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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   03/15/20  (388)
Libs are pure evil. Should be lined up against walls and shot    04/02/20  (124)
Chinese internet thinks Patient Zero was a grad student at the Wuhan Lab    04/02/20  (6)
They really shut the fuck up about BLM and tranny bathrooms    04/02/20  (3)
Nutella dumped $100K into SPX @ $3000, now she's been laid off. Sad    04/02/20  (2)
The top 3 songs performed by George Strait    04/02/20  (1)
Navy fires aircraft carrier crybaby corona captain (WSJ)    04/02/20  (1)
prestigefaggot hoping to sell 100 scooters in next 6 days to fund trip to Italy    04/02/20  (1)
Dupa, What is the best knife to carry to kill a pitbull?    04/02/20  (4)
we knew Trump's retarded heeb stepson was in charge... it gave us hope    04/02/20  (7)
#Boycott3M is trending on Twitter    04/02/20  (21)
Biglaw nonbillable thought leadership on force majeure clauses    04/02/20  (2)
KushJew Gonna Kill us All (NYT)    04/02/20  (1)
Dr. Birx in full dominatrix attire "you naughty ppl have not been social distanc    04/02/20  (3)
A certain "chill" sort of baseless anxiety running through your body all day    04/02/20  (73)
Found department of defense pandemic plan from 2009 online    04/02/20  (7)
anxiety manifesting in sharp armpit pain tp    04/02/20  (17)
Remember when Obama saying "spread the wealth" cased an outcry?    04/02/20  (3)
Trumpmos - defend putting Jared Kushner in charge of anything    04/02/20  (13)
The Religious Right’s Hostility to Science Cripples Our Virus Response (NYT)    04/02/20  (39)
nutella now moving family to Chino Hills, citing reputation as great family town    04/02/20  (2)
The US military is fucking worthless and full of imbeciles    04/02/20  (4)
Kushner takes charge of coronavirus response (Politico)    04/02/20  (2)
ITT: Top 3 Tim McGraw Songs    04/02/20  (6)
Kushner Takes Charge Of Coronavirus Response    04/02/20  (19)
whok, what shift do you work at Coles?    04/02/20  (8)
trumpmos: defend jared kushner being in a position to influence anything    04/02/20  (6)
summon: TSWIFT    04/02/20  (2)
CA libs announce "anti-wealth-hoarding"
measure: 90% wealth tax on liquid assets
   04/02/20  (14)
$5m to punch Jared Kushner in the face on live TV but there's a twist    04/02/20  (2)
Which falls first: farming or trucking?    04/02/20  (8)
Zaytoven ft Gucci Mane - North Atlantid Day    04/02/20  (5)
Navy Rejects Captain’s Plea to Evacuate Virus-Ravaged Carrier    04/02/20  (8)
nyuug buddy, are u wearing a mask? just checking    04/02/20  (7)
ITT: Top 3 Brooks & Dunn Songs    04/02/20  (1)
XO loves Trump. XO hates Kushner. Kushner basically controls Trump    04/02/20  (9)
I prefer the COVID Era to the GC Era    04/02/20  (128)
Area woman sorry after being smacked for not listening    04/02/20  (3)
ABSOLUTE WINNERS have to be rural-family-mos.    04/02/20  (6)
This is obviously the opening stages of world war three    04/02/20  (27)
We’ve lost 46 jobs for every confirmed Coronavirus case in this country    04/02/20  (37)
Real Talk: Dinosaurs were invented by some child somewhere    04/02/20  (40)
If your bored you can go to an online AA meeting and listen to boozehounds    04/02/20  (14)
"but my credit score! I paid bills on time!" you lisp as cannibals devour childr    04/02/20  (8)
We just went over 1,000 dead for the day. 2nd day in a row. 6100+ total.    04/02/20  (30)
conspiracy theorists think Trump got coronavirus vaccine 6 wks ago    04/02/20  (4)
Good tweetthread about Chinks annihilating the USA    04/02/20  (17)
Brooklyn Landlord Avi Goldheim waives rent for 100s of his tenants    04/02/20  (67)
Fauci listed at 5’6”..went to Holy Cross UG...didn’t get married until he    04/02/20  (3)
