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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/18/20  (357)
Anyone know how to decrease sexual desire?    01/22/20  (17)
rate this tattoo of baby yodas face i got on the head of my penis    01/22/20  (5)
All these Netflix shows suck. Messiah it's all the same shit    01/22/20  (22)
What was the name of Henry VIII’s Jewish personal physician    01/22/20  (5)
wld hilary clinton rather have female R potus than male D one?    01/22/20  (1)
Very funny Mr Peterman, pouring milk in your colostomy bag    01/22/20  (2)
doobs and peterman live for cock—drake mallard hunts for it    01/22/20  (8)
750k in Phoenix vs. 250k in Medellin, Colombia    01/22/20  (1)
parachuting laxatives before court = peak experience    01/22/20  (1)
Dems are fucking morons if they trade Hunter Biden for Bolton testimony    01/22/20  (63)
Make a Wish foundation denying Peterman's disgusting request    01/22/20  (92)
Rate: This photo of Nutella at the ski resort    01/22/20  (5)
Rate this review of a recent judicial opinion by Slate libs    01/22/20  (2)
ARE Reptile sending his kids to Erasmus Hall HS to get pummeled by niggers    01/22/20  (2)
CGM to toll booth operator: you just made a powerful enemy    01/22/20  (61)
Figure Skating Weekend: European Championships and US Nationals    01/22/20  (1)
Sean Carroll is the best popular cosmologist today    01/22/20  (10)
120k in Phoenix vs. 160k in Boston    01/22/20  (4)
Hillary Clinton on Bernie: "Nobody likes him!"    01/22/20  (107)
Protip: CGM is smarter than you    01/22/20  (39)
just got a Mike Pence haircut. feeling good bros    01/22/20  (40)
Would anywhere from $400,000,000.00 to $4,000,000,000.00 be good outside US?    01/22/20  (6)
"That was about the time I started watching disney plus" u tell mexican grandson    01/22/20  (4)
Soy turns u into a FAT DEPRESSED AUTISTIC FAGGOT (link)    01/22/20  (3)
I’m literally a lone 🐺 wolf eveyone has passed on me it’s all on me    01/22/20  (12)
I could beat up every poaster at the same time    01/22/20  (4)
$ocial $ecurity i$ complete Fraud πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡΄$hit end it jowwwwwjo nowwwwwwwwwwwwww    01/22/20  (3)
*Peterman turning down Wuhan trucker* "Sorry, it's just I have no immune system"    01/22/20  (3)
What he consumed from Disney+ changed him.    01/22/20  (1)
Tom Steyer has spent $67m on TV ads compared to Trump: 5.7m, Biden 2.6m    01/22/20  (26)
I'm getting jacked to beat and rape other men    01/22/20  (1)
$100,000 but you must listen to CSLG brag about his wealth for 2 hrs/day forever    01/22/20  (60)
GOY and I will turn every white lab coat red with blood    01/22/20  (3)
Science is gay    01/22/20  (5)
So on the elevator at Goldman today    01/22/20  (29)
John Roberts reliving his BIGLAW associate days - worked til 2am, back by 10am    01/22/20  (16)
Michael “Obeezy” Avenatti    01/22/20  (1)
Massive WWE style brawl breaks out at end of college basketball game (vid)    01/22/20  (5)
evan replying "ok boomer" as kevin spacey prolapses his anus again.    01/22/20  (5)
whatever happened to wrassler and his shiftless dad    01/22/20  (3)
CGM is more knowledgeable than 99% of xo shitlibs    01/22/20  (7)
Kevin Spacey is really doing his own thing now    01/22/20  (2)
What info could Bolton have that would even matter at this point?    01/22/20  (2)
Well done, xo. The daily official impeachment threads are pure scholarship.    01/22/20  (2)
Uber Eats drivers always compliment me on giving precise directions    01/22/20  (4)
oh wow did u watch that new fag shit on disney channel plus    01/22/20  (6)
Chill SHARIA law cop just asked me if I'm MUSLIM in 180 Asia juicejuicejuice    01/22/20  (8)
How to figure out if I'm lowballing myself when naming salary requirement?    01/22/20  (1)
