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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/07/19  (352)
the notion of "democracy" is cute but red state voters shouldn't participate    12/09/19  (2)
No spying on Trump! >Spying was Legal! >Some illegal things mistakenly happened!    12/09/19  (11)
Recently divorced coworker is dating chick who looks like she's 16    12/09/19  (9)
Is small caps the most prestigious font?    12/09/19  (5)
I recently engaged in coitus with my spouse after a long hiatus - wow    12/09/19  (26)
Ugly Black "passionate activist" named Miss Universe (link)    12/09/19  (10)
Could you live without blow jobs in your marriage?    12/09/19  (8)
Trump was wiretapped. Wiretap found no collusion with Russians.    12/09/19  (114)
great longread about the degeneration of the american "elite"    12/09/19  (4)
Anyone familiar with Melbourne, Fla. & the Space Coast?    12/09/19  (21)
request: post a thread/reply of henry aaron's receiving significant blank bumps    12/09/19  (5)
Lots of anti-CSLG posters are suffering from this    12/09/19  (41)
🚨 🚨 *** OFFICIAL HOROWITZ IG REPORT THREAD *** 🚨 🚨    12/09/19  (73)
If you had 5 minutes access to the internet from 2 years in the future (CSLG)    12/09/19  (103)
Redditors mad as fuck a normie calls Worf (klingon) "monkey dude"    12/09/19  (1)
a jewish person accusing you of having a 'victim complex'    12/09/19  (1)
Poll: if you are having lunch out of the office, is 1-3 alcoholic drinks okay?    12/09/19  (25)
Reminder: NO impeachment, YES wall, NO daca, YES Muslim ban, NO new taxes    12/09/19  (48)
weed delivery in DC?    12/09/19  (5)
is Geek USA the goat song of the 90s?    12/09/19  (3)
Just ate a large tomato cheddar soup from Hale and Hearty. This was a mistake.    12/09/19  (2)
Had idea chiropractors were taken seriously    12/09/19  (6)
Odd ca$e! Very intere$ting! Off to pig 🐽 pig 🐷 pig 🐖 farm has u go!    12/09/19  (135)
you just need to look at one pic of a typical Trumpmo to know they are trash    12/09/19  (1)
*spins chair around* Look lil breh. Money is like fuel units for the soul    12/09/19  (2)
Haha I call them trumpenprole haha. Btw, did u get my last three texts?    12/09/19  (6)
Michael J. Knowles cr?    12/09/19  (1)
is there a secret handshake for eskimo brothers?    12/09/19  (4)
jimmy chamberlain nailed geek usa on his first take    12/09/19  (2)
Michelle Obama pregnant    12/09/19  (6)
Despite Trump's Policies, Border Arrests Rise for Sixth Straight Month (WaPo)    12/09/19  (14)
Trump cannot even get fifty percent in Arizona    12/09/19  (9)
CLSG how much insurance should i have?    12/09/19  (12)
IG Report: FBI justified in Russia investigation, notes Bill Barr a giant faggot    12/09/19  (2)
Guys I have a LOT of money    12/09/19  (27)
Ljl, RUSSIA BANNED from next two olympics... trumpmos losing hoap    12/09/19  (25)
Are women legally allowed to own land?    12/09/19  (2)
Hate my wife. Hate my life. Love my 12 week old daughter. WHAT DO I DO?    12/09/19  (151)
Finally saw a video of prestigefaggot/Morgellons's poster.    12/09/19  (29)
LAWMAN VINDICATED    12/09/19  (3)
Lol at Obama's 24-inch shoulders, how humiliating for our country    12/09/19  (6)
Just weighed in at 80 kg. Lbs, your response?    12/09/19  (2)
ecstatic FBI rookie: "i solved the bank robbery!" "stfu we do coups now    12/09/19  (69)
Phantom Menace > Last Jedi megathread    12/09/19  (25)
ITT Post Credited Sci-Fi & Fantasy Books    12/09/19  (48)
Henry Aaron is obsessed with "baby dick" - this pedo needs to be banned    12/09/19  (38)
WSJ: from 2005-2017 just 5 cities accounted for 90% of tech jobs    12/09/19  (6)
Your shrew wife planning your destination funeral    12/09/19  (2)
CSLG XO firm holiday party attendance tracker    12/09/19  (189)
Think I found the Perfect Girl for Ironside    12/09/19  (8)
"This is an embarrassment to our country" - Trump looking in mirror    12/09/19  (2)
