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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/21/20  (384)
Hiring female board of directors destroys 60 Billion dollars in CA    02/23/20  (31)
Iran, land of the aryans    02/23/20  (4)
The spic takeover of America is a never ending nightmare    02/23/20  (14)
Obeezy: Come ITT and tell us the Dem Party doesn't support abolishing prisons    02/23/20  (79)
kenny can you articulate your love of white people ?    02/23/20  (13)
Would be amazing if someone Janice Soprano'ed Richard "Obeezy" Aprile    02/23/20  (12)
yeah! consumption is evil! im cool as fuck!    02/23/20  (9)
~15 days until Wuhan Flu is a GLOBAL PANDEMIC    02/23/20  (62)
Kickstarter employees unionizes in order to demand tranny bathrooms (nyt)    02/23/20  (1)
Autistic lawyer puts actual boiler plate in with contract paperwork (link)    02/23/20  (2)
No Senator, my "luis" threads are anti-Persian, not anti-Latinx    02/23/20  (1)
GC is killing the world lol. *goes to work to draft contract for PE firm* (xo po    02/23/20  (15)
Washington Post "conservative" "journalist" Jennifer Rubin    02/23/20  (2)
WaPo: Biden desperately needs to announce Stacey Abrams as running mate    02/23/20  (9)
nooooo dont b mean 2 XO and twitter!!! noooooooooooooo    02/23/20  (5)
Sup bros lmao. Can we talk about what a fuckin FAG Tommy T was?    02/23/20  (18)
Me and kenny mocking birdshits together after our local Klan meeting    02/23/20  (1)
We see death as a tragedy. It is a fucking blessing    02/23/20  (3)
Me: aggressively shorting Tesla because logic. U: ask about retarded coins    02/23/20  (98)
Immigrant avoids deportation, tortures and murders two Boston docs in their apt    02/23/20  (65)
Is trump “racist” ?    02/23/20  (2)
Good kids who murdered Tessa Majors face 7.5 years in jail. NYT furious.    02/23/20  (41)
Want to go on Amazon coronavirus shopping spree. What to cop to $urvive?    02/23/20  (9)
What’s the most based religion?    02/23/20  (66)
MY crippling depression. MY shrew wife. MY alcoholism. MY biglaw.    02/23/20  (34)
Told wife I'm an alcoholic, she told me to stop being so dramatic    02/23/20  (18)
what are your big 5 personality results?    02/23/20  (8)
daily reminder: crime pays    02/23/20  (1)
jafar how am I doing as a poster    02/23/20  (3)
what have you done to make the bort a better place?    02/23/20  (1)
How can some alcoholics survive for so long?    02/23/20  (2)
Do you feel a lot of shame/anger/anxiety when you wake up?    02/23/20  (5)
Even after being outted, Kenny still tries to pretend he's not a chink    02/23/20  (13)
Trump's weakest front vs. Bernie is HEALTHCARE, by far    02/23/20  (97)
Not Flame: Chinese looking Indian Jewish girl serving in IDF    02/23/20  (7)
What type of white man agrees to marry Asian women and have chink kids?    02/23/20  (5)
Should I go drive around or go to the bar?    02/23/20  (5)
MSNBC reporter very upset that room full of Latinos support Bernie    02/23/20  (58)
Exs gf marrying a nigger and she called me    02/23/20  (5)
Trump: “...Pete Buttigieg, whoever the hell that is.” GAPEGAPEGAPE    02/23/20  (18)
the nfl recently implemented rules to start phasing out white QBs?    02/23/20  (1)
MSM to any candidate ((not approved)): you’re supported by Russia!    02/23/20  (2)
The Bernie Sanders freaks are going to create a HUGE rift on xo    02/23/20  (28)
is xo the first place on the internet to call blacks + browns "muds" ?    02/23/20  (1)
George Lucas wanted Indiana Jones to be a pedophile not flame    02/23/20  (2)
Would you let a double-digit IQ "doctard" take care of a possible tumor?    02/23/20  (18)
Best bar in DC for watching the DEFENDERS tonight?    02/23/20  (1)
why is it so fucking hard to find a house with an interior courtyard    02/23/20  (49)
