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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/07/19  (352)
Fucking insane emails by probably insane lawyer (link)    12/07/19  (284)
Ca$ino$ $houldn’t exi$t    12/07/19  (1)
Why do people go out now if they just spend the whole time looking at the phone?    12/07/19  (9)
They need to bring ai to smartphone keyboards    12/07/19  (1)
Rate the XO related nightmare I just woke up from    12/07/19  (2)
🚨 🚨 *** OFFICIAL MPM 2019 NOMINATION THREAD *** 🚨 🚨    12/07/19  (265)
Maslow’s hierarchy of autism    12/07/19  (1)
Dark Waters movie -- TRIGGER ALERT FOR LITIGATORS    12/07/19  (3)
David Letterman perving on underage Phoebe Cates (1984)    12/07/19  (5)
It's OFFICIAL. I will be at the CSLG holiday party. (See inside for details)    12/07/19  (6)
seems like every show has a token sassy chick with downs syndrome    12/07/19  (1)
AJ Ruiz card is STACKED    12/07/19  (1)
Adults obsessed with Disney. What's the deal with these lunatic proles?    12/07/19  (23)
Went to business school with JJC, taking questions (not flame)    12/07/19  (207)
Summon: Sickly Jew    12/07/19  (11)
Let me tell you a story about a young, mentally retarded Korean boy    12/07/19  (70)
Prince 2019 is a lie now go be a sexpat where you can guck any “age”    12/07/19  (62)
The guck fuckity fuck guck people! Fuck and end them all!    12/07/19  (3)
Mrs maisel season 3 is out    12/07/19  (12)
Poasted my 1st tiktok video. The likes are rolling in    12/07/19  (10)
Rate whokebe's persistant requests for validation as a type of poop.    12/07/19  (17)
CNN has lost the support of gamefaqs posters. Almost uniformly bash it    12/07/19  (9)
BIRDSHITS are WASTEFUL environmentally, why not just GENOCIDE 50% of them?    12/07/19  (20)
Illuminati want u to kill off ur bloodline. Dont do it    12/07/19  (1)
lol at those American factory cucks voting against unionizing    12/07/19  (1)
No one i$ even poa$ting now! What pu$$ie$    12/07/19  (1)
How the fuck did Elon Musk win the Pedo Guy lawsuit?    12/07/19  (117)
gonna lay down my sword and shield...    12/07/19  (5)
TMF, why not get a Mustang GT with the 5.0?    12/07/19  (28)
A shitty decade stumbles toward a dull and enervating conclusion    12/07/19  (3)
CSLG XO firm holiday party attendance tracker    12/07/19  (179)
Name your enemies ITT    12/07/19  (8)
FLW & I are getting beers at Steins in Mountain View; spritezero is driving in    12/07/19  (15)
uh oh, more Trump rats retiring, GOP not taking back the house now!    12/07/19  (1)
Time fries!    12/07/19  (2)
I’m going to be on top and end everyone    12/07/19  (5)
Easy way    12/07/19  (1)
Any CUNt bitch wearing a ring $hould have her finger chopped off no one wants    12/07/19  (1)
Love fucking loser talk now go fuck yourself up in casino and off self    12/07/19  (2)
The kike$ cum marching in one by one hooo rahhh hooo rahhhh    12/07/19  (1)
Want to te$t and $ee how protected XO really i$?    12/07/19  (9)
libs overshot with the latest impeachment farce    12/07/19  (3)
Would love to piss on the graves of Rockapotamus’s ancestors    12/07/19  (10)
internet k hole is the potus website    12/07/19  (1)
What a fucking fraud “life” never $aw thi$ $hit world turning out thi$ way    12/07/19  (4)
You’re a pu$$y a$$ pu$$y a$$ retarded little bitch as if...    12/07/19  (1)
Wtf, Jared Taylor is fluent in French too?    12/07/19  (16)
doesn't matter how smart u are or how hard u work if ppl think ur weird    12/07/19  (3)
Pre-Ruiz-AJ nigger thread    12/07/19  (3)
