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STICKY: Big changes   07/30/20  (329)
Baltimore to NYC isn’t a bad drive at all. Why don’t more people commute?    08/03/20  (25)
Oliver Dar-cy, writing a law school app essay that no one will read...    08/03/20  (11)
Spx breaking 33 today    08/03/20  (1)
Oliver Darcy, picks up the rice in a church were a wedding has been    08/03/20  (2)
Rate this blonde 2020 Harvard Law grad?    08/03/20  (94)
NYT: Let’s Scrap the Presidential Debates    08/03/20  (36)
$JMIA has been a monster stock. TY XO    08/03/20  (52)
Biglaw vs Business Jobs    08/03/20  (26)
The Oliver Darcy concert was lit last night    08/03/20  (2)
Is “Oliver Darcy” a good name for an indie band    08/03/20  (4)
Biden’s face is like a plastic death mask    08/03/20  (3)
Everyone should watch the Kamau Bell education special on CNN    08/03/20  (43)
caste of h1b indian bros posting badly choreographed tiktok dances to linkedin    08/03/20  (2)
Becker was a great TV show    08/03/20  (10)
Keep my name out of your mouths, punks. (Oliver)    08/03/20  (1)
Please rate this boring-ass garage refrigerator I just pulled trigger on    08/03/20  (7)
Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) has enough $ to last 18 months with zero demand    08/03/20  (1)
Death from wounds brings Chicago murdercide total to 107 for JULY    08/03/20  (4)
Oliver Darcy taking finasteride as a suppository “because it absorbs better”    08/03/20  (4)
Oliver Darcy died how he lived: head in a toilet & ass full of semen    08/03/20  (22)
Oliver Darcy making “outcalls” in CNN office mens room    08/03/20  (10)
Oliver Darcy in CNN parking lot: “I gotta wash my ass. You want it clean?”    08/03/20  (5)
BREAKING: Trump to ban TikTok on Monday    08/03/20  (64)
home depot LP day #2 post-orientation update    08/03/20  (77)
Oliver Darcy tattooing Chinese characters "dangerous opportunity" on his asshole    08/03/20  (4)
Oliver Darcy: “I never take off my skates, and don’t come in my mouth”    08/03/20  (24)
What HEADLINE DEAL law firm is advising Microsoft tik tok acquisition?    08/03/20  (3)
We've got a little motto in our city. Maybe you've heard of it.    08/03/20  (3)
IMAGINE being this excited about your awful job    08/03/20  (14)
NYC Karen enforces bike law on dumbfuck white male pedestrian    08/03/20  (28)
great politics thread. really entertaining    08/03/20  (3)
Black NHL player from Canada kneels for US anthem, stands for Canada anthem (lin    08/03/20  (3)
Are we going to have hyperinflation?    08/03/20  (63)
not sure why but im really attracted to dark, big areolas    08/03/20  (11)
Best song this year?    08/03/20  (7)
dealing with collections for a bill    08/03/20  (38)
You know who I really love? That Billie Eillish.    08/03/20  (2)
What's the difference between Absentee Ballot and Mail-In Ballot?    08/03/20  (5)
Brainwashed by public schools to believe universal suffrage is a good ide    08/03/20  (14)
Well, on thing the SHREWS were 100% right about: Avocado Toast. Scrumptious..    08/03/20  (2)
Drake Mallard is angry on the internet again. Seething mad and tweeting    08/03/20  (1)
Let's see Paul Allen's bodycam footage.    08/03/20  (2)
$937k liquid at age 33 -- how TTT?    08/03/20  (11)
When will they let us see the George Floyd police bodycam?    08/03/20  (12)
'Teens' beat azn bus driver to death with baseball bat on live CCTV    08/03/20  (29)
Mail in ballots!! No debates!! No gyms!! Cardboard sport fans!! Fake sound!!!    08/03/20  (6)
Wish I could not work and make money still    08/03/20  (3)
Ever jerk off roughly to where your gf thinks you cheated on her?    08/03/20  (1)
Had an organic one night stand last night    08/03/20  (14)
