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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/19/20  (383)
do you guys still sincerely believe it matters who is POTUS    02/19/20  (20)
"And then I told him 'I'm just not a sexual person! LOL" *has 957th uterine orga    02/19/20  (1)
a diapered tuna pulling the lever for Bloomberg 2020    02/19/20  (2)
SWIMMING UPSTREAM: The Lost Memoirs of Meanest Fish and Mandy    02/19/20  (45)
urbanite umc slave class lining up to fellate actual dictator    02/19/20  (1)
A diapered tuna winking an image of a torts robot to you in binary code    02/19/20  (2)
Wow, Kobe fucking Bryant is dead. And no one cares.    02/19/20  (7)
KNOCKOUT GAME comes to Upper West Side    02/19/20  (32)
"I'm a sapiosexual," she explains to you 3 hours before she's gagging on Chad's    02/19/20  (15)
diapered tuna mouthing "your bitcoin is worthless" over and over    02/19/20  (39)
Throw every "Technocrat" off the Hoover dam    02/19/20  (3)
"I really like it here" you mumbled as a diapered tuna squished yr soft tooth    02/19/20  (14)
Shitlaw boss uses Pelosi ripping paper meme in bus stop ad    02/19/20  (1)
driverless car taking 4 diapered tunas to Sunday mass    02/19/20  (4)
Fraud TRUMP Invites Lance "Rafa" Nadal To STATE DINNER At WHITE HOUSE #tennis    02/19/20  (8)
TMF fully reclined in airplane with sexual-emotional support pitbull on lap    02/19/20  (30)
Will Bloomberg 'take it' the Far Left wackos in the Dem party?    02/19/20  (9)
Male High School Athletes vs Female Olympians    02/19/20  (3)
Sexy Jewess MILF Fashion Blogger's chest looking positively concave (PIC) #DBG    02/19/20  (8)
WaPo: It's time to give elites a bigger say in choosing the president    02/19/20  (4)
Just say something about yourself! Anything! Anything not work related!    02/19/20  (2)
mike bloomberg. a great guy. unlike trump. unlike other dems.    02/19/20  (2)
Shitlaw boss made us do the Harlem Shake    02/19/20  (3)
Who is more of a Jewish caricature: Bernie or Bloomberg?    02/19/20  (37)
mike bloomberg. has my back.    02/19/20  (2)
just took scary amount of Rick Simpson oil, how fukt?    02/19/20  (4)
Spaceprawn!! Where warranty papras at?? Fruckin’ kid dead again!!    02/19/20  (1)
mike bloomberg. to know mike, is to love mike    02/19/20  (1)
mike bloomberg. an american hero    02/19/20  (1)
look we're getting a jewish president, deal with it    02/19/20  (5)
sopranos opening, but it's TMF in a preowned BMW, ending up outside townhouse    02/19/20  (20)
Knowing what tmf looks like, I'm lol'ing hard at his old threads    02/19/20  (18)
turns out Mini Mike Bloomberg actually does all the stuff libs accuse Trump of    02/19/20  (21)
Cities that will benefit the most from NYC and SF's decline    02/19/20  (9)
Anyone take the Section 179 - 100% tax deduction for SUVs?    02/19/20  (1)
Remember when Joan Crawford bowl cutted Christina in Mommie Dearest?    02/19/20  (1)
What Do White People Want?    02/19/20  (73)
2020: everyone lives in their own news and tv show reality    02/19/20  (2)
lol Bloomberg social media coordinator offered me job (Earl)    02/19/20  (109)
Oh, you bowlcut?    02/19/20  (4)
xo is the home of the avant garde    02/19/20  (1)
tommy = VINDICATED: literally THOUSANDS of cumskins in WUHAN (v3)    02/19/20  (1)
Michael Bowlcutberg    02/19/20  (2)
How many times has Bloomberg filed for bankruptcy?    02/19/20  (38)
Whokebe is a total shit poster. uses 20 yr old unfunny jokes nobody laughs    02/19/20  (3)
Whok you suck cock as a poster    02/19/20  (5)
I love u whokebe.    02/19/20  (2)