These banks and credit companies are keeping up with who asks for deferments etc    04/02/20  (1)
BREAKING POINT: ate an entire BOX (14.3 oz) of Oreo cookies today    04/02/20  (9)
So, Biglaw Partners (PC / S-Corp) Can Get $20K In SBA PPP TrumpBucks Free, No?    04/02/20  (2)
Talkin' bout Earl gettin' money but it's funny to me    04/02/20  (1)
Nutella got fired and Dirte has cancer? WTF is going on here??    04/02/20  (10)
GGTP holding monkey's paw: "I wish I had an in-house job."    04/02/20  (14)
anyone worried about their job getting destroyed?    04/02/20  (5)
XO marriedmos how is living with your wives 24/7?    04/02/20  (130)
Desantis lets "Florida Strategy" slip in alleged quote (link)    04/02/20  (1)
so are the FIRE people going back to work?    04/02/20  (1)
is jared kushner's dad still in prison?    04/02/20  (5)
People who are hacking into Zoom meetings & being disruptive should be EXECUTED    04/02/20  (2)
honiara: 'the human head weighs eight pounds...'    04/02/20  (2)
Tell me what's going on in the minds of 1Ls and 2Ls looking forward to summer    04/02/20  (28)
what happened to the poster proles from ky dancing in the streets?    04/02/20  (2)
xo Trumpmo turns to dead friend - "stupid libs, told em it was just the flu"    04/02/20  (2)
okay guys, let's get real....should we pay rent?    04/02/20  (18)
Rate this old chart on how to spot jews (pic)    04/02/20  (2)
the tenga flip feels better than any pussy ive ever had    04/02/20  (29)
Worked for HHS for 5 years on pandemic response. Currently embedded with WA resp    04/02/20  (129)
Trump appointing Jared to 'flying saucer defense force'    04/02/20  (3)
chill fratty bros who bang sluts ain't even tryna give a fuck about a virus    04/02/20  (1)
Ron DeSantis executive order reopens megachurches in the state. FL fucked.    04/02/20  (2)
Elderly woman dies after being smacked for not social distancing    04/02/20  (27)
Antisemitism is going through the ROOF these days...DAMN!    04/02/20  (4)
Confirmed U.S. cases increased 21 percent today (March 15), to 3244    04/02/20  (26)
Grinning, eyeless Dr. Fauci: "Where we're going, we won't need eyes to see"    04/02/20  (1)
China Finds New Strain Of Coronavirus Which Lasts For 49 Days Emerges by Contrac    04/02/20  (8)
The Strategic National Stockpile is actually for counterterrorism    04/02/20  (1)
Good morning! 3 million unemployed and counting because 4000 90 yos died    04/02/20  (10)
Jared Kushner spoke today in Mickey Mouse voice - stock drop tomorrow? 2000?    04/02/20  (1)
DBGs prole goy in laws extending their home for him    04/02/20  (4)
We all knew guys like Jared Kushner. We are fucked.    04/02/20  (1)
leo dicaprio level pimping    04/02/20  (1)
nyuug - thoughts about ur first world country (with 1,766 coronavirus cases)?    04/02/20  (54)
Women Would Rather Be Miserable Than Bored (xoHeartiste)    04/02/20  (19)
garth brooks the dance is one of the greatest songs ever imo    04/02/20  (22)
AA meeting switches to online support group, accidentally leaks names (link)    04/02/20  (1)
Just ordered 700 paper wasps    04/02/20  (2)
Baruch Feldheim caught selling stolen masks, coughed on arresting FBI agents    04/02/20  (41)
If even one more boomer survives, it’s worth any number of unemployed. Cr?    04/02/20  (8)
40M unemployed by April. 4000 boomers dead. We're on the right track folks (CDC    04/02/20  (4)
Poll: Do you have any face masks?    04/02/20  (40)
PSA libs, America was "religious right" for most of its history    04/02/20  (1)
NEET on epic gaming binge just now found out about virus (link)    04/02/20  (3)
Is Walther PPQ better than the Glock 19    04/02/20  (40)
DBG, thoughts on movie Unorthodox?    04/02/20  (5)