Bernie Supporters taking Bloomberg gigs for the $$$ but not supporting him    02/23/20  (6)
We will envy the dead when the coronavirus gets here.    02/23/20  (12)
Lmao at the pockmarked virginal geeks obsessing over my race on sat morning    02/23/20  (119)
so TT is not banned and is STILL a mod? wtf earl you chink fuck you lied to me    02/23/20  (7)
Any of you bros going to vote for Pete Bootlicker?    02/23/20  (3)
Lob friend hates that Sanders is creating a roe in the Democratic Party    02/23/20  (17)
"Moderate" Republicans warning Dems they will lose if they pick "Socialist"    02/23/20  (1)
"scientists" have no idea whether puberty blockers are reversible lmao    02/23/20  (32)
Only credited interior courtyard is one totally enclosed by glass dome    02/23/20  (29)
I said, "oh shit, Kobe died!" in line at grocery store; everyone laughed    02/23/20  (8)
WHO will be Bernie’s VP?    02/23/20  (35)
Why do Libs forcememe barely literate, obese loser Stacey Abrams?    02/23/20  (35)
Drive By Truckers come out against Trump    02/23/20  (1)
My final post before Fury-Wilder II: I predict Gypsy King wins by 8th round KO    02/23/20  (31)
bloomberg frantically reviewing 150,000 macbook return policies    02/23/20  (11)
WLMAS' grandfather shining shoes in train station: "Yessuh dat Kenny a deranged    02/23/20  (54)
Anyone support immediate execution for anyone convicted of a violent crime? Incl    02/23/20  (8)
boring dorks with prestigious soul crushing jobs comparing net worth on computer    02/23/20  (13)
Who would be more upset with a Sanders victory: MSNBC or Fox News?    02/23/20  (21)
Real Talk: 100% of the sex l had in HS was not consensual by modern standards    02/23/20  (46)
Chandler    02/23/20  (1)
Hey Kenny what's up    02/23/20  (9)
So the Dems are going to nominate an actual communist    02/23/20  (10)
2016: Trump. 2020: Sanders. 2024: Kobach. 2028: AOC. 2032: Hawley    02/23/20  (3)
White men who breed with gooks < nigger fuckers    02/23/20  (9)
afterlife is luis singing ancient ballads to you on infinite salt pan    02/23/20  (11)
Business Idea: Gallon Challenge except instead of milk, it's cum (Dupa)    02/23/20  (1)
Sanders is truly an inspirational dude    02/23/20  (30)
2020 Book Review Thread (foxmo)    02/23/20  (18)
Bernietards: You really want your healthcare run by 88 IQ fat niggers?    02/23/20  (4)
The Jew SCREAMS in pain as he Whips you    02/23/20  (3)
Hard cold truth: Dems have moved far left; Republicans haven’t moved at all    02/23/20  (22)
reminder: bernie will not be the dem nominee    02/23/20  (1)
Phineasgage putting the Nazi in Ashkenazi    02/23/20  (5)
I thanked Satan at my law school graduation...photo ITT (CSLG)    02/23/20  (31)
Proles really love Minions    02/23/20  (5)
Bernie Sanders collapsing after seeing video of his supporters    02/23/20  (2)
On Monday I become richer than I ever dreamed    02/23/20  (47)
What is George Zimmerman up to these days?    02/23/20  (3)
Ggtp hoping Big Jew Bernie will deliver anti-Jew policies to his Muslim mud peop    02/23/20  (1)
there is a huge money laundering operation behind those white highway crosses    02/23/20  (1)
Any retards want to fuck with me this morning?    02/23/20  (7)
Why do proles love blasting their phones in public?    02/23/20  (11)
Anyone else dropping $20 / month for Jake Paul's new financial subscription?    02/23/20  (2)
Giving my neighbors a little show this morning    02/23/20  (1)
"Who told you to do that?" *long pause* "uh, Morbidly Obese Sex Robot"    02/23/20  (4)
dirte, rate this high schooler who won the NC state wrestling title    02/23/20  (2)
Obama releases convict; convict promptly commits murder    02/23/20  (21)
PROLE TELL - drinking beer at home    02/23/20  (17)
