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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/18/20  (357)
True story: there is a POASTER here who FOLLOWS TT around 24-7    01/22/20  (1)
What Nutella actually looks like ITT    01/22/20  (16)
Had a knock down drag out shitlaw trial today. Screaming in court. Exhausted    01/22/20  (2)
Already have $870,576.71 in my operating account (CSLG)    01/22/20  (46)
America is a joke! Fraudulent tax system fraudulent all around!    01/22/20  (2)
How many times throw woman down stairs reliable abortion    01/22/20  (2)
“Wuhan” means “Raccoon City” in Mandarin    01/22/20  (8)
So on the elevator at Goldman today    01/22/20  (59)
not much new here dad just jafarthreading    01/22/20  (5)
TMF & MND hosting weekly salon of intellectuals & artists in their Yonkers home    01/22/20  (201)
So uhhh the entire city in China just got quarantined.    01/22/20  (1)
post ITT if you've never posted on a pumo or an alt    01/22/20  (8)
Never thought this wld happen to me, but I met this chick on SA and fell for her    01/22/20  (24)
Xo Tulsi sues Hillary Clinton for $100 million    01/22/20  (5)
CSLG can you spot me a few hundred grand to go solo?    01/22/20  (3)
Don't forget - BLM are paid by Clintons, who bought black supporters in 2007 too    01/22/20  (4)
i fucking hate black niggers. they're the absolute worst.    01/22/20  (6)
why are INDIANS so good at pollution?    01/22/20  (22)
My (29M) wife (37F) is nearly 400 pounds    01/22/20  (12)
Extremely SORE from my workout yesterday. Rate my lifts (DTP)    01/22/20  (24)
Bernie Sanders tops new CNN poll. When will they haul out Obama to bash him?    01/22/20  (11)
Money πŸ’° $olve$ every problem that is $olveable=hard fact    01/22/20  (5)
America! What a fucking joke?    01/22/20  (1)
Chill SHARIA law cop just asked me if I'm MUSLIM in 180 Asia juicejuicejuice    01/22/20  (13)
GOAT female mountain climber died falling down her own stairs    01/22/20  (3)
Would you consider this home "tacky" ?    01/22/20  (31)
Wuhan doctors arrested after leaking that coronavirus corpses "walked out" of mo    01/22/20  (1)
Boalt tuition hike to $75,500    01/22/20  (64)
jafar I have questions    01/22/20  (1)
Remember when xo coined "LOL"    01/22/20  (8)
if you support anyone other than Trump or Bernie, LJL at you    01/22/20  (13)
China catapulting coronavirus victims over enemy walls    01/22/20  (3)
Yes bartender Ill have a GGTP. *bartender mixes peanut sauce and of counsel off    01/22/20  (5)
Mods restore the gold thread (id 4425008)    01/22/20  (2)
Bernie Sanders Doesn't Want To Win    01/22/20  (20)
Doorbell cam video of an armed robbery in California:    01/22/20  (56)
anyone watch the Joe Rogan episode with Matt Taibbi yet    01/22/20  (12)
Nickleodon was an entire channel dedicated to shooting bodily fluids on kids    01/22/20  (7)
Aus Open Court 2 Renamed "1573 Arena" After "Guojiao 1573" Chink Liquor #tennis    01/22/20  (6)
Any other poster make an ass of himself as consistently as Obeezy?    01/22/20  (2)
Obeezy, are you having a watch party for the impeachment trial?    01/22/20  (11)
$100,000 but you must listen to CSLG brag about his wealth for 2 hrs/day forever    01/22/20  (61)
<puts bucket of shit on doorstep, waits for libs to come smell lick & eat it>    01/22/20  (2)
app request: "making love out of nothing at all" plays when u see a luis poast    01/22/20  (1)
extremely angry online    01/22/20  (3)
Why can’t we come together as a country and make necessary education investmen    01/22/20  (4)
*Tommy T furiously scrubbing skin with coarse brush, "JUST MAKE ME WHITE!!!"*    01/22/20  (5)
πŸ¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸŽΎ AUSTRALIAN OPEN Official Thread πŸŽΎπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ¨ #tennis    01/22/20  (77)