Best electronica/trance tracks?    08/03/20  (24)
you jerks, i got pwn3d    08/03/20  (3)
Arms control is dead. Russia puts refueling probes back on strat bombers.    08/03/20  (4)
I thought I was the ugliest human alive until I saw Oliver Darcy    08/03/20  (2)
"White Christian Privilege" - a new book from NYU Press    08/03/20  (4)
Morning lift was 180.    08/03/20  (24)
Why doesn't SomeOtherGhost just change monikers?    08/03/20  (19)
What drugs can I take to avoid the daily dread of not wanting to work    08/03/20  (8)
JFC how do some people enjoy working    08/03/20  (1)
Farting in restaurants is such a weird charade now.    08/03/20  (1)
Is all this Karen stuff making white women more modest again? Full circle theory    08/03/20  (2)
In which states are gyms open?    08/03/20  (3)
Honest thoughts on Black Lives Matter?    08/03/20  (50)
You must harness the power of cum    08/03/20  (1)
Who should be the GOP POTUS candidate in 2024?    08/03/20  (43)
Blaze that shit up. Blaze it up.    08/03/20  (3)
Frank Lloyd Wrong is Chinese (evidence inside)    08/03/20  (44)
not flame u can win a girls heart just doing dumb shit like picking fruit    08/03/20  (10)
For his final act, Justice Roberts will give the election to Biden    08/03/20  (22)
JMIA is an absolute beast    08/03/20  (2)
Libs. An "election" of only mail in ballots with no debates is illegitimate. You    08/03/20  (5)
law talk - how did they get a search warrant + gun restraining order    08/03/20  (3)
NPC cartoon of the day    08/03/20  (15)
All I can say is he is GAY. GAY GAY GAY    08/03/20  (1)
any negatives from banning all chinese software and apps?    08/03/20  (6)
Anyone here cop one of those Onewheel skateboards?    08/03/20  (4)
"eating ass" is an extremely odd historical anomaly but will be here forever    08/03/20  (1)
Libs absurdly frightening Biden could blow this & going into prevent D in August    08/03/20  (1)
"eating out" is an extremely odd historical anomaly. flash in the pan & now gone    08/03/20  (24)
Morning rift was 180.    08/03/20  (3)
November 4: Melania thrilled that she gets to go home to NY    08/03/20  (23)
Police- We found Andrew chained up in the basement of a TA truck stop...    08/03/20  (4)
Kasich sighing "He did DEMAND specific performance" as feeds CGM into furnace    08/03/20  (4)
I like the name "Washington Football Team." Seems pretty straight to the point.    08/03/20  (8)
180000 Trump Campaign creates “Lawyers for Trump” (180 logo)    08/03/20  (6)
Jr. V10 Income Partner Taking Qs    08/03/20  (12)
what if there were no black people?    08/03/20  (19)
free jet black CONGO NIGGER lasik is worthless    08/03/20  (1)
In Europe right now. Haven't seen a black person for weeks    08/03/20  (45)
Took me a while to realize discourse here is controlled by a key few. Illuminati    08/03/20  (2)
LTM do you think people have souls?    08/03/20  (3)
Misguided Janitor tp— really pathetic, low-energy scum    08/03/20  (17)
Libs think products just magically appear & paper money has intrinsic value    08/03/20  (11)
dude sex w asians is legit bro    08/03/20  (6)
In law man’s defense the prosperity gospel is half true    08/03/20  (2)
so we're doing clique theory again?    08/03/20  (3)
john wilkes booth after killing lincoln: "wtf why doesn't everyone love me?"    08/03/20  (11)
Libs have huge leverage over republicans re: stimulus extension    08/03/20  (24)
So Amerikkka rebelled against UK over 5% tea tax but taxes its citizens 50%?    08/03/20  (9)
We’re all dithering about moving out of US, it will be too late soon    08/03/20  (20)
"I guess theres nothing mentally ill about this!"    08/03/20  (1)
