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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/18/20  (357)
2A rally chanting Pledge of Allegiance. NBC News: “SEDITION! CIVIL WAR!”    01/20/20  (21)
Vox: The White Supremacism of Strategic Civility & The "Gun Rights" Rally    01/20/20  (3)
acp here, taking Qs, come ask me something    01/20/20  (2)
Aaron Rodgers (Fraudger$) is now 1-3 in NFC Championship Games    01/20/20  (36)
NYC BANS the use of 'at-risk' for students, they are now 'At-promise' (DM)    01/20/20  (26)
How did you score on this in-depth political quiz? Link.    01/20/20  (2)
If you won the lottery, what would you buy?    01/20/20  (53)
some americans are making millions smuggling cheese into canada    01/20/20  (6)
Who's the most likeable everyday white guy on xo?    01/20/20  (58)
Men watching other men in tight pants tackle each other    01/20/20  (1)
Weird Chinese viral infection cases surging, spreading across Asia    01/20/20  (2)
Anyone want to meet up in San Diego next month    01/20/20  (1)
Elvis Country: Anywhere there are no Jews or Italians    01/20/20  (5)
Football. Period.    01/20/20  (12)
TikTok is just jews convincing blue eyed 16yos to sing about getting fucked    01/20/20  (56)
I am completely 100% baffled that "Klobuchar" is still in race    01/20/20  (38)
Where is UJTP?    01/20/20  (10)
luis is throwing a super bowl party in San Bruno w/ his fade & IPA bros    01/20/20  (4)
How long until the MLJ Jr. rape tapes made by the FBIare unsealed and released?    01/20/20  (3)
UJtp, can you pretend to be a German christian for one day and not gay?    01/20/20  (3)
Aaron Hernandez will be back in nfl very soon    01/20/20  (18)
Upset Jew tell us about your boyfriend    01/20/20  (8)
never would have guessed that zman is Pakistani    01/20/20  (1)
GTTTR and GTH quoting "The Tudors" before sexy time    01/20/20  (3)
Going to take 200 mics of lsd in the next few weeks    01/20/20  (13)
Dur Dur D'etre Bebe! Dur Dur D'etre Bebe!    01/20/20  (1)
Cringing as you blank bump a pumo or quotemo    01/20/20  (1)
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (born Meechum Leibowitz Kleinberg Jr.)    01/20/20  (1)
dirte's ginger dad bod unnngh 🍆💦💦💦💦    01/20/20  (15)
Would you let your 15 year old wear this dress?    01/20/20  (9)
Good Jew & Google Critic believes Google killed his wife    01/20/20  (3)
The JCM effect: HALF of Americans obese by 2030, WOMEN getting fattest    01/20/20  (33)
If RUDY GIULIANI was smart enough to get into NYU Law in the 60s, explain who    01/20/20  (5)
dat lick message    01/20/20  (76)
Who the fuck is Amy Kombucha anyway?    01/20/20  (1)
what would you do for a Klobuchar?    01/20/20  (3)
MLK: Peterman offering free "slam dunks" for anyone purchasing 6 pack of Schlitz    01/20/20  (1)
If Amy Klobuchar loses the Dem nom, she could try open mic nights    01/20/20  (1)
What's TCR .30-30 RIFLE???    01/20/20  (21)
The 68th annual meeting of the Build-A-Bear Group was held this week in Dresden    01/20/20  (3)
Fact: Jonas Salk masterminded a Jewish conspiracy to eradicate polio    01/20/20  (2)
(VIDEO) Starr just debated Dershowitz at a National Review Forum    01/20/20  (3)
Like roosh v I am disavowing my past as a chadly womanizer and pumo    01/20/20  (5)
Germans: "We're the Master Race!" *decisively lose two world wars*    01/20/20  (20)
You would be shocked at who bernie has chosen for his VP    01/20/20  (1)
Lemme see what bowlcut says then I’ll get back to you    01/20/20  (4)
JCM: "If you weigh me in kilos is it less?" she asked retardedly as scale broke    01/20/20  (5)
