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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/18/20  (357)
Who's the most likeable everyday white guy on xo?    01/20/20  (51)
America is just 3 megacorporations stacked in a trenchcoat    01/20/20  (11)
white ppl who call MLK 'doctor king'    01/20/20  (12)
Like roosh v I am disavowing my past as a chadly womanizer and pumo    01/20/20  (1)
RATE this rich slender jewess #DBG    01/20/20  (15)
waiting for GOYdot    01/20/20  (5)
MLK day is rapidly becoming a required holiday    01/20/20  (2)
Bolton needs to just give a TV interview and be done with it    01/20/20  (1)
Reminder: Trump lost by 3 million votes then GOP got gaped in next 3 elections    01/20/20  (29)
Aaron Hernandez will be back in nfl very soon    01/20/20  (9)
Inviting all my hottest guy friends over for super bowl party    01/20/20  (2)
ITT: We remembrance The Doctor The Reverend The Martin The Luther The KING III    01/20/20  (2)
The boomer with a thousand faces    01/20/20  (17)
Dr. Michael King, Jr. ljl    01/20/20  (1)
What do u do at work when your shit is peanut butter consistency & can't shower    01/20/20  (5)
I'm a fan of OUZO    01/20/20  (8)
Aaron Rodgers (Fraudger$) is now 1-3 in NFC Championship Games    01/20/20  (35)
What kind of women does Stevie Wonder find attractive?    01/20/20  (3)
So Trumpmo gun rally accomplished nothing?    01/20/20  (1)
Tmf give me a restaurant to eat at in Kiev next week    01/20/20  (27)
luis is throwing a super bowl party in San Bruno w/ his fade & IPA bros    01/20/20  (3)
Ways to cover my ass when making stock purchases in companies my company works w    01/20/20  (30)
what are the best canned foods    01/20/20  (41)
Deadlifted this morning, now eating 9 egg omelette. Taking Qs    01/20/20  (4)
everyday white guy here, taking questions    01/20/20  (8)
is a pool heater worth the money?    01/20/20  (33)
Me and Refunkulus devouring Kottu Roti at a Colombo street cafe    01/20/20  (1)
litigation is how jews reproduce    01/20/20  (23)
Luis (spackler)    01/20/20  (1)
'no, make it faggier' (me to my barber)    01/20/20  (23)
Judge Jeanine must be furious she didn't make Trump's dream team    01/20/20  (1)
The most prestigious pool heater discussion board in the world.    01/20/20  (1)
Dr. Martens Luther King    01/20/20  (2)
MLK was a secret character on Street Fighter 2.    01/20/20  (5)
"no mom his schtick is that he's really angry.. yeah, his too...yup that guy too    01/20/20  (24)
If RUDY GIULIANI was smart enough to get into NYU Law in the 60s, explain who    01/20/20  (3)
luis i love pizza    01/20/20  (1)
do shrews still LOVE bacon and bourbon    01/20/20  (7)
󠀠    01/20/20  (98)
Drunkard the poster, is “synthetic oil” capitali$t fraud?    01/20/20  (2)
Bernie stiff arms Steyer (video)    01/20/20  (3)
It’s Dr. Martin Luther the King Jr. Day. Guess what kind of doctor he was ITT    01/20/20  (26)
NYT Dem Primary Endorsement happening in next hour. Prediction?    01/20/20  (26)
*Sinatra voice* "Comply with me..."    01/20/20  (82)
A day in Amy Klobuchar's America (James Joyce, Jr.)    01/20/20  (6)
"I am currently out of the office observing Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day"    01/20/20  (1)
Maddening that Disney destroyed the Star Wars franchise    01/20/20  (8)
What's TCR .30-30 RIFLE???    01/20/20  (18)
Niners QB Jagadeep "Jimmy" Garoppolistani was born in Sargodha, Punjab...    01/20/20  (7)
rate this tranny's swastika armband and diaper:    01/20/20  (7)
MacGregor Cowboy fight was the #1 most staged fraud thing ive ever seen in sport    01/20/20  (45)
