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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/07/19  (352)
Will clear $5.5 mil this year. When do I start feeling well off?    12/13/19  (2)
Hillary had work done    12/13/19  (6)
Maine will be 51% African by 2030    12/13/19  (4)
Taylor Swift's Red MAGA Hat slowly reappearing in photo from future    12/13/19  (7)
what exactly are they trying to "conserve" in the uk?    12/13/19  (89)
Started shaving points with St. Mary's PG, taking Q's (CSLG)    12/13/19  (1)
Most elite: La Jolla, coastal Orange County, Beverly Hills or Atherton?    12/13/19  (33)
The FBI’s Fusion Fiasco    12/13/19  (4)
1942 CSLG mistaken for child, sent directly to gas chamber    12/13/19  (3)
White nerd -> loser; Black nerd -> Neil Degrasse Tyson    12/13/19  (1)
taylor swift. red lipstick. red maga hat    12/13/19  (81)
if you can't handle me at my resting IQ then you don't deserve me at my burst    12/13/19  (57)
Neil deGrasse Tyson just said he'd be Bernie's running mate if he asked him    12/13/19  (5)
What kind of tranny doesn't know how to insert section breaks?    12/13/19  (2)
Actual # of Henry Aaron alts has got to be 500 million. Every thread is packed    12/13/19  (1)
Keep your penis clean: wash your hands BEFORE you take a piss, not after    12/13/19  (14)
White people slowly reappearing in photo from future    12/13/19  (235)
So the same day Libs advance impeachment, Trump gets a China trade deal?    12/13/19  (22)
Actual population of USA has got to be 500 million people. Every city is packed    12/13/19  (44)
The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows    12/13/19  (4)
Are goyim more a hypothetical or a real hatred for Orthodox Jewish communities?    12/13/19  (3)
Henry Aaron- u bringing out the "voodoo child" alt tonight or what faggot?    12/13/19  (8)
I kinda want a Nutella gf but trans and young and still feminine    12/13/19  (2)
Got bonus # and will clear $700k this year. When do I start feeling well off?    12/13/19  (39)
Evan, describe the last time Chad came all over your face    12/13/19  (1)
Voodoo ()Child totally not a loser) makes 31st thread of the day about "libs"    12/13/19  (4)
lol at 'sex work is real work,' so is being a hitman    12/13/19  (35)
Hacker naming his son "Sudo Reboot" took SSN database offline for 72 hours (link    12/13/19  (8)
Saved Chad from getting fired (evan39)    12/13/19  (13)
Blacks are just more human and will conserve humanity and all are quirks    12/13/19  (1)
Rapid and slowed inflows of Africans until Europe goes Dark    12/13/19  (2)
I watch netflix when I drive sometimes. Taking ?s    12/13/19  (1)
David Boies $950K associate bonus    12/13/19  (29)
wait, so henry Aaron is a male nurse? LMAO    12/13/19  (142)
CharlesXII here, rating posters as made-up Harry Turtledove books    12/13/19  (140)
Shitcons need scary immigrants to get out the base and libs need it to win    12/13/19  (1)
Reminder: NO impeachment, YES wall, NO daca, YES Muslim ban, NO new taxes    12/13/19  (54)
Taylor Swift (!) NAMES THE JEW. Goes HARD after George Soros in speech    12/13/19  (21)
Boris: "South Sandwich Islands have been so incredible"    12/13/19  (12)
Tree branches are hanging over to neighbor’s property    12/13/19  (48)
My letter to Mercury    12/13/19  (10)
DBG, do you wear a kippah to work?    12/13/19  (4)
Valet At Marriott Hotel Gives FlyerTalker's Rental Car To Someone Else    12/13/19  (4)
"Teen" arrested in stabbing of Barnard College coed (link)    12/13/19  (30)
This "Cats" movie looks really really bad    12/13/19  (12)
nobody knows what they're doing    12/13/19  (26)
Peterman's ETH now worth only 164,495k, down from 1.2 million    12/13/19  (2)
James Joyce Jr RATE This LibDem Jewess (Golders Green MP) Who Lost Seat (PICS)    12/13/19  (6)
