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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/15/20  (382)
people have weird nostalgia for the 80's. It was a shit decade.    02/18/20  (9)
Shitlibs FUMING about Bloomberg, calling him evil, etc    02/18/20  (80)
Rosario Dawson comes out as “queer”    02/18/20  (26)
Klobuchar fanpage PWNS Drumpf    02/18/20  (3)
Autistic Teen Arrested for Asking Trans Police Officer’s Gender (DM)    02/18/20  (23)
jamal ginsburg    02/18/20  (13)
Clown world Seattle: State to give extra cannabis licenses to nigs for Equity (l    02/18/20  (4)
Bachelor mos - Madison has really grown on me. Virtuous wife material    02/18/20  (15)
Twitter CEO on 60 Minutes, "It's Eugenics, of course... but the good kind."    02/18/20  (1)
Boomer boss said today that he thinks Bloomberg might be best choice    02/18/20  (9)
Johnsmeyer came back - this lauded poaster - supposed to be impressed?    02/18/20  (57)
How many times has Bloomberg filed for bankruptcy?    02/18/20  (34)
Student asks bernie:"capital organizes on ethnic lines, why shouldnt labor?" (li    02/18/20  (7)
i take u buetiful lunch;; subway best veggie patty very fresh (donny)    02/18/20  (23)
BREAKING: Trump to commute prison sentence of XO Rod Blagojevich    02/18/20  (18)
New Movie I'm pitching "A Staten Island Brunch" (180)    02/18/20  (221)
Any fem Latino bottoms on here today?    02/18/20  (1)
Is there any validity to the Seth rich conspiracy theory    02/18/20  (41)
Canadian guys are a lot more alpha than American guys.    02/18/20  (4)
I won't deny ya, I'm a cock ridah, Truckers wanna fuck with me - 2Gap    02/18/20  (15)
Austin probably has the nicest people in the country for a major metro    02/18/20  (2)
Protect the environment - don't use condoms    02/18/20  (2)
Chinese officials appear to be INFLATING the number of virus cases    02/18/20  (10)
Greatest all time Johnsmeyer threads?    02/18/20  (26)
spaceporn and TT were fine, u all r just raging effeminate losers    02/18/20  (11)
the 90s were a shit decade    02/18/20  (2)
Blagojevich added to special prosecutor's team going after Smollett & Foxx    02/18/20  (1)
listening to chillwave in your kyoto studio apt during your teaching "gap year"    02/18/20  (14)
Tezos bros who did KYC/AML...any issues with SEC?    02/18/20  (3)
Harvey Weinstein clinging to a walker is 100% sympathy acting right?    02/18/20  (1)
List of people that both Trumpmos and Libs hate    02/18/20  (27)
UK to allow NHS hospitals to bar sexist or racist patients from noncritical care    02/18/20  (53)
Top 5 Current Cases... three of them signed this week (CSLG)    02/18/20  (17)
Elizabeth Warren DESTROYS Bloomberg.    02/18/20  (16)
Cory Booker Dumps Rosario Dawson 4 minutes after ending POTUS campaign    02/18/20  (16)
The Moans of My Future Wife- By Johnsmeyer    02/18/20  (211)
https://www.junglelaw.com    02/18/20  (33)
Bloomberg / Clinton 2020    02/18/20  (2)
What’s a good doublet for BIGLAW?    02/18/20  (2)
Scientists: blacks have unique primordial ape DNA    02/18/20  (12)
Hayden Panitierre’s bf sick of her dyke haircut, punches her in the face    02/18/20  (12)
Trump unloaded too early on Warren & Biden. Should have taken out Bernardo first    02/18/20  (1)
____N___I_ __G___G___E___R    02/18/20  (9)
Odds Blago has Obama dirt?    02/18/20  (2)
Is now the cr time to score cheap cruise tickets?    02/18/20  (9)
spent last 2 hrs browsing through vaporwave pics. have to get up in 5 hrs lmao    02/18/20  (4)
this cock cake is wonderful    02/18/20  (1)
It's a Piece of Cake to Bake a Faggot Cake    02/18/20  (5)
Isn’t this bad for Trump politically?    02/18/20  (1)
did i dream that Warren actually took a DNA test b/c Trump was fucking with her    02/18/20  (12)
Joe Burrow plans on "pulling an Eli" to avoid being drafted by Bengals (link)    02/18/20  (2)
