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STICKY: Big changes   08/07/20  (331)
Joe Rogan’s podcast is cr but usually too long.    08/08/20  (11)
Chainlink $11 watch    08/08/20  (1)
just give me free money and no consequences for anything i do    08/08/20  (3)
is the Jewish propensity for swindling genetic?    08/08/20  (38)
High on cocaine and drinking, taking Qs (Zurich)    08/08/20  (54)
when did America give up on personal responsiblity?    08/08/20  (6)
Rate this Yale XC girl who likes to do Tik Toks in her underwear    08/08/20  (161)
Me & FLW r in Slovenia right now. White families wearing Ecko hoodies everywhere    08/08/20  (11)
* WH phone rings at 4am* *Biden answers “Ni Hao”*    08/08/20  (43)
FEMALE runners HARASSED    08/08/20  (15)
OMG Becky! You should see what his new internet friend Mike Fart just posted!    08/08/20  (1)
Portland Mayor: “I’ve made a huge mistake”    08/08/20  (45)
Mike Fart has whatever the opposite of autism is    08/08/20  (5)
Vox at a complete loss to explain spike in murders    08/08/20  (38)
Boomers are so stupid    08/08/20  (2)
Marilyn Monroe would have become really fat in the 70's and 80's    08/08/20  (1)
Started saying “come on, man!” to people in biglaw    08/08/20  (1)
What explains early 30’s men who are unmarried?    08/08/20  (87)
Watched “knives out” ready to be irate at libs. Nope, Latina is a cutie    08/08/20  (22)
I don't need fun to have alcohol    08/08/20  (6)
CNN reporter, mouth hanging open, watching vid of TT6 fucking a tranny    08/08/20  (10)
NYT: Oh I guess CHAZ was actually bad    08/08/20  (109)
In a rut / struggling with alcohol addiction. Taking Q’s and advice    08/08/20  (18)
Get on the floor Get two front doors Everybody do the Blasey Ford    08/08/20  (85)
Is xo one giant parasocial relationship orgy that we all have with each other    08/08/20  (2)
Joe Rogan moving to Texas is actually kinda stupid    08/08/20  (33)
https://kanye2020.country/    08/08/20  (5)
So are we just giving up on finding out who narced on Charles?    08/08/20  (14)
Got drunk and messaged a bunch of girls I've been ghosting    08/08/20  (3)
REMINDER: “choosing” to indulge hedonistic animal impulses is not “freedom    08/08/20  (6)
The Aviator (2004) had a really good soundtrack    08/08/20  (1)
"The local HS... hasnt won a basketball title in 40 years," the realtor bragged    08/08/20  (42)
if you know IRL details about peterman, poast them ITT    08/08/20  (4)
Apparently 'Arthur' (the kids cartoon) did a George Floyd episode (clip):    08/08/20  (59)
couple of tone-deaf boomers call for SIX-MONTH NATIONWIDE LOCKDOWN (Nyt)    08/08/20  (2)
Serious Q: Has anyone seen Biden signs, bumper stickers? Seems like a lack of en    08/08/20  (43)
is joe rogan flame or is there really a mass exodus out of CA?    08/08/20  (113)
self-improvement is a constant battle    08/08/20  (8)
then you aint black    08/08/20  (1)
Insurance Defense lawyers. Scum of the earth.    08/08/20  (5)
"does that earring mean you're a pirate?" chandler: "kinda"    08/08/20  (1)
Going out and not drinking alcohol is cr.    08/08/20  (6)
NHL: 6 elimination games in one day    08/08/20  (6)
Can white cars be cr?    08/08/20  (2)
Are canopy beds prole    08/08/20  (4)
Insurance Co drops San Diego man due to bright green Dodge Challenger blinding o    08/08/20  (5)
Haven’t had an anti anxiety med in months    08/08/20  (1)
📉 ANALYSIS: Lawyer Jobs Down 15% in 6 Months; May Be Long Recovery 📉    08/08/20  (5)
*luis takes a walk on nature trail by house* rsf: "KEEP TESTING ME, SEE WHAT HA    08/08/20  (1)
Trump ordered feds to leave Portland and chaos ended immediately (WaPo)    08/08/20  (7)
