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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/07/19  (352)
If you had 5 minutes access to the internet from 2 years in the future (CSLG)    12/09/19  (108)
CSLG XO firm holiday party attendance tracker    12/09/19  (190)
Morrissey The Cat singing 'How Soon is Meow'    12/09/19  (1)
request: post a thread/reply of henry aaron's receiving significant blank bumps    12/09/19  (10)
a gendered bowel-movement in a unisex bathroom    12/09/19  (4)
Rate this mr. jinx-esque post on InsideHoops    12/09/19  (5)
Getting "Baby Goldstein" play biglaw set for toddler's birthday    12/09/19  (177)
Lmao I fucked up so bad    12/09/19  (9)
We need to make this country more of a Caste system, and drop all pretense    12/09/19  (6)
strasburg cracks open a bud heavy    12/09/19  (1)
why do people who get no likes post on social media    12/09/19  (18)
why is modern life so fucking boring    12/09/19  (32)
She's juuust, sixteen years old, leeeeave her alone... theyy say    12/09/19  (1)
Witness 2 different company vehicles driving dangerously, passing on a double ye    12/09/19  (2)
TSINAH describing his "crab mentality" in line at seafood buffet    12/09/19  (4)
Is small caps the most prestigious font?    12/09/19  (10)
Boogie down this is crazy.. come here    12/09/19  (29)
So basically nothing has changed between Vietnam and today    12/09/19  (2)
Big city trolls: Do you honestly not like the great outdoors    12/09/19  (16)
Recently divorced coworker is dating chick who looks like she's 16    12/09/19  (53)
GOY should we open up Spaceship Bayou to "Teens" as well    12/09/19  (1)
Hate my wife. Hate my life. Love my 12 week old daughter. WHAT DO I DO?    12/09/19  (158)
**~~~~OFFICIAL EXEUNT - ETH Q&A THREAD~~~~**    12/09/19  (46)
The "Teens" should be freed    12/09/19  (4)
Anyone familiar with Melbourne, Fla. & the Space Coast?    12/09/19  (24)
What if ethereum is evil and we eventually have to fight a war against it?    12/09/19  (10)
Thinking of paying some rappers to drop "gay wizard" in some songs    12/09/19  (24)
Obama: ‘And each year, the demographic improves’    12/09/19  (9)
the notion of "democracy" is cute but red state voters shouldn't participate    12/09/19  (9)
IG Report: FBI just got hoodwinked by Russians associated with Donald Trump    12/09/19  (1)
just read the entire IG report. Total nothingburger. waste of time.    12/09/19  (2)
IG Report: the Russian prostitute pee-tape statement was "made in jest"    12/09/19  (2)
NYT: IG Report on FISA process DOES NOT EXONERATE Obama DOJ/FBI Officials (link)    12/09/19  (2)
Hedge funds buying up single family homes all over the country is really evil    12/09/19  (10)
shhh, jews, don't cry. it's all shut down now, there there.    12/09/19  (18)
Bloomberg paid Swiss gov't $3.9 million to investigation Trump for corruption    12/09/19  (18)
What Trump has done to the courts, explained (nyt)    12/09/19  (7)
hey Benzo, STOP calling me a male nurse    12/09/19  (1)
A subset of whites, who constantly cause their own misery, blame Jews    12/09/19  (12)
Democrats Rediscover the Constitution    12/09/19  (1)
wait, so henry Aaron is a male nurse? LMAO    12/09/19  (112)
Guys I have a LOT of money    12/09/19  (34)
imagine racing on the pch when there was no traffic and ppl werent fat    12/09/19  (1)
β˜•πŸ§πŸŽ© NIGGER β˜•πŸ§πŸŽ©    12/09/19  (1)
“Trump is 180” Kenny typed after getting at-fault illegal $30k settlement    12/09/19  (25)
*lights a Duraflame log on floor of apartment*    12/09/19  (3)
πŸ˜‰πŸ‘NIGGER πŸ˜‰πŸ‘    12/09/19  (9)
why cant top ramen make a cup o noodles    12/09/19  (1)
Rate the MSNBC definitions for snowflake, SJW, Cuck, and Trap    12/09/19  (3)
FBI Director Wray: please stop calling us 'Deep State', it's insulting    12/09/19  (3)