This isnt a game to me, screamed TSINAH as he upended the Candyland board    01/22/20  (36)
So libs are pushing whistleblower anonymity bullshit bc they know he’s comprom    01/22/20  (5)
J.D. Vance weighs in on "The New Class War"    01/22/20  (11)
Just shorted TSLA at $570    01/22/20  (7)
why are BIRDSHITS so good at prostitution?    01/22/20  (1)
Wu-Tang Clan announces benefit concert for Wuhan    01/22/20  (1)
TT RATE This ATP Dubs Turd DIJIV SHARAN, Who Married A Brit Tennis Chick #tennis    01/22/20  (6)
Jafar for High Priest    01/22/20  (4)
libs?    01/22/20  (1)
Looking forward to Biden physically assaulting Trump during the debates    01/22/20  (2)
Bloomberg: law teen craze real. Starry eyed teens hope to follow lawyer idols    01/22/20  (1)
Holy shit. Seattle port opened shipping container stuffed w coronavirus corpses    01/22/20  (4)
By 2020 who will have a greater net worth, Nutella or Earl    01/22/20  (99)
The hosts of Chapo Trap House flung into the Atlantic Ocean from heli    01/22/20  (26)
Liz Warren begging the Seminoles for a cut of their casino revenue    01/22/20  (1)
All cash Chinese buyers infected with Coronavirus being sent to US    01/22/20  (1)
The Oligarchs want you to carry the banner of absolute nullity    01/22/20  (1)
I just flew a plane into a grain elevator. Taking questions.    01/22/20  (1)
Why are INDIANS so good at WESTERN politics and business?    01/22/20  (37)
I've got so much mad funk I need a shower.    01/22/20  (4)
drove by an entire apartment building made of steel shipping containers    01/22/20  (2)
Report: ERIC CIARAMELLA discussed removing Trump during NSC meeting in 2017 (lin    01/22/20  (17)
the phrase "ay caramba" was popularized by a small law school admissions forum    01/22/20  (1)
Hey Wilbur instead of living meaningful lives let's go on Twitter all day    01/22/20  (5)
The Gerontocracy is on its last crutch    01/22/20  (3)
Why is honeycomb so expensive    01/22/20  (3)
Healthcare up 20%? No prob, Apple added a third camera. No inflaion (BLS)    01/22/20  (9)
BLS calculating CPI: “the extra pixel density nets out w/a 5% rent hike”    01/22/20  (22)
College tution up 10%? That offsets CPI drop from those new GMO apples (BLS)    01/22/20  (2)
Twenty something years as an Auxiliary Drummer for Empire    01/22/20  (1)
The era of recessions declared over.    01/22/20  (18)
hr lady calling ggtp's 1st reference, asking to speak with Mr Assfaggot    01/22/20  (2)
Stories surfacing of coronovirus victims "biting" health care workers (AP)    01/22/20  (2)
Smell Purell and Listerine in the office sink. Really makes you think. Makes you    01/22/20  (1)
fulano what's the latest gossip from datalounge.com?    01/22/20  (2)
China dumping dead virus victims on beaches    01/22/20  (3)
biz idea: turbanbaby - a forum for mentally ill indian posters    01/22/20  (2)
urbanbaby is more interesting than xo    01/22/20  (13)
Local firm has 2,000 billing reqt but payouts only add up to $180,000    01/22/20  (1)
Is it true in fact that Obama was and is a corn muffin brotha?    01/22/20  (1)
You're old: Beethoven's 9th Symphony 700th anniversary today    01/22/20  (13)
is the cr number of kids to have 3, 4, 5, or 6?    01/22/20  (21)
Local bar has $200 super bowl boxes but payouts only add up to $18000    01/22/20  (22)
The "Fed put" is a devilish little sucker to model    01/22/20  (1)
Biden assaults reporter with punch to the chest - video    01/22/20  (12)
Ggtp maybe next time don’t use the Chapo hosts for your references    01/22/20  (15)
Would you give up all rights to live under a competent despotism?    01/22/20  (2)
I have to PAY to read shitty Medium poasts now? LOL    01/22/20  (3)
Sean Carroll is the best popular cosmologist today    01/22/20  (12)