Peaceful protesters attack elderly woman (video)    08/08/20  (1)
Explain art-rock lesbian Annie Clark (St Vincent) like I'm five.    08/08/20  (3)
Are Calloway Rogue irons cr?    08/08/20  (5)
Masks work. Thats why if somebody is wearing pants you cant smell their fart    08/08/20  (52)
white frugality (DBG memoir) just dropped today    08/08/20  (4)
I love my bf    08/08/20  (10)
New York Times is suddenly pro police now after visiting Seattle    08/08/20  (3)
500 blank bump salute to Charles    08/08/20  (558)
USA 2020: Rogan is America's foremost intellectual    08/08/20  (2)
100-story-high Doris Day hologram terrifying peaceful Portland demonstrators    08/08/20  (1)
The longer Im a lawyer the more I feel my mental acuity sharpening, the POWER    08/08/20  (2)
Basically gotta be prepared to die in a shootout everytime you leave house now    08/08/20  (1)
UPitt strips Prof of fellowship after publicly questions AA in admissions    08/08/20  (61)
Best country for xo to move to? Israel, Ireland, Italy or Russia?    08/08/20  (5)
To save lives, and save the economy, we need another lockdown.    08/08/20  (3)
It's too bad Elon was born in South Africa. Would have made a great POTUS    08/08/20  (9)
Press: Your club guests aren’t social distancing! Trump: It’s a peaceful pro    08/08/20  (9)
american.vandal--great mockumentary    08/08/20  (1)
journos being hoisted from 5th ave lampposts as the seinfeld theme plays    08/08/20  (5)
I'm working as a file clerk and receptionist during ITE    08/08/20  (13)
The influence of "Call Her Daddy" is pretty interesting    08/08/20  (33)
$JMIA has been a monster stock. TY XO    08/08/20  (118)
Democrats now flipping to opening schools. Not doing so would "hurt the economy"    08/08/20  (51)
Porn idea: Rebecca Black loves black cock    08/08/20  (8)
NY times Edit Sarah Jeong: Is the US as bad as or worse than China?    08/08/20  (27)
What's a good non-scary looking HD gun that my BLM GF won't be afraid of    08/08/20  (6)
Rate: My new Range Rover    08/08/20  (60)
UGA releases COVID-19 guidance    08/08/20  (4)
Coronavirus death rate falls 90% after TikTok ban (link    08/08/20  (1)
AZ/TX/FL numbers are improving despite no change in social distancing    08/08/20  (78)
Green jolly rancher is a based trad cath hot runner chick 180    08/08/20  (18)
why does jude law so often get cast as a duck?    08/08/20  (2)
How can a 30+ y/o male see vids of HS teens and not rue their shit lives? (DTP)    08/08/20  (63)
why does jude law so often get cast as a cuck?    08/08/20  (3)
how do i reconcile my hatred of libs with my love of hamilton?    08/08/20  (4)
Is Hamilton’s “My Shot” the worst main song of all the great Broadway musi    08/08/20  (36)
Aurochs & Angels: a lawyer with money who is handsome and also works out    08/08/20  (2)
How XO completely ruined Luis over the years (DTP)    08/08/20  (21)
things ive learned from don draper    08/08/20  (11)
How come no one bullys holdup for becoming a cross dressing tranny fucking guys    08/08/20  (10)
Have any of you ever availed yourself of an Employee Assistance Program?    08/08/20  (3)
is Domhnall Gleeson the most creepy ginger alive?    08/08/20  (2)
Israel is borderline white nationalism    08/08/20  (29)
did that stupid hoe KamalaSexy stop posting after the c12 outing?    08/08/20  (6)
Rate this 18 yr old catholic girl who attends James Madison U    08/08/20  (16)
Okay, if you type BLM, here is a list of black doctors you can support    08/08/20  (1)
xoxohth the magic land of free expression, sharing ideas, and n*ggerthreads    08/08/20  (1)
FoxNews reporter, zipper open, watching vid of TT6 fucking a tranny    08/08/20  (1)