Wagecuck lawyer scoffing at MLK for not having a real doctoral degree    01/20/20  (4)
Like "Michelle" Obama, MLK's real name was Michael    01/20/20  (1)
Who's the most intelligent pollack on xo?    01/20/20  (14)
president klobuchar and vice president abrams to renovate white house restrooms    01/20/20  (2)
Who’s the most fratty asian on xo?    01/20/20  (13)
Who is THE most mentally ill poster here?    01/20/20  (54)
luis bursting through ur office door like Kool-Aid Man, shouting "I'M GAAAAAAAAY    01/20/20  (3)
"I, Amy Klobuchar, do solemnly swear to faithfully execute the laws and Constitu    01/20/20  (1)
Green is the color of magic. Plants are conducting sorcery on us.    01/20/20  (1)
"I haven't drank anything, officer. I am as sober as Judge Kavanaugh."    01/20/20  (2)
ate at Popeye's chicken to celebrate the legacy of MLK, jr    01/20/20  (1)
president klobuchar telling chief of staff ted lieu he has a small dick    01/20/20  (2)
Klobuchar rekt    01/20/20  (20)
Vox: The White Supremacism of Strategic Civility & The "Gun Rights" Rally    01/20/20  (1)
Boomers aren't real people they're a social construct.    01/20/20  (1)
hey mike fart here    01/20/20  (1)
exeunt seems angrier than he used to be    01/20/20  (13)
Who's the most thug Azn on xo?    01/20/20  (3)
I am thinking of setting up a friendster account. Barb    01/20/20  (1)
Roosh may have gone soft, but at least we'll always have Roissy    01/20/20  (15)
god damnit jafar stop that Hawthorne heights song from autoplaying on ur Myspace    01/20/20  (2)
seems like 95% of young whites in UK/australia have major tattoos now    01/20/20  (1)
Roosh: 8 Personal Defects That Allowed Me To Worship Fornication For 18 Years    01/20/20  (33)
Fun Lovin' Criminals are v. popular in the UK, many albums & TV appearances    01/20/20  (1)
can someone not mentally ill explain the mr. jinx/whokebe thing    01/20/20  (211)
Thoughts on this workout?    01/20/20  (7)
I'm Barb. Some call me xo Barb.    01/20/20  (2)
uh oh its 2020 luis    01/20/20  (3)
hey boomers what was myspace like    01/20/20  (33)
Happy MLK Day! How are you honoring the King today?    01/20/20  (1)
Rudy Giuliani attempting to appeal Trump's senate acquittal    01/20/20  (2)
Just do pour unprecedented amount of guns on politically polarized population    01/20/20  (8)
Who’s the most sober irishman on xo?    01/20/20  (1)
did charles give up on dating? will he join roosh at a monestary?    01/20/20  (10)
Who's the most likeable jew on xo?    01/20/20  (47)
Shit- last day of Dry January is a Friday    01/20/20  (1)
Do I need to be jewish to find Curb Your Enthusiasm entertaining?    01/20/20  (33)
tsinah looks like he's pushing 400 lbs    01/20/20  (82)
Hi all. How's your MLK holiday. Name is Barb.    01/20/20  (4)
Yale course on Middle Ages on YT >>>> History of Rome (link)    01/20/20  (17)
should i get fucking jacked    01/20/20  (2)
it must kill tsinah to watch everyone acknowledge I'm smarter than he is (benzo)    01/20/20  (15)
say what you will bros the Subaru Forester is cr    01/20/20  (39)
I put on my robe and pussy hat    01/20/20  (4)
Society turns on “Cuck Nodes” who revel in putting down their own power    01/20/20  (1)
Nyuug arrives gushing blood in ER: "PLEASE! HEL--" Nurse: "I have a boyfriend!"    01/20/20  (4)
This forum has a lot of quirky people    01/20/20  (10)
Just googled “[DVP’s real name] + HLS”. Nothing came up. Did he graduate a    01/20/20  (6)
XO Poaster: "Yeah, can I have a venti..." Barista: "I have a boyfriend!"    01/20/20  (32)
An infinite game cannot be abstracted, for it is not a part of the whole present    01/20/20  (1)