Bernie Sanders Doesn't Want To Win    01/22/20  (9)
How bad do women bellies get after babies    01/22/20  (2)
"Houellebecq Is Right About Islam & Women" posters terrorize Paris metro (link)    01/22/20  (6)
100k Euros in Bratislava or 150k USD in Salt Lake City    01/22/20  (2)
GAMERS RISE UP! Biden calls game developers "little creeps"    01/22/20  (5)
Incel only thread. Chads and marriageCucks keep out!    01/22/20  (7)
luis is this book good?    01/22/20  (1)
Check out the photo MBS sent to Bezos to initiate the phone data hack    01/22/20  (1)
Why is Obeezy an anti-semite now?    01/22/20  (14)
Trump: "If you vote for Democrats they'll impeach me" Voters: "hehe"    01/22/20  (20)
Money πŸ’° $olve$ every problem that is $olveable=hard fact    01/22/20  (2)
Pearl Jam - Dance of the Clairvoyants    01/22/20  (1)
let's see paul allen's impeachment procedures    01/22/20  (2)
Reminder average crack head off street get 9-12k tax “refund”    01/22/20  (26)
Embarrassing day for Obeezy    01/22/20  (6)
Poker game at my house - Friday Jan 31 (CSLG)    01/22/20  (2)
CSLG when you doing another poker night?    01/22/20  (3)
How do we get luis to do a "Kevin Spacey" thing for us    01/22/20  (2)
Why can’t we come together as a country and make necessary education investmen    01/22/20  (1)
Every married person i know has a weird adversarial relationship with spouse    01/22/20  (1)
Damn daddy can I still "sound off" on luis' plump rear end?    01/22/20  (3)
"my head is killing me. think it's coronavirus" (JJC wasted after 2 corona light    01/22/20  (8)
Lemme see what bowlcut says then I’ll get back to you    01/22/20  (6)
*Most relevant Fact* *lib says “U can’t say that’” *hints at most releva    01/22/20  (1)
Rate this home    01/22/20  (3)
How long are weed stores going to be called "dispensaries"?    01/22/20  (2)
chandler - can we hang out at the galaxy opening game tailgate    01/22/20  (2)
ggtp did u get the job    01/22/20  (2)
Reminder: Buy Tezos Now.    01/22/20  (5)
Luis is an aryan musclestud    01/22/20  (2)
Why would the thread about the Latina tweeting about the shooting get modded?    01/22/20  (13)
1920s German children using stacks of discarded ggtp resumes as building blocks    01/22/20  (9)
Houellebecq: “I don’t fuck, wtf” *xo gives standing O*    01/22/20  (5)
Latest Dem Poll 1/22/20: Bernie leading Biden    01/22/20  (14)
Is "Publishers clearing house" a scam?    01/22/20  (4)
To a lib, any relevant fact is problematic    01/22/20  (4)
"They deleted the threads, but they couldnt save my butthole." - D Mallard    01/22/20  (8)
Local BOM finds one weird trick to live forever    01/22/20  (1)
Let's say I have a small amount of money to play around with for crypto    01/22/20  (13)
Pro-Iraq War Republicans pretending they are anti-war is hilarious    01/22/20  (9)
Are stores allowed to charge you more if you pay with credit card?    01/22/20  (12)
Lincoln Nebraska stepping it up! Lyft driver gets gun put to head    01/22/20  (5)
DrakeMallard hitting panic button upon discovering Damn Daddy is his Uber driver    01/22/20  (32)
im tweeting daddy    01/22/20  (10)
*leaves biglaw office, drops SSRI bottle inhaler and legal pad behind him*    01/22/20  (3)
Warren to overturn Citizens United    01/22/20  (79)
Buttigieg "tops" new Iowa poll    01/22/20  (1)
Boeing, GM, and GE bankruptcies    01/22/20  (10)
"I swear on my honor as a poaster that-" *crowd bursts into laughter*    01/22/20  (4)
Please clap.    01/22/20  (1)
One sec babe, this federal agent is enticing me to making political threats”    01/22/20  (3)
Local bar has $200 super bowl boxes but payouts only add up to $18000    01/22/20  (11)
I could’ve and will do anything I want I could outlast you all! Typical compla    01/22/20  (1)