luis diesel brisbois    08/08/20  (1)
A Swedish doctor's perspective on Covid    08/08/20  (20)
Biden picking Gretchen Whitmer as VP. Trump is done here    08/08/20  (5)
Wife found the cigarette butts I was hiding in her potted plants    08/08/20  (6)
"No it actually happened. I took a shit and a condom came out. Hi who just joi    08/08/20  (3)
Just saw Hamilton for the first time    08/08/20  (32)
are we human? or are we poaster?    08/08/20  (3)
Just saw Hamiltonian for the first time    08/08/20  (3)
i appreciate the porn comment scholars who always know every girl's name    08/08/20  (3)
ready to end    08/08/20  (1)
i need to put a fucking gun in a mouth    08/08/20  (3)
Anyone run tough mudder    08/08/20  (6)
Most Americans do NOT want to live around blacks    08/08/20  (7)
PORN is actually RACIST AGAINST WHITE "men"    08/08/20  (3)
Has xo posted Ryan Long videos? Good satire of identity politics orthodoxy    08/08/20  (4)
Should I buy a C2 rower or an air bike for the winter?    08/08/20  (10)
/r/FemaleDatingStrategy asks: is your man pornsick?    08/08/20  (11)
Joe Biden, Joe Bi-Den, Joe Bye-Den, Joe! Bye-Den, Joe!! Bye-Don, Joe!! BYE DON    08/08/20  (5)
Work wife started calling me during the day to chat    08/08/20  (19)
Jordan Peterson has coronavirus    08/08/20  (6)
So a pedo male nurse posts here and everyone just giggles like it's NBD?    08/08/20  (1)
Anyone have a kindle oasis?    08/08/20  (2)
🍆⚫ Try my anus for risky sex during coronavirus (Henry Aaron) 🍆⚫    08/08/20  (14)
180 article about upcoming white flight from cities    08/08/20  (129)
Rowan Farrrow writing essay for NYer about XOXOHTH!    08/08/20  (115)
How did 8 years of Obama turn every political institution hopelessly shitlib?    08/08/20  (22)
henry aaron wearing nurses scrubs with eggplant emojis 🍆🍆🍆    08/08/20  (104)
wow joe wright's anna karenina is just absolute festering garbage    08/08/20  (1)
FLW u ever ran that ragnarok shit    08/08/20  (1)
You're in your 70's, daydreaming, looking back on your life and knowing that you    08/07/20  (25)
Henry Aaron's 401k portfolio is just an excel spreadsheet of black mens phone #s    08/07/20  (26)
Real talk: libs are doing this because Trump killed SALT deduction    08/07/20  (2)
joe wright is a garbage director. is his career over yet?    08/07/20  (1)
Southwest of England like Cornwall area is really nice    08/07/20  (14)
If Senate and WH go Dem, chances we get Lessig style campaign reform?    08/07/20  (6)
I want to actively seek out covid and hope it kills me    08/07/20  (3)
Rehab a great place to meet women?    08/07/20  (16)
Would you live in Anchorage Alaska?    08/07/20  (16)
"It's good for his coat" you lie, as Obeezy licks your jizz off the floor    08/07/20  (1)
ive tried to read/watch anna karenina about 30 times in my life    08/07/20  (1)
libs have shit for brains    08/07/20  (47)
You’re SMALLER than my wife imagined—Surprised, you were HUMAN    08/07/20  (4)
Animal Crossing helped me realize that I was trans, so it only seemed fair that    08/07/20  (24)
Ted Cruz was an Ashley Furniture salesman    08/07/20  (1)
school SUSPENDS two students who posted photos of kids crammed into hallways    08/07/20  (10)
how fucked up would peggy's baby have been IRL?    08/07/20  (1)
$JMIA: need courage to keep holding    08/07/20  (20)
Misaeng was a pretty good 25 hrs of my life    08/07/20  (1)
"I'm bisexual, not gay!" argued whokebe angrily    08/07/20  (3)
More noise about dumb ass anti racism lets powerful ignore real concerns    08/07/20  (3)
Rate the faggot who caused the Tour of Poland crash (vid)    08/07/20  (7)

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