ONE | MILLION | INFECTIONS    04/02/20  (1)
Just learned what "OnlyFans" is and lmao just lmao    04/02/20  (49)
whokebe failed to deliver in his 800k giveaway thread just like wmtp    04/02/20  (2)
New York paying 15 time$ for medical equipment out of de$operation    04/02/20  (2)
Disney to furlough employees, 25% pay cuts for all VPs    04/02/20  (1)
might buy myself some crocs tomorrow    04/02/20  (20)
Jared Kushner Is Even Less Popular Than Trump. Why? (Jewish Daily Forward)    04/02/20  (2)
I would make an excellent shabbos goy    04/02/20  (37)
JFC at the garbage board    04/02/20  (7)
Osmosis Jones best cartoon movie on 2000?    04/02/20  (7)
Chink bioweapon. Developed in a chink bioweapons lab    04/02/20  (1)
Yes, Alexa, all libs includes Johnny Depp. Send him double the bees    04/02/20  (57)
Hello poasters, look at your President. Now back to me.    04/02/20  (16)
vegas oddsmakers creating betting lines for covid spread and marbula one    04/02/20  (3)
spaceporn come back    04/02/20  (14)
What is the top tier species of War Bee?    04/02/20  (1)
Now that we have the plants, we must bring the bees    04/02/20  (1)
could NYUUG get into ROSE BAR?    04/02/20  (12)
Nyuug, why can't TTT Koreans get corona under control?    04/02/20  (44)
Jewish Globalists | Chinese Virus    04/02/20  (2)
CDC moves S.Korea to Level 3 Warning. nyuug FUCKED    04/02/20  (22)
Hypo: AIDS goes airborne    04/02/20  (7)
Lol at America. China literally bought up ALL the masks & we have none.    04/02/20  (2)
Do you guys think uvt and nyuug get tired of winning? Is this what will happen    04/02/20  (4)
The Appetite for US Dollars is Insane    04/02/20  (41)
Nyuug, not flame are u worried 2019 n-CoV will devastate your "country" Korea?    04/02/20  (34)
CR to buy new iPhone through your provider and then cancel plan before ever pay    04/02/20  (1)
I completely stopped looking at porn, and it's the best decision I ever made    04/02/20  (18)
Is every gun store employee autistic?    04/02/20  (2)
I said do you speak my language? He just smiled and gave me a Wuhan bat sandwich    04/02/20  (2)
I keep looking at lots porn, and it's the best decision I ever make for 3-5 min    04/02/20  (1)
mysterious spike in bamboo-rod purchases across suburban areas    04/02/20  (1)
How long until we get some good Coronavirus sales ?    04/02/20  (9)
i want to move to L.A. and get my groove on    04/02/20  (6)
"working" from home = 20 straight hours of rimworld    04/02/20  (29)
🚨 the airborne toxic event - come on out.mp3 🚨    04/02/20  (2)
RSF's dad singing him "The Wreck of the Cantor Fitzgerald"    04/02/20  (282)
Is this a good time to buy insurance company stock?    04/02/20  (9)
The humans have no idea what's coming next    04/02/20  (4)
so anyone can get $10k EIDL money without an LLC or business?    04/02/20  (10)
Did sprints in park. Some teen girls nearby watching. Nearly passed out    04/02/20  (1)
Taking ?s on White Girls Flooding My Tinder During Worldwide Quarantine    04/02/20  (1)
Underrated part of Tiger Show: the random XO poaster guy in it    04/02/20  (1)
Virus is airborne    04/02/20  (2)
I told the truth and no one gave a fucking shit and I paid the price    04/02/20  (9)
Whokebe is one of the biggest, most pathetic jokes of a person on XO ever    04/02/20  (7)
My wife teaches piano as a sider hustle. Can she get $10k from SBA too?    04/02/20  (4)
🦗 Boomers at the early grocery shopping period are fucking locusts. 🦗    04/02/20  (31)
We're gonna win so much you're gonna get tired of winning!    04/02/20  (2)
ITT: Your safe space to admit when you're tired of winning    04/02/20  (2)
One thing's for sure, there's a lot more gay shit to come    04/02/20  (8)

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