/20  (2)
Every time a person you the C word that person should be shot once    02/27/20  (2)
Weird how Japanese have cleanliness standards and coronavirus spread is low    02/27/20  (21)
What is the furthest you’ve ever heard Allen Edmonds shoes walk?    02/27/20  (15)
Sick that Dems want millions to die of coronavirus to defeat Trump    02/27/20  (10)
Absolutely ridiculous that thousands have to die so that the markets wont tank    02/27/20  (2)
Chick kicked out of cosplay convention for Steve Sailer Moon costume (link)    02/27/20  (11)
A Poem for Bernie by Von Bluvens    02/27/20  (1)
Holy FUCK the market is going to get raped today    02/27/20  (40)
Why do companies hire fobs who speak completely unintelligible English?    02/27/20  (9)
Coronavirus is a joke, stock market crash is Jewish coordination to end Trump    02/27/20  (14)
Your boomer boss against teleworking during COVOID-19 pandemic    02/27/20  (3)
US: only 50 cases of coronavirus. Also US: only 50 people tested    02/27/20  (7)
I shorted Bitcoin at the bottom. How fucked? (DTP)    02/27/20  (1)
Doctors & insurance companies charging $3,000 to test for coronavirus    02/27/20  (2)
Warm countries seem to coasting re coronavirus    02/27/20  (3)
Voters were so pissed at GWB for Katrina 3 yrs later that the Dems turned FL blu    02/27/20  (4)
Why is coronavirus death rate in Iran like 15%?    02/27/20  (4)
if your city has a subway or mass regional transit you are fucked    02/27/20  (1)
Is it normal in BIGLAW for partners to throw and break stuff when mad?    02/27/20  (25)
do any of you guys watch anime? then check out Made In Abyss    02/27/20  (11)
Anyone here work 100% remotely? How much better is it than officemo life?    02/27/20  (50)
judas jones rolling solo into a guided by voices concert in a zegna tux    02/27/20  (6)
randomly screaming at the top of ur lungs at work    02/27/20  (12)
using iPhones SE as disposable burners now (pic)    02/27/20  (8)
wife seems excited at idea of inheriting a lot of money because of coronavirus    02/27/20  (8)
fuck me raw in my moonman cryptopussy    02/27/20  (16)
Anyone ever been to French Laundry in Napa?    02/27/20  (7)
Banker 9-5: 9am to 5am. Scientist 9-5: 10:09pm to 3:05pm    02/27/20  (1)
Banker 9-5: 9am to 5pm. Scientist 9-5: 10:09pm to 3:05pm    02/27/20  (2)
if jesus was son of god why is he boiling in excrement in hell?    02/27/20  (1)
Fuck my limit order didn't get filled    02/27/20  (1)
Number of Earth's moons DOUBLE under President Trump - libs?    02/27/20  (39)
Sold everything at the bottom out of despair. When to buy back in?    02/27/20  (2)
i wish our brave heroic olympians luck in Tokyo. we shouldnt allow them back tho    02/27/20  (1)
You’ll start seeing people wearing plague masks in public in two weeks    02/27/20  (8)
does anyone go on two week vacations anymore    02/27/20  (39)
Any of you guys still eating Chinese food on the reg?    02/27/20  (23)
Times like this I wish we had a cool rational president like David Fr    02/27/20  (1)
CNN: Trump's coronavirus task force is TOO WHITE (link)    02/27/20  (10)
Poll: do you ever eat with your hands without having immediately washed them?    02/27/20  (2)
Me, Judas Jones, and Ironside r like the washed up stars on '03 Lakers    02/27/20  (10)
CNN: Coronavirus task force another example of Trump admin's lack of diversity    02/27/20  (28)
decades of research at risk if planet number forgotten during coronavirus focus    02/27/20  (3)
Been in the office all day? You're in for a shock when you go outside    02/27/20  (1)
Bernie Sanders: "No I don't want brazil nuts. What is that? Get me some    02/27/20  (2)
If u've ever posted about ur solo firm on xo, u're part of a verein under Swiss    02/27/20  (1)
OU students demand on-campus Popeye’s after prof uses n-word    02/27/20  (15)
Goyard bag, Goyard wallet, Bentley key, Shinola watch    02/27/20  (1)
"Hey kid- catch" *xi jinping underhand tosses you wuhan fried bat*    02/27/20  (4)
computers should have big flashing lights, whirring noises like Star Trek    02/27/20  (2)
And now Buttigieg comes down with the WuFlu!    02/27/20  (1)
***Trump + CDC Coronavirus Presser Thread***    02/27/20  (85)
"Pope" Francis contracts coronovirus    02/27/20  (28)
3 Instagram travel shrews critical after photoshoot in Hubei hospital    02/27/20  (7)
CDC scientist forgets coronovirus test tube on Starbucks counter (news)    02/27/20  (1)
xo investing geniuses: what to BUY now that market has completely BOTTOMED OUT?    02/27/20  (2)
snow nigger | ice beaner | forest gook    02/27/20  (3)
Looks like everyone missed their buying opportunity***    02/27/20  (4)
WHO expert: Mortality rate is likely as high as feared    02/27/20  (6)
Wife's friends keep "joking" about her black ex before me with same first name    02/27/20  (12)
CNN: Wanna know what’s worse that coronavirus? Racism.    02/27/20  (11)
how will coronavirus affect the gay community?    02/27/20  (21)
Huge line formed behind me as I rang up hundreds of rice & beans    02/27/20  (1)
might be a good time to sell your stocks    02/27/20  (43)
CDC never not fucking up    02/27/20  (26)
Peterman telling trucker "I'm a savvy investment in a bear market"    02/27/20  (5)
everyone at work is cooking beans on coleman butane stoves    02/27/20  (4)
WLMAS was such a stupid nigger.    02/27/20  (1)
"Dammit, get rid of those darn ice-cold Coronas already..will ya?!!"    02/27/20  (6)
New York has more than 1000 coronavirus cases now    02/27/20  (1)
Oil is at $46    02/27/20  (3)
"Yeah, no. You suck at this." (Upset Jew moments b4 getting shot in2 mass grave    02/27/20  (3)
fat girls in yoga pants & colorful running shoes    02/27/20  (13)
Trump: "I did this virus to hit China. And it's brutal. It's brutal folks."    02/27/20  (1)
Stock fraud market ia wayyyyy worse and more retarded than a regular casino    02/27/20  (1)
CDC urges UTexas to cancel all sports events. "for Coronovirus?" "no    02/27/20  (23)
Global pandemic and Bernie is proposing open borders + free healthcare for all?    02/27/20  (11)
America is fraud flavor of the day LIMP wristed quick weak reaction bs    02/27/20  (1)
Coronavirus is our generation’s Pet Rock    02/27/20  (1)
Service partner going on about poor attention to detail during your eulogy    02/27/20  (9)
Our Great Stock Market and Our Great Moons WILL NEVAR FALL!!    02/27/20  (1)
Great job calming the markets, Trump.    02/27/20  (9)
Convince me that I should be afraid of Coronavirus    02/27/20  (8)
🚨🚨 DJIA officially enters correction!!! 🚨🚨    02/27/20  (8)
Nov ads: Trump: "coronavirus no big deal" next to chart showing millions dead    02/27/20  (2)
Crypto is dead again, thanks coronavirus    02/27/20  (9)
I remember life before the virus. Before the shock troops. Before it all began.    02/27/20  (11)
DOW PLUNGES 10K POINTS    02/27/20  (2)
If only Trump had built his wall this pandemic would have never hit us    02/27/20  (1)
Describe the trading floors at banks today    02/27/20  (13)

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