*Sinatra voice* "Comply with me..."    01/20/20  (83)
Rate these tits    01/20/20  (30)
litigation is how jews reproduce    01/20/20  (27)
🦉 Would you go to Hooters TikTok? 🦉    01/20/20  (12)
im having a *good* day    01/20/20  (2)
RAW KING (tsinahs grindr handle)    01/20/20  (45)
Klobuchar rekt    01/20/20  (24)
RAW KING taking q's    01/20/20  (2)
Dr MLK received his Phd in Divinity at BU in 1955. That means he's    01/20/20  (1)
Who’s the most fratty asian on xo?    01/20/20  (16)
Less Wrong    01/20/20  (1)
I'll be microdosing double screen LSD over next 2-3 weeks and reporting back ITT    01/20/20  (6)
waiting for GOYdot    01/20/20  (10)
An infinite game cannot be abstracted, for it is not a part of the whole present    01/20/20  (4)
no one irl has purchased a Google Stadia?    01/20/20  (2)
Nutella: "Maybe if I make more money, I'll lose this moon face!" *cries, sips wi    01/20/20  (1)
Johnsmeyer is the best Italian-American poster.    01/20/20  (1)
I'm a fan of OUZO    01/20/20  (12)
*Nutella gives birth to 6 lb 4 oz bottle of Chardonnay*    01/20/20  (2)
Kellyanne: MLK would have been a big time Trumpmo    01/20/20  (1)
Let’s name our favorite Italian-Americans    01/20/20  (12)
Why even brush teeth and just get monthly teeth cleanings?    01/20/20  (1)
MLK day is rapidly becoming a required holiday    01/20/20  (16)
MLK was a secret character on Street Fighter 2.    01/20/20  (6)
Peterman hiding in the bushes when a police car stops for gas    01/20/20  (3)
ironside, how disappointed would u be if ur future daughter was a tomboy?    01/20/20  (1)
rate this distinctive looking woman i snapped on the tube    01/20/20  (4)
You're jostling the fetus. You can't run in your condition.    01/20/20  (4)
sport with the pigskin    01/20/20  (4)
Thoughts on this workout?    01/20/20  (9)
RATE this rich slender jewess #DBG    01/20/20  (23)
fuck him right in the pussy    01/20/20  (1)
sad aaron hernandez died before he could creampie my ass    01/20/20  (4)
"Only kikes would make bread with a hole," mutters GOY on bagel run for Jew wife    01/20/20  (3)
george20 writing a scathing review of Build-A-Bear    01/20/20  (3)
Society turns on “Cuck Nodes” who revel in putting down their own power    01/20/20  (2)
hey hows it going names steve cum    01/20/20  (2)
he's aryan    01/20/20  (5)
Let's discuss the Czechs ITT    01/20/20  (13)
Luis (spackler)    01/20/20  (2)
check 'em    01/20/20  (1)
check 'em    01/20/20  (1)
if u think Jews r not dangerous - they actually got Latinos 2 call selves Latinx    01/20/20  (49)
Tmf give me a restaurant to eat at in Kiev next week    01/20/20  (28)
Can't fucking take it anymore. I've got to log onto Twitter.    01/20/20  (5)
Madman Plumbers Cummers Yan Perrod with a Stunner on a teenage Doobsycat    01/20/20  (5)
Harry & Paul sketch about ditzy shrews    01/20/20  (6)
So Trumpmo gun rally accomplished nothing?    01/20/20  (2)
America is just 3 megacorporations stacked in a trenchcoat    01/20/20  (13)
Judge Jeanine must be furious she didn't make Trump's dream team    01/20/20  (2)
white ppl who call MLK 'doctor king'    01/20/20  (12)
Bolton needs to just give a TV interview and be done with it    01/20/20  (1)
Reminder: Trump lost by 3 million votes then GOP got gaped in next 3 elections    01/20/20  (29)
Inviting all my hottest guy friends over for super bowl party    01/20/20  (2)
ITT: We remembrance The Doctor The Reverend The Martin The Luther The KING III    01/20/20  (2)
The boomer with a thousand faces    01/20/20  (17)
