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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/25/20  (365)
Boomers ruined the ski industry too. Millennials don’t ski    01/25/20  (22)
Can't help it, really want to see AOC naked. Really want to do bad things to her    01/25/20  (4)
Could the US win a war against Russia+Iran+China?    01/25/20  (30)
i work hard. put bat on the table. and what he do? he cough.    01/25/20  (10)
The Neville is in the Seychelles    01/25/20  (3)
Buying in NYC. Discuss    01/25/20  (32)
"like turducken but with a bat, a raccoon, and giant centipede. Who just joined    01/25/20  (10)
Just when you thought Avenatti couldn’t get more hilarious, bam    01/25/20  (11)
Nigel, what the fuck is wrong with you?    01/25/20  (3)
Your old: poasters pay more for preschool than you did for 4yrs of college    01/25/20  (6)
Slept 3pm Friday to noon Saturday. Feel great. Am I gonna die?    01/25/20  (4)
So Lauren Sanchez sent Bezos’ texts to her brother who leaked them?    01/25/20  (9)
ggtp did u get the job    01/25/20  (105)
XO Croatia literally beating the shit out of piperaping "migrant" invaders    01/25/20  (18)
“I checked, but that website doesn’t exist,” nurse says as she gives u sed    01/25/20  (32)
Amazing how white collar manages to be both emasculating *and* defeminizing    01/25/20  (43)
It's officially summer in Orange County CA    01/25/20  (1)
And I knew your pain and the effect of my shame but you cut me down    01/25/20  (1)
If you're not stocking up on canned food & ammo, you're insane.    01/25/20  (8)
Which two XO poasters are on the right hand side of this picture?    01/25/20  (10)
Kikes harassing me - help    01/25/20  (16)
Is it wrong/racis to prefer British blues music over American for the most part?    01/25/20  (1)
another depressing as fuck college admissions thread on UrbanBaby    01/25/20  (18)
Any1 get anal lacerations from tiny ass pubes caked with micro fecal buildup?    01/25/20  (9)
WOC walking .02mph to non-Buttigieg side of gym during Iowa "Caucus"    01/25/20  (6)
Media tech/science stories are basically advertisement for Jewish startups    01/25/20  (120)
Describe life right now in a quarantined chinese coronavirus zone.    01/25/20  (19)
Life is unfair for most people and LIBS only care if you're gay/black/trans    01/25/20  (5)
The party of Hatred    01/25/20  (1)
Is this chick too ethnic looking to be attractive?    01/25/20  (95)
*woman in your office on HAIR-TRIGGER ALERT for ANY POSSIBLE SLIGHT*    01/25/20  (1)
Feds asking you why you spent 20 yrs "posting" on 404 page    01/25/20  (5)
Adult Doug Funny, sighing on the way to work, looking at photos of Patty on FB    01/25/20  (92)
Anyone constantly bumping into door frames    01/25/20  (3)
The Kominsky Method: any good?    01/25/20  (3)
Black women are dominating the HR position. Here's Why    01/25/20  (1)
2025: Recent Wellesley grad Thunberg takes coveted position at large oil company    01/25/20  (3)
Taking your ball and going home is the most Underrated life skill    01/25/20  (29)
pedude, i need some advice    01/25/20  (18)
Fleshlight coked out taking Qs on and off when I can.    01/25/20  (9)
Lmao bernie has NO IDEA how much his "plans" are going to cost    01/25/20  (8)
For a fleeting moment, I thought this site went down for good    01/25/20  (3)
benzo is soliciting my poasts off-board    01/25/20  (15)
RATE this TRANSformation    01/25/20  (2)
Watching Heat. Forgot how bad news Wiangro was.    01/25/20  (2)
Roosh: 8 Personal Defects That Allowed Me To Worship Fornication For 18 Years    01/25/20  (88)
Do Dems realize how creepy and deceitful Schiff looks to the average American?    01/25/20  (40)
Coffee = poison. Spikes cholesterol & triglycerides massively    01/25/20  (5)
China just dumbing Wuhan virus deaths into mass graves now    01/25/20  (1)