Remake by moving to foreign country new language/life?    01/22/20  (3)
NoDrink January Day 22- Survived MLK Freeze w/out Drank    01/22/20  (8)
Protip for suicidemos: Put a porn on before going through the noose    01/22/20  (1)
Sex with men for money is the oldest tradition in existence    01/22/20  (5)
Doorbell cam video of an armed robbery in California:    01/22/20  (51)
Driving home from the Strip last night    01/22/20  (15)
Should I buy this house?    01/22/20  (25)
Biden: illegal aliens are "more American than most Americans"    01/22/20  (15)
Hillary's nominated Tim Kaine as VP ljl    01/22/20  (3)
Obeezy, are you having a watch party for the impeachment trial?    01/22/20  (10)
Would you consider this home "tacky" ?    01/22/20  (26)
LathamTouchedMe thoughtfully explaining why Stalinist gulags were NBD    01/22/20  (10)
CNN: Iranian missiles hit housing of drone pilots who killed their general    01/22/20  (21)
POUCH now a standard feature of premium men's underwear    01/22/20  (24)
LOS ALTOS, CA: 977 sqft, 2BR, 1BA, 13.5k sqft lot - asking $3m (link)    01/22/20  (1)
Karl Malone doesn't attend John Stockton's Hall of Fame induction    01/22/20  (1)
Guys who get clipper/short haircuts, do you get hard edge ups and/or fades    01/22/20  (7)
luis orders sweetgreen on doordash    01/22/20  (5)
Obeezy apologizes for peddling Russia Conspiracy (link)    01/22/20  (1)
U.S. drinking water widely contaminated with 'forever chemicals': report    01/22/20  (9)
India creates de-radicalization camps for Muslims    01/22/20  (19)
UJ do you help run the family business or are you idle like RSF    01/22/20  (11)
Grainy video of Obeezy beating the fuck out of Joey Kocur in NHL preseason game    01/22/20  (3)
Possible to make $400k/year doing luxury ride share?    01/22/20  (1)
It’s odd that government arbitrarily bans “prostitution” but not beta prov    01/22/20  (5)
Women are EIC at the 16 Most Elite Law Reviews    01/22/20  (18)
Dead homeless guy was riding around NYC Subway until he plopped over    01/22/20  (25)
Proof Obeezy runs pumo alts    01/22/20  (3)
Liz Warren to create anti-Trump task force at DOJ    01/22/20  (11)
A New York City Summer (Poem)    01/22/20  (34)
Remember when Sanders sued the DNC for rigging the primaries?    01/22/20  (7)
No, your honor. Blank bumps are, ummm... how familiar are you with Wittgenstein?    01/22/20  (20)
Remember when Lawman put devastating quotes around "colt" tp's moniker    01/22/20  (9)
*Lawman8 devastates Obeezys hold for 180th time* *Obeezy: uh oh cons!*    01/22/20  (76)
*huge cartoon penis wearing a maga hat reminding your son to brush his teeth*    01/22/20  (6)
My Cousin Vinny, but it's Lasko shooting tendrils of blue light out of his mouth    01/22/20  (7)
$1 trillion to hit hole in 1 on a 400 yard par 4 or skin stripped off & fed to u    01/22/20  (11)
'which part of your back drafts contracts', smirked luis' boss    01/22/20  (6)
Luis on cross: "My God, My God, my back is killing me today man. Lmao"    01/22/20  (13)
Idea: change name to "Natural Causes" then become serial killer    01/22/20  (2)
potbelly twink luis what sweetgreen will u get today    01/22/20  (1)
RSF Got Banned From FlyerTalk    01/22/20  (30)
Bernie's campaign vetting Michelle Obama as possible running mate    01/22/20  (2)
lol Official Amazon acct just tweeted that MBS no longer eligible for Prime (lin    01/22/20  (1)
crusader kings 2 but with late 90s yankees dynasty portraits    01/22/20  (2)
Lizzo plays the flute in the nude as she channels a floral goddess in sheer bod    01/22/20  (3)
Is fucking happening? No?    01/22/20  (2)
search for Kristin Smart, Cal. Poly San Luis Obispo    01/22/20  (10)

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