End the live$ of all ca$ino fraud$ and burn their $hit to the gucking ground    12/07/19  (1)
do your parents hold their holds over your head?    12/07/19  (2)
People are complete $hit... what the hell Is going on?    12/07/19  (1)
how does anyone 'go out' after 30 without some type of upper?    12/07/19  (4)
REMINDER: benzo thinks he has a 138 IQ    12/07/19  (64)
can someone plant one of those superhuman drugs nearby    12/07/19  (2)
you have to be completely fine with murdering innocents to make it to the top    12/07/19  (4)
Going on all out attack mode! Guck you all    12/07/19  (3)
Disney remake of Little Mermaid is a lesbian, Trumpmos livid (link)    12/07/19  (1)
Every Scorsese movie = diminutive Italians who never workout beat up everyone    12/07/19  (58)
Everything i$ complete Fraud    12/07/19  (4)
Going to make a midnight McDonalds run tonight    12/07/19  (1)
Disney Disturbs the Force: Pleasing Star Wars Fans Complicates Saga    12/07/19  (20)
we all have to worry about mass shootings but unborn "babies" need protection?    12/07/19  (1)
do Trumpmos really sit home worrying about aborted "babies"?    12/07/19  (1)
Henry Aaron have you ever been asked to pose for a photo like this?    12/07/19  (12)
if you become a MTF tranny can you still have kids?    12/07/19  (3)
"they hate me because they want to be me" - Henry Aaron as he puts on sexy nurse    12/07/19  (4)
Tucker Carlson in extended interview: 'I strongly identify with The Joker..''    12/07/19  (3)
Jared Taylor interviewed by NPR!    12/07/19  (7)
Teen dies from idiotic trend of snorting lines of hot cheetos (link)    12/07/19  (6)
Welp, tourists will soon begin flooding Saudi. This will go well. (Sickly)    12/07/19  (32)
Trump bringing back real lightbulbs, repealing Obama bulbs. 180!!!    12/07/19  (13)
Lane Kiffin to Ole Miss - link    12/07/19  (2)
Saudi cadet shoots up Navy base training center after getting marked absent    12/07/19  (1)
Rate this Swedish porn star enjoying a huge cock - nsfw    12/07/19  (2)
Tucker and Jesse Watters making jokes about 'whip-its' tonight, lolwtf    12/07/19  (1)
would you eat tranny gf's ass live on webcam if she looked like this:    12/07/19  (8)
Mishima would fuck a pile of rocks if you stacked them right    12/07/19  (2)
UPS driver's pallbearers tossing coffin in wrong grave    12/07/19  (7)
Farhad Man JOO    12/07/19  (1)
kevin needs to get more skinny    12/07/19  (4)
Sickly Jew, do you still recommend TEFL in Saudi?    12/07/19  (4)
PROTIP: WE ARE IN A RECESSION    12/07/19  (55)
Rate police tactics in this carjacking.    12/07/19  (75)
Hey shitmod, how about you go after the photos Benzo is posting?    12/07/19  (11)
Why don't TSINAH and Benzo hug it out on tinychat rite now    12/07/19  (4)
oooh baby do you know what that's worth? ooh niggers are a plague on earth    12/07/19  (2)
lmao    12/07/19  (3)
where does Jared Taylor buy his clothes?    12/07/19  (4)
guy asked me 'wtf is going on?' told him 'just go with it'    12/07/19  (4)
nutella are you pro-trump or anti-trump? u seem pretty apolitical    12/07/19  (47)
send bobs tik tok    12/07/19  (2)
CUM IN MY MOUTH DADDY OK SON    12/07/19  (18)
Cops: fire 200 bullets into UPS driver. UPS: "thank you for your service"    12/07/19  (34)
We Need to Talk About Kevin    12/07/19  (2)
rate this “i’m gay” poast    12/07/19  (2)
I want you to make me feel...like I’m the only goy in the world    12/07/19  (3)
All you can do in life is honor god through your works    12/07/19  (12)
TiP TOE WiNG iN MY JAWWDiNZ    12/07/19  (2)
