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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Germans are an asiatic people    10/01/20  (2)
NYT: BLM / Antifa riots are coordinated & are good because they produce results    10/01/20  (9)
Democrats had ONE TASK over the past 4 years...    10/01/20  (27)
In love with a 44 year old Vietnamese woman    10/01/20  (47)
"US" "media" is sick and evil    10/01/20  (3)
RSF’s traveltalk occupation is “wandering” why not “partner?”    10/01/20  (3)
RSF Twin Towers BLOWOUT Party Tonight! 19th Anniversary    10/01/20  (5)
Weird how the right wing is not attacking Kamala Harris more    10/01/20  (3)
Comey Admits FBI/Clinton Tried To Frame Trump    10/01/20  (17)
Sleepy Joe is the least effective trump nickname of them all    10/01/20  (7)
rsf.exe has no drive associated with it    10/01/20  (78)
Are Aeron chairs worth $1000+?    10/01/20  (11)
I lol heartily at your bitterness (RSF)    10/01/20  (441)
IMPORTANT MESSAGE: I will be having a panzarotti for lunch! That is all.    10/01/20  (1)
"I want the faggy sweetgreen salad" "sir this is Panda Express"    10/01/20  (4)
RSF: "Just copped prestigious finance jerb, u mad azns?" *buys ETH at $1400*    10/01/20  (37)
Ten Commandments of College    10/01/20  (7)
Why is RSF so jealous of benzo’s success this morning    10/01/20  (1)
"Progressive" Dems: Let's run yet another Senator who voted for the Iraq War!    10/01/20  (14)
How much have you lied / exaggerated on your resume in your career?    10/01/20  (15)
small framed pictures of panda express entrees surround luis nursing home bed    10/01/20  (1)
check out my 93k option trade guys!    10/01/20  (1)
Growing up in the same suburb as assfaggot and Mike fart was so 180    10/01/20  (5)
watching Cuties w pants unzipped, bottle of lotion, tissues    10/01/20  (2)
"deep fakes" rsf cried about evidence that destroyed his asshold    10/01/20  (2)
Nate Silver raises a good point    10/01/20  (28)
Holy shit. Chris Cuomo destroyed Ted Cruz last night. I'd post it but I don't    10/01/20  (1)
Mitch B. paying boeing maintenance guy to unscrew some bolts    10/01/20  (1)
is benzo actually black?    10/01/20  (3)
Creation is meaningless if it’s not unavoidable    10/01/20  (1)
Interesting about the "47 mos vs 47 years" thing    10/01/20  (5)
No you're the puppet! No you golf more than me!    10/01/20  (1)
Prediction: Donald J Trump wins 100% of the votes    10/01/20  (2)
Negotiating job - demanded 40% annual comp on Jan. 1, 5% on last day of month    10/01/20  (1)
I need $50K and I'm willing to break the law to get it. What do?    10/01/20  (14)
DC asserts its power by fighting Nazis    10/01/20  (1)
first day trading live money, been a disaster so far (benzo)    10/01/20  (45)
Can someone bump the morning in trumps America thread    10/01/20  (5)
Lord Anthony Ashley Cooper, Greatest Whoremaster in England    10/01/20  (15)
Brazos just doing miraculously fast photshops of an app w no paper trading(rsf)    10/01/20  (15)
Jeff Benzos    10/01/20  (5)
Why did mean old Mister Biden try to bully our Donald?    10/01/20  (3)
"Trump has one campaign manager in prison and another in the nut-house    10/01/20  (14)
Elvis Costello is on his deathbed    10/01/20  (1)
This isn't the only right-wing forum seeing a sudden leftist influx    10/01/20  (41)
A day in the life of Donald Trump's America.    10/01/20  (255)
I'm going SCUBA diving with my hot organic gf next week (TSINAH)    10/01/20  (1)
What exactly do Libertarian voters want?    10/01/20  (47)
is the Chrysler PT Cruiser a "badboy" car?    10/01/20  (33)
There's an alien war going inside your body right now    10/01/20  (1)
Rudy Giuliani chimes in with important message    10/01/20  (2)