Why are female big law partners so awful?    12/09/19  (4)
1000% chance CSLG has "wood look tile" somewhere in his home    12/09/19  (2)
New IRS rule could spell doom for fedgov employee water clubs    12/09/19  (1)
I have written a poem about jafar (zurich)    12/09/19  (27)
"You got your son a job in an oil company" sounds like Hunter B. works in a gas    12/09/19  (1)
How often do you wash your penis?    12/09/19  (13)
sampling of Bama's 2020 foes: Kent State, Georgia State, UT Martin    12/09/19  (3)
My currency is like the large pile of cocaine from Scarface    12/09/19  (2)
FBI only catches like 4 criminals a year. why even have it    12/09/19  (6)
Documents reveal US officials constantly lied about Afghanistan war for 18 years    12/09/19  (31)
US-Israel Defense Treaty Gaining Steam After Pompeo & Netanyahu Meet    12/09/19  (3)
If you are a presidential candidate, you cannot be investigated for corruption    12/09/19  (7)
Senator McCain was praised by all present parties for his desire to destroy Iran    12/09/19  (2)
imagine writing “blue (da ba dee)” by eiffel 65    12/09/19  (10)
Lovers in Auschwitz, Reunited 72 Years Later. He Had One Question.    12/09/19  (35)
A subset of whites, who constantly cause their own misery, blame Jews    12/09/19  (11)
COWGOD’s sex impossible bc Vagina angle is one of the best poas ever.    12/09/19  (21)
Remember how insane libs were the day after election? LMAO    12/09/19  (20)
Don't worry, spiritually, I am never out of the office    12/09/19  (2)
don't wash your penis    12/09/19  (3)
ever wash your penis in someone's kitchen sink, in full view of guests?    12/09/19  (2)
trannyism is profound, almost numinous    12/09/19  (4)
Is Queensbridge still a dangerous place?    12/09/19  (1)
wash your penis    12/09/19  (6)
Do most wealthy people live in stucco shithomes in the valley?    12/09/19  (3)
M&A Lawyers: what do lawyers actually do on the due diligence side?    12/09/19  (7)
There are two kinds of people- those who Wash their penis, and those who don’t    12/09/19  (2)
omg becky then he started whining abt how they werent as good as nyc bagels    12/09/19  (1)
Movie idea. Straight guy gets colon transplant from queer, becomes slutty bottom    12/09/19  (46)
when someone in a room of ppl asks a q and someone else googles it    12/09/19  (1)
jafars ponytail    12/09/19  (1)
"No u can join-the question is do u think u should?"(Jafar to Jew @ PB Country C    12/09/19  (1)
"Remain in Mexico" = Remain with TRUMP.    12/09/19  (1)
"great script. but let's replace the female romantic lead with a short hair bla    12/09/19  (1)
"Look I like u, I just can't be seen in a place like this,"(Jafar @ Jewish deli)    12/09/19  (2)
luis pulling back his turtleneck as his mouth pulls back your penis' turtleneck    12/09/19  (2)
Hedge funds buying up single family homes all over the country is really evil    12/09/19  (8)
Real talk: Biden has upped his game the last couple of months    12/09/19  (1)
*u awaken from surgery*"Ur heart transplant is a success! Ur donor was Laqueesha    12/09/19  (6)
Hey Rockapotamus— if your ancestors' graves seem a little wet, that's my piss    12/09/19  (6)
FLW runs an illegal "10 Tacos for $10" food truck operation    12/09/19  (1)
As women become workforce majority, they will begin raping men    12/09/19  (2)
Obeezy is going to hang himself when the OIG report comes out    12/09/19  (33)
I believe Jesus Christ is my lord and savior    12/09/19  (1)
using the word "rhetoric" without mocking it should be a capital crime    12/09/19  (2)
Why do young women seem to have high standards for the men they date?    12/09/19  (10)
Great Replacement update: 'We want US to have S. African demographics..' (vid)    12/09/19  (17)
there are ultimately three reasons not to drink    12/09/19  (23)
hilarious now that all poasters are foreigners, jokes bounce off heads like tenn    12/09/19  (1)