Married neighbor chick added me on FB yesterday, then posted this today    01/25/20  (34)
Is this XO's ideal woman?    01/25/20  (4)
litigation is how jews reproduce    01/25/20  (46)
* NHL All-Star Game *    01/25/20  (1)
Dogs still good to eat?    01/25/20  (1)
Boiling water for make benefit spaghetti    01/25/20  (1)
Mike Pompeo flipped out after interview w/ NPR reporter    01/25/20  (36)
Where should you buy in WASHINGTON, DC right now?    01/25/20  (8)
MSNBC body language expert: "Bernie is lying because of his body language."    01/25/20  (9)
Never had a girl maintain a single female “friendship” once we start relatio    01/25/20  (3)
Lev Parnas has recordings of Trump directly ordering Ukraine meddling.    01/25/20  (14)
Cslg where do you sit for chandler trials    01/25/20  (4)
Bernie Sanders ineligible to be POTUS cuz no middle name    01/25/20  (1)
Reminder: the place where Charles lives literally means "Land of Virgins"    01/25/20  (5)
Now, a ballerina and a playwright.    01/25/20  (1)
insane that women have evolved to make outrageous yelps/screams during sex    01/25/20  (52)
LOL at this fight in a WoW Classic guild - video    01/25/20  (1)
"The website listed as your emergency contact didn't load. So we just went ahead    01/25/20  (1)
LEVITICUS 11 19    01/25/20  (6)
MPA when do u start at state street    01/25/20  (2)
And what rough beast its hour come round at last/slouches towards Wuhan to be ea    01/25/20  (4)
Make your WUHAN CORONAVIRUS predictions in this thread    01/25/20  (38)
6 sq mile area of "Great Pacific Garbage Patch" seems to be only litigator resum    01/25/20  (2)
Uh, so Rach, what happened?    01/25/20  (14)
I ordered a slice of pizza and I've been waiting for 15 fucking minutes.    01/25/20  (10)
MPA im the Big Mad Andy of shitlaw    01/25/20  (6)
i'm becoming more convinced that all white collar work is soulless and awful    01/25/20  (27)
Bowlcut tp - u can make fun of a lot of things, but Twitter is going too far    01/25/20  (5)
Just bought a slice of Dominos    01/25/20  (1)
What is the shittiest major metro in America? Serious question.    01/25/20  (38)
Guy in Wuhan: "Weather terribre, raining bats and Sun bears”    01/25/20  (1)
De Blasio declares NYC sanctuary city for Wuhan coronavirus    01/25/20  (1)
assfaggot plowing chinks in a surgical mask    01/25/20  (1)
Just flew to SF from HK. No screening at airport whatsoever. USA is fukt    01/25/20  (9)
ggtp returning to new england is gonna be like when Maximus went back to Spain    01/25/20  (1)
Sabrin the Teenage Witch on Netflix    01/25/20  (2)
ggtp getting replaced at last second by H1B from Mumbai Tech    01/25/20  (4)
So what kind of productive things did you do while XO was down    01/25/20  (3)
I rather get Wuhan than ebola, TBH.    01/25/20  (1)
theology idea: god has provided all the entertainment you need via AutoAdmit    01/25/20  (2)
Gravity Falls is an Awesome Show    01/25/20  (6)
Very suspicious that xo goes down in the middle of the Wuhan outbreak    01/25/20  (1)
lol full Lev Parnas recording of Trump is 1 hour and 23 mins long    01/25/20  (1)
"Fifty per cent of Soviet government in each town consists of Jews of worst type    01/25/20  (2)
All of my friends from HS went MGTOW, I got a JD, wife, and kids    01/25/20  (15)
if i don't come back for more than a week i'm probably dead from coronaidsvirus    01/25/20  (1)
Herd of violent Jews kidnaps and executes 7-year-old Palestinian boy    01/25/20  (3)
It’s not looks xo every creep I know has at least fuckable chick    01/25/20  (6)
Figure Skating Weekend: European Championships and US Nationals    01/25/20  (4)
long dead poasters like Halford and anon6356 poasting again as the Red Fog rolls    01/25/20  (1)
we have to make sure this place grows and this never happens again    01/25/20  (1)