JFC lying libs - Trump said he WOULD denounce white supremacists    10/01/20  (28)
Guess my plan is to cop $20K worth of cigs and juuls from KY then truck up to NY    10/01/20  (1)
Poll taken inside mental institution shows that Trump won the debate (link)    10/01/20  (4)
BUY XRT JUN 19 PUTS    10/01/20  (93)
When asked I’ll say “I always vote for the party of Abraham Lincoln”    10/01/20  (1)
🚨🚨🚨BUY XLE PUTS🚨🚨🚨    10/01/20  (9)
“I support Lawrence Lessig” lisped the contrarian redhead trucker fucking fa    10/01/20  (11)
One Set of Footprints: RSF got winded and went back to the hotel    10/01/20  (66)
Seems unanimous that Trump lost the entire election last night.    10/01/20  (26)
if this were a "left wing forum" it would be completely dead    10/01/20  (3)
What's the difference between coronavirus and RSF?    10/01/20  (279)
*discreetly removes MAGA hat, sneaks away from Trump rally*    10/01/20  (4)
random friend just texted me "do you identify as conservative?"    10/01/20  (92)
Hold on Svetlana, a gay guy online just said I have bitch tits    10/01/20  (97)
Bumble 4 buys a house with OnlyFans money (link)    10/01/20  (58)
WHAT A WASTE OF A FUCKING YEAR    10/01/20  (10)
When will libs cancel We Are The World?    10/01/20  (1)
Footage taken from inside the XO Clubhouse on Friday evening    10/01/20  (6)
Shitcons SCRAMBLING to nominate/approve a 169 LSAT prole to SCOTUS    10/01/20  (111)
Fusing every NPC in Oblivion into a single being    10/01/20  (7)
I have an interview with SoftBank    10/01/20  (2)
RSF has been suspended from flyertalk for a month    10/01/20  (14)
Remember when Bama fans just expected to roll over OSU's 3rd string QB?    10/01/20  (2)
October surprise: Jimmy Carter dies from COVID    10/01/20  (4)
“If you don’t count the bad trades i’m way up fake trading!”    10/01/20  (9)
benzo screenshotting his NES “Wall Street Kid” high score    10/01/20  (49)
Rate this yoga girl (but don't sexualize her)    10/01/20  (17)
QVC host and guest argue as to whether the Moon is a planet or a star (vid)    10/01/20  (14)
Credible rumor that an Amy Coney Barrett sex tape is about to drop    10/01/20  (130)
Twitch video game steamers, only fans whores, YouTube dog channel owners... All    10/01/20  (1)
Today a hardcover book about Radiohead's "Kid A" was released    10/01/20  (7)
Why can't benzo stop committing felonies?    10/01/20  (16)
Praying Mantis devouring a corn dog dropped on the ground (video)    10/01/20  (6)
5 years from now Christ Christie WILL be the POTUS of the US    10/01/20  (5)
mdh snorts more mgs of oxy than he has iq points. also 47 and a pedo.    10/01/20  (7)
Toyota Jan nude photos leaked    10/01/20  (1)
Trump stopped talking about immigration. He's more or less useless to whites now    10/01/20  (32)
October surprises coming    10/01/20  (3)
Hank Hill is one of the best TV characters ever developed    10/01/20  (25)
My friend does the closed captioning for a major network. Huge bombshell coming    10/01/20  (34)
lib friend said Dems may kill Jimmy Carter to drive up voter enthusiasm    10/01/20  (1)
Comey -> Amy Comey Barrett -> Barrett (FFVII) had a black dotter    10/01/20  (3)
salute your shorts    10/01/20  (4)
this pic perfectly sums up mid 30s marriage    10/01/20  (31)
They talked about Chuck on Cumtown on Sunday    10/01/20  (5)
RATE my new purchase    10/01/20  (2)
$1/month for the NYT worth it?    10/01/20  (20)
guess shareblue is going to spam the board all day again    10/01/20  (7)
This isn't the only right-wing forum seeing a gradual homosexual shift    10/01/20  (1)
had a dream where i was in a clock and a shitty camera was following me wtf    10/01/20  (1)
DAILY REMINDER: Trump Could Have Contained this and Failed    10/01/20  (175)