I Wash My Penis and let the water drip into Benzo's mouthhole    12/09/19  (11)
Amazon suing Trump for awarding contract to Microsoft instead (link)    12/09/19  (2)
What cities in America are must visits for at least a few days    12/09/19  (29)
Denver the Last Dinosaur found dead from apparant OD (dailymail)    12/09/19  (1)
Baby's first CPAP mask    12/09/19  (3)
*holds Benzo by the throat and hurts his butt*    12/09/19  (1)
There should be a "purge" but with free speech for a day    12/09/19  (1)
women are so fucking ugly without makeup its laughable    12/09/19  (66)
Really shocked (((Horowitz))) found no wrongdoing    12/09/19  (1)
that first kiss with your wife, she was 28, her eyes were open, yours did too    12/09/19  (1)
ITT I am going to keep an ongoing list of underrated poasters.    12/09/19  (1)
IG Report: "Finally, Alabama's schedule was a joke."    12/09/19  (7)
When will science correct gender based neurological differences    12/09/19  (2)
Copped a BJ from a tranny last week. Taking Qs. I'm gay btw.    12/09/19  (49)
Dr. Manhattan is black (Watchmen)    12/09/19  (21)
Benzo: I tried the sobriety workout. I shat my pants and had a seizure.    12/09/19  (1)
FLW seems 130 IQ but he posts 24/7. Is he really dirt poor? Idgi    12/09/19  (14)
They're all dirty. Every one in DC. All parties. Scum. All covering each other    12/09/19  (2)
Big butt brunette 5s at the gym.    12/09/19  (4)
slightly obsessed with a butterface asian milf on ig    12/09/19  (9)
Has ugly daughter learn the harp to ensure she will have no friends    12/09/19  (4)
There were only "serious errors" guys. No big deal.    12/09/19  (1)
I tried the RBG workout. I shit my pants and had a heart attack. (dupa)    12/09/19  (6)
when exactly did law become a chick profession?    12/09/19  (11)
James Franco meets a shitlib    12/09/19  (72)
Ljl at a bunch of 6-6 MAC teams making bowl games. College football is so fucked    12/09/19  (12)
do u guyz like trigun at all    12/09/19  (3)
Senator, I served with Pete Buttigieg. I knew Pete Buttigieg. Pete Buttigieg was    12/09/19  (3)
remember the kid who stole the plane and crashed it a few years ago    12/09/19  (4)
Why don't we fill tires w/ helium instead of air or nitrogen?    12/09/19  (24)
"We're gonna talk about Israel so much, you're going to say, please no more, And    12/09/19  (1)
Hungry Hungry Hippos except it’s Henry Aaron in a sea of black dicks    12/09/19  (63)
Elizabeth Shollenberger is one of the funniest cases of jewish nepotism    12/09/19  (2)
Watchmen Dr. Manhattan episode discussion thread    12/09/19  (6)
Shitlib pumos are out in full force this morning! Get a job.    12/09/19  (25)
Why don't we make tires out of silicone instead of rubber?    12/09/19  (2)
QAnons throwing puss jugs at the wall over IG report    12/09/19  (1)
Has any “report” from the government ever not equivocated to protect managem    12/09/19  (1)
Why don't we fill CPAPs with helium instead of air?    12/09/19  (4)
lifehack: fill tires with helium    12/09/19  (6)
IPA tit dads hooking up CPAP mask to iron lung before they tuck in    12/09/19  (1)
IG report makes it clear we need to investigate Hillary Clinton's emails    12/09/19  (1)
I'm a gay black nigger with AIDS and I live in a jungle in Africa    12/09/19  (31)
Secret Society. OIG Report. Q Anon. Nunes Memo. Spygate. Wiretapping.    12/09/19  (31)
CFB fans why is the Peach Bowl part of the New Year's 6, but not the Citrus Bowl    12/09/19  (19)
Is biglaw chill since you get to come in later?    12/09/19  (13)
US Attorney John Durham releases statement, does not agree with IG report on FBI    12/09/19  (3)
women think that if they talk about something ad nauseum, they can control it    12/09/19  (18)
Bama & Utah deserve better than the trash bowl opponents they got    12/09/19  (12)
It's 180 that so many animals have penises like us    12/09/19  (20)

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