TSINAH: please stop ordering me 'Deep Dish', it's insulting    12/09/19  (1)
Finally saw a video of prestigefaggot/Morgellons's poster.    12/09/19  (31)
"Crab mentality!" Kenny yelled as his cellmates dragged him back for gangbang #2    12/09/19  (9)
the potus of coitus is on hiatus    12/09/19  (1)
🚨 🚨 *** OFFICIAL HOROWITZ IG REPORT THREAD *** 🚨 🚨    12/09/19  (79)
very, very big TWIX news    12/09/19  (2)
great longread about the degeneration of the american "elite"    12/09/19  (8)
I recently engaged in coitus with my spouse after a long hiatus - wow    12/09/19  (34)
Update for luis ITT    12/09/19  (1)
hot white DOE intern w/ turrets tours baltimore public school (vice.com vid)    12/09/19  (1)
In every animal species studied, the MALE is the more beautiful & advanced form    12/09/19  (34)
My currency is like the large pile of cocaine from Scarface    12/09/19  (3)
Redditors mad as fuck a normie calls Worf (klingon) "monkey dude"    12/09/19  (4)
I feel like Google/Facebook/Apple actively try to ruin marriages    12/09/19  (64)
Durham refers Nick Saban for criminal charges for scheduling Western Carolina    12/09/19  (3)
Just sent insurance adjuster pic I took of his sleeping child (cslg)    12/09/19  (19)
Everyone that is Christian is actually jewish    12/09/19  (3)
ITT Post Credited Sci-Fi & Fantasy Books    12/09/19  (50)
IG Report: "Finally, Alabama's schedule was a joke."    12/09/19  (12)
Can Trump FIRE the FBI "Inspector General"?    12/09/19  (1)
Had idea chiropractors were taken seriously    12/09/19  (13)
unopened case of Minute Maid Orange Soda sells for $3200    12/09/19  (3)
Can Trump FIRE the FBI "Watchdog"?    12/09/19  (1)
Louis Gohmert spits dip in a styrofoam cup: "I think ur a buncha commie fags!"    12/09/19  (1)
crazy how badly wittgenstein pwned the entire field of philosophy    12/09/19  (3)
"I support open borders" *polite clapping* "for Israel!" *audible gasps around r    12/09/19  (43)
CLSG how much insurance should i have?    12/09/19  (13)
Your CGI childhood dog asking if you're sure you want to cancel Amazon Prime    12/09/19  (5)
Board old here, a downside of the "good old days" in America ...    12/09/19  (1)
"Finlandia" blares as FLW plays StarCraft while slurping ramen    12/09/19  (7)
Every time I move a chess piece I whisper "Faggot."    12/09/19  (6)
"B as in boistinker, O as in oscar, B as in boistinker, H as in hellroom, A as i    12/09/19  (11)
is Geek USA the goat song of the 90s?    12/09/19  (5)
u and ur bros on huffys drinking snapple elements outside a gas station    12/09/19  (3)
Mike Bloomberg had 10+ ad buys during 60 Minutes    12/09/19  (2)
Ugly Black "passionate activist" named Miss Universe (link)    12/09/19  (11)
7 salads Peterman? Seabass wants you & DrakeMallard to do another scat show?    12/09/19  (6)
This DrakeMallard fellow seems even more retarded than the male nurse fellow    12/09/19  (2)
No spying on Trump! >Spying was Legal! >Some illegal things mistakenly happened!    12/09/19  (12)
Sharon Tate's family says healing 'finally complete' thx to OuaTiH final scene    12/09/19  (7)
Just ate a large tomato cheddar soup from Hale and Hearty. This was a mistake.    12/09/19  (3)
Could you live without blow jobs in your marriage?    12/09/19  (8)
Trump was wiretapped. Wiretap found no collusion with Russians.    12/09/19  (114)
Lots of anti-CSLG posters are suffering from this    12/09/19  (41)
a jewish person accusing you of having a 'victim complex'    12/09/19  (1)
Poll: if you are having lunch out of the office, is 1-3 alcoholic drinks okay?    12/09/19  (25)
Reminder: NO impeachment, YES wall, NO daca, YES Muslim ban, NO new taxes    12/09/19  (48)
weed delivery in DC?    12/09/19  (5)
Odd ca$e! Very intere$ting! Off to pig 🐽 pig 🐷 pig πŸ– farm has u go!    12/09/19  (135)
you just need to look at one pic of a typical Trumpmo to know they are trash    12/09/19  (1)
*spins chair around* Look lil breh. Money is like fuel units for the soul    12/09/19  (2)
Haha I call them trumpenprole haha. Btw, did u get my last three texts?    12/09/19  (6)
Michael J. Knowles cr?    12/09/19  (1)
is there a secret handshake for eskimo brothers?    12/09/19  (4)
jimmy chamberlain nailed geek usa on his first take    12/09/19  (2)
Michelle Obama pregnant    12/09/19  (6)
Despite Trump's Policies, Border Arrests Rise for Sixth Straight Month (WaPo)    12/09/19  (14)
Trump cannot even get fifty percent in Arizona    12/09/19  (9)
IG Report: FBI justified in Russia investigation, notes Bill Barr a giant faggot    12/09/19  (2)
Ljl, RUSSIA BANNED from next two olympics... trumpmos losing hoap    12/09/19  (25)
Are women legally allowed to own land?    12/09/19  (2)
LAWMAN VINDICATED    12/09/19  (3)
Lol at Obama's 24-inch shoulders, how humiliating for our country    12/09/19  (6)
Just weighed in at 80 kg. Lbs, your response?    12/09/19  (2)
ecstatic FBI rookie: "i solved the bank robbery!" "stfu we do coups now    12/09/19  (69)
Phantom Menace > Last Jedi megathread    12/09/19  (25)
Henry Aaron is obsessed with "baby dick" - this pedo needs to be banned    12/09/19  (38)
WSJ: from 2005-2017 just 5 cities accounted for 90% of tech jobs    12/09/19  (6)
Your shrew wife planning your destination funeral    12/09/19  (2)
Think I found the Perfect Girl for Ironside    12/09/19  (8)
"This is an embarrassment to our country" - Trump looking in mirror    12/09/19  (2)
Why are female big law partners so awful?    12/09/19  (4)
1000% chance CSLG has "wood look tile" somewhere in his home    12/09/19  (2)
New IRS rule could spell doom for fedgov employee water clubs    12/09/19  (1)
I have written a poem about jafar (zurich)    12/09/19  (27)
"You got your son a job in an oil company" sounds like Hunter B. works in a gas    12/09/19  (1)
How often do you wash your penis?    12/09/19  (13)
sampling of Bama's 2020 foes: Kent State, Georgia State, UT Martin    12/09/19  (3)
FBI only catches like 4 criminals a year. why even have it    12/09/19  (6)
Documents reveal US officials constantly lied about Afghanistan war for 18 years    12/09/19  (31)
US-Israel Defense Treaty Gaining Steam After Pompeo & Netanyahu Meet    12/09/19  (3)
If you are a presidential candidate, you cannot be investigated for corruption    12/09/19  (7)
Senator McCain was praised by all present parties for his desire to destroy Iran    12/09/19  (2)
imagine writing “blue (da ba dee)” by eiffel 65    12/09/19  (10)
Lovers in Auschwitz, Reunited 72 Years Later. He Had One Question.    12/09/19  (35)
COWGOD’s sex impossible bc Vagina angle is one of the best poas ever.    12/09/19  (21)
Remember how insane libs were the day after election? LMAO    12/09/19  (20)
Don't worry, spiritually, I am never out of the office    12/09/19  (2)
don't wash your penis    12/09/19  (3)
ever wash your penis in someone's kitchen sink, in full view of guests?    12/09/19  (2)
trannyism is profound, almost numinous    12/09/19  (4)
Is Queensbridge still a dangerous place?    12/09/19  (1)
wash your penis    12/09/19  (6)
Do most wealthy people live in stucco shithomes in the valley?    12/09/19  (3)
M&A Lawyers: what do lawyers actually do on the due diligence side?    12/09/19  (7)
There are two kinds of people- those who Wash their penis, and those who don’t    12/09/19  (2)
omg becky then he started whining abt how they werent as good as nyc bagels    12/09/19  (1)
Movie idea. Straight guy gets colon transplant from queer, becomes slutty bottom    12/09/19  (46)

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