Poasted a picture of turds and my penis to LinkedIn WDID????    12/07/19  (3)
*gay president showing up to G8 meeting, face reeking of cum, cocks, shit*    12/07/19  (11)
reminder: cuck "mods" CANNOT censor text you enter in the subject line    12/07/19  (19)
rate my penis    12/07/19  (3)
Repressed memories of your father's tongue + ur anus surfacing in ur 30s    12/07/19  (4)
Leaked! Women's WC TOILET CAM FOOTAGE - AOC Ilam Nancy Pelosi in vilest detail    12/07/19  (2)
Wife pronounces TSINAH as China...prestigious? (CSLG)    12/07/19  (1)
tsinah yearbook quote: "I got the curves and ruin the curves* *gets 2.1 gpa*    12/07/19  (41)
TSINAH do you want to go shooting with me in SoCal?    12/07/19  (6)
wheezing Luis losing his erection as your fat wife farts    12/07/19  (4)
Holding pistol in left hand, cock in right, shitting pretending it's penetration    12/07/19  (4)
Rate this conductor rocking out to Wagner - video    12/07/19  (1)
200 IQ    12/07/19  (3)
DESCRIBE life on welfare in Decatur, IN    12/07/19  (1)
ITT: Boombjoe/Benzo steals a credit card for Arby's (linK)    12/07/19  (67)
gravens    12/07/19  (7)
Who the fuck is Christopher gravens?    12/07/19  (7)
Hey SHITMOD leave those poasts alone    12/06/19  (15)
Jared Taylor interview on NPR    12/06/19  (9)
XO Tucker brings a Groyper onto the show (not Fuentes)    12/06/19  (5)
FRIDAY NIGHT 80's MUSIC THREAD    12/06/19  (135)
Look, fat    12/06/19  (3)
Jfc did ETH double overnight?    12/06/19  (5)
tsinah looks like he's pushing 400 lbs    12/06/19  (2)
This is how Chad blows out ur future wife    12/06/19  (69)
Started pushing a shitlaw shopping cart around the hood like Bubbles in The Wire    12/06/19  (2)
LOL, John Kerry the LOSER campaigning for LOSER Joe Biden    12/06/19  (1)
Beethoven Flashmob in Germany - video    12/06/19  (1)
Why were the Saudis filming the base shooting?    12/06/19  (9)
When America finally gets conquered, is there a way for someone to access the in    12/06/19  (3)
have you ever met a skinny chick who goes by "Barb"?    12/06/19  (1)
luis works at a spa an unlicensed milf masseur, lunches on eye facial cucumber s    12/06/19  (1)
Should I go to my firm's holiday party?    12/06/19  (18)
Post your Friday afternoon song in this thread!!    12/06/19  (15)
"Sure.. 'O Holy Night' + 'Come All Ye Faithful', but have you heard 'The Draidel    12/06/19  (7)
is that stuff with zimm prosecutors & that Crump shitlaw shop true    12/06/19  (2)
mopey morenski at it again folks    12/06/19  (1)
I'm requesting Felonious Chris's pro se letter to the court & will be posting it    12/06/19  (1)
Average person gets one good night of sleep per week.    12/06/19  (4)
How will cristobal blow this    12/06/19  (3)
Hey tsinah, people with similar GBS complications to mine have gotten 7 figs    12/06/19  (9)
luis do persians actually eat cucumber slices in their living rooms from bowls    12/06/19  (13)
xo knifemos, I present to you my newest acquisition: the Thresher.    12/06/19  (6)
It's the moooooost fraudulent time of the year    12/06/19  (6)
FBI investigating the “Gravens Dossier”    12/06/19  (6)
Children of the Gravens    12/06/19  (2)
Mollie Tibbetts' father: "I liked my daughter. But I **LOVE** huevos rancheros."    12/06/19  (21)
Baltimore Gravens    12/06/19  (13)
Any experts in copyright law?    12/06/19  (26)
RBG goes full MAGA. Libs apoplectic 😂    12/06/19  (2)
how do i get in touch with the head puppetmaster?    12/06/19  (12)

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