RATE this sentence from the LA Times article on today's clemencies and pardons    02/18/20  (5)
Democratic Majority for Israel PAC attacks Bernie    02/18/20  (24)
Bees: Over 1500 dance moves. You? Dance like Elaine Benes    02/18/20  (3)
Starting a used car dealership, thoughts/tips?    02/18/20  (8)
Ever catch someone forging a "sent" email to you?    02/18/20  (6)
CSLG want to go to the mass torts seminar in vegas April?    02/18/20  (4)
*looks at hot girls’ Instagram photos during conference call*    02/18/20  (3)
It's 180 how MAF these pardons are making libs    02/18/20  (2)
GOY tps swollen face on pack of big league chew    02/18/20  (11)
XO's take on the latest exercise fad - F45?    02/18/20  (30)
damn daddy lets play Civilization    02/18/20  (14)
"You're not getting anal at that price point." - Peterman    02/18/20  (2)
the other ppl who share my account and post racist shit are complexifiers 4 me    02/18/20  (23)
An open letter to the racist posters who share my account    02/18/20  (12)
How do you break up with a girlfriend you live with?    02/18/20  (42)
Have you ever seen a decent looking Street Prostitute?    02/18/20  (40)
Did Trump lock up the Bohunk vote with the Blagojevich pardon?    02/18/20  (2)
what's bloomberg's take on illegal immigrants    02/18/20  (11)
Rod Blagojevich's federal prison sentence is insane    02/18/20  (41)
Why hasn't Trump's DOJ solved the Seth Rich case?    02/18/20  (5)
A diverse and ethnic movement only way to beat Trump- XO Bernie    02/18/20  (1)
Bloomberg entrance makes Tom Steyer completely irrelevant    02/18/20  (2)
consulea stopped poasting    02/18/20  (16)
Henry Aaron explains to therapist that alts are completely different than voices    02/18/20  (3)
Average woman is juggling anywhere from 8-20 POUNDS of dick at any given time    02/18/20  (6)
Lol at Trump thinking what Blago did is no big deal    02/18/20  (55)
Me and GOY using a cripple dipper to lower Luis thru Jesus’s thatched roof    02/18/20  (8)
HS classmate’s wife and daughter killed dead    02/18/20  (81)
NASCAR driver Ryan newman killed on final lap of daytona 500 in firey crash    02/18/20  (36)
Bloomberg worth $60bln, Trump a fraction, yet still styled on by tallmo Trump    02/18/20  (1)
Alternate America where Carter Malaise speech resonated and got us back on track    02/18/20  (18)
So Dems are so inept now that NEITHER POTUS candidate will be a Democrat?    02/18/20  (1)
Trump releases new ad attacking Bloomberg (link)    02/18/20  (5)
So its happening. Bernard Sanders is going to be a POTUS candidate?    02/18/20  (1)
Rate xo Trevor Bauer's response to Astros cheating scandal    02/18/20  (25)
MORGAN STANLEY: Economic Downturn has STARTED    02/18/20  (1)
Just logged into binance after 1 year. Net worth officially under $1k (DTP)    02/18/20  (6)
Boris Johnson's UK: NHS will deny healthcare to racists, sexists and homophobes    02/18/20  (1)
fuuuuck bros Roosh, Nick Fuentes and xo Gavin are teaming up    02/18/20  (3)
Professor who wrote ur recs used 2 fuck girls in ur year & jizz on ur term paper    02/18/20  (4)
Final nail in Trump coffin: Michael Cohen testimony    02/18/20  (2)
Antifa storms Grand Central demanding free subway fares    02/18/20  (50)
SF Giants won't let Trumpmo 1st baseman attend 2010 WS reunion (link)    02/18/20  (29)
It's kinda weird how women self identify as holes for men to fuck    02/18/20  (1)
Colleges are now banning 9/11 memorials due to racism. Lmao libs    02/18/20  (4)
GIMME THE DUKES GIMME THE DUKES (im a mayo man) (to Gimme the Loot)    02/18/20  (5)
Bloomberg spiked stories critical of China, threatened whistleblower w/ lawsuit    02/18/20  (9)
Is I am Charlotte Simmons good    02/18/20  (11)
Scott Stapp: Trea Turner first base call was "not Christian".    02/18/20  (15)