Earl what if Bloomberg offers to buy you a volt    02/19/20  (4)
You’re old: Luis’ lease on his volt ended in 2018    02/19/20  (2)
MoreDoughi is a wierd kike freak    02/19/20  (14)
It's 2020 and Britney Spears is turning 46!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    02/19/20  (3)
Hey Bloomberg can I have a car    02/19/20  (1)
Mike's Paid Advocates    02/19/20  (7)
NYC feels like it's going to boil over this summer.    02/19/20  (34)
Joe Rogan to endorse Bloomberg on tomorrow's podcast (link)    02/19/20  (1)
Recommend a car for me    02/19/20  (97)
Bloomberg PAC to give every voter in OH, FL, MI, and WI $10K cash    02/19/20  (1)
In a peaceful first world homogeneous patriarchal society with feminine women.    02/19/20  (39)
Bloomberg entering DNC to “Red Right Hand”    02/19/20  (1)
puts car into reverse to make sure she's dead    02/19/20  (2)
“What a great po boy” (colt eating live bat between two hunks of raw noodles    02/19/20  (29)
XOXO Deal Finder's guide to adult male skin care    02/19/20  (7)
Why the fuck are you not all-in on HBAR and ALGO    02/19/20  (12)
Having money a job a car a home now=loser    02/19/20  (6)
KNOCKOUT GAME comes to the Upper East Side!    02/19/20  (5)
BUMP DAILY: Has Nancy Leong reported her attempted kidnapping to police?    02/19/20  (222)
Doorbell cam video of an armed robbery in California:    02/19/20  (63)
Tessa Majors killer hops out of cop car, goes free    02/19/20  (90)
Brooklyn woman experiences diversity up close    02/19/20  (97)
The democrats take their minority base for granted, other than Bloomberg    02/19/20  (4)
watch this horde of enraged liberals descend on a conservative girl on campus    02/19/20  (6)
Trump pardons Carlos Monza for ass ball usage; libs apoplectic    02/19/20  (1)
Michael Jordan filming "Be Like Mike!" ad    02/19/20  (1)
Guy in first world country, president hasn't been impeached, sup    02/19/20  (10)
Ancient Greek, awoken from 3000 yr coma: "Sisyphus had it easy compared to litig    02/19/20  (1)
I know why Bloomberg hasn’t been in the debates    02/19/20  (1)
IFNB Blog 2/19/20: MIKE BLOOMBERG VISITS BIG ROD'S    02/19/20  (3)
Bloomberg awarded IFNB pro card in unprecedented decision    02/19/20  (1)
Michael Bloomberg is the only rational choice to bring us back on track    02/19/20  (10)
Bloomberg’s biggest weakness is his height    02/19/20  (6)
Bloomberg: "Record this in case i ever run for POTUS" as he fucks a goat in 1983    02/19/20  (1)
uh oh, looks like RealBBer took the Bloomberg money (pic)    02/19/20  (1)
Bloomberg buys the rights to "Gangs of NY" and CGIs his face on Daniel Day Lewis    02/19/20  (1)
Dead malls being repurposed into "Hispanic culture centers"    02/19/20  (15)
di Blasio: Cabbies MUST pick up coronavirus-infected, bat-eating chinks    02/19/20  (2)
Lob friend decries stock market as a “clams casino”    02/19/20  (2)
FreeCell has to be one of the most frustrating games in existence    02/19/20  (7)
Anyone use spreadsheets for dating?    02/19/20  (1)
Just got $5800 to shave “Bloomberg 2020” into my Pallas Cat’s fur    02/19/20  (2)
Mr Bloomberg I will happily lend you my forcememe skills for a small fee    02/19/20  (3)
TMF's guide to poasting (a flowchart)    02/19/20  (34)
Let's see Mike Bloomberg's bribed black caucus    02/19/20  (3)
Just got paid $1200 to rewrite Chuck Norris facts as Bloomberg facts    02/19/20  (2)
RESOLVED: Bloomberg is XO’s preferred Dem Nominee    02/19/20  (43)
Mandy, what do you make of TMF's escort poasting    02/19/20  (6)
Junior VP emails analyst "you're awesome!" as deck is being printed    02/19/20  (3)