Italians are Latinx, Brazilians are Mediterranean, Argentines are Nordic    01/22/20  (1)
China bans all 11 millions residents of Wuhan from leaving the city    01/22/20  (1)
could we relate real economy to the WoW economy in terms of money?    01/22/20  (5)
odd that they don't make chastity cages for guys with huge cocks    01/22/20  (1)
Idea: change name to "Natural Causes" then become serial killer    01/22/20  (10)
luis wears asics for a 5 min walk to subway, brown potbelly protruding from ctyr    01/22/20  (5)
Why would the thread about the Latina tweeting about the shooting get modded?    01/22/20  (23)
Is Brenda an OK name for a woman or too sexy?    01/22/20  (6)
How are you supposed to be cordial with lying retail associates    01/22/20  (3)
im tweeting daddy    01/22/20  (12)
WSJ: UCLA has surpassed UC-Berkeley.    01/22/20  (7)
Could This Be the End of Fairway Markets, a New York Institution? [NYT]    01/22/20  (2)
Campaign to rename Parkinson's "Fox-Williams' Disease"    01/22/20  (19)
JJC: Mayor Pete's "actually I was an associate" = his Bentsen JFK moment    01/22/20  (3)
MPA what's the job    01/22/20  (7)
Boeing, GM, and GE bankruptcies    01/22/20  (12)
Rate: This photo of Nutella at the ski resort    01/22/20  (11)
Rate this thicc caramel WOC    01/22/20  (25)
Lol at Nader destroying any chance dems had    01/22/20  (1)
Politico: Schiff may have “mischaracterized” Parnas evidence, documents show    01/22/20  (10)
Is Phone surrogate activity?    01/22/20  (3)
Does anybody here know SEAN MISKO, Eric CIARAMELLAS close buddy and fellow consp    01/22/20  (3)
Widdle Adam Schiffty Schiff    01/22/20  (2)
imagine this girl’s beer farts (instagram)    01/22/20  (78)
I like to smoke a cig on my walk home from work    01/22/20  (11)
Millennials, the Dying Children    01/22/20  (144)
10 Billion but you could never leave the Hawaiian Islands    01/22/20  (50)
why is it everyone named Aaron is into drugs and/or gay?    01/22/20  (29)
Check out the photo MBS sent to Bezos to initiate the phone data hack    01/22/20  (3)
'philosopher' reaches age 97, realizes he is scared shitless of death, disowns    01/22/20  (25)
Repost of coed ski trip for your torture - sfw    01/22/20  (1)
Rate these Texas mulattas/mulatresses    01/22/20  (2)
Petermans hair, t cells, crypto worth in a three-way race to zero    01/22/20  (16)
last week i met the tiny house hunter yurt chick with the huge tits    01/22/20  (8)
how to address LINGERIE that predates relationship    01/22/20  (33)
Why did Lev Parnas flip on Trump and Giuliani so quickly?    01/22/20  (46)
MPA did you get the job    01/22/20  (10)
Are there any funny lib political posters    01/22/20  (5)
TS Amanda Boomer    01/22/20  (1)
Women are EIC at the 16 Most Elite Law Reviews    01/22/20  (21)
I think we need separate threads for every Tweet we read.    01/22/20  (1)
Call me Boomer you little faggot    01/22/20  (2)
New Tinderella is a dirty talker during sex. Ruins the whole thing for me.    01/22/20  (34)
The "Lamb" of the Ghent Altarpiece has been restored and um    01/22/20  (1)
ill go out on a limb here--next year's cfp = clemson, tosu, oklahoma, bama    01/22/20  (1)
Chinese doctors putting limes in mouths of coronavirus afflicted patients    01/22/20  (17)
*horny, dirty talks to tinder 5, cums, immediately stops msging*    01/22/20  (7)
Hillary: I thought everyone wanted my authentic, unvarnished views!    01/22/20  (1)
Why is Obeezy an anti-semite now?    01/22/20  (15)
seems like there are a lot of jews involved in this impeachment    01/22/20  (4)
Trump wearing a "Pobody's Nerfect" hat to his war crimes tribunal    01/22/20  (4)
hey libs, why aren't you pining for more national conversations?    01/22/20  (1)

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