human apes in your vicinity are keeping moral score of your downfalls    02/18/20  (4)
Is the right stuff (nkotb) good    02/18/20  (3)
Avenatti EVISCERATES Popehat in lengthy telephonic screed    02/18/20  (8)
There's a guy at work who drinks vodka from a dunkin donuts large coffee cup.    02/18/20  (8)
Is the right stuff (tom wolfe) good    02/18/20  (3)
FML. Can't go into details but I'm getting scammed by a CSLG-style lawyer    02/18/20  (56)
Tommy T is like the bad boy of xo now    02/18/20  (1)
Out of the 100 people sitting by you right now, only 2 will die from Coronavirus    02/18/20  (1)
Sexy Jewess MILF Fashion Blogger's chest looking positively concave (PIC) #DBG    02/18/20  (7)
So ROGER STONE will get a new trial but it will be delayed til 2021 when trump c    02/18/20  (4)
comparison of candidates spending on Facebook ads: graph    02/18/20  (10)
Fraud TRUMP Invites Lance "Rafa" Nadal To STATE DINNER At WHITE HOUSE #tennis    02/18/20  (7)
Why is Trump busting corrupt Democrats out of jail?    02/18/20  (1)
We've had a Muslim POTUS before a Jewish one.    02/18/20  (1)
Really hilarious watching Dems fuck up 2020 this badly    02/18/20  (101)
FATAL FLAW in Bonfire of the Vanities: Treating Jews like they're an ethnic grou    02/18/20  (1)
Obama: I'm responsible for Trump's booming economy. You're welcome (link)    02/18/20  (26)
XFL Power Rankings: 1 DC Defenders 2 HOU Roughnecks 3 STL BattleHawks    02/18/20  (1)
The failed 'turning points' of Bloomberg's campaign implosion:    02/18/20  (1)
hi im j shad. ive got loads of gfs and hash. look at my jeans    02/18/20  (6)
sobering article about xo trump's chances to win the nom    02/18/20  (30)
Stripper gf just broke up with me, taking questions    02/18/20  (159)
Feels like earth is due for massive earthquake or tsunami soon, no?    02/18/20  (1)
Why are people so averse to a wealth tax?    02/18/20  (142)
Anyone here feel poor even though you’re making the most you’ve ever made?    02/18/20  (5)
a couple cornell law grads in my town run a few josabanks. PRINTING money    02/18/20  (5)
GOY unironically drives a T-34 to his Goldman job    02/18/20  (2)
XO Bloomberg: Blacks and Latinos "don't know how to behave in the workplace"    02/18/20  (41)
Can we talk about the fact that SATAN is now poasting here? Do we have any stand    02/18/20  (27)
Any individual reporters (not columnists) you find consistently good?    02/18/20  (1)
$19,900 asking price buys you this beautiful place in New York on 2 acres    02/18/20  (27)
Warren Wilhelm's NY: French tourist visits NY, has throat slit in broad daylight    02/18/20  (1)
RATE Bloomberg's thoughts on farmers    02/18/20  (58)
Soros tells Zuckerberg to resign for refusing to take down Trump FB ads (link)    02/18/20  (7)
Day 18 nodrink    02/18/20  (1)
Is Peter Buttigieg going to be President some day?    02/18/20  (1)
What percent of Antifa is impoverished adjunct professors?    02/18/20  (24)
Lol at fraud "teachers" and "educators" claiming kids are struggling in school    02/18/20  (4)
new Bloomberg ad    02/18/20  (3)
Bloomberg SURGES to 19%!    02/18/20  (26)
Wilbur: “steal my valur, Daddy”    02/18/20  (2)
in the Old West all men wore 2 pistols & would quickdraw them simultaneously    02/18/20  (2)
Living Hell    02/18/20  (2)
*Henry Aaron cues Chilis Music* "I want my baby dick, baby dick, baby dick"    02/18/20  (35)
Voodoo Child gets a positive AIDS test "Absolutely devastating for board libs"    02/18/20  (7)
Where did Stephen Miller and his now wife go on dates in DC?    02/18/20  (10)
can someone EXPLAIN roger stone's profile? (pic)    02/18/20  (41)
RATE the home that $4m buys you in the suburbs of two major metro areas    02/18/20  (1)

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