Literally the same 5-6 geeks bump every racist post about me    02/23/20  (3)
E*Trade Pumo getting barebacked as Peterman explains Flying J due diligence    02/23/20  (2)
Holy fucking SHIT at how wild Trump vs. Sanders 2020 would be    02/23/20  (6)
"Kenny is so mentally ill haha; yeah mom I'll have more pani puri"    02/23/20  (4)
not now babe. i need to strategically time my blank bump replies    02/23/20  (14)
Blagojevich's wife is a ride or die bitch, goaded Trump into pardon    02/23/20  (1)
Rate this Alaskan Tranny trying to make women's Olympic team    02/23/20  (17)
New poll: Sanders +3 on Trump, Trump +3 on Bloomberg    02/23/20  (1)
literal "open borders" "foreigner" here. but beaners are low iq shitheads.    02/23/20  (14)
Putin Trump & Bernie cavorting in Speedos on a Tel Aviv beach    02/23/20  (1)
Hunters on Amazon. Every action show/movie nowadays incorporates capeshit    02/23/20  (4)
Is Squash cr    02/23/20  (6)
this is solely an interior courtyard pictures and design idea bort now    02/23/20  (35)
I have an idea for Netflix show: post apocalyptic with lots of flashbacks    02/23/20  (5)
NBC with a sob story about cops lying to parents to get DNA of murderer son    02/23/20  (5)
NAPALM STICKS TO LIBS    02/23/20  (1)
List of people forcememed by libs who flamed out hilariously    02/23/20  (76)
NYC now offering Mets tickets, dunkin donuts coupons to encourage going to court    02/23/20  (4)
N...n...nnnn... nnnniiiiigerrrrr    02/23/20  (4)
jane pauley has been a network tv anchor for 50 years but no one cares about her    02/23/20  (3)
Anyone here have a SOUTH CAROLINA license?    02/23/20  (11)
Career Knockouts: Tyson Fury: 3; Deontay Wilder: 17    02/23/20  (1)
Tarantino & Hot Israeli Wife Welcome JEWISH Child In TLV    02/23/20  (14)
Mitch McConnell just tweeted "#legend in two games like Peewee Kirkland"    02/23/20  (2)
(((Fareed Zakaria))) the (((Coptic Christian)))    02/23/20  (1)
community cum drum    02/23/20  (4)
E*Trade Pumo sees 50% options loss, throws up (cum) and cries    02/23/20  (1)
lmao at this kike propaganda 'Hunters' on Amazon, this shit is fucking awful    02/23/20  (14)
"Look so forward to being with my great friends in INDIA!"    02/23/20  (5)
just passed out a business card to 2 people at publix    02/23/20  (10)
Serious Q re recently hired employee - need ADVICE    02/23/20  (23)
ITT your preference/actual prediction from Election 2016, and for Election 2020    02/23/20  (16)
Sierra Club opposes energy savings program. Why?    02/23/20  (2)
We’re in week four (4) of damn daddy spamming xo about Twitter    02/23/20  (22)
bowlcut renaissance    02/23/20  (8)
Life goal: Get my monthly bowlcut from a private barber in my interior courtyard    02/23/20  (2)
Democracy's Achilles Heel: Guy offering the most FREE stuff always wins    02/23/20  (1)
E*Trade Pumo parking outside favorite Starbucks to "close some deals."    02/23/20  (2)
Do gays ever use the "scissor" position?    02/23/20  (5)
Between 2008 and 2018, Sweden saw 1500% rise in "gender dysphoria" cases    02/23/20  (1)
Difference between trans and cis women: trans women don’t take steps to destro    02/23/20  (1)
*mod deletes "im gay" thread* "use the search function!"    02/23/20  (11)
42yo zamboni driver proves that age is flame by dominating NHL game    02/23/20  (8)
Chinese HQ in WW3: "Bad news...America's most diverse units are en route."    02/23/20  (140)
so where does Facebook go from here    02/23/20  (12)
I predict Trump wins re-election    02/23/20  (1)
Jonathan Bowden - What Did They Die For?    02/23/20  (1)
Unit 731 Vet faints in shock after hearing "gender reassignment" explained (Dail    02/23/20  (1)
E*Trade Pumo asking partents for more "equity options tokens"    02/23/20  (2)

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