Would be pretty hilarious if Bloomberg became dem nom and Bernie ran 3rd party    02/19/20  (1)
You know who is really a “whoa, cr Friend?” Mike Bloomberg    02/19/20  (9)
Why does Mandy stand for TMF constantly disrespecting her    02/19/20  (16)
This is my hometown, Burlingame. And I ain't scared of nobody. Not now, not ever    02/19/20  (10)
"Oh, you travel?" "Just part of my job as a highly paid inBloomencer!"    02/19/20  (2)
Thousands of dollars in poasts - COMPED by the Bloomberg victory fund    02/19/20  (2)
Guy spends $100,000 to recreate Pan Am 747 interior from the 1970s    02/19/20  (3)
Catholic school nun: Bloomberg told my students "to do drugs every day" in 2003    02/19/20  (2)
ITT: The Collected Works of Ulysius Johnsmeyer    02/19/20  (110)
Bloomberg hiring thousands of frogs at 50 cents a pop to croak his name    02/19/20  (1)
Lob friend doesn’t mind getting buttered up by Bloomberg    02/19/20  (4)
Anyone seen Netflix's "Love Is Blind"?    02/19/20  (11)
Any way to temporarily lower T levels?    02/19/20  (18)
lol @ non bowlcut bros    02/19/20  (7)
I Have Realized That Bloomberg is the Way Forward!    02/19/20  (9)
Rudy paying Bloomberg hundreds per tweet    02/19/20  (3)
Bloomberg basically running Labatt tp shtick    02/19/20  (1)
Wilder v Fury 2 - who ya got?    02/19/20  (18)
bowlcut 2020    02/19/20  (1)
Elie Mystal: “Bloomberg ad spending levels the field against Trump free media    02/19/20  (1)
Bloomberg terminal paying ADA and Votecastr to go ass to ass    02/19/20  (1)
to answer ur question evan39 law school does prep for BIGLAW but only initially    02/19/20  (6)
Bloomberg paid Saudi prince $20M to let him shit in his mouth    02/19/20  (5)
incredible bowlcut    02/19/20  (4)
Friday was "go to work with brother" day; went with HBS bro    02/19/20  (130)
wish someone would "knockout game" my head into a wet sack of meat until i puke    02/19/20  (2)
MLBPA throws Manfred under the bus; says they were ok w/ player suspensions    02/19/20  (5)
just woke up thinking about how johnsmeyer is gone    02/19/20  (1)
Top 5 Current Cases... three of them signed this week (CSLG)    02/19/20  (31)
just bought some MINTY SWEDISH SNUS, taking q's    02/19/20  (9)
Ggtp and war machine    02/19/20  (7)
"Bowlcut, boss" (bowlcut tp at barber in Mumbai)    02/19/20  (1)
The Klob eating Ivanka and shit diaper cartoon has haunted me all day    02/19/20  (3)
:D where we at on PEAK OIL    02/19/20  (1)
1988: Bernie Sanders interviews young punk musicians about society's bullshit    02/19/20  (5)
Okay Johnsmeyer. Great flame. Everyone had a good laugh. But time to come back.    02/19/20  (6)
SUMMON: CharlesXII - you got to get on this Earl/Bloomberg thing    02/19/20  (2)
Bloomberg riding Smilex balloon, showering citizens with money    02/18/20  (2)
Tattooed cock    02/18/20  (29)
The Lakers are gonna implode. Lebron plays no D & his teammates hate him    02/18/20  (26)
Rare footage of Chomsky's mid-90s shoegaze band, w/Chomsky on guitar & vocals    02/18/20  (3)
Thoughts on the pornstar Keisha Grey?    02/18/20  (6)
ATTENTION: Your wife is cheating on you with a bowlcut alpha bro    02/18/20  (3)
Bloomberg walking around handing out checks like CEO at end of Small Soldiers    02/18/20  (2)
If you hate GC and corporatism, why are you not for Bernie or Warren?    02/18/20  (38)
Go on record with your 2020 election predictions    02/18/20  (5)
Great site here http://www.voiceofretards.com/bl
   02/18/20  (29)
I rika broomberg, I rika stop and flisk, i rika crassy 5'5" tarr man numba 1    02/18/20  (1)

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