Dr. Michael King, Jr. ljl    01/20/20  (1)
What do u do at work when your shit is peanut butter consistency & can't shower    01/20/20  (5)
What kind of women does Stevie Wonder find attractive?    01/20/20  (3)
Ways to cover my ass when making stock purchases in companies my company works w    01/20/20  (30)
what are the best canned foods    01/20/20  (41)
Deadlifted this morning, now eating 9 egg omelette. Taking Qs    01/20/20  (4)
everyday white guy here, taking questions    01/20/20  (8)
is a pool heater worth the money?    01/20/20  (33)
Me and Refunkulus devouring Kottu Roti at a Colombo street cafe    01/20/20  (1)
'no, make it faggier' (me to my barber)    01/20/20  (23)
The most prestigious pool heater discussion board in the world.    01/20/20  (1)
Dr. Martens Luther King    01/20/20  (2)
"no mom his schtick is that he's really angry.. yeah, his too...yup that guy too    01/20/20  (24)
luis i love pizza    01/20/20  (1)
do shrews still LOVE bacon and bourbon    01/20/20  (7)
󠀠    01/20/20  (98)
Drunkard the poster, is “synthetic oil” capitali$t fraud?    01/20/20  (2)
Bernie stiff arms Steyer (video)    01/20/20  (3)
It’s Dr. Martin Luther the King Jr. Day. Guess what kind of doctor he was ITT    01/20/20  (26)
NYT Dem Primary Endorsement happening in next hour. Prediction?    01/20/20  (26)
A day in Amy Klobuchar's America (James Joyce, Jr.)    01/20/20  (6)
"I am currently out of the office observing Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day"    01/20/20  (1)
Maddening that Disney destroyed the Star Wars franchise    01/20/20  (8)
Niners QB Jagadeep "Jimmy" Garoppolistani was born in Sargodha, Punjab...    01/20/20  (7)
rate this tranny's swastika armband and diaper:    01/20/20  (7)
MacGregor Cowboy fight was the #1 most staged fraud thing ive ever seen in sport    01/20/20  (45)
Wagecuck lawyer scoffing at MLK for not having a real doctoral degree    01/20/20  (4)
Like "Michelle" Obama, MLK's real name was Michael    01/20/20  (1)
Who's the most intelligent pollack on xo?    01/20/20  (14)
president klobuchar and vice president abrams to renovate white house restrooms    01/20/20  (2)
Who is THE most mentally ill poster here?    01/20/20  (54)
luis bursting through ur office door like Kool-Aid Man, shouting "I'M GAAAAAAAAY    01/20/20  (3)
"I, Amy Klobuchar, do solemnly swear to faithfully execute the laws and Constitu    01/20/20  (1)
Green is the color of magic. Plants are conducting sorcery on us.    01/20/20  (1)
"I haven't drank anything, officer. I am as sober as Judge Kavanaugh."    01/20/20  (2)
ate at Popeye's chicken to celebrate the legacy of MLK, jr    01/20/20  (1)
president klobuchar telling chief of staff ted lieu he has a small dick    01/20/20  (2)
Boomers aren't real people they're a social construct.    01/20/20  (1)
hey mike fart here    01/20/20  (1)
exeunt seems angrier than he used to be    01/20/20  (13)
Who's the most thug Azn on xo?    01/20/20  (3)
I am thinking of setting up a friendster account. Barb    01/20/20  (1)
Roosh may have gone soft, but at least we'll always have Roissy    01/20/20  (15)
god damnit jafar stop that Hawthorne heights song from autoplaying on ur Myspace    01/20/20  (2)
seems like 95% of young whites in UK/australia have major tattoos now    01/20/20  (1)
Roosh: 8 Personal Defects That Allowed Me To Worship Fornication For 18 Years    01/20/20  (33)
Fun Lovin' Criminals are v. popular in the UK, many albums & TV appearances    01/20/20  (1)

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