Xo Cliff Mass calls out climate change freaks for being freaks    12/13/19  (2)
There used to be like 20 different scholarship boards. That's was a CRAZY time    12/13/19  (1)
"They proclaimed our ascent to the stars over--a foolish dalliance, rightfully    12/13/19  (12)
DBG, what's with the orthodox Jewish predilection to live among jiggaboos?    12/13/19  (10)
Fat women on dating sites who mention how much they love food    12/13/19  (9)
imagine how retarded u have to be to think “moral philosophy” has merit    12/13/19  (1)
Taylor Swift's last album was 1989, plans new album '1488'    12/13/19  (5)
Eharmony best for real relationships? What’s best for quick sexual hook ups?    12/13/19  (1)
"The 1-poast thread only becomes thinkable after the creation of By You" (Foucau    12/13/19  (11)
Can someone tell me more about Britain's "conservative" party?    12/13/19  (9)
I’m a retarted person    12/13/19  (7)
Ed Miliband OUT - socialist Jeremy Corbyn new Labor Party leader    12/13/19  (9)
"Not in the hair," Peterman pleaded to the trucker. "What hair," the trucker guf    12/13/19  (104)
Watchmen creator voted for the first time in 40 years. He voted for Labour.    12/13/19  (4)
Jeremy Corbyn is fucking done here. Muslim loving commie faggot    12/13/19  (3)
They should compile stats on teen boy murders by race. I have a feeling asians    12/13/19  (1)
So is JCM actually going to do MPM MEGAPOASTER MADNESS or not?    12/13/19  (33)
Trump renamed NAFTA and declared victory?    12/13/19  (30)
"Tight end isn't the position I thought it was," said Peterman quitting football    12/13/19  (5)
How unhinged do you think this Salon writer is?    12/13/19  (2)
*finds identity in politics*    12/13/19  (1)
Serious Q: Are there any legit reasons for Dems to not vote for the USMCA?    12/13/19  (7)
being a male nurse is real work    12/13/19  (1)
Proctolgia & Vonoskar Announce: Primitive Death Cult + Future Mech Society    12/13/19  (5)
Taylor Swift Names the Jew, threatens power of her fanatical fan base    12/13/19  (4)
WaPo: Jeremy Corbyn's success is a model for American Progressives    12/13/19  (5)
What’s the best value for food? I barely eat anymore    12/13/19  (42)
AOC slams U.S. paid family leave, says dogs get more time with puppies    12/13/19  (171)
$2million year WFH job. Should I leave bc I am bored?    12/13/19  (3)
An elderly black man telling you to stop posting foolishness on the Internet    12/13/19  (9)
Media looking at UK vote: "Why are ppl still voting conservative? We've been so    12/13/19  (26)
Libs: Trump reaching out to black voters is a form of voter suppression    12/13/19  (10)
Execute the Tessa “teen” and one of his family members    12/13/19  (1)
found chilmata's new house    12/13/19  (4)
so GGTP and TT are both in Southeast Asia for the "culture"?    12/13/19  (15)
Greta Thunberg says she has Asperger’s    12/13/19  (5)
🚨 🚨 *** OFFICIAL MPM 2019 NOMINATION THREAD *** 🚨 🚨    12/13/19  (363)
Aging shitlib women are irl nightmares    12/13/19  (8)
Why isn't insufferable shithead SomeOtherGhost called out more?    12/13/19  (22)
"Why don't you get a flu shot?" Peterman: "I don't even have an immune system."    12/13/19  (1)
Vox: after British elections, educated people ask what's the point of elections?    12/13/19  (2)
Many Jews make a real estate deal then back out during closing for more money    12/13/19  (6)
Cowgod where was the thread where you said the following phrase:    12/13/19  (8)
Barnard chick looked like Emma Watson    12/13/19  (8)
Discounted SF condo?    12/13/19  (31)
We need to start getting more primitive occult death acceptance as society    12/13/19  (10)
Jew Mark Cuban has a christmas tree in his house. Lol @ DBG    12/13/19  (33)
It's safe 2 dance... it's the Bloomberg dance.    12/13/19  (2)
Bobby Birdshit HIGH as furk on FENTANYL dreaming of joining SPACE FORCE    12/13/19  (27)