Fucking porn star Kelli Klass tomorrow in Pittsburgh, taking Qs    08/03/20  (136)
POLL: Biglawyers: 70-80hrs of Adderall per week--Sustainable? Effective?    08/03/20  (20)
Can someone explain defi to me? Seems like a giant scam ?    08/03/20  (1)
Leave biglaw for a litigation boutique?    08/03/20  (13)
V&E/Latham/K&E Houston vs. V5 NYC    08/03/20  (60)
EPAH, CSLG or someone should sue UPS for fraud on "next day"    08/03/20  (19)
We ain't wise guys, we're just uh, peaceful protestahs. Have the money next week    08/03/20  (3)
What are most and least prestigious practice areas in biglaw?    08/03/20  (48)
Hey setstein have you watched "Uncut Gems"    08/03/20  (2)
Wow u appreciate things like social order and respect? What a Karen    08/03/20  (2)
Rate this chart of white and black IQ distributions    08/03/20  (11)
“STOP BEING A KAREN” the peaceful protestors raged as they looted ur house a    08/03/20  (3)
leaving 4th year biglaw for $70k a year job (net worth -$10k)...bad idea?    08/03/20  (21)
Seneca's thoughts on BIGLAW    08/03/20  (66)
Lateral from insurance defense/ShitLaw to Mid/BigLaw?    08/03/20  (65)
BIGLAW weed smokers?    08/03/20  (46)
Philly "biglaw" vs NYC BIGLAW??    08/03/20  (19)
Credited amount to spend on biglaw wardrobe? $10K? $15K?    08/03/20  (39)
can someone explain the DLA Piper meme    08/03/20  (12)
NBA and MLB ratings get a HUGE boost due to BLM!!!    08/03/20  (68)
Jersey shore except they’re all internet addicts constantly bickering abt whet    08/03/20  (3)
Should I Lateral Again?    08/03/20  (27)
Catholic bros, what do you do to help the poor?    08/03/20  (120)
10th yr biglaw associate diagnosed w terminal cancer, 3 months    08/03/20  (144)
George Carlin's classic bit, "Fourteen Words You Can Never Say on Television"    08/03/20  (2)
Undecided between 3 New York mid law firms. Help me decide.    08/03/20  (30)
thoughts on Microsoft owning TikTok?    08/03/20  (2)
Is it possible to actually lose weight in BIGLAW?    08/03/20  (30)
female biglaw partner road rages agaisnt fit young 21yo office clerk    08/03/20  (7)
What's so desirable about DC BigLaw?    08/03/20  (40)
The Rock bought the NFL for pennies on the dollar ($15 mill)    08/03/20  (2)
Will there be biglaw summer bonuses this year?    08/03/20  (27)
Is coasting through biglaw then doing clerkship CR?    08/03/20  (14)
Key to Success in Biglaw: Your Exit Strategy    08/03/20  (38)
Biglaw Bros: How To Quickly and Efficiently Bill Your Time    08/03/20  (161)
BIGLAW --> Tax Boutique 6th-year taking questions (Clausen)    08/03/20  (72)
Over a decade on, what are the real uses for non-Bitcoin crypto?    08/03/20  (17)
ITT we list our Top 10 favorite Hamilton songs and we defend out choices.    08/03/20  (5)
Kelly Loeffer was a hot slut at one point, right?    08/03/20  (5)
"It is time to be drunk! So as not to be the martyred slaves of time, be drunk,    08/03/20  (1)
PAC 12 players write letter demanding racial justice, COVID concessions    08/03/20  (2)
the answer is no, i would not accept lasik for free from a jet black congo nigge    08/03/20  (1)
still don't know anyone who's had this "virus"    08/03/20  (46)
We neee to retire the retarded term "woke"    08/03/20  (1)
remember that fake ass jew vote prediction system vote castr or something?    08/03/20  (1)
Lavochkin delivers Luna-25 payload to Roscosmos for 2021 launch    08/03/20  (1)
going to make a list of DEMANDS and call everyone who doesn't obey me a racist    08/03/20  (8)
1984 had a fake war everyone had to pretend was real, we have a fake virus    08/03/20  (4)
I am a homosexual    08/03/20  (1)
why doesn't the "signature" option work on here?    08/03/20  (1)

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