For Crying Out Lat: The Memoirs of David Lat    10/01/20  (2)
"Wear your mask faggot" replayed in luis head as he dutifully put on mask in car    10/01/20  (2)
Moving into my first house in a week    10/01/20  (37)
Why don't people buy 7 sets of bedding & sleep in clean bedding every night?    10/01/20  (38)
"Covid is flame" 'OMG I'll have you know a neurotic woman I know had it!'    10/01/20  (1)
lol at the fucked up position Spotify is in re Rogan    10/01/20  (25)
Why are iced lattes $5?    10/01/20  (6)
rsf & hunter biden chuckling about their dead brothers as they snort cocaine & d    10/01/20  (1)
“it’s the uber of prostitution” (onlyfans founder in vc pitch)    10/01/20  (1)
Voodoo Child is a terrible poster, shitposts about MDH and Rudolph 24/7    10/01/20  (4)
"but cases are still spiking," the dead-eyed NPC whined halfheartedly    10/01/20  (2)
drake Trump is down in all the synagogues "US" MSM is polling lmao    10/01/20  (8)
Christ Pantokrator but it's AssFaggot holding up giant box of snus    10/01/20  (5)
I hate all the text messages from random numbers claiming to be campaigns    10/01/20  (2)
mitch "the wrong son died" baumeister    10/01/20  (3)
Christopher "Ugly broke white trash felon" Gravens    10/01/20  (1)
Which of these looks most like an XO poaster?    10/01/20  (7)
bort libs how do i get paid to poast?    10/01/20  (6)
no other jonbenet scholars on this board smh    10/01/20  (53)
libs bleating: "3% GDP growth is impossible!!!" Trump's America = 4% GDP growth.    10/01/20  (137)
shitpoaster allied with the shit tank cleaner: the mdh, hvac story    10/01/20  (3)
"I want the Proud Boys to Stand Down and Stand Ready, btw who r proud boys?"    10/01/20  (27)
getting a job when you're a convicted felon is a nightmare (benzo)    10/01/20  (33)
Nigs from belle glade absent from school, kids from jupiter packing classrooms    10/01/20  (1)
Six of the last ten polls have Biden +8 or higher    10/01/20  (10)
media goal is to demoralize Trumpmos. don't fall for it.    10/01/20  (63)
Libs are gonna relish cancelling Halloween , thanksgiving and Xmas    10/01/20  (3)
Proof that Trump is leading nationally by 2-4% (link)    10/01/20  (11)
How to appeal homeless shelter HOA rejecting my application? [benzo    10/01/20  (1)
that Yankees game was 180. Still fully torqued from that game    10/01/20  (1)
*Airlines to Receive Another Bailout* -- American Corporatocracy At Work    10/01/20  (3)
should i buy a 6 pack of Negra Modelo?    10/01/20  (31)
You better watch out! I'm emailing Rach and you're in BIG TROUBLE    10/01/20  (32)
"Some people find it gross, but I enjoy this," *Henry Aaron emptying bed pan*    10/01/20  (8)
Poll: How many of you (former biglaw) still keep your law license active?    10/01/20  (10)
no bloodacre, most people dont call it 'Cumtoberfest'    10/01/20  (6)
NEW POLL: Biden up by 18 in Pennsylvania    10/01/20  (2)
:i think this toilet can handle wing night" (rsf inspecting 9/11 reflecting pool    10/01/20  (3)
"Well you just lost the left" *crosses arms into gut and smiles smugly*    10/01/20  (19)
Trump turning things around by ranting about comey on twitter    10/01/20  (2)
Trump: Virus will go away in April, due to "the heat."    10/01/20  (166)
First Il-14-300 now on the runway getting ready for 1st flight!    10/01/20  (1)
Biden Not Worried About First Presidential Debate, Says Trump 'Not That Smart'    10/01/20  (59)
Symone Sanders caught banging trash can in the back of debate hall    10/01/20  (3)
Imma cop my bitch the baby IS Lexus with the red bow for Christmas    10/01/20  (9)
Pacaso: The startup offering shares in 2nd home ownership    10/01/20  (1)
Is anyone even remotely worried about "Covid" anymore    10/01/20  (34)

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