The Tutsi really fucked Hutu shit up in the Burundian civil war    01/20/20  (1)
TMF calls 911: "Help, I've been shot!" Female operator: "I have a boyfriend!!"    01/20/20  (3)
Starting Lost In Space tonight. Is it any good?    01/20/20  (1)
yeah im online    01/20/20  (1)
2010 luis fucked ur mom    01/20/20  (3)
Does The Box's black boyfriend know chilmata's black wife?    01/20/20  (4)
Benzo is getting clowned on by TSINAH lol    01/20/20  (16)
sim glitch: Henry Aaron is male and a nurse    01/20/20  (4)
Held door open for woman at coffee shop, she stopped walking & said "I have a bf    01/20/20  (23)
happiest guy i know is married to a fat white woman and has 5 kids    01/20/20  (3)
Could trump appeal a conviction to scotus ?    01/20/20  (11)
Rate these tits    01/20/20  (29)
Forever    01/20/20  (1)
MSM saddened to report no violence at gun rights rally today    01/20/20  (2)
HS girl pretends to be her amnesiac dad's GF for 6 months (DailyMail    01/20/20  (7)
Internet post about the disparate impact of requiring auto insurance    01/20/20  (5)
guy murdered wife after she turned lesbian and taunted him about his small penis    01/20/20  (20)
What will be the impact of Amazon HQ2 on DC/NoVa when it opens?    01/20/20  (25)
"Mr. Dupa, we don't just sell sperm...nor by the gallon..." (Dupa @ sperm bank)    01/20/20  (1)
MY subaru -- MY uppababy -- MY REI uniform    01/20/20  (1)
MEGHAN MARKLE'S DAD: Meghan "cheapened royal family", made it "Walmart"    01/20/20  (17)
Name the GTTTR and Get Thee's Husband porn video    01/20/20  (29)
NBA Bust Chandler Parsons traded to HELL via DUI car accident    01/20/20  (9)
NYC BANS the use of 'at-risk' for students, they are now 'At-promise' (DM)    01/20/20  (25)
Tim Tebow bringing collusion suit against XFL    01/20/20  (1)
Watching The Crown season 3. Holy shit this is good.    01/20/20  (7)
So did Tim Tebow finally get laid?    01/20/20  (2)
GTTTR and GTH quoting "The Tudors" before sexy time    01/20/20  (2)
Just had sports agent try to AMOG me in front of mutual client.    01/20/20  (1)
Transfer Portal ranked #19 in AP preseason poll (link)    01/20/20  (12)
DMV full of gremlins taking all 9998 numbers in front of you    01/20/20  (11)
“Well, technically ur not ‘at-risk’ anymore” Halford told ur son, buckli    01/20/20  (1)
“Let’s get promising” squealed obeezy, sliding off the trucker’s condom    01/20/20  (1)
Promising Business (1983) starring Tom Cruise and Rebecca Demornay    01/20/20  (4)
THIS IS IT: the virus that will kill us all is starting with the bugs (link)    01/20/20  (4)
Paris mass shooter uses Klobb, dozens of people bruised    01/20/20  (4)
xo is "at promise" of extreme mental illness    01/20/20  (3)
Rich friend (400k per year) carpeted his driveway    01/20/20  (1)
Loud Asshole On Speakerphone In BA Elite Lounge; Beta Pussy FlyerTalker Poasts    01/20/20  (22)
Remote cell towers have electricity & fast internet. Why not tap in & steal?    01/20/20  (1)
Director of Corporate Promise Management    01/20/20  (2)
Hasbro rebranding its classic board game as "Promise"    01/20/20  (6)
Wife is helping a lot of AT PROMISE adults recently, should I be worried?    01/20/20  (4)
Drunk driving is a very promising move, especially promising for other drivers    01/20/20  (1)
"If your hours don't increase, you're at promise of being shitcanned."    01/20/20  (1)
Three AT-PROMISE TEENS brutally attacking your girlfriend in Manhattan park    01/20/20  (3)
Life is truly unbearable without drugs.    01/20/20  (8)
RATE Xisca's AO Prison Outfit (PIC) #tennis    01/20/20  (7)

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