At Grand California Hotel (CSLG)    01/25/20  (8)
Bernie overtakes Biden on predictit for first time    01/25/20  (3)
i fucking hate black niggers. they're the absolute worst.    01/25/20  (17)
RATE Charlie puths dick    01/25/20  (13)
Your disappointed father, wearing a surgical mask at your wedding reception    01/25/20  (47)
1972 Nixon looking at Joe Biden's 2020 electoral victory map: haha wow holy shit    01/25/20  (8)
If Americans all took a class in high school where they played EU IV they would    01/25/20  (1)
If libs shut down autoadmit we would all just pretend it never existed    01/25/20  (4)
lawman8 why are incels still MAF despite all the free porn we've given you?    01/25/20  (14)
Henry Aaron "just let me tweak the site code a bit so pumos can't pick on me"    01/25/20  (1)
Weird that coronavirus likely started by Chinese people eating *snakes*    01/25/20  (2)
Server caught coronavirus but it's better now (rach)    01/25/20  (1)
OK libs,so where do YOU think this whole Ebola disaster's going?    01/25/20  (49)
Rach releasing tell-all memoir of latest xo outage: "What happened"    01/25/20  (1)
thank goodness for the xo discord. was cool to hang out during outage.    01/25/20  (1)
Pelosi delayed impeachment to Year of the Rat to help Adam Schiff (link)    01/25/20  (1)
CharlesXII's asian megashrew posting pic holding fried bat w dartmouth ring    01/25/20  (13)
Women are idiots who suck who you're supposed to just Mount    01/25/20  (21)
4 Mexicans sitting next to me at bar getting shitfaced    01/25/20  (7)
luis using plyers to help jafar zip up his skinny jeans    01/25/20  (5)
Rate this Russian headstone    01/25/20  (7)
Sanders embraces Joe Rogan’s endorsement —> libs apoplectic    01/25/20  (21)
Hey reptles,how's that Obama-caused US Ebola epidemc working out    01/25/20  (22)
Good article on how reptiles were duped into panicking during 2014 Ebola scare    01/25/20  (7)
Ebola "epidemic" will be over by Thanksgiving. Reptiles ir8    01/25/20  (22)
what happened to the reptile ebola panic    01/25/20  (7)
You guys know there's another SARS outbreak in China right now    01/25/20  (13)
Remember when Reptiles were like, "Ebola! Must close borders!"    01/25/20  (57)
*sees that xo is back online* *unties noose*    01/25/20  (2)
🎢🎢🎢 Do you what to build a showzhim 🎢🎢🎢    01/25/20  (1)
Disney+ updates "Frozen" lyrics for "Do You Want to Build a Snowgirl":    01/25/20  (2)
Star Wars is Dead, Bring On DUNE    01/25/20  (20)
How do you guys manage personal email?    01/25/20  (1)
what could obeezy possibly be busy training for?    01/25/20  (9)
lol Lev Parnas tape recorded Trump instructing staff to fire Ukraine Ambassador    01/25/20  (32)
Jimmer Fredette's life is better than yours proof ITT    01/25/20  (2)
xo should adopt the reddit rules for the xo subreddit    01/25/20  (4)
How is -40 F and Celsius the same?    01/25/20  (15)
china CDC scientists at lunch puzzled by outbreaks & biting heads off bats    01/25/20  (2)
🚨 TRUMP IS FINISHED 🚨    01/25/20  (13)
Rate BYU cheerleader Jimmer Fredette was caught cheating on his wife with (pics)    01/25/20  (3)
Coronavirus predicted to kill 65 MILLION people    01/25/20  (18)
Got drunk @ Torrey Pines yesterday and ended up fucking a gross fat 48 yr old    01/25/20  (36)
So many things wrong with Doug Demuro    01/25/20  (9)
bought "Wuhan sauce" at chinese grocery. only ingredient is bat semen    01/25/20  (2)
The year is 2031. An active XO moniker is the world's most valuable currency    01/25/20  (5)
I'm going to fucking vomit    01/25/20  (1)
looking good faggy retard    01/25/20  (4)
2000s "asian tigers": still shit in street, slaughter bats in open markets    01/25/20  (1)
couples who hold hands in public are prole    01/25/20  (1)

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