I can’t help falling in love with CNBC anchors    12/13/19  (58)
Remember: When Brexit was decided, MSM reported Remain till the last second    12/13/19  (33)
It was the worst paper jam of my life, the old lawyer said    12/13/19  (74)
NYT: Mr Johnson: a majority not a mandate. Brexit is an EU issue, and Europe has    12/13/19  (4)
So UK libs tried to overturn election results for 4 years then got blown out?    12/13/19  (15)
Richard Jewell = protoTrumpmo whose life was destroyed by deep state & fake news    12/13/19  (4)
Redditors rejoicing: "Millennials Are Leaving Religion And Not Coming Back"    12/13/19  (65)
is having sex with men the second gayest occupation for men? (after male nurse)    12/13/19  (2)
Saw Jumanji last night in 3D    12/13/19  (1)
sharklasers' sex worker gf charging him for "emotional labor"    12/13/19  (4)
love a pint, not keen on muzzies, NOT racist just don't like 'em, simple as    12/13/19  (36)
Reminder: JCM had eggplant tits, lost weight, now they look like empty socks    12/13/19  (4)
Wanted to get a double blowjob from two fat Israeli chicks but I can't cuz of GF    12/13/19  (1)
Know a girl who did top 5 STEM phd --> organizing BDSM 'workshops' in Europe    12/13/19  (18)
Tulsi done here    12/13/19  (6)
Jersey City blacks not big fans of Jews (video)    12/13/19  (35)
*you hand your Dominican wife a copy of the The Turner Diaries for Christmas*    12/13/19  (3)
Remember the TV show Homeland?    12/13/19  (6)
Dem House Popular Vote Margin likely to be higher than other waves (94, 06, 10)    12/13/19  (5)
13 year old "teen" now a "boy"    12/13/19  (1)
Moab sticker | Patagonia beanie | never leave the house    12/13/19  (10)
Congressional Dems bigger NatSec threat than China or terrorism    12/13/19  (1)
Xo's "finale" should be wetworks operation to liquidate Upset Jew    12/13/19  (2)
House Of Pene - Spunk Around    12/13/19  (12)
Don't FISA me bro    12/13/19  (1)
Der Spiegel: Bill Browder is a liar and his Sergei Magnitsky story is fraud    12/13/19  (4)
labour, your response?    12/13/19  (10)
Xo Trumpcucks say Browder (MAGNITZKY client) testimony somehow...helps Trump?    12/13/19  (10)
Trumpmos fear no Dem candidate other than Sanders    12/13/19  (65)
Why isn't azn poaster "kenny" who LARPs as white called out more?    12/13/19  (1)
Reminder: Trump won 59% of the popular vote, 400+ EVs, is wildly popular    12/13/19  (10)
Trump won the popular vote comfortably if you exclude all the counties he lost    12/13/19  (12)
Trumpmos what brand of Russian vodka is best?    12/13/19  (6)
Trump cancels all China tariffs, gets nothing in return    12/13/19  (13)
Grandpa where were you when Donald Trump was impeached?    12/13/19  (8)
LathamTouchedMe— 120 IQ poseur bullshitter. Not a smart guy!    12/13/19  (11)
Trump loses popular vote by 3 million, gets impeached, does nothing    12/13/19  (4)
Reminder: "Greta Thunberg" was created in an advertising agency    12/13/19  (12)
The Pelosi MCA trade deal    12/13/19  (2)
Reminder: Trump presidency was always going to end in revolt    12/13/19  (44)
The WEST is FALLING apart    12/13/19  (26)
Kentucky GOP attempting to reverse result of gubernatorial election    12/13/19  (36)
If Sanders wins does he pardon Julian Assange?    12/13/19  (3)
"spinning rat fucks, spinning rat fucks, dressed in holiday style,"    12/13/19  (2)
"Well sir, they like "tiktok teens". Maybe if we have a teen explain climate cha    12/13/19  (1)
Dealing with China isn’t worth the moral cost (NYT)    12/13/19  (33)
Are white Europeans the highest brine diet peoples on earth    12/13/19  (3)
BANGARANG - Trump called for Seoul evacuation at height of North Korea tensions    12/13/19  (32)
G O D E X I S T S    12/13/19  (5)
wtf